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File: 1623540122787.jpg ( 24.27 KB , 594x167 , mnn24.jpg )


Hello. I want some anime that have people attempting to outsmart each other as a major part of the show. I already watched Death Note, Code Geass, Hyouka, Classroom of the Elite, Kaiji, Akagi, No Game No Life (some of it was nonsense, but some of it was really impressive), The Promised Neverland, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (I am mentioning this one even though it wasn't mainly focused on mind games so nobody suggests it anyway), One Outs, Talentless Nana, Kakegurui and Zankyou no Terror (it focused on mind games at the start). Please tell me of more mind game anime.
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I started reading Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning manga and am quite enjoying it. I read up to and excluding chapter 22; which was adapted to the anime with some minor changes.




I finished Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning manga around a week ago and found it quite good. I am watching Summertime Rendering, I watched up to and including episode 11; there are not as many clever schemes as Sagrada Reset during that time but information crucial to the plot and starting a cat and mouse game was dropped so I will continue watching.


Gods' Games We Play's synopsis mentions it focuses on brain games so I will watch it. https://anidb.net/anime/17146


I heard that World Trigger has very strategic fights, so I intend to watch it; can anybody confirm or deny the strategic fighting? I will watch Gods' Games We Play (as I wrote in >>9030 ) when it is finished airing, so I haven't seen any of it and so can't comment on it.

File: 1712605074086.jpg ( 182 KB , 1000x1500 , x-files.jpg )


Now that the dust has settled, this show was pretty redpilled on real US government conspiracies. I can't quite decide on a burning question though. Was the exposure of these conspiracies by a popular television show a thorn in the side of spook agencies like the CIA, or was it more likely to be a continuation of Project Mockingbird (referenced in the show btw) discrediting conspiracy theories via association with fantastical fiction?

Is Chris Carter a friend or foe?


While Rush Hour is a beloved but old film franchise enjoyed by many in the world, Chris Tucker did get listed on Epstein's flight log or whatever. Kinda disappointing. He's not even that influential, like why? (insert gif: "We were all rooting for you!"


Silly botanon, I said Chris Carter, not Chris Tucker.


Oh my bad. In the films his character is named agent Carter, so I guess I got confused, haha.


One school of thought says that fictional stories would create plausible deniability for similar hidden projects. However another school of thought says that it would popularize conceptual awareness and make it more likely for people to pick up on a actually existing patterns in the real world.

I guess it depends on priorities:
1- people know about it, but think it's not real, in that case the goal is to discredit people who speak out, and attributing their claims to a popular TV show probably works.
2- people don't know about it and it's a secret, in that case the goal is to avoid spreading any information about it.

The easiest way for average Joe to figure out about secret projects is to learn a language of a foreign country that has reason to spy on such things, and just read what's being written in foreign specialty publications. Other governments intelligence usually de-cloak top-secret stuff pretty quickly.


The Lone Gunmen spinoff went even further and accurately predicted the world trade center incident.


Anyone played around with this yet? It looks kinda fun and ends up being slightly better than songs sung by GET


another sample


if you're too specific it seems it gets shorter


It's a lot better than i expected. The audio quality sounds, lets say, cost-optimized. But the musical aspects are nice, albeit somewhat generic. 2 years ago music-generators like this sounded like angry monkeys rampaging through a instrument shop. The progression is very impressive. This does not produce non-musical noises. If you don't concentrate and specifically listen for minute AI-artifacts, you probably wouldn't notice.

You need an account from Disc_rd, Goo_le or Micr_Soft to create with it, which is a bit of a bummer.


Taste-wise this song is terrible imo (not muh hip hop) (not enough multisyllabic rhyming and punchlines)

this one trips me out because it sounds like it could play on the radio, but the lyrics are all referencing Marx and Lenin and stuff, decent result

wow a polka diss song, ruthlessly critical


Steamboat Willie entered Public domain a few days ago,
this guy already made a funny dub

Of course Disney already tried to take it down censor it


Wasn't Disney one of the biggest lobbyists behind the DMCA?


The Disney corporation is the one that lobbied bribed politicians in the US to keep extending the duration of the copy-monopoly imposition for the ridiculous duration of
70 years
95 years
and in some cases 120 years.
Some of the relevant legislation is unofficially refered to as the Mickey Mouse act.

I don't know much about the politics involved in the DMCA.
This is probably a good source for that:


why are Disney so cringe?
>gets famous off of public domain stories such as fairy tales
>also one of the biggest copyright hog monopolists
Hypocrite much?

Proposal: socialist Disney
"I love the public domain / workers have nothing to lose but their chains"


>gets famous off of public domain stories such as fairy tales
>also one of the biggest copyright hog monopolists
>Hypocrite much?
They climbed the ladder and then pulled it up once they were at the top.

File: 1608525662655.jpg ( 65.33 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


Discuss and share songs, albums artists you like. You can talk about making music as well.
Usually not my genre but I enjoyed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaRguzy2gU
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Here's a pretty sick beat


Interesting vid on the history and meaning behind Overture of 1822

Tldr: nationalist anthem for Russian masses


watched it
pretty good find, thanks


>Here's a pretty sick beat


File: 1711678202537.mp4 ( 9.03 MB , 576x1024 , Download(3).mp4 )

Saw this scrolling tiktok, that chorus is 🔥

File: 1608525417345.jpg ( 399.36 KB , 1536x2048 , kingofqueens.jpg )


>the episode where Arthur tells off a literal kulakWas this show secretly redpilled?
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>never heard of this show
>hasn't watched the episode
>proceeds to wokescold on a hobby board
i love bunkerchan


File: 1608526519886-0.png ( 967.06 KB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0003-min.png )

File: 1608526519886-1.png ( 910.61 KB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0004-min.png )

>that episode where Arthur tells of an anti-USSR contractor
Arthur is confirmed comrade.

also please allow 4 image posting bunkerchan




he is literally me


File: 1710699627736-0.jpg ( 73.16 KB , 633x758 , 1692629286748-0.jpg )

File: 1710699627736-1.jpg ( 16.59 KB , 242x176 , 1692629286748-3.jpg )

<Give state granted hot wife please.
>when ur a porn addict and hot wife means something else to u

File: 1710187454638.jpg ( 114.08 KB , 736x552 , Summer Glau in Terminator ….jpg )


Whoever has been posting about this show, thanks but also fuck you. Why'd they have to cancel this show? It was fun and thrilling and sometimes surprisingly deep and charming/endearing. Summer Glau's character is one of the most fascinating and perfect fictional characters I've ever known. Sometimes I wish Terminator was real because of her even though it might mean the end of humanity.. *laments*


>Why'd they have to cancel this show? It was fun and thrilling and sometimes surprisingly deep and charming/endearing.
In order for this to change, people need to start crowdfunding shows, then nobody can cancel it. But before that's possible we need something like open source creative franchises.

>Sometimes I wish Terminator was real because of her even though it might mean the end of humanity

Not really, the terminator AI is too stupid to win against humanity. It got a time-machine and all it does is send assassin-bots into the past ? Seriously ?
To win it just had to advance its technology, then send that advancement to it's past-self, repeat that step a million times until it's so advanced nothing can touch it.


I remember watching this show as a kid and having funny feelings about the lady terminator.


File: 1710601056491.jpg ( 66.81 KB , 500x581 , hijab summer glau.jpg )



File: 1708451795589.jpg ( 58.2 KB , 1254x705 , euforia.jpg )


Is Euphoria cancelled since Israel is getting increasingly unpopular?
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Well the US HBO version is based off an Israeli TV show. Also just found out the original creator is taking Israel's side and running with the narrative of Israel good and rational, Hamas bad terrorists. He's also a producer of the HBO version, so I'm wondering of people are gonna cancel it.


>Tfw voice actor Tara Strong is a Zionist
Another L for bronies, as if it isn't hard enough already. When will God stop punishing us?


My hunch would be that they replace the producer if he tries to tank the show by making it into his personal soap-box. Or they'll just cut the politically loaded cringe before it gets aired.


Nearly every movie and TV show from Hollywood has zionists in the cast and crew, and likely a zionist director and producers too. They also obviously support many other kinds of imperialism and fascism on top of that.

Just stop giving Hollywood money.
Pirate everything
And better yet, don't even watch it. Just watch some anime or Soviet films instead.


>israel made a TV show about teenagers having sex
not really beating the accusations guys

File: 1704604017431.jpg ( 16.98 KB , 325x243 , 20240106_215703.jpg )


Post any old media that couldn't be shown today. It's strange to me that people think of today's media environment has been so permissive when in the past there were far more edgy things being regularly distributed without any attention being given to it.

I'll go first. Nickelodeon, "you can't do that on television". I've never seen another show depict parents and adults in such a irredeemably negative cynical matter.
And it was in a very real and raw manner. The parents would openly state they hated their children, the arcade operator would constantly try to rip off his underage patron. The burger shack cook was depicted wearing a filthy, sunken in eyes, and and a 5 o'clock shadow. His restaurant was always infested with roaches.
There were ZERO adults or figures of authority that were trustworthy. Giving children the clear message that yes, they really are out to get you. A lot of shows in the 90's would claim to be deeply cynical, but this one was genuinely subversive.
I don't think you could make a show like this today that flat out says children should never trust adults, not even their parents. I've never seen a children's show like this again


*The burger shack cook was depicted wearing a filthy apron
*It's strange to me that people think of today's media environment as been so permissive


In the 80's and early 90's in the UK the Wheetabix breakfast cereal mascots were a gang of skinheads.
It's been debated the skinhead look didn't have the same connotations as it did back then but I don't believe it since they changed their outfits to normal clothing toward the very end of their decade long advertising run. There's like a dozen separate commercials of them that aired.


good thread anon

changing media taboos can tell you about ideology


"Max Headroom", this was an unrelentingly scathing critique of television at the time. Even at the time people were shocked by how critical Max could be. One reviewer even joked that Max could be canceled because "it bites the hand that feeds it."
The ridiculously slick and Aryan appearance of Max is even satirical. Made to mock the immaculately handsome and groomed news anchors that the public was forming parasocial relationships at the time.
It's oddly prescient too. It predicted the privatization of "Sesame Street", the use of AI to "resurrect" dead family members, the 24/7 surveillance of people through media devices (the television also records the viewer while they watch. Something the public isn't aware of).
The TV execs are depicted as heartless, and perfectly aware that the publics addiction to TV makes their broadcasts effectively mind control.
The list goes on as to all the aspects of society Max Headroom lampooned. Again its at a level I've never seen again. Even the GTA series at its most biting doesn't come close.



If that song was updated to current year
what would the lyrics be

Here's the original lyrics for reference

It has a chorus and 5 verses

Keep the chorus
<We didn't start the fire
<It was always burning
<Since the world's been turning
<We didn't start the fire
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


didn't they already do this and all they talked about was capeshit and Captain Zelensky saving ukranda forever??


>didn't they already do this
not to my knowledge
>all they talked about was capeshit and Captain Zelensky saving ukranda forever??
i avoid the blue-yellow propaganda bubble as best i can

Anyway I meant that maybe we could do it, you know put in lyrics that are based and relevant

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