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Welcome to Siberia.

Default theme change to Yotsuba — by at 2021-09-05 (Sun) 19:33:33

The default theme is set to be changed to Yotsuba. The changes are made and ready to be pulled. Expect it to be coming down the line very soon.
/Music/ has been changed to /ent/ which is to be used for general entertainment, tv shows, music, movies, etc etc etc. Hobby is going to also be merged into /ent/ as to reduce redundant or unnecessary boards.
Last but not least we are going to rename roulette to /777/.

That should be about all for now, thanks`

Vote for /i/ to pass — by at 2021-09-03 (Fri) 05:42:54

A vote has been held on the creation of a /i/ board. The vote to add a /i/nvasion board is prompted to pass with an over whelming majority.
Further we will be creating a sticky in meta specifically for discussion of the votes being held in the congress.
A vote has been passed as well to attempt, again, to reach out to the org and establish some type of mutual agreement.

To be clear: Both the /i/ vote and the vote to attempt to open up communications with org have passed with an over whelming majority. I urge more people to join the matrix if you are posting on the board so you can add your input and opinion on happenings for the site.

Last but not least we will be merging hobby and music into one /media/, or, /ent/ertainment board. That's about all we have for now, thanks.

Character limit fix'd — by at 2021-08-29 (Sun) 15:08:52

The character limit has been lowered to 100.

/music/ will be changed to /media/ to encompass all forms of entertainment. We also updated the front page a little bit, as you can see. We have added /posad/ also, our version of /x/ and roulette has been added. The current roulette board is /urban/

Recent updates. — by Updates at 2021-08-22 (Sun) 05:35:51

Vote on table for the creation of /posad/ or our version of /x/. Looks like it's going to pass.

Roulette has been created and the first board of the next two months is /urban/

Front page will be drastically altered in the coming months and minor alterations are being made to it as time goes on.

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