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File: 1621654708181.jpg ( 26.61 KB , 480x320 , sip.jpg )


Woah bro, check it out, I'm drinking beer using my phone, LOL!


When smartphones were new


I miss goofy apps like these


I used to smoke with such apps

File: 1610807894986.jpg ( 65.77 KB , 475x320 , nkvdshooting.jpg )


Is it possible to get access to some form of VPN if you can't afford a monthly subscription? I tried openvpn with some open servers but I'm a techlet and I don't think I've set it up properly, it barely seems to hide anything.
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Not a rebuttal.
Tor, like literally every usable computer and software, gas weaknesses. Furthermore, Tor users almost always get caught by deanonymizing themselves or downloading and running things they shouldn't. Either that, or being worth spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on.
Do you have any specific example you want to discuss, or are you just parroting FUD shit you don't understand?


I will say that Tor Browser (not Tor), as a long-life Firefox build, is somewhat insecure if you are being personally targeted, but the best option for anonymity.


really? i didn't know
i was using it to pirate music


nothing wrong with stealing data, if you give them useless data or dont care
like what, they're gonna intercept and copy your download of mama mia 2?
(not really a reply to you but about what you said) btw for good practice with tor, of course no javascript, dont go to any websites you use on the clearnet on tor, for the same reasons stay away from anything with cloudflare or recaptcha, and dont open anything from tor on the client you run tor on
lesser known good practice is also use a bridge so your tor traffic is less easy to automatically effect, and explicitly set a few guard nodes that you trust, you can set up your own if you really want to
and qubes is really great for this, you virtualize your tor environment every time, so it doesnt match the environment you use for other browsing, and you can open shit in a sandboxed way
safe cybertravels



File: 1621750471253.png ( 13.39 KB , 752x222 , 1621749171611.png )




So based I feel like crying


File: 1621771313504-0.png ( 563.21 KB , 749x499 , BN-LQ114_nevill_P_20151209….png )

File: 1621771313504-1.png ( 810.02 KB , 1463x936 , China-Xi-Jinping-Wine_jpg.png )




File: 1621785953776.gif ( 3.71 MB , 393x324 , 1621763627847.gif )

Now I have to get a fucking job.

File: 1620382694130.jpg ( 72.63 KB , 1086x992 , normal-pepe.jpg )


You guys are aware that everybody connects you to idpol transhumanists, liberals LARPing as AntiFa and cuckold fetishists, and that this is hurting your cause?
I lurked this website for a month now and i noticed a fundamental difference between the posters who are here to actually talk to others and the posters who link to 4chan to ask for support in some ridiculous bait thread where you just waste time.

I also noticed that you have a thread talking about if an imageboard would be better as a single-page-application.
I am currently working on my own imageboard from scratch. I am actually a web-developer and know my stuff, so (i hope) it won't be just another 4chan rip-off. I am going to use node - react - redux - sequelize for mysql - redis.
I am visiting different boards to gather ideas, but i see the same sorry state everywhere. I seriously want to make something good.
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>Facebook also uses long-polling.
>Twitter… never checked it, because its a shit platform that offers nothing goodM

<Facebook good! Birdapp bad!




I wrote one in vanilla PHP with MySQL. It isn't especially extensible, however.


Please be bait lol


it's also so that people get drip-fed dopamine and keep coming back for more. If you gave them everything at once, they'd take a second to look, see everything, and leave.
If you make them scroll up and make it so that they never really are in control of what they see, they stay on your service longer because they have an incentive to keep pushing the stupid button to get a treat

File: 1621068153337.mp4 ( 4.15 MB , 1280x720 , 00acfdd2600456a54ae4c9b688….mp4 )


Why do schizos think the internet is going to ever be shut down intentionally
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i just looked up the statistic with the numbers, i don't know why they cut it, what >>8503 said sounds plausible.


It's not schizo at all.
* BGP vulns and IP take overs
* power grid
* supply chain attacks
* DRM :)
A state backed multi stage attack could seriously harm infrastructures and i would bet money that such an operation has already been outlined or is ready to go.


Schizos don't understand technology. The amount of schizos who have a brain hemorrhage when they see contrails in the sky and spaz out about "chemtrails" is a testament to that. Of course, many wrong and incorrect statements have sometimes a kernel of truth. While it is not the case that the entire internet cannot be shut down, government have compelled ISPs in their own countries to shut off internet access. This happened in Egypt, for example, way back in the Arab Spring. Governments more often than this, however, compel ISPs to block sites instead, and they accomplish this in a way that would usually require a VPN to circumvent. Pakistan, Turkey, and China are notorious for this.


>Schizos don't understand technology. The amount of schizos who have a brain hemorrhage when they see contrails in the sky and spaz out about "chemtrails" is a testament to that.
Forgot to mention that there was a real-life test conducted by the military where they basically crop dusted some people. It is highly impractical. It would certainly be implausible that passenger airliners would be doing it, as the schizo chemtrail dipshits think, because where the hell would you hide the chemical tanks? Pilots and crew would have to be in on it because they have to account for weight on the plane. Many of these commercial planes have over 100 people servicing them. That is simply too many people to keep quiet.

File: 1620023367608.jpg ( 229.84 KB , 1852x702 , yv5g1a.jpg )


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File: 1621194874778.jpg ( 243.34 KB , 750x665 , cc378fb99576f0a823e3dfa14b….jpg )

Elon will be the first guy killed for contract paid in cryptocurrency on the dark web.


critical support to Comrade Musk in his struggle against crypto


File: 1621436672093.png ( 55.84 KB , 869x694 , 2021-05-19EthereumPrice.png )

Ethereum down, we should be able to buy GPUs again.


File: 1621471443171.png ( 15.46 KB , 591x200 , 1621422595689.png )

This uygha burned 15 billion.


who is this retard
i heard he donated 1 billion like it was nothing

how did he become so rich

File: 1621229891424.jpg ( 95.12 KB , 768x994 , 1621225495986.jpg )


Would you hire me?



File: 1621060425702.jpg ( 18.63 KB , 225x224 , IMG_3078.JPG )


how do you make a “Cybernetic culture research unit” that doesn’t even know how to use SSL?
what’s with this phenomena of lit majors larping as tech bros?
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Fisher goes too far in some regards, but his critique is great anyways.


>None of those things are my problem. If people don't want to see my site with random trash inserted into it, they can choose not to access it through broken and/or compromised networks.
They can't choose and they are broken and compromised.
> But that's not really the point here: this is all just handwaving away the earlier whining about how governments and ISPs are molesting HTTP traffic. If your government is actively hostile to your communications, overthrow it. If you think J. Random User is going to give a single shit (or even notice) when the telco provider ships a phone update that adds trust to MITM certs, you're completely delusional.
<le just overthrow your government


>SSL is reformism!!!!!!!!!! take over the State instead
I admire his attitude.


> consoomerist larpers
they’re accelerationists, you think they’re going to worship artwork made through baroque primitive means? go to the Frankfurt School if you want whining about “muh consoomerism”

File: 1621191598101.jpg ( 63.28 KB , 596x600 , 1616052159434.jpg )


< Babel is used by millions, so why are we running out of money?
> This doesn’t surprise me. The purpose of the web software industry is to extract value out of Open-Source Software (OSS). Everything is built under the misconception that OSS is abundant, replaceable, and free.
> People don’t appreciate just how much web dev is about extracting value from OSS, both on individual and corporate levels.
> [..]
> Web development? Everything is built or run directly on OSS.
> Almost everything we do in web development exists as a thin layer over open-source software.
> Servers, build tools, databases, ORMs, auth, client-side JS, web browser: we are all building on a vast ocean of OSS labour without paying back a fraction of the value we generate. It isn’t just big, direct dependencies like Babel that are suffering. The stuff your stuff is using—the infrastructure code everything needs—is surviving on sheer inertia as well.
> That’s value extraction. Strip-mining if you want to hammer home the unsustainability. Looting if you want to emphasise the moral dimension.
Is open-source close to collapse?


>corporations… but "open" source"!


Yeah, MIT licensed projects are basically working for Apple but for free


File: 1621260552088.png ( 261.42 KB , 1048x1024 , smug_gnu.png )

>help, corporations are abiding by the rules of my program's license!
<so pick a more restrictive license like AGPL then
>no, then corporations won't want to use my program!
every time


File: 1621261205597.jpeg ( 77.73 KB , 581x643 , 1374233.jpeg )

I programmed most of my stuff through visual studio and RPG maker

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