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Site-Wide Feedback Thread
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Can you ban the Christ fag spamming every thread with bible shit.

File: 1670827864660.jpg ( 113.76 KB , 1008x720 , 234234234234.jpg )


Hello everyone. I am making this post to announce the establishment of the leftychan official IRC network: irc.leftychan.net/6697 #leftychan
It took about a days worth of work but we finally managed to get her up and running. We plan to establish a bridge connection in the future to the matrix and fbi.gov chats and possibly a massive bridge room too. Also I2P service is coming in the future. So, come join us, anon! It sure would be nice having you around the IRC!
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I'm using hexchat. I got it working. You have to check the box "accept invalid ssl certificates" so you might want to check your certs.

File: 1671881234340.jpg ( 1.2 MB , 1240x1754 , 1671324498540471.jpg )


….but, in the meantime, I forgot to post about this: As some of you are probably aware the matrix.leftychan.net captcha system is broken making it impossible to create an account over your element clients.
In order to by pass this you can make an account in your browser @ https://talk.leftychan.net and then you will be able to log onto to your user from the element client. Then you can join #leftychanspace:matrix.leftychan.net and you will be taken to the appropriate rooms.

Sorry for the inconvenience! This will be fixed as soon as possible.
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File: 1671883177046.gif ( 1.36 MB , 342x316 , 1670159554686693.gif )

It's from the manga you uncultured swine.

File: 1630649281565.png ( 137.13 KB , 800x430 , a5554132d1de42a64fec0665f1….png )


This sticky will be for discussion about the on goings of votes currently happening in the congress.
All votes that happen in the congress must be required to be posted here upon their establishment as a vote in the voting hall.

For anyone who is not aware:

Every single person on this board is entitled one vote on the matrix for any vote that is taking place on sed matrix. Voting functions as follows: Firstly you must join the matrix upon which you will enter a vetting room. The vetting is pretty much to make sure you are not a poltard and that you follow some tenant of socialism, nothing more.

After you are vetted you will be added to the chat, the voting hall and the congress respectively. Any anon may make any proposal at any time
In order for a proposal to become a vote, firstly, a proposal must be created (duh); simply make a post in the votting hall declaring your proposal.
A proposal must receive two thumbs up by two other congress members other than the person who drafted the proposal.

After you get two thumbs up you, or any other congress member, may open up a vote by declaring that it is a vote, a short summary of what the vote is over, and a date and a time for when the vote will conclude.
In order for a vote to pass there must be a civil majority (no ties) from the time the vote opens to the time the vote closes. Votes close, nominally after 3 days from the time they are start, but, if a majority of 6 or more anons over overwhelmingly support the proposal then the vote can be fast tracked to 24 hours upon such a threshold being reached. One last thing: A vote that is deemed critical cannot be fast tracked.
The numbers required for a proposal to become a vote and fast tracking are subject to change as the congress grows, fyi.

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I am a site admin.

I generally only respond to reports unless I see something really egregious. My duty, imo, is to serve the will of the community, not to push my own agendas.

File: 1695389635759.png ( 37.03 KB , 418x455 , 1422853913574.png )


why do leftychannet copy paste thread from org ?. that ruined the site. or at least for me. when do you volk do that ? ever since the beggining of the site creation ? or no ? when ?.
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Krates had control over it the entire time, he immediately gave it to Antinous during the split


>Unfortunate numbers

He didn't even bother to hear us out. He just took it assuming of course the impeccable jannies of org could do no wrong. Keep in mind this was also after months of inactivity after leave due to mods fighting in the first place mainly over jannies on org getting away with whatever the fuck they want


i thought leftychan.net is bunkerchan renamed.

so you all are saying leftychan.net is the original leftypol ?




No we aren't saying; It literally is factually the original leftypol.

File: 1695058146282.jpg ( 129.67 KB , 1400x700 , 08hdsegf9ou8e9ew.jpg )


You know, looking back at the split cycles and looking back at how insane the jannies at org are currently what does chan think of the possibility that leftypol.org was the target of CIA/FBI infiltration / divide and conquer? I mean, look, we know the FBI intentionally will go after hacker forums like Raid Forums who are doing grey market shit, but, I don't think it's beyond rationality to think that a website as HUGE and influential as bunkerchan was during its heyday from being targeted by the Feds. In-fact, I would say it makes perfect sense.
Look at the current state of org and tell me it's not glowing brighter than the surface of the sun. I think it makes perfect sense that the FBI would want to get something like org under control and foreign agencies have already targeted us in the past.
So what do you think anons? Fact or fiction?
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>we have political differences that I would kill you for
that is, if we're actually in a political struggle for state power

and that's how it should be, your
ideals of unity inspired by the parliamentary coalitions are for limpdick faggots

real political process cannot be anything but bloody


No lol


that's a man


File: 1695152872886.mp4 ( 26.47 MB , 1280x720 , 0326e3f3.mp4 )

The only reason ogre gets most of the traffic is because they kept the old URL, not because it's somehow better moderated or that the userbase agrees with the split.


File: 1695281327746.png ( 367.64 KB , 665x374 , evil demon of darkness.png )


It's a picture where, you know, the more I look at it… the less I understand it. I don't really assume good faith in the .org staff anymore - honestly, the coup against Bunkerchan should have ended any good faith I had, but I still bit for a while.

It's entirely possible that .org is feds. It's possible they're /pol/. It's possible they're some other far-right group. It's possible that they're /r/socialism trying to get revenge (though I doubt they'd even be competent enough to pull it off), it's possible that it's a bunch of narcissists off twitter or reddit or closed fbi.gov groups. It's possible it's foreign spooks, although I kind of doubt this. It's possible that it's just a bunch of sadists.

I can only say that they are not sincere. I can say with confidence that it's not a tankie freakout - original BO had tankie freakouts, and those were shit but they were at least ideologically coherent, and they were bad but considerably milder than this current stuff. I don't know specifically what their deal is, and I don't personally expect to ever know conclusively.

File: 1695087802569.jpeg ( 342.58 KB , 1124x1265 , 1693421228614-4.jpeg )


I don't know if there is ever a perfect time to announce this so here we go:

I've been working on some updates to the site. Before you get excited this shouldn't affect you as the user directly, it's more about tooling to help the mods out with spam content.

The test site https://dev.leftychan.net is updated with a work in progress of leftychan's first major update. If you're a moderator I urge you to check it out, you will find there's a new link on your dashboard, as well as a change to the ban page.

The dev site is now running php 8.1 (before we were running 7.4) and twig 3.x which AFAIK makes leftychan the most up-to-date library-wise out of the vichan forks.

There's a new spam filter in place that I've named SpamNoticer. I hope that when posting it stays out of your way, I've gone to significant lengths to ensure a small amount of false-positives. However if you test and find annoying behaviour that falsely flags your post as spam it would help if you tell us. Actually my hope is that we can even lower some of the rate limits with this in place.

The SpamNoticer database (for the dev site) is exposed read-only publically at https://dev-pgrest-spam.leftychan.net/ which is a new api that we can have thanks to postgrest. It will not rightnow serve up the original images though, just metadata about what was posted, determined to be spam, blocked and why.

Mods, you'll find that the ban/delete page(s) have been changed slightly to let you manually tell the system that a certain posts's content should be blocked. There's also a link to the UI on the mod dashboard.

The purpose of announcing this publically is the hope that we can make sure existing functionality is not broken, and posting content is not hindered by the new software. The UI is completely a sketch, and is incomplete, so I would expect to have feature requests in that area, but I think it's at the point where it can be tested in terms of usefullness. And of course to validate the design in terms of usefullness.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1695155776049.png ( 9.28 KB , 334x119 , ClipboardImage.png )

Lol btw this is the ogre's attempt at curbing spam.

File: 1693309993505-0.png ( 959.26 KB , 1208x1444 , 1689395035889.png )

File: 1693309993505-1.png ( 75.93 KB , 859x1153 , 1691985639232.png )


i use both this site and ogre. i think it's pretty neat and good that the split happen. there are two bunkerchan now. i could archive red thing moar now. i just have to worry less about page being filled and the good thread being erased because their at the bottom of page.

I think the whole ideological split thing is good too in a way. ogre will be the place where things will be shielded against the mainstream and liberal things. and people who are too weak to fight the mainstream and liberal things. net are the place for the IB/CB people who like the IB/CB culture and old culture more. and for the strong people who can fight position and tendency they don't like. and just a less tighter place in general. a more free space.

we need a third board for the "everything else and anarchy". also a fourth board for ultra-left and left-com and theorylets. and a fifth board for general theorylets. a sixth board for AESbros & zigger & murikkkabad & such. a seventh board for anarchist. a eight board for wojaks and OC. a ninth board for /prc/ user. a tenth board for MLM. a eleventh board for Trotskyist.
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leave fag




If this were true image boards would not be as saturated if a market as they are. Again quality or quantity a choice you have to make.
Wether you like it or not.
Do you want org 2.0 or do you want something better?
I'm not saying we shouldn't grow but I am saying that we should not compromise ourselves in pursuit of mindless expansion. Look at how org turned out appealing to Reddit fags.


Ya, it's a double edged sword. You want people, but the right people 'Better fewer but better.'

Over the long term, without relying on gimmicks to try to get orgfags over, the best way to attract a base of people is just to post more.

I'd divide posts into two categories.

A) Effortposting longer pieces
B) lower effort shit posting/banz

It's the appropriate type of content for the format of an imagneboard

It really is content that is it key. If you had a blog or leftoid newsletter and you wanted to build up the readership/traffic, the same would apply, posting regular content in the form of longer form written content, just with a bit lower velocity.

>It's really that simple, lol


Oh, and keep in mind, that's a bit of a longer term strategy. With individual posts, you shouldn't get discouraged if they don't hit and generate discussion. The 80-20 principal applies.

File: 1693392958473.jpeg ( 133.43 KB , 1280x720 , hello.jpeg )


Hello faggots.

Question: where is your fucking onion link that I can copy and paste?

Question: when are you faggots going to create an eepsite?

Thank you for your attention.
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Sorry, I'm allergic to cliques.

What do you have problems with? port forwarding?


File: 1693434199899.jpg ( 22.73 KB , 400x400 , 1693227687960.jpg )

It's not a clique. At least do some reading because users can vote but if you intentionally want to be an ultra then I guess that is your own prerogative. I mean do whatever you want, but, it would be helpful to have more diverse opinions on how the website functions, but, whatever I guess. Everyone has their excuses…

>What do you have problems with? Port Forwarding.

I am actually not super sure I will have to ask the sysadmin. He's the one maintaining the repo. I told him about this thread and we are going to try and push it to a high priority on what we have going on.
Another reason why if you just joined the chat then you could just communicate with him directly rather than playing a retarded game of telephone, but, like I said watever.
Have IRC chat and other chats have always accompanied image board moderation whether you understand it or not we have to have some level of organization or it will just end up basically like org except all the mods do whatever they want. Like it's just really annoying that people constantly just shit on our democracy and don't even attempt to put forth any effort to participate in it. it reminds me exactly of all the fags at my job who constantly bitch about our union but never participate in meetings and never really do anything other than complain about them.


If you want to help with adding I2P support then our iac is open for public review and contribution https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/devops




i2p is much more secure than tor, and, some people will only use i2p instead of tor, so, we can have a larger reach that way.

File: 1675646132859.jpeg ( 1.69 MB , 4506x2736 , mindmap.jpeg )


dude, (or madame), why is the overboard catalog black an white?
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It's a bug. We don't really know where it is located in the source code because lainchan is spaghetti code


>the code is Spaghetti
>leftychan is hosted in a Western country


The explanation and proposed solution are in >>>/tech/12030 2023-03-16.


always though it was because i clicked on a /dead/ thread on the overboard


Stop taking drugs kid.

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