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Is this guy a narcissist?
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OP to be honest, reading this again, if they tend to go batshit insane when you don't give them attention, then actually yes they might be a narcissist.




damn. well maybe its their fault their dick was limp. it takes 2 to play.


Or maybe they didnt wanna do penetrative?
Just so you know the drama queen is a guy. He has a flat ass with a big gut


Why did you bump this

File: 1715201638665.jpg ( 404 KB , 819x819 , 167530993304153254.jpg )


So now that the 'socialism' fad is petering out, what will be the next outsider ideology to that captures the attention of disaffected western youth? Fifteen years ago it was 'libertarianism,' and fifteen years before that it was alter-globalization and anti-establishment anarchism.

What will the zoomers and their progeny believe in? Esoteric fascism, a resurgent Kaczynski-inspired primitivism, or some other as yet unimaginable set of principles?
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I think people are too morally obsessed with youth


What do you mean?


Adults are always trying to "figure out" kids.

Theyre always pathologising kids for the alightest difference in recreational practice.


People will want to grill but the worsening conditions will make it harder and harder. You can't vote blue forever…


False premise, dumb questions asked by man living under rock.

File: 1714581634830.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 76.11 MB , 654x480 , 1611471482.mp4 )


collectivise the means of reproduction. The traditional solution where you could marry at most one person at a time solved everything at once. it paired people off to similar smv rank. this meant while unattractive males would get unattractive females which is a slight loss, but they would get to reproduce which is 99% of the value anyway. i rather have an incel takeover where the rankings are shifted. Ultimately normies are inherently immoral and instead of pretending to have some moral value to shift power from them, might as well just be a villain from the get go and focus on ripping away all their power.
This is the only type of marxism that I support. Redistributing (virgin) women to men so that all men who desire have an equal access to a partner is a moral imperative. Until cloning is cheap, we should have state assigned girlfriends.

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go back to reddit


séx gets boring quickly. The real créme de la créme is a women wanting to have séx with you and be around you. For me I am simply astounded when a woman isn't repulsed by me and spends her free time with me. I get a greater feeling of love than an orgasm.


File: 1714990817235.jpg ( 118.75 KB , 1024x895 , 1714701267708306.jpg )

>séx gets boring quickly.


I mean it's true.
Only a kissless virgin could put something so pasè up in this big pedestal.


its funny that people say this but then will whine about lack of sex after a decade.

File: 1712169720178.webm ( 2.76 MB , 720x720 , 1702374223158159.webm )


How would it look? How prevalent would it be in response to a WWIII type of scenario? How about a major attack on the U.S? Invasion?

Some places I came across said we had over 3.5MM military personnel in 1968. Post-9/11 we didn't see a major increase in levels, levels have kept a little above or below 400k since then.

Ukraine does not appear to be as technologically advanced as the U.S. BBC reports say the draft process still uses physical papers instead of a centralized database. 2:50 mark. Would the U.S., having an essentially digital tracking capability on every citizen, be more successful in getting folks to appear for service if drafted? Would there be vans pulling people off the streets, or would people simply be arrested for draft dodging?
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Also, to actually address OP:
>Some places I came across said we had over 3.5MM military personnel in 1968. Post-9/11 we didn't see a major increase in levels, levels have kept a little above or below 400k since then.
My understanding is USA fights proxy wars where possible.

How many US soldiers have died in Ukraine? Wikipedia currently lists 'under 50.[1]

You actually don't need to send your own citizens and military to the slaughter if you are an imperial power. And China is the US's biggest threat, so they still want to show an ability to punish dissenting nations using Ukraine (after their failure in Afghanistan, Russia is an important showcase of NATO's enforcement power, which would make it a devastating battle to lose) to chill the Asia-Pacific. But the US can keep their military and citizenry available for fighting China.

But, in a situation where they're fighting China, I don't see their current military being nearly sufficient and militarizing a proxy nation probably wouldn't be enough, so a draft is a real potential outcome if the war doesn't stay cold. In an ideal world, we could just get all the nationalist sinophobic scum to volunteer and get them purged first. But I don't think the facade of freedom in the US could handle regular civilians being blackvanned, that's too blatant and over the line for The Land of the Free until it's in existential crisis.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Americans_killed_during_the_Russian_invasion_of_Ukraine


maybe. republicans definitely arent the most anti-NATO force out there, but they probably think the interventions in eastern europe have been played out, and would rather focus on the browns and yellows in the middle east and china instead.


File: 1713786103236.png ( 792.47 KB , 933x795 , financial antiimperialism ….png )

>Ukraine, as far as I know, for all the CIA meddling and what-have-you, has a genuinely popular nationalist anti-Russian sentiment
Only a r*ϟϟoid chauvinist could say shit like this to justify the neverending terror campaign against the local population which "historically never existed anyway".
Actual fucking Ukrainians in an actual fucking Ukraine despise the fucking whitoid decommuniZing mercenary invaders in a huge part because of it giving their local nazoid bastards the best political reputation they could've ever dreamed of.
Make a fucking ropeflip, faggot.

>They were difficult for a really big chunk of their time in the USSR

<<<faggot literally pulled a fascist nazoid inherent quality/collective punishment talking point about a whole fucking population to denigrate & justify all that is done to them like a good red-painted nutsoy that he is
<<<nevermind the fact that survivors of this regime of total freedom & democracy in Ukraine even now can only lament how good it was while the soviet regime lasted, with its @ least formal repression of national chauvinism & investments into public sphere

>Euromaidan shit had a lot of people involved

<<<~40k of purely rightoid cretines acting on the direct orders of the local pro-western part of elites in the center of Kyiv only is "a lot of people" = all of dirty hohols should be bombed to hell for existing & making poor poor pidorushkan financial capital cry
2nd wall, faggot.

>They have a long history of seeing Russia as their region's oppressor.

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Working hard?


File: 1715208543836.jpg ( 48.6 KB , 549x934 , 167530993304153175.jpg )

I’m 28 and I’d rather go to jail. I’m not dying for this country, nor will I fight for these stupid politicians who could care less about the lower class. There is no middle class anymore. They don’t give a fuck about us idk how clear they need to make it. But expect me to put my life on the line? I’ll fight for my family. That’s it.

File: 1714940136112.png ( 371.94 KB , 728x471 , 1714766044647051.png )


Are left or right wing parties more corrupt in your country?


They're all equally corrupt


The third parties?


This. But left wing parties are more hypocritical because they inevitably sellout

File: 1714969068500.mp4 ( 15.68 MB , 1280x720 , 1617926869664.mp4 )


Never in the history has there been that Rightards far ahead of the rest of the world.
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i was drunk laughing my ass off By The Way


I hate my self for that typo.
Phones should be illegal based on what they have done to language alone.


>Phones should be illegal


They said the same about desktop computers


I wasn't gonna watch it, but it was pretty funny. Between the super hardcore operator language and it just cutting off at them being captured and sentenced to death, I got a couple chuckles.

File: 1708989276306.png ( 761.08 KB , 1280x720 , Yng Hstlr - Russia [PoEZYT….png )


But keep getting them.
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File: 1709536595801.jpg ( 52.09 KB , 729x713 , 1337.jpg )

wait or 2400? For I could not recall..


File: 1709539633118.webm ( 4 MB , 800x800 , AllYourBase.webm )

ITT: skin-stain


My coworker has a bird in a cage tattoo on her back. She had this tattoo done because that is exactly how she felt. Throughout her life she has been isolated due to illnesses and many family problems, and she felt that no one could help her. She literally felt like she was a bird in a cage and got this tattoo as a way of coping with a life she had no control over. Despite her hardships she now has a respectable job as manager in a healthcare profession and yes the tattoo is covered so no patients or staff can see it. I actually admire my coworker because behind the tattoo is a very nice person who kept moving forward.


But about a 54% say they ever regret getting one or more of their tattoos.

Three-in-ten tattooed Hispanic adults report regretting any of their tattoos, compared with 53% of White adults and 41% of Black adults.


File: 1715035787043-0.png ( 377 KB , 496x355 , 1714959151851.png )

File: 1715035787043-1.png ( 143.41 KB , 296x219 , 1714959151852.png )

File: 1715035787043-2.png ( 236.52 KB , 457x247 , 1714959151853.png )

File: 1715035787043-3.png ( 177.02 KB , 336x209 , 1714959151854.png )

File: 1715035787043-4.png ( 845.32 KB , 1027x497 , 1714959151855.png )

File: 1714990938235.png ( 315.88 KB , 938x504 , 1714763265922795.png )


Also YouTube: Hey let's run a bunch of scam-adds on the platform since we can!


They took down my channel from like late 2000s/early 2010s this year, I'm salty about it. Library of Alexandria burning tier. Tears in rain, Scoob.


File: 1714998672723.png ( 264.32 KB , 508x628 , 1714681583415039.png )

Fuck This Fuckfest


make an Odysee account it'll automatically archive by reposting them to your Odysee channel and make it easier to save anything you make, since the information you post is extremely valuable and extremely underrated

File: 1715033542504.jpg ( 73.16 KB , 640x489 , 1714713453175.jpg )


So you want to collectivise the means of reproduction?


Until cloning is cheap

File: 1714869623550.png ( 1.31 MB , 1200x1200 , 167530993304153528.png )


In order for socialism to be possible, it must have some degree of support from the majority of the population. This does not mean that it's necessary for most people to become committed socialists. That's impossible, because most people are always apolitical, in any system. The only thing that is necessary is to have a majority of people that are willing to give socialism a shot, or who are at least not opposed to socialism. This kind of majority opinion does exist today in many capitalist countries.

Broadly speaking, there are three strategies that socialists have used or proposed for gaining power:

A. Build a socialist political party, compete in regular elections, and win.

B. Build a political party or organization focused on winning support in the streets and operating outside the framework of the existing state. When there is a wave of discontent against the existing capitalist system, organize marches and protests. If you can gather enough support for your cause to ignite widespread protests around the country, lead your comrades to break into government buildings, arrest the current leaders, and take over the state.

C. Build a trade union-like organization and, once you have enough members, organize a general strike and take over the factories and other workplaces.

Strategies A and B have been used successfully at various points in the past. Strategy C has never worked in the past, perhaps because it requires the most active involvement and carries the greatest risk for the people involved. Notice that although strategy A requires the greatest number of people to sympathise with the socialist cause, the only thing they need to do is vote - and that's a very easy, risk-free one-time deal. Strategies B and C actually require smaller numbers of sympathisers, but those sympathisers need to be a lot more actively involved - and take more risks - than in strategy A.

Of course, it's possible for the same organization to try to pursue two or three different strategies at once, and see which one seems to work best at the moment. That's the approach I support.

However, gaining power is only half of the problem. The other half is what to do once you have power. Many different socialist groups have won power in many different countries in the past, but none of them have succeeded in creating a stable socialist economic system. There have been two types of failure (again, broadly speaking):
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File: 1715030566609.jpg ( 7.97 KB , 750x400 , 1753099330415371113.jpg )

Additionally Big change typically involves chaos. some chaos must be tolerated.The NPCs Must Die

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