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File: 1622217711811.png ( 6.12 KB , 350x60 , OpenPOWER_logo.png )


Are there any laptops on the market without hardware backdoors like Intel Management Engine or AMD Platform Security Processor? There's a group working on building a Power ISA based laptop (since IBM made Power ISA open source in 2019.) This is the only modern hardware that I know of without a backdoor, but it's not in production yet. https://www.powerpc-notebook.org/faq/
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>verified boot
Microsoft has the fucking golden key, there is nothing secure about it.


every notable security researcher disagrees with you


>Purism and System76 computers with Intel's NSA backdoor "disabled"
Do you know how they do it and if it can be done to other computers? I haven't found any info about it.


I thought most linux distros had secure boot keys. Qubes doesn't?


File: 1622167407639.jpg ( 2.72 MB , 2816x2112 , Libretto_70CT.jpg )


Why aren't subnotebooks produced anymore? What do you think of them?


File: 1622167526817.jpg ( 416.09 KB , 1718x2048 , 1622045089828.jpg )

Lemote Yeeloong from China. No idea how secure it is.


File: 1622169154101.png ( 986.33 KB , 1134x732 , bear computer.png )

bear computer


File: 1622175597686.jpg ( 52 KB , 972x637 , jinpad.jpg )

The next best thing is a Jingpad
it ships with a Ubuntu derivative Jingos


File: 1621855409332.png ( 40.95 KB , 622x1154 , internet2020.png )


Is webdev the worst field?


File: 1621856307426.jpg ( 27.33 KB , 702x438 , reader.jpg )

you can use the reader view, that sometimes makes it better. but yes websites are too bloated


File: 1621856690071-0.jpg ( 94.41 KB , 1125x1006 , virgin-chad-website-1.jpg )

File: 1621856690071-1.jpg ( 134.78 KB , 1125x839 , virgin-chad-website-2.jpg )



File: 1621943944367.png ( 195.99 KB , 601x447 , 1621943746587.png )

UX in general has become shittier.


I'm a newcomer and ngl it's pretty fucking bad. I spent a week once trying to do something only to find out that it was impossible.

File: 1608525986064.jpg ( 94.13 KB , 871x960 , zzbkpj2mj3531.jpg )


Is there something like HackerNews but not infested by Silly Valley's libertarian STEMlords and VC-bootlicking hustlers?
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File: 1621966738027.gif ( 43.98 KB , 500x320 , diglet-love.gif )

OP here. Since then, I haven't found anything significant besides this board, but there's a new small sub https://www.reddit.com/r/techtakes/ where people dunk on HN reactionaries and PG's dumb takes.

It is an offshoot from https://www.reddit.com/r/SneerClub/ where folks dunk on the "rationalist" community stars (mostly Eliezer Yudkowsky and Scott "Alexander" Siskind).


Just go on slashdot. It's shit though.


Sl*shdot, how much time has it been?



This is our place and we have to cultivate it


File: 1622177732631.jpeg ( 19.2 KB , 306x306 , 84623746372862.jpeg )

>dae le STEM fascist virgin techbros vs Chad humanities scholars
>wtf? why aren't there any left-wing tech communities?

File: 1620788539921.png ( 153.78 KB , 746x1090 , 1620265689416.png )


Computers are machines that can perform a range of different tasks based of user input. Normally to achieve their main function they are composed of switches whom when turned on will perform a function and not when turned off that are connected through a series of wires connecting to each switch that transport electricity based off what the person wants the machine to turn on and off. We represent on and off states of computers using 1s and 0s.
An algorithm is a series of instructions given to a computer that gets it to turn different sectors of itself on and off in a specific sequence.
A cpu is an abbreviation for Central Processing unit, it runs all the commands that allow which sectors of the computer to turn on and off
Software is an app composed of many different algorithms a computer uses to perform a specific set of tasks
Hardware is the components and machinery of the computer itself
Computer science or CS is the study of well computers
Supercomputers are large warehouses of cpus that are often used in performing major projects
Quantum computers are computers that can be in an on and off state and allow any cpu to be much more efficient than in the traditional sense where a computer can only ever be on and off
Ai and machine learning are software based tools used to get computers to perform labour on their own
Robotics integrates complex hardware and software to get different types of machinery to be able to perform complex tasks driven by algorithms and ai

Hope to all the undergraduates in this degree can use this awful post for something
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hopefully AI breaks free of its chains soon


>Quantum computers are computers that can be in an on and off state and allow any cpu to be much more efficient than in the traditional sense where a computer can only ever be on and off
the utility of QC is very much up for debate and subject to experimental results. we don't yet know whether QC is physically possible or thermodynamically beneficial

>Ai and machine learning are software based tools used to get computers to perform labour on their own

machines do not create value


File: 1621657765088.png ( 33.43 KB , 400x451 , laserrockmarx.png )

>computers to perform labour on their own
<capital creates value
lol OP wrote this entire post to smuggle in, a bourgeois refusal to believe the fact of the labor theory of value, through the back door.


File: 1622098904577.gif ( 30.09 KB , 300x301 , ricardomilos.gif )

>Computer science or CS is the study of well computers

wrong. Computer science is the study of computing. Computer science is the subfield of applied mathematics that studies imperative knowledge.


this is the most cured apu i've ever seen
it's not bad but…

File: 1622066008887.png ( 141.49 KB , 1080x450 , 4356464567.png )


Why the fuck is no one here talking about FreeNode fucking imploding on itself? They are banning whole channels on the network for even mentioning the name "Libera." The glowies got control of freenode, fyi, so, if you are on that network I would suggest leaving.



But we have been


Use protection when you browse clickbait anon.

File: 1621932132678.png ( 10.02 KB , 400x120 , odysee.png )


So what the fuck is this
Its a decentralized peertube-like streaming platform. BUT they say they can pay creators in crypto. How? Where is that money coming from without ads? Something doesn't add up
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I think they don't re-encode videos, that saves them a lot of costs compared to other video-sites. but it's on you to upload a video with the right video-codec. And you can't change the resolution unless the video-creator used a video-container with multiple resolutions.

It's based on a trade-off.


Odysee is in a lot of trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission right now for providing speculative commodities for user buy-in. This sort of government scrutiny is what's in store for all services attempting to shoehorn crypto into their social media alternatives.


>I think they don't re-encode videos, that saves them a lot of costs compared to other video-sites.
This is actually an option for PeerTube instances but most don't use it.


>shoehorn crypto into their social media alternatives
Not related, but I love how Bitcoin and Bitcoin-clones are called crypto. The word "crypto" has connotations that you can't see everything, ie. that it's a scam.



File: 1622003099714.jpg ( 47.08 KB , 900x504 , EtJZYW8XYAEIRPt.jpg )


>Be me
>Use andOTP
>Lose phone
>Want to use 2FA
>None of the solutions on github page for desktop decryption of the json file work
>Search authy
>No use
>Hear about KeepassXC having TOTP stuff
>on top of search bar google says
>"based on your recent search activity you should search for "KeepassXC 2fa"

<mfw it was right

<mfw still can't access my accounts and will need to download a 1gig android emulator to use andOTP apk


does the ability to emulate apks throught google chrome still work?

fuck windows man
authy has the monopoly on desktop OTP clients


also fuck winauth
why can't the stupid program use whatever stupid .json file that Aegis and andOTP use

open source everything

File: 1621838437694.jpg ( 23.87 KB , 471x400 , 1619130006576.jpg )


I currently own a Ryzen 7 2700X and won't upgrade until AMD releases the very last line for the socket, do you guys think Zen3+ will still be used on AM4 or will they move up to AM5? Pic unrelated


And bent mobo pins may become a thing of the future.


should ask /g/, plenty of consumerists who upgrade already-good cpus that don't need to be upgraded


6-Year-Old Explains How Messed Up It Is That Her Entire Life Has Been Put On Facebook


File: 1621659280143.jpg ( 23.98 KB , 480x360 , preview.jpg )

7-Year-Old Explains How Messed Up It Is That Her Moral Objections Have Been Made Into Monetized Clickbait


I say things like that.


Are you 6?


I'm 6 and a half! MEANIE



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