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File: 1676716737506.jpg ( 264.39 KB , 720x959 , Andrew_Tate_on_'Anything_G….jpg )


I'm sitting here in Romanian prison, from where I'll soon return stronger than ever. But while I'm here, I figured I'd answer some questions from the brokies. Obviously, it's not my job to convince you to want 6o be something other than a loser, but if you're driven to succeed, I can help you escape the matrix. Ask away
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Thats the fault of chivalry.


>women not wanting to fuck or be stuck with losers is the fault of chivalry
brain dead take
Expect nothing less from this place tbh


The mutual expectations from both men and women which end up in stale mates are the fault of chivalry.


You have to be more specific


thank God for singlehood. If cishet relationships are just powerstruggles, then I dont need it.

File: 1712412105952.webm ( 3.63 MB , 1280x544 , Face Off - hallelujah cag….webm )


Either abolish the student debt and I will go do blue collar work or I need some nepotism since no one will hire me with the degree and a 17 year gap on resume.


Based priest.


This is why I say that higher education should be privatised.
Its meant only for the rich and/or gifted.


Higher education is already privatized in the places with the biggest student debt problems. It was much less of an issue when there were more public community colleges.


Well yea but what I mean by privatised is that student loans should be abolished.
The only way a young person gets in college is through entrance exams.

Also, we need to stop promoting college. Trades should put back into general electives


>itt faggots discuss how the bourgs should reform their shit to keep cuckitalism running
Every single leftard should be executed.

File: 1712387323470.webm ( 3.71 MB , 800x450 , 1674264552440571.webm )


Western culture is built around promoting one type of suffering and avoiding another type
Westerners, being servile cattle, live to kneel at the feet of the bourgeoisie
The only reason a westoid lives is to be a wage slave, honestly they're barely even people
Westoids actively avoid the suffering of class struggle though
They avoid confronting the bosses
They avoid confrontation
They avoid solidarity

The only solution to the western postmodern subject is immense suffering, the sort of suffering that completely shatters your identity and the way you view the world, westerners need immense, immense pain and misery to reconnect with their humanity and become communist guerrillas
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Based and materialist.
>The analysis of capitalist accumulation ends, as Marx said in a letter to Engels: “In the class struggle as a finale in which is found the solution of the whole smear!” In the phase of accumulation where the further existence of the system is only based on the absolute pauperisation of the workers, the class struggle is transformed. From a struggle over wages, hours and working conditions or relief, it becomes, even as it fights for those things, a struggle for the overthrow of the capitalist system of production – a struggle for proletarian revolution.


>quoting a westoid
kill ursel


Grossman is a polish Jew who chose to live in the GDR than the west


>The only solution to the western postmodern subject is immense suffering, the sort of suffering that completely shatters your identity and the way you view the world, westerners need immense, immense pain and misery to reconnect with their humanity and become communist guerrillas

Man, I hate it, but honestly… maybe.
Like, uh… I don't know if I just saw the devil and that was what sprung me up or if it had something to do with never really having, like… very much job security for most of my life, any prospect of ever being able to afford a place of my own, etc. … but those things could have played a part. But I see a lot of people waking up anyhow, although it does also seem like an increasing amount of people who would have lived relatively comfortably 30-40 years ago have been absolutely ratfucked as of late.


Westerners build their culture around rogue pioneer-prophets.

They glorify confrontation as a virtue. They guilt-trip young people into idealism.

They always assume everyone outside their ethnoculture is out to get them

File: 1711668195610.gif ( 833.83 KB , 388x281 , 170245338982.gif )


Having a dad to say "I love you son" would have been awesome growing up…




Fuck you dad


It's over


yeah my dad left me when I was young. Better off though since he was a drunk. met up with him again after highschool so that was cool got some stuff out of my system. could you meet up with your dad or is it impossible? if you can it helps


Fathers get too much leniency for neglecting parental duties.

And I dont mean refusing to feed and clothe your kids.
I mean in terms of bonding with your kids, helping them with schoolwork, teaching them basic technical skills, etc.

Yet reactionary groups wannna cry about "muh deep state" turning women and children against the father.
Alot of these pundits of "paternal rights" groups are often petit bourg boomers whom never invested in their wives and kids.

Actual good fathers whom are wrongfully fucked over by the system are neglected by "paternal rrghts" groups.

File: 1712494222796.webm ( 161.3 KB , 372x480 , 1683317979767307.webm )


trade unions only hire people who were family members or close friends. They kept out outsiders. You had to know someone to get a good union job. Another thing too is how up and down the trades are. Plus they treat new guys like dirt.


Unions don't decide who to hire tho?


This literally sounds like what happened to me when I tried to look for a dogshit un-unionized service sector job from 2008-2013. And then the first place that even responded to my applications was a strip club, and then the first strip club to hire me was actively committing wage theft. And then I left that, eventually, and it took me another year of beating the pavement to get another job, a retail store where I worked 10 hour floor shifts and made $8 per hour, which at least was above the minimum wage here, but then they fired me at about 3 months so they wouldn't have to pay unemployment if I left.

File: 1712329271322.jpeg ( 15.62 KB , 626x490 , 1712086952189.jpeg )


I want to knock her up so bad. But she's probably so full of plastic that she'd lose every baby she's pregnant with.
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>t. the schizo who recently escaped from the asylum


File: 1712338185497.jpg ( 17.76 KB , 588x586 , GigaChad-is-a-fitness-enth….jpg )



>so full of plastic that she'd lose every baby she's pregnant with
even better, you can just keep creaming in that retarded imperalist bitch over and over again


she was too bitch to push the train she's unfit genetic material

File: 1712306824134.gif ( 90.18 KB , 300x228 , Jannydab.gif )


Just got a week long ban for posting something a janny didn't like. They said it was for "idpol," but it was in response to an idpol thread that they left up and is still up as of me posting this, albeit in an autosage. Couldn't be more flagrant.
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Okay, but this is the /b/ board. The actual dedicated shitposting board. Why bother about keeping it organized?

And who's to say I'll leave? I only just learned about this place.


Because this person also left after getting unbanned:
<Just got unbanned from ogre. Can't wait to not learn my lesson, get jannied again, and come back to this shithole.

Already found the themesong to you leaving:

But in case you stick around, hope you have a good time. Looking forward to your posts :)


To be honest, I don't really have a lesson to learn except don't accidentally step on the jannies' toes, which is a lesson I can't learn because anything could be stepping on their toes and the only way to figure out what those things are is to get banned.

To be honest, though, I don't know how much I even want to post in a place where I have to tiptoe around the jannies, so I'll probably just end up crossposting.


I got banned for "spam" after making a single post for the first time in weeks. I know the jannies there hate me but damn


That seems to be really common, actually.

File: 1712072145005.webm ( 5.92 MB , 1047x450 , Con Air.webm )


Don't you just hate it when you're planning to break up with a girl and her sister kills herself and her entire family and now you're stuck with her.
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Isn't that the plot of that movie which femoids love about the mid girl and the swedish pagans?


I saw that film just so I could try to talk to female classmates about it. It didn't go so well.


yeah but it's smart because it shows how much women can be susceptible to malthusian fascism


it's Patrick Bateman for women


Yeah, that's the plot of Con-Air alright.

File: 1711857435389.jpg ( 82.66 KB , 1500x615 , 8765f97c-dc86-403c-84d9-1b….jpg )


>beating and humiliating college professors
h*ly b*sed
how can we bring back this energy


y?*u w%=l n!;$r b# a w<+?#n


Rare Chinese W

File: 1711718179348.jpg ( 24.73 KB , 480x342 , An afro-jewish man asking ….jpg )


marx stage 1: trolling
marx stage 2: investigative journalism
marx stage 3: economic collapse

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