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Press F
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Many such cases.


The Putin/Russia shilling was (still is) pathetic as fuck at .org. Leftychan will supersede that shit hole.


All the bickering over Putin/Ukraine reminds me of sports fans who sublimate their own competitive desires into competing teams. Inclined to agree with you though, since the vast majority of people engaging in this debate (here, at least) are Putin dick riders.

It's very much a LARP for losers.


The Russia dickriding seems like some teenage shit. I mean these imageboards are English speaking and thus pretty much dominated/culturally dependent on America. Maybe it is self hating westerners or something, something that makes them want to shill a dictatorial, alien state, thousands of miles away.


Pretty much lol

File: 1665214666646.jpg (30.3 KB, 736x414, 5ec302303d8400c40ce08800a6….jpg)


Is taking control of one's own body a foremost task for Marxists?

Consequently, how well would someone do at dictating society in a positive direction if they can't even do the same with themselves?
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I don't know. I haven't seen any compelling evidence proving or disproving that unhealthy people tend to be bad leaders.


Reddit faggotry on display at leftychan


Facts don't care about your feelings.


Common sense doesn't care about your navel gazing


Glad we can come to an agreement.

File: 1665190647515.png (1.34 MB, 1721x961, 1664697327163563.png)



Is there anything more pathetic that white conservatives? Imagine having such a boring life you have to do something like this.


Pretty based ngl


I mean it is kind of based to try and insurance fraud a company. It's not based to blame it on leftists, lol. And fail at it at that. At least be successful.

File: 1665127332005-0.jpg (98.58 KB, 1200x815, Testosterone-Replacement-T….jpg)

File: 1665127332005-1.png (333.76 KB, 768x454, what-is-testopure-and-how-….png)

File: 1665127332005-2.jpg (54.7 KB, 1633x917, Tampa-Bay-Louisville-Kentu….jpg)


Given that Marxists are materialists, why is there so little attention given to the bio chemical aspects of society and individual lives? Pic related is the drastic reduction of testosterone in western men and some of the related related issues
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OP, Marxism is a political-economic philosophy.


Sounds like a cult the way it's quick to reject any counterfactual info, such as the importance of hormones in health and social behavior


Similar to claiming that physics is a cult because physicists don't give enough attention to abstract expressionism.


I'm pretty sure the average western physicist has a better physique and is better health than the average western Marxist


File: 1665060543781.jpg (33.25 KB, 1024x433, 1665034033609798m.jpg)


Does he read Mao?

>'War is politics with bloodshed. Politics is war without bloodshed'




File: 1665143897783.jpg (21.92 KB, 307x664, IMG_20221007_185704_954.jpg)

Kanye too??!


Actually existing Mao-Spontex.


Holy shit I want that shirt so bad kek

File: 1665121035500.jpg (75.77 KB, 1079x803, 1665111375874925.jpg)


Why are tankies like this?


File: 1665138340985.jpg (427.09 KB, 1020x1015, 1663275648907376.jpg)

It's sad to think about: It's because deeply held dogmatic beliefs are nearly impossible to over come. It's tragic for a methodology spawned by Marx and Hegel which basically runs totally parallel to that. Rigid dogma is anti Marxist.



File: 1664468645788.png (41.68 KB, 190x256, communityIcon_mdifybb3r2z0….png)


Itt we post things that would get us banned on r/unpopularopinions
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File: 1664893972245.jpg (96.62 KB, 889x1024, 1664885198035358m.jpg)

Male privilege is a myth.

If men acted like the average woman, they'd be widely seen as mentally immature and fail at everything they did.


File: 1664964868152.jpg (191.53 KB, 1066x1600, 51cd34638469f0360b30c58425….jpg)


Fat people have no business voting.

Learn to tackle the small challenge of managing your own weight before thinking you could contribute to managing society in a positive direction. Your own body is literally the one thing you have control over. If you can't take care of it, it speaks volumes.

Everyone is capable of losing weight, so this isn't denying anyone the right to vote. They simply need to demonstrate they are qualified to do so - again, something that anyone can do.

(Inb4 coping and externalizing the blame).

Every polling station should have a pull up bar so that people could practically prove they are capable of taking care of themselves. Perhaps a separate test would be appropriate for women.

Any argument against this will be emotionalist liberal dribble.


File: 1665061321797-0.jpg (83.84 KB, 699x1024, 1665024210672250m.jpg)

File: 1665061321797-1.jpg (342.2 KB, 750x779, 1665024826486033.jpg)

A lot of virtue signalling is just genetically stunted losers who are manifesting value out of thin air by creating some spook moral hierarchy system and determining that they're 'part of the good guys' in some le'epic narrative in their heads. Consequently, at some point, people started actually being praised and institutionally rewarded for it. Pic related


>manifesting value out of thin air by creating some spook moral hierarchy system and determining that they're 'part of the good guys' in some le'epic narrative in their heads
You've just described at least 80% of westerners


I have trouble believing people could not categorize the behavior of the reddit tard as racist. That seems pretty obviously racist to me, lol.

File: 1663605447804.jpg (189.66 KB, 1080x1091, IMG_20220919_233328.jpg)


What are the political implications of central bank digital currencies. It's over or nothingburger?
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Would getting rid of cash really be so bad? It was only really effect workers in the underground economy that use it to avoid taxes. But the vast majority of workers get paychecks and pay taxes no matter what.


tfw. Existential faggot


File: 1664426667756.jpg (60.16 KB, 680x680, IMG_20220929_114408_566.jpg)



I mean as long as monero exists you can just use both and live a double life.


Introducing a new currency doesn't magically make bitcoin stop functioning.

File: 1663966941400.png (258.05 KB, 1500x2170, 1663965656644967.png)


Are tankies even socialist?
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Yes yo do. We are all enslaved in capitalism tard.


>Right and the institution that support it do not consciously enforce race
Cope, and demonstrably wrong.
>Everyone is getting screwed.
Not everyone is being imprisoned, enslaved and summarily executed.
>Some are screwed worse than others.
This is not some quibbling distinction. Enslavement and wage labor are to vastly different things.
<People with different skin pigmentation look different
>What an astute observation.
I didn't invent apartheid homie.
>Race is not enforced by the state.
Yes it is, and there's mountains of proof.
>It is a consequence of a state that upholds the existence of property which is very real by your own post-hoc definition.
I'm not arguing this point. Someone has be enslaved under capitalism. Right now it's black people and has been for centuries.
That's it mang.
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>Yes yo do. We are all enslaved in capitalism tard.
Unless you are in prison, you are not enslaved.


We are all metaphorically enslaved by capitalism

Literal slavery in the modern world typically occurs in Africa. It also existed there long before whites engaged in the transcontinental trade.

Idpol is retarded


They are socialists that were kicked in the head by a horse

File: 1664878164289.jpeg (46.93 KB, 471x628, mgtermrzgzql4nxx7vtz.jpeg)


>say you're against capitalism
>don't speak out when capitalists cancel people who don't think 100% like you
>be shocked when you find yourself marginalized by people

Qrd. 'Sneako,' some fag who produces mgtow/pua/redpill content (presumably, Ive never sat down an watched him), was the most recent content creator cancelled for not kowtowing to groupthink. As usual, the left is silent and remains in seething wonderment as to why they are increasingly irrelevant with everyone except mentally disordered people with pronouns in their Twitter bio. Meanwhile, those who do defend him (usually centrists or right wingers) grow in popularity.

We have to do better. As Lenin noted, the proliferation of dead end trends like anarchism and fascism is the result of opportunism in the communist movement.
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Yes. Nazis also oppose "capitalism."


Based. I'll look more into them. Thanks comrade


Holy shit, just checked them out. As it turns out, some of those Nazis also oppose censorship and the growing power of giant tech monopolies.

Thanks for turning me onto them, comrade. You've really helped me broaden my perspective! Are there any Nazis you recommend that I look even closer at?


Is my English really that bad?


I don't know how bad your English is, but you definitely got the reply you deserved. Read the OP again.

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