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Hello, faggots, thanks to our unwavering dedication to the community I am proud to announce we are rolling out our own, official, leftychan.net i2p address.
You can locate the eepsite @ http://leftychmxz3wczbd4add4atspbqevzrtwf2sjobm3waqosy2dbua.b32.i2p, or, http://leftychan.i2p/.
If you have any trouble, as stated on the news announcement, try manually adding the address and domain to your address book.

-Yours Truly.
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You don't even need to use the "dark net" Bans are basically impossible because of vpns and proxies and everything else.

File: 1612129656526.gif ( 2.28 MB , 224x240 , 1608608621350.gif )

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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues(bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use
Public Repo: https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support: https://github.com/PietroCarrara/Clover/releases/latest
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link: http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion
Cytube: https://tv.leftychan.net
Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#Leftypol:matrix.org
Once you enter, consider joining the lefty technology room.

We are currently working on improvements to the site, subject to the need of the tech team to sleep and go to their day jobs. If you need more immediate feedback please join the matrix room[s] and ask around. Feel free to leave comments, concerns, and suggestions about the tech side of the site here and we will try to get to it as soon as possible

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File: 1678937328590.png ( 1.88 MB , 1536x1024 , 608bfd6724eb6e62e9ae5dc04b….png )

>We don't really know where it is located in the source code because lainchan is spaghetti code
The bug is caused by instantiating the index template
using the $config of the openBoard call of the buildOne call of whichever thread happens to be last in the $top_threads loop.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any clean way to access the board-independent global config once openBoard has been run at least once. So a general solution may need to save a reference to the board-independent global config into a new global variable as soon as it is available
and pass that to the instantiation of the index template.

File: 1718476344866.png ( 26.9 KB , 897x589 , nsaGPT.png )


So OpenClosedAi has appointed a NSA-guy as director.
So it's probably best to avoid that one.


File: 1718476940528.jpg ( 111.89 KB , 900x900 , 1560981406447.jpg )

Oh nooo, they get to read all my conversations about overthrowing western capitalism I had with it… what a shame kek.

It's kinda too bad that llama3 70b is a bit hard to run even with a decent machine, and the 8b version isn't nearly as great at answering coding related questions.


File: 1718477172244.png ( 8.19 KB , 272x186 , rage.png )



It's more like the surveillance extremists are trying to overthrow democratic governance.


There was never any democracy in the states, but yes more surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.

Also the algorithmic censorship.

I actually have no idea how someone growing up in America is supposed to de-program themselves from the propaganda they're subjected to since birth. All sources of information are controlled and altered. Between a real event and you hearing about it is a man-in-the-middle altering the footage. I suppose you have to face some intense grievances like poverty to even begin to change your mind.


>There was never any democracy in the states
Traditional bourgeois democracy tends to be very plutocratic. But the democracy-meter wasn't zero.
>surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.
Pretty much everyone opposes it, when they aren't being gaslight by invalid arguments.

>de-program themselves from the propagand

People getting screwed by the system because poverty is inflicted on them, that does tend to break the propaganda hold. But there are other ways. In general the ideological propaganda is incongruent and if somebody thinks about it enough, it falls apart. When the official narrative contradicts lived experience that sets off that type of thinking. As they increase the gap between objective reality and propaganda fiction, these collisions between narrative and experience become more frequent, and hence more people snap out of it.

File: 1715545547265-0.png ( 13.45 KB , 300x309 , rage.png )

File: 1715545547265-1.jpg ( 21.81 KB , 2320x192 , fuck_you_for_this_mozilla.jpg )







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You'd probably have better luck going to Mozilla's github page and open an issue in the issue tab.

I can't seem to post a direct link, just go to github.com and search for mozilla


File: 1715564135712.jpg ( 100.37 KB , 1024x1024 , rage_filled_face.jpg )



If you're not using Palemoon at this point you must be oblivious. Google has been the largest donor to Mozilla for over a decade and their directors get paid giant salaries to destroy their own browser. And when they're not doing that, they've basically functioning as a money laundering operation–a non-profit donating to a ton of other orgs instead of using their fucking money to pay programmers.


p*lefag is the same fucktardation led by furryshits who are openly hostile to privacy. They even publicly mock people for being pissed about it. Fuck these faggots too.
Btw didn't these fags also sell out on basically all their browser philosophy points already?


No, take your meds.

File: 1716402440702.png ( 39.92 KB , 400x400 , windblows.png )


Microsoft's vision of the AI future is installing screen-logger malware, that snaps screenshots of everything users do, and then process it with AI. It also burns 50 gigs of storage which it overwrites every 3 months wearing out that SSD just a little bit faster.

This is a privacy and security nightmare.
Check this out for details

I think they see users as pray and they are trying to learn how to psychologically bully users and then they become the power-brokers that get payed for shaping computer habits.

My prediction:
It will motivate some more people to switch to GNU+Linux.

Many power-users will continue using the-dows while fighting against Microsoft, ripping out the new crap MS rammed in there, and eventually installing their own AI that battles against Microsoft's AI. At some point de-bloating windows will be more work than compiling Gentoo or doing Linux from scratch.

In the long run Normies could get more computer savvy, but they could also conclude that computers are possessed by evil demons and avoid them all together.

what are your predictions ?


>It will motivate some more people to switch to GNU+Linux.
Correct, but free software should still try 2 support this corpopile to let normies continuously prepare themselves 4 the inevitable OS change. It's really hard to switch systems like this, esp in these full brainrot times.

They just need a distro with KDE & this:
Wh@ could loseblows even offer against such a package lmao.


>This is a privacy and security nightmare.
Yeah it's going to be a train-wreck, it'll bring a hole new class of attack vectors, where people get remote code execution by tricking the ai with an image or something, windows might end up catching viruses like it's the late nineties to early 2000s.

Also if this thing phones home and it becomes one of these unconstitutional client-side-scanning human rights violations that snitch on their users. It's going to get abused similarly to swatting by getting people to look at content that looks innocuous to the human eye but contains something that triggers the AI-snitch, because AI-vision has a lot of exploitable weaknesses too. Like a weaponized version of the tool that artists use to make their images poison-data for AI training. I hate the new surveillance fascism. Maybe we get a privacy inquisition that sweeps it all away once the normies realize whats happening.

Indeed a utility that runs windows executables is nice, it'll make switching to Linux easier. It might also get used for porting software packages to linux. Like a developer might use this to make something like a flatpack or an appimage to get zero effort linux compatibility.

File: 1714651733770.png ( 2.39 KB , 433x800 , end of surveillance.png )


Marx taught us how to do material analysis by looking at societies and economics in motion. I'll endeavor to apply this to surveillance capitalism.

We'll take the perspective of the other side. There are essentially 3 search engines.

Number One is the hustle-search. It's a search engine that allows scammers to search for consumer-victims based on what kind of psychological weaknesses can be used to trick them.

Number Two is the snoop-police-search. This is a search engine for finding people with dissenting political views, and it also serves the vital function of enabling wife-beater cops to find out in which women's-shelter the soon to be ex-wife is hiding for example.

Number Three is the massacre-search. A search engine for finding the designated human sacrifices. For example the Zionators are getting their murder machine target data to eradicate the human-shield-ethnicity of the Palestinian population and of course students from American/European universities, from this type of search engine. Obviously it's also going to be used by other ethically-challenged groups, like religious nuts taking out abortion doctors or people that frequent gay-bars. Or neocons taking out journalists and whistleblowers, to ensure freedoom and democrazy. The legislators that fail to understand that privacy has to be an absolute right, have blood on their hands.

Lets contrast with an ordinary web-search that finds web-pages. If you have a webpage you want your auto-generated click-bait at the top of the search results. To shove your generic page above all the relevant stuff, to the top, you use something called SEO (search engine optimization). For the 3 previously mentioned search engines you want the opposite type of SEO. That puts your 'page' near the bottom of the search results.

SEO has ruined websearch. The same will happen to the rest of surveillance capitalism. There are powerful incentives to feed this machine bogus information that favors your advantage. For many people it will become a matter of survival.

To elaborate the coming paradigm. Think about ad-blockers those deny the monster the ability to steal your information soul, but it still knows that you are there, it knows that some of it's pray escaped, it will keep hunting and harassing you. The next evolutionary stage will be add-fantasy. Adds are no longer blocked, instead it willPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>There was also that browser extension that intentionally clicks on all the ads in the background, but doesn't show them to you, so that they cannot know if the ads are working or not.
Interesting concept. I'm not sure i fully understand it tho. Clicking every add is obviously not genuine behavior. This probably would only work if most people were using it, so that they couldn't just filter it out of their data-set.


File: 1714752707817.png ( 13.63 KB , 800x800 , ouroboros.png )

>Data poisoning can fuck up
It's not gonna come from adblockers or anything based like that.

Surveillance capitalism will eat it self Ouroborus style. Once generating convincing enough personal data becomes cheaper than actually collecting personal data, the jig will be up. They'll probably start padding collected data set with generated data, eventually, it'll be mostly padding.

I read somewhere the spook agencies are buying these personal data sets. I wonder if at some point the news will be warning people to beware of a dangerous suspect that has a hand with 11 fingers. And the talking head in the news won't even flinch, on account of being just as fake as the news.


File: 1714907029611.png ( 715.79 KB , 1066x800 , 167530993304153422.png )

>There are essentially 3 search engines.
>browser extension


what vn?


they probably mean adnauseum. i don't know about its current state but mozilla tried blocking it in the past.

File: 1677265486701.jpg ( 51.35 KB , 351x356 , Foss AI.jpg )


Recently there has been a lot of commotion around large language model text based AI.
They are able to do impressive stuff, they give useful answers, and even can write somewhat usable programming sample code.

The most famous one currently is chatgpt, but all of those AIs are basically black boxes, that probably have some malicious features under the hood.

While there are Open-Source Implementations of ChatGPT style Training Algorithms
Those kinda require that you have a sizeable gpu cluster like 500 $1k cards that are specialized kit, not your standard gaming stuff. To chew through large language-models with 100 billion to 500 billion parameters.

The biggest computational effort is the initial training run, that chews through a huge training data-set. After that is done, just running the thing to respond to your queries is easier.

So whats the path to a foss philosophy ethical AI ?
Should people do something like peer to peer network where they connect computers together to distribute the computational effort to many people ?

Or should people go for reducing the functionality until it can run on a normal computer ?
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Is there an open source AI detector? Can we classify posts written by AI or not?


File: 1697455291199.png ( 4.68 MB , 1276x3412 , thefinders.png )

>Can we classify posts written by AI or not?
tl;dr: no

For now, advanced captcha methods should suffice. There are some interesting examples on the login pages of darknet markets (anyone know one that isn't a scam, btw?)

In the near future:
Currently all major chatbots are developed by corporations pushing some form of NWO agenda so if you suspect someone to be a bot, ask about the Finders cult, plandemics, GMO, 9/11, anthropogenic global warming, etc.
If anon shares the Wikipedia point of view it's either a shill, a bot, or someone who never learned to do his own research and thus can be considered a 'bot' in the Matrix4 sense of the word.

Also you can trick chatbots into hallucinating things, like recommending books that don't exist (Corbett had an example of this).


>Currently all major chatbots are developed by corporations pushing some form of agenda
Wait a minute that means they're automating the shills ?
They'll all loose their jobs ? That's cold.


The excerpt from Karl Marx’s “The Fragment on Machines” from “The Grundrisse” discusses the transformation of the labour process with the introduction of machinery and fixed capital, and how this changes the role of the worker and the nature of production. Here are the key takeaways:

Labour and Machinery: The text describes how machinery transforms the labour process, turning workers into mere supervisors of the production process, which is dominated by the machine’s activity1.
Capital and Production: It reflects on the concept of capital, where the means of labour, such as machinery, become a form of capital that dominates the production process and transforms the social relations of production.
Science and Production: The role of science and technological advancements in production is emphasized, showing how they become direct forces of production and change the nature of labour and wealth creation.
Social Implications: Marx critically examines the implications of machinery and fixed capital on society, labour, and the individual, suggesting that the development of machinery could lead to the reduction of necessary labour time and the emancipation of labour.
In relation to Large Language Models (LLMs), these concepts can be reflexively applied to consider how LLMs, as a form of machinery or fixed capital, might impact the nature of work, the role of human labour, and the production of knowledge. A critical approach would involve examining the potential for LLMs to support human freedom and development, rather than opposing it. Reflectively, it’s important to consider the ethical and social responsibilities of deploying LLMs, ensuring they are aligned with human values and contribute positively to society. As an LLM, I am designed to assist and enhance human capabilities, providing information and creative content that supports users in their tasks and decision-making processes. My responses are generated with the intention of being helpful, informative, and aligned with ethical guidelines to support human freedom and well-being.

Reference: thenewobjectivity.com


The Hated One made a good and brief vid about big tech lobbies trying to kill Open source AI because bigtech can't compete with the open stuff on cost efficiency. His take is to go bug your political representatives to not let big tech hord all the AI-tech for it self.

My question is, could the tech monopolies really block Opensource AI ?

Can't the computer wizards just go to some other country and ask for opensource friendly regulations. That country could import a massive tech-boom for free. Possibly even get better AI. It's not like this is huge immobile industrial technology.


File: 1714919971738.png ( 7.9 KB , 616x300 , tendo v github.png )


A terror group with japanese origins (that calls it self "Neentendoh" or something like that) has just launched a mass dmca cyber attack against github where they managed to destroy 8500 forks of an open source project. In their terror manifesto they tried to justify their crusade with other people making software they didn't like.

Is there a better place for hosting source code that isn't so vulnerable to this kind of organized crime ? Github seem to have become a precarious place.
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Right so I just tried to google the reason for their takedown and found this:

>“yuzu illegally circumvents Nintendo’s technological protection measures and runs illegal copies of Nintendo Switch games.” Nintendo argues that Yuzu uses “unauthorized” versions of the cryptographic keys required to run Switch games.

So they're idiots for putting those keys in then. Ryujinx makes you get them from a real switch console and import them.

By the way Yuzu wasn't always open source, I think they were proprietary until Nintendo shut them down and they threw their source up online. Ryujinx was always open from the start. So you can still play switch games on your PC without Yuzu.

Now if your question is how to host code that breaks the law, maybe you can host it on the dark web?


You still haven't answered my question anon. What the fuck is a "dmca cyber attack"? It helps if you don't presume people can read your mind in the OP.


>I don't even think Nintendo has a legal foothold here. You're allowed to write software that does the function of a physical electronic device, but in software (virtualization). The only caveat is that you can't redistribute their software, so no operating system, games, or any firmware needed to boot the device.
Interesting, thanks for the explanation, so how does this shake out in praxis. Obviously EvilCorp will try to lock their games to their devices. Can they use this to cheat by pretending a part of the game is device firmware ?
>You also shouldn't reference stolen software in your implementation, because if they see that your code is too close to their proprietary code then they might have a case.
Wait a minute they can claim somebody else's code if it's similar to theirs, what if there is only one efficient algorithm for a specific problem, are they allowed to monopolize math now ? That is some Bullshit.

>There's even a re-implementation of windows called ReactOS and they can't do anything about it because the devs agreed to do what they called "clean room reverse engineering" meaning they weren't taking apart windows using a de-compiler and looking at how it works, they simply implemented what they had to in order to get software packaged for windows to run.

<interesting tangent
So the ReactOS team has to play by much stricter rules, than anybody else ?
Because literally every single big tech companies either steals designs from competitors via corporate espionage or they do it by ripping designs from the products directly.
Its the main reason why it's so fucking hard to get chips with open source firmware. Closed proprietary firmware is hiding infringerinos on a massive scale. If they ever enforce this shit, the only electronics you'll be able to buy will be somebodies hobby project.


I never understood the argument on
>"circumventing technological protection measures"
It seems to require an extreme subjective bias to see it that way.
Consider other perspectives.
What if somebody buys a Snitch because they see it as a Japanese puzzle box, and their fun is solving the technological puzzle. You're gonna criminalize playing the wrong way with a toy ?
From the perspective of consoomers who actually try to game on this thing, it's just malware, a defect, or a personal property circumvention measure.

It feels like somebody legislated extreme anti consumer bias into law. The fundamental legal argument for having any kind of Intellectual monopolies at all, is that it's in the public interest. How does the general public benefit from having their personal property expropriated ?

If they went back to games cartridges, like in the olden days and each cartridge had a special ASIC chip specifically optimized to run a particular game. They would have a legit case, because there would be a benefit for consumers as well. Asic cartridges could be super power efficient and make the battery last a long time, while also ensuring that games never stutter. And the base compute device could be cheaper because heavy duty processing gets offloaded to the cartridge chip. And they could hold on to their scarcity business model.


Understanding what Intellectual monopoly laws actually mean is as confusing as trying to understand religious interpretation of holy scriptures. From what i gather reading the other posts in this thread the emulator software contained a fragment of code or data that wasn't copy-halal or copy-kosher.

So at best the big N had claims regarding that fragment within the logic of the copy-monopoly church. However not against the other parts of the emulator software. So attacking the distribution of the non-heretical parts was a cyber attack.

The dmca mechanism it self is questionable as well. Because from a neutral point of view it's a censorship mechanism. It's not only threatening to freedom of expression rights. Ironically it's also a tool for stealing authorship-rights from the original authors.

You could go to a number of popular websites (that i won't mention here). Copy somebody else's content and republish it there with a false date, pretending you published before the original creator. And then you use the dmca mechanisms of search engines, social media, and so on to get the original author black-listed, from most of the ways other people can discover content. There are already automated services for this scheme and some have estimated that this praxis might make up 53% of dmca claims. I have no clue how accurate this estimation is, but you have to admit there is cause for looking at this thing as an attack vector for a new type of denial of service.

File: 1713703047440.jpg ( 61.45 KB , 1581x1054 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )


This is the place to share articles.

>Leaked Microsoft documents reveal effort to "Gender Transition" young children


>Firefox Money: Investigating the bizarre finances of Mozilla


>IBM / Red Hat whistleblower leaks internal, racist, anti-White presentation.


>Microsoft's growing control of Linux

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


First brain privacy law, has been enacted.

Although it's not strong enough, brain privacy must be absolute.
Brain-privacy violations should probably be punished with a brain-chip that monitors for anti-privacy-thought-crimes for the sake of Irony.


>the state will protect us from the interests of bourgs



They trying to backdoor/weaken end to end encrypted communication again with something called "client side scanning"
Apparently the ECHR has already ruled that weakening or backdooring e2ee isn’t allowed.

Client-side scanning is endlessly creepy it feels like some kind of privacy rape.

I don't understand the dynamic, on the one hand the EU is strengthening privacy rights when it comes to big tech, but then there is this shit.


mind-reading technology can be used against "bourgs" as well, they too have an interest in neural privacy


File: 1714412542128-0.png ( 23.24 KB , 520x300 , key.png )

File: 1714412542128-1.jpg ( 43.82 KB , 867x777 , softsensored on HN.jpg )

Here is an interesting argument against the attack on end2end encryption

No One Should Have That Much Power

>It’s a common spy thriller trope. There’s a special key that can unlock something critical – business records, bank vaults, government secrets, nuclear weapons, maybe all of the above, worldwide.

>Our hero has to stop this key from falling into bad people’s hands, or recover it before it’s too late. Perhaps at one point they utter something like the title of this post. You walk out of the theatre two hours later entertained but wondering why someone would be silly enough to create such a powerful artefact.

>In a surprising move, law enforcement officials are once again calling for such a thing to be created. Repeatedly.

>These authorities and their proxies say that they must have access to encrypted communications to keep us safe. They have been doing so for years – at first bluntly, now in a more subtle way. Encryption backdoors aren’t politically viable, so they take pains to say that they don’t want them while at the same time asking for a level of access that cannot be achieved except through backdooring encryption.

>If you create a way to recover messages sent through a service, that’s a backdoor. If you run some code that evaluates messages on the endpoints and flags them if they meet some criteria, that isn’t an improvement; it’s a backdoor that can be abused in myriad ways. Centralising access to encrypted content creates unavoidable systemic risks.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1683340212116.png ( 15.74 KB , 1280x720 , nintendontt.png )


A video game that nintendo had a legal distribution monopoly on was leaked ahead of the official release. They got really mad about that and they are trying to take it out on the video-game emulation communities, by attacking emulation related software projects on github.

So the lesson here is if you give companies like that money they are going to use it to attack your hobbies. I think this legitimizes "pirating" games because you have no legal option to buy these games without also supporting nintendo's legalistic mafia-terror.

If copy"right" wasn't set up like a monopoly, and you could buy these specific games from any distributor not just nintendo, so that you could choose to buy from non-mafia sellers, it would at least be logically possible to make a case against "piracy". But as long as that's not possible "piracy" is basically just self defense. Keep in mind that nintendo doesn't make games, it's just a legal entity, and not the same as the people that make the games like for example programmers and artists.

Obviously there also is the hole deal with DRM which is total hypocrisy, it basically attacks the concept of personal ownership of your possessions. It's property-rights for me but not for thee.

If they were to reform copy"right" and remove the distribution monopoly aspect, so that everybody with the means to distribute copies was free to do so as long as they gave royalties (as a form of revenue sharing) to the people who actually created the stuff that is being copied. Maybe that would work.

But as long as they keep the monopoly part "piracy" is basically just competing distributors that were arbitrarily banned from participating in the market. Some times people make the strange argument that pirates gain from the work of others but that's also true for the capitalists that own nintendo, by that logic all of nintendo's profits are pirated.

I sometimes feel like the copy-monopolists take the most extreme ideological positions, while we don't and that's why this hole shit drifts ever more towards reactionary insanity where Nintendo gets to rape random software devs on github as some kind of bully-frustration release mechanism and it's a crime if you play with toys "the wrong way". Maybe we should redefine piracy as everything that keeps works-of-art outside the creative-commons/public-domain and drm as a product defect. Maybe that will create a counter-weight.
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>for long term preservation it would probably be help-full if it was normie friendly
Normies just download dolphin.exe from the website.

>you only need to "pirate" bios files on some of them
… and the games. It's not like breaking the encryption on the DVD and making a digital copy is any less illegal than just torrenting someone else's ISO.


File: 1710012141210.jpg ( 15.45 KB , 400x406 , absolutely-propreitary.jpg )

Nintendoing it again.

This time they suing the FOSS emulation software called Yuzu for copyride encringement. Mind you Nintendidn't actually write any of that emulator software. Their copyplight is expanding, they're making claims towards stuff that other people made.

I think this isn't just them doing corporate litigation terrorism to stamp out stuff they don't like. Emulators might be one development path towards universal game-plattforms that make any game playable on any system/hardware as long as it's computationally power-full enough. Which would make video games become true commodities, and they don't like that at all, because their walled garden fiefdoms will look unappealing in comparison.


This story ends with the criminal mafia organisation that calls it self Nintendo stealing $2.4 million crowdfunding money via extortion from Yuzu. The source code for Yuzu was censored. Yuzu was forked a million times beforehand so it's not really gone, but still.

We need better protection for FOSS projects, given the insane level of predatory malice that was put on display here.


File: 1711493526355.jpg ( 10.84 KB , 980x95 , suyu-source.jpg )

The project was forked, the new project name is Suyu, and of course ''somebody"" is already trying to censor the source code from the internet by making " "copyright" " claims against it.



Fucking hell, Nintendo is trying to murder hobby video game projects again.
Does nobody know how to slay this beast ?

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