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File: 1628928221298.jpg ( 346.5 KB , 941x1024 , istockphoto-504586247-1024….jpg )


What do you use to appreciate music more? Could be software, equipment, special candles

I use this site which is basically a swiss knife pocket if you use spotify

Any song I'm listening to on spotify I get to see youtube comments, song meanings from an old site and lyrics and find songs similar to the one I'm hearing and also lets me save my discover weekly songs into an archive because it's hard to listen to so many songs every week.


Thread for Palestinian music against Zionism.
Songs from other Arab regions or across the world in support of Palestinians are also fine.
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These kinds of threads are so baffling to me. OP, do you ever actually listen to music you enjoy? Or is your entire existence some kind of LARP?


not OP but i have pretty eclectic music taste so i love shit like this too. i got into Julia Boutros romance ballads because of her songs about Hamas and Hezbollah.


>i got into Julia Boutros romance ballads because of her songs about Hamas and Hezbollah.
absolutely wild sentence


Thread for music from People's Korea
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File: 1628333496651-1.mp4 ( 6.25 MB , 358x240 , rI27lWZBIq4.mp4 )

guess some based songs from the south can also go on here




Do you have any videos of the sea of blood opera?


Dark sounds. Post Gothic rock, Deathrock, Coldwave, Postpunk
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Moral Hex from Portland


Just discovered these viking weirdos






The Serfs - Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty


Wats the best Dizzee track?


I 9nly know bassline junkie or whatever its called, so i pick that one


Definitely something off Boy in da Corner. Stop Dat is such a hard tune, but Jus' a Rascal has always been my fav, I think.

File: 1628546256849.jpg ( 32.57 KB , 600x600 , shhh.jpg )


Any of you hipsters at heart? You got a song/band that less well known and you want it to stay that way. You get pissed if a song you like becomes trendy on youtube or ticktock or becomes /mu/core? shit stupid, but it feels good to feel special. Post that music in this thread. Doesn't have to be super obscure, but something that most music fans wouldn't have heard about.
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File: 1628584204220.mp4 ( 10.9 MB , 640x360 , echo.mp4 )



I want to be the only dude in their polycule



The Beatles


I only hate to share because my irl friend knows im familiar with imageboards and I hate to come off as a /mu/ drone if it was to catch on


Post good music that makes you happy
>Post good music that makes you happy
Post good music that makes you happy



>This one touhou song

Embed rel

>This furfag's music


Soz for brainfried taste
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File: 1628292019473.mp4 ( 21.22 MB , 632x480 , Swing Down Sweet Chariot H….mp4 )

>let me riiiiiide






The artist behind this iconic drawing of Flandre died 3 years ago of a heart attack. ;_;

File: 1623866238445.jpeg ( 19 KB , 300x201 , images (52).jpeg )


General discussion and sharing about those (and similar) genres
Anyone who enjoys Dark0 here, dude rocks man




File: 1628544575001.mp4 ( 4.15 MB , 480x360 , and 1.mp4 )



File: 1628544837008.mp4 ( 6.23 MB , 360x360 , Not Like You.mp4 )

File: 1622294387429.gif ( 4.93 MB , 2000x1000 , 1_PttFl5-SzkyHippX02LoeA.gif )


Come here to post/talk about some nice ambient tracks
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File: 1623272043999.jpg ( 324.97 KB , 1200x1200 , SAWII.jpg )

>filters plebs


I'm a better producer than all these guys combined



Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic (full album)


File: 1608525657722.jpg ( 144.41 KB , 824x1334 , start to finish.jpg )

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Thread for discussing ATLA and LoK or rather analyzing both, appreciating the effort of creating the former and shitting on the lazy liberalism of the latter
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here is a decent video about the ending of avatar


I guess we might see a resurgence of Avatar stuff with the netflix release of the series


> Aang was never going to do it, so him pulling back doesn't sUbVeRt ExPeCTaTiOnS and narratively it's kind of blue-balling or something.
How so?
I actually like the way they did Aang’s ultimate refusal to kill Ozai, it reminded me of Luke’s refusal to kill Vader. Both flew into a blind rage and nearly killed the opponent, however they both realized before the final blow that killing really is a choice and each choose not to. Both Luke and Aang are told to follow a destiny but chose their own instead. I like how it goes down with Aang somewhat more, honestly, since the Avatar State actually DOES mind control people and thus Aang’s refusal to kill had to be strong enough to overpower the combined wills of all avatars that came before him.


Guess we are going to see a resurgence in Avatar.
<Nickelodeon is launching Avatar Studios, a new division to create original content spanning animated series and movies based on the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, the network announced Wednesday during ViacomCBS' Investor Day presentation. Original creators and executive producers Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will lead the studio as co-chief creative officers.
<The first project is already lined up: an animated theatrical film set to begin production this year.
Nick must have been seeing those Netflix numbers and realized what they were sitting on.


yeah, you really should /get/out


File: 1628434719041.png ( 64.42 KB , 858x342 , h.png )

>Lily Orchard
isn't that the person who made horsecock fan-fic

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