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File: 1612998061767.jpg ( 3.86 MB , 3120x4160 , ereader .jpg )


I love my electronic reader, I must have read hundreds of books on it, all free thanks to the pirate comrades and websites like library genesis, mobilism or archive.org.

Picrel is a Kobo Aura with Plato as OS. I hear KOreader is also good.

So fellow anons, do you live fully in the current year? Do you own an e-reader? Do you love it? Are you still hesitating to get one?
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Back in 2019 I bought a Pocketbook Inkpad 3 that was re-branded by Vivlio (European bookstore) and flashed the original Pocketbook firmware on it. There are builds of KOReader available but I prefer to use the stock OS with wifi turned off. The Inkpad was cheaper (even after shipping and currency conversion) than buying a similarly spec'ed Kobo.
Loading books is easy since Calibre recognizes the device.
More info at https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314657


why are e-readers so fucking small god damn


How the hell do I open a Kobo Aura? I think I was removing the screen instead of the bezel and now I'm scared of breaking it.


Actually do I need to crack it open to gain access to the microSD and flash it with okreader?


damn shame most of the books I read are only available at old book stores

File: 1627529135871.png ( 444.69 KB , 987x895 , ClipboardImage.png )


Post especially cool websites. Not necessarily sites with cool content.

https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/ - Website runs on solar power in Barcelona, optimized for low energy use. Has some good articles and a nice 'about' page.


Low Tech Magazine is great, even if some of their suggestions, like the Dutch dredging their canals by hand, are a bit too heavy on the primitivism

File: 1627008417069.png ( 153.07 KB , 1080x416 , Screenshot_2021-07-22_21-4….png )


Alright, which one of you did this?
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Can't even come up with their own jokes


i made it, probably shilled for dickblast way too hard though. next time i'm going to avoid politics and make it as about programming as much as possible.







File: 1626954376467.png ( 38.77 KB , 769x458 , cards.png )


have u ever considered that a deck of playing cards
can be seen as two alphabets that can be freely re-arranged

playing card ciphers –
paperless simple cryptosystems
fit in your pocket

initial randomization of alphabets in 7+ shuffles


i think we should all just train like chinese kids and be able to do huge math in our heads and just mentally compute RSA


I played around a bit with chaocipher and came to a realization: You could use a simplified alphabet and set aside a few cards to use them as a flags for numbers, case, punctuation and whitespace.
Arranging them in a separate stack minimizes mental overhead, when adding the values and allows for another simple permutation.
I decided to use 24 cards in my large stacks, because it's a nice base and with 1 global flag, you get just enough symbol space for: lowercase (without c and j), uppercase and " .=~!@'"←→()-+/\<>^_%?".
My deck had a third joker, so I used it as a global flag, that is toggled, when the top card of the small stack is a joker. Thereby you could use 3 additional spaces for base 24 numbers and maybe regional symbols or mathematic/scientific notation.

Secure RSA keys should at least be 128bits long (39 decimal digits). I don't think any human can do multiplication with those https://www.recordholders.org/en/events/worldcup/2018/results.html
By using a higher base, you could try to make the numbers more memorizable (26 digits with base 24, 24 digits with base 32, 23 digits with base 64, 11 digits with base 5040).


>randomize the alphabet
That's a very primitive and poor cypher. All your adversary needs to do is detect common word patterns which narrows down the field of possibilities until you can brute-force permutate through them. This can be fully automated with the help of a "dictionary". In cryptography breaking such a cypher is homeschool work for the intro class tier. Using cards is clever as a way to disguise the existence of communication, but once your adversary catches on it's basically over.

A much better but also primitive cypher is to replace full words with some other completely unrelated words (or cards, why not). That completely removes the above vector of attack where your adversary could simply analyze word patterns. Even if your adversary knows you're talking in code they still can't so easily figure out what you're talking about.

File: 1619715445230.jpg ( 183.08 KB , 1500x702 , PLA-M Deng Xiaoping.jpg )


Glory to the PLA Navy! China has realized helicarrier technologies, the west trembles in fear!


Why would a flying aircraft carrier even need a runway? Just drop the aircraft from the bottom and they'll attain the velocity to fly.


>Why would a flying aircraft carrier
Something that big would have such a powerful exhaust that it becomes a wind-storm weapon as soon as it flies low over the ground, it wouldn't need any dedicated weapons or fighters.


What the fuck is that?

File: 1627209387587.png ( 4.15 MB , 1749x2286 , miku.png )


Does there exists distributed imageboard software in a sense that each user is a full node? Something like each node running a local server that user can access through browser with local servers synchronizing through DHT or something? All I found is some "overchan" but there is almost no info and as I understand this is not a full-node distributed system.
It has been on my mind for quite a long time - Anons need to seize the means of shitposts production.
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File: 1627216703042-0.jpg ( 44.54 KB , 648x595 , d61.jpg )

No, because think about it. An imageboard has increasing post numbers, and how would that be incorporated between multiple sites? Who's going to keep track of what post number the whole system is on? And if different sites track them individually, then how would posts be copied between sites? if the post numbers overlapped then which would take precedence? and if you change all the post numbers it would break all the links as well, correcting that on one site is a bitch, imagine correcting it on a dozen.

Maybe if instead of a No.# it used some sort of hashing/consistent hashing, but then it wouldn't look the same. How would cross-site linking work? Maybe it would have to prefix a domain, like >>>>org.leftypol.1234 or something? but then that would totally change the way links look, not to mention involve an ungodly level of cross domain image loading on the hover thumbnails, etc.

plus there's the fact that most imageboards have extremely edgy content and wouldn't want to necessarily trust another site enough to be in a ring with them, seeour situation with getchan and how they turned out to be pedos and we were only in a webring with them, imagine if getchan and .org had been federated or something.

The technical aspects of making a federated or general distributed system would fundamentally alter the nature of what an imageboard actually is and how it even looks.

In my experience people generally underestimate the difficulty involved in making truly distributed systems with no central authority, just thinking about it for a moment will bring up all kinds of challenges/design decisions which no one has even begun to think of.

All these "muh federation" guys should literally be forced to read a book on distributed systems before spouting off about how its superior.

I've attached one here. Tannenbaums books is also good if you can get it


>No, because think about it. An imageboard has increasing post numbers, and how would that be incorporated between multiple sites? Who's going to keep track of what post number the whole system is on?
Each post could just have a random hash. Why does it need to be a number?


Another fucking thread about imageboard software and idiots trying to make another site that's exactly like your average IB except with one "new" gimmick (and zero users).


Cackling imagining post numbers being some 256-char alphanumeric string.


Because then it wouldn’t look the same as the Chans we’re all used to?

File: 1627242519881.gif ( 3.01 MB , 480x270 , 1624158738885.gif )


I am trying to degoogle as much as possible, but I have yet to find an alternative for Google Maps. I tried some alternatives, but they all are just inferior products with crappier destination times. I live in a huge metro area and—thanks to American-style urban "planning"—I need a good maps application to get anywhere. Can /leftypol/ help me out?

Also, general DeGoogle thread.


I use OpenStreetMap but I don't drive so idk


How do you use it then? OSM doesn't tell you how to use transit.

File: 1608658825103.png ( 232.24 KB , 841x502 , plt.png )


Youtube playlist by a college professor:


videos teaching programming language theories mostly SCALA, with a few bits of scheme/c/js thrown in
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There is a widespread belief that people have "learning styles", like verbal, visual, auditory, etc., and they learn better when instructed in this "style". But the styles are ill-defined, self-reporting by students is unreliable and tests to determine them are contradictor. Moreover, experiments failed to find any benefit from instructional material tailored to specific learning styles, meaning that supposed "audiovisual learners" did not have any disadvantage from learning texts compared to students of the other "styles" and so on.


The entire debate is flawed IMHO, learning styles probably aren't about learning performance rather then about how much stress somebody experiences during learning. I want to see a long term study about how learning styles affect stress levels. People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out. So the study should also compare the drop out rates of students with learning styles.

You have to pay attention that nasty cultural battles can ensue, where one subculture tries to cause another subculture somatic stress by changing institutional designs.


File: 1627224303393.pdf ( 249.82 KB , 235x300 , the-mooc-pivot.pdf )

It is not flawed, the study addresses the claims of proponents of "learning styles" and not some random hypothesis that you have just made up on the spot.

By the way, competition and retention rates has always been terrible on MOOCs.


this post talks about stress
this post talks about educational results

talking past one another


> People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out.

File: 1608526080361-0.png ( 58.33 KB , 1200x1200 , hacktivism.png )

File: 1608526080361-1.pdf ( 307.87 KB , rs1.pdf )


pdf on left wing hacktivism
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What's everyone's opinion on kirtaner going full anarcho-hackerman and hacking myanmar, parlor, etc.


who ?


admin of 420chan and one of the original og anon's during chanology.


based and red



File: 1626506883916.jpeg ( 54.15 KB , 600x400 , 1616450634890.jpeg )


what would be the ideal social network site???

Imageboards (ex: 4chan, *chan “alt chans”):

• Anonymous
• No registration
• OP requiring attachment forces content/memes to be produced
• Pruning catalog keeps server space needed to minimum
• Lack of upvote system reduces groupthink and disincentivizes non-originality
• Anonymity + siloing by board centered board identity over personality
• Linear reply structure that requires minimal interaction to read
• Effortposts that do happen are often phenomenal quality
• Attracts schizos, racists and “free speech” people who have been banned from other SM for good reason
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Capitalist intelligence services will exist and try to work against us


capitalist intelligence services wont exist because capitalism wont exist


4chan but instead of boards you hashtag your posts like twitter


then everything will be an overboard that you can filter though


There are decentralized imageboards like that IIRC

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