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I'm looking for recommendations on resources, learning materials, or general advice when it comes to learning about electrical engineering. Books, videos, MIT courses, you name it. I'm open to starting with the absolute basics from Physics 101, which I admittedly have not brushed up on in a while.

In addition, I'm also interested in tinkering with hardware as part of the learning process, so any advice on that front would be greatly appreciated.


I'm looking forward to participate in this thread. I am a comp sci student and wanted to get more deeply into electrical engineering, but my exams are keeping me busy, so I can't start yet.

If you speak German I would recommend to you Elektronik-Fibel, which gives a brought oversight over the basics, with easy explanations and a bunch of visualizations. Otherwise, perhaps look into The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz. That's a book that was recommended to me, but I haven't bought it yet.


Start here lads, get some batteries, 3 cheap small lightbulbs preferably incandescent because the output from them is proportional to the input and replicate the two circuits here

I can get youse up to flip flops gates at least


Oh yeah you'll want a few copper wires as well


Feel free to ask questions if you're stuck


Electrical Engineering isn't what most people think of it anymore. Try to learn about digital design and learn a HDL like Verilog or VHDL. Buy a cheap FPGA board and tinker with it by writing designs for it.

You can dowload vivado from Xilinx for free if you take an older version.


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>Meanwhile, at computer engineering


Philippines technological hyperpower by 2030


Engineering seems all well structured and organized on the outside but internally it is literally a chaotic clown show. try doing something like building a shortwave radio from scratch without descending into madness trying to pick your transistors and biasing them correctly. Literally nobody knows how to do anything because of intellectual property. All the corporations gatekeep even the most basic fundamental knowledge on how to make real commodities so that to only way to learn without them is lots of money and guess and check.


sounds like open hardware would really benefit alot?


but that would take effort n shit


yes very much so


Electroboom is unironically a good channel


Can you convert this hypercringe to webm next time


Join a ham radio club OP. Lots of people will help you learn. There is a strong DIY ethos in the community and people love sharing their plans.


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Electrikid SEETHING at the cybernetic c h a d s


>36 Mb
thought it would be smaller

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