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Hello, itss nkce piece of writng concening meddia print, wee all be
aware oof mesia is a enormous souece oof facts.

File: 1695483445449.png ( 1.04 MB , 1200x1200 , 1690081249632-0.png )


i don't even know where to post this, im so desperate yet knowing fully that there is no cure.

i have ADHD.

i have this thing where there is X-thing that i cannot let my hand touch. if it does than it is "contaminated" (in my head)there for i must wash it or make it clean in my head. other things (household items and door and etc) could be touched by X-thing or my hand when it was "contaminated". and when it does i have to wash that thing or make it clean in my head. because the same rule when i touched x-thing applied.

i have the thing where it makes you forgot what you are doing seconds ago.

i have also "the thing" like above but far worse and is like having a evil voice in your head gaslighting and manipulating and lying about you yourself to harm you.

now done with background.
now for the real problem.

i like to do web archive of thread on CBIB's (leftypol and things alike) and also just saving web things in general. no, not in a internet hisorian or lost media or youtuber kind of way, far from it (saving web things in leftypolnco people kind of way). in one of those thread it have a epub file. so i use Calibre to open it. i not only use the "open with calibre opener" option but i also use the "open with calibre" option which creates the problem. using the "open with calibre" option open the main program. not the epub opener, but the main program. because i panick that something will happend with the file threr for making the archive inperfect, i cancel the loading that pop up in the main calibre program. but i took too long for canceling the loading thing because i panicked and overthink and question myself wheter or not i shuld cencel it or not. there for i cancel the download when its in the midle (+10% or something i don't remember).when i open the epub file it is error and i can't open it. yes i already try using the calibre epub opener and program other then calibre, it fail to open to. detour this is how i keep (some) files in my hardrive(:C): have a main loby -> have a sub loby that in this context is for "important things" -> this is where i keep the folder -> for folder(s) -> that eventually lead to the folder that have said problematic archive. now that i already tell how the files organize, return to tour. i eventually had a bright idea to replace the broken epub with a working version. so i copy a working version said broken epub to the sub-loby. then i copy again that ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


pls help if can


being a librarian anti-libmsm retard is the only purpose i have. PLS HELP. i am a purposeless undead husk if this goes on.


i thinkit has been 7 days plus since the incident. i really want to go back being a librarian retard. but i stoped myself after the incident because i think it is healing me and fixing my head.


No offense OP but I think you may need to see a psychologist


I wouldn't turn this into a pathology, not every idiosyncrasy needs to be a mental disorder.

To soothe your worries about file corruption. You can use a program that uses the content of a file to calculate a checksum. As long as the checksum remains the same, it means the file was not corrupted and you need not worry about file integrity.

For linux check out this tutorial

For windos check out this

People usually use those to check file-integrity of downloads, but it'll work just as well for your use-case.

You could learn a small amount of scripting to make a very simple program that automates the process of checking file integrity and gives you a summary, where it says all your files checked out OK.

In linux scripting can be done in bash-script for windows its powershell

File: 1690679948149.png ( 37.4 KB , 828x851 , drmed.png )


Google wants to put DRM into the web, and lock everything into their chrome browser and make privacy violations even worse.

I think this is part of bigG's war on addblocking and of course they're a monopoly that wants to be the entire web. But there is more, web-advertising has been sort of dying a slow death for some time now. Not because of addblock but for other reasons. Neo-liberalism/capitalism is making people poor and that's shrinking the economic pie in general. If people see adds they ignore them more often. And there is of course the scheme for generating fake views for add-farming.

The drm googl wants to insert into the web is super terrible, if they can push this through it will destroy the web. There is no hyperbole here, the web will become like one of those locked down alternate versions of the internet from the 80s that failed so hard that barely anybody remembers that they even existed. It's possible that EU regulations against anti-competitive behavior, and monopoly-busting in the US could cock-block google, but it would be better to fight tooth and nail to kill this one in the crib, before it gets anywhere near that point. And then outlaw DRM for violating personal property (if you can't fully control your gadgets you've been expropriated)

If this monstrosity were to happen, it would probably take over 10 years to polish one of those decentralized peer to peer alternative web-protocols to the point where we get something like an open web back.

For more details see

The Linux Experiment

Brodie Robertson
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Scientology is doing us a favor, they have attached their cultism-cringe to pro DRM legislation.
Now everybody that tries to argue for DRM can be accused of being in cahoots with the sect-crazies.

here's a Rossmann video about it.

B.t.w. Scientology is declining, in the 1990s they peaked at 100k members and are now down to 20k.


File: 1695274629861.jpg ( 11.9 KB , 350x350 , Slavery.jpg )

>hardware drm
Does not exist. You mean "hardware-based restrictions", "locks", "copy protection", etc. DRM by definition is only about software. We must be careful with this slight-of-hand conflating DRM with other kinds of copy protection, because it's what DRM's worst apologists spin out to try and make DRM seem tolerable by contrast.


Sorry for conflating the two.

I haven't looked into the hardware side of things, i always thought that nobody would bother with that because once a "hardware-restriction" gets liberated, it'll stay that way forever.

Anyhow, suggest better names-for it.

Here's what i got: From a technical standpoint DRM behaves like malware and from a legal standpoint it's post-transactional expropriation.

What would you call the hardware shenanigans ?


File: 1695370616370.jpeg ( 51.23 KB , 830x553 , stallman.jpeg )

>What would you call the hardware shenanigans?
Hardware Restrictions Management? Physical Restrictions Management?

We should really get out ahead of the IP lawyers and come up with a good name that sticks and describes the injustice unambiguously, before they try to invent their own twisted Orwellian terminology to make the practice seem innocuous. Perhaps something that references rent, since these techniques are used to control what someone can do with their own property.


>since these techniques are used to control what someone can do with their own property.
Hm, this is kinda difficult to name:
Hardware based property infringement
Hostile hardware environment
Imprisoned hardware
Tainted hardware

>Perhaps something that references rent

This is even harder, perhaps:
Tollbooth hardware

Technically this would stop it from being a full Von-Neumann machine. So maybe it could be called
compute-incomplete hardware

File: 1695387333841-0.png ( 277.72 KB , 2000x1800 , 1690257943582-2.png )

File: 1695387333841-1.png ( 60.89 KB , 368x500 , dfyr72t-c33e4576-b435-4fef….png )


i hang around the end page of boards here to do some archiving. My problem is that i have this insanity-adhd (idk what it is) thing that makes it so that it's impossible to archive thing since everytime i open my own file i always worry (and believe) that i deleted something from said file or edit said file or mess it. is there any software that could help ? a software or something that could prevent me from deleting or messing or editing the file ?

(crossposting from org)


Windows has acl-esque write protection in the file settings or for whole folders.
Otherwise you can create 7z or tar.*z archives from your files and directories. They have builtin checksums and recovery options exist.


If you want to make a file immutable on linux you can use the following terminal commands:

sudo chattr +i filename

If you want to undo the file immutability, type:

sudo chattr -i filename

If you want to make an entire Directory with all its contents immutable, type:

sudo chattr -R +i path/to/directory

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So apparently Apple gave in and let right to repair legislation go through, after fighting against it tooth and nail for at least a decade, after engineering lots of anti-repair "features" like proprietary screws, and digital spare-part incompatibility mechanisms for controllers, buttons and sensors.

Now many people think something is up, and that they might have hatched a new scheme.
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File: 1694711031857.jpg ( 50.27 KB , 1120x839 , 1691908608293032.jpg )

The oculus rift is not AR nor is it capable of it. What Apple's headset will do is superimpose images on top of your real vision and perfectly track it in 3d space.
A real life example is how they put graphics on football fields in live action video of games. creating the illusion that the graphic is really painted on the ground.
But this headset will go far beyond that. Imagine being able to complete complex tasks far beyond your skill set because you can have the headset walk you through it as though a master technician were present.
Imagine looking at a car engine and then having wrench appear on the bolt you need to loosen, turning in real time in front of you as if it were being demonstrated to you in real life, and then every step in the process illustrated to you in the same way.
And like I said, humans remember things spatially the best.
Imagine being able to store your computer files by placing virtual folders in your real life bookshelf.
I know it sounds silly but it's going to expand people's ability to recall information exponentially.


Apple's head-set might technically be capable to do all those things, but Apple will never let that thing become a sufficiently open platform for any of that cool stuff to happen.

>Imagine being able to store your computer files by placing virtual folders in your real life bookshelf.

Especially this bit, you'll have to jailbreak that thing and install some kind of gnu linux OS on it in order to experiment with cool user interface concepts. Apple will just implement a few hand-motion tracking gestures derivative of touchscreen gestures for a slightly modified ios-UI and call that revolootionary.


>Apple's head-set might technically be capable to do all those things, but Apple will never let that thing become a sufficiently open platform for any of that cool stuff to happen.
They already demonstrated this in their ads. None of this requires an open platform.
>Apple's head-set might technically be capable to do all those things, but Apple will never let that thing become a sufficiently open platform for any of that cool stuff to happen.
It's in their ads that this is what it will be able to do. You'll leave something virtually on your coffee table and it will remain there when you boot up the headset again.
They showed some watching television and the television remains fixed in the middle of the living room as a the person gets up.


>Especially this bit, you'll have to jailbreak that thing and install some kind of gnu linux OS on it in order to experiment with cool user interface concepts.
Why? The whole point of this headset and AR in general is to present information completely in 3d. You'll be able to walk around an object. Several doctors will be able to examine a 3d scan of your body at once.
We loose an incredible amount of information when you present it on screens, I'm telling you this will be a watershed. Tons of things will become obvious that were never before. Kind of line how scientists argued whether horses galloped with all four legs or two at a time. It seems so obvious now but before movie camera we could never prove it.


Rossmann had a doomer-pill moment, he worries repair could be going away and "undo his legacy"

His argument for this is that he thinks that machine-capital for producing tech-gadgets will get optimized to the point of being fully depreciated after a production-run is complete. He thinks that this would negate the economic viability for making spare parts of letting the production machine run a little longer because parts can be sold for profit as well. However most production machine-capital isn't product specific anymore, save for a few specialist components like plastic-molds. Most of the stuff in a production line gets re-used for other stuff once a product-batch has completed. There are costs involved in puzzling together a modular production line, and because of that the economic viability to getting extra profits off a line from spare-parts remains.

Repairing tech will not go away, because it costs less labor to repair than to build new. You have to consider more than just the last manufacturing step. The entire supply-line that precedes that last step does not have to spring into action if you repair, but it does if you build new instead. The age of just throwing shit out and buying new, even for tiny defects, was only viable because for a limited time there was near endless cheap labor in Asia.

Repairing also reduces waste-streams and resource consumption. The cost of those are going to go up, new resource extraction will get more expensive, considering that you either have to dig deeper or go into space, recycling also isn't free and it's probably going to get more expensive to throw shit out because dealing with trash gets harder too.

If you look at the technology design from the perspective of a physicist, a machine is a collection of matter with low internal entropy. If you use the machine the internal entropy increases. If you don't want the machine to fail, you have to somehow remove "chaos-energy". That can be done in the form of cooling. But one particularly effective way is to replace wear-parts, where the "chaos-energy" is concentrated into.

There are structural developments that favor repair too. The biggest hindrance for repair has always been managing parts logistics, but computer-data-bases and object-storage-automation have removed that hinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1678626418451.jpg ( 110.73 KB , 1200x675 , pedo surveilance attack.jpg )


So the EU is apparently pondering to make a mandatory pedo scanner for software.

Many people have pointed out that this is just a pretext to attack:
IT security
and maybe even free open source software.

Many people think it's surveillance organizations them selves that are uploading the CSAM on purpose to push for laws that expand their legal permissions.

And all of the above is undoubtedly true.
Consider that if you invert the assumption of innocence and declare that wanting privacy makes you into a pedo-suspect that means that secret organizations have to be considered pedo-guilty by default, because they can't prove their innocence while keeping their secrets either.

If you argue that effective encryption that can't be broken which is absolutely necessary for the very concept of privacy, has to be undermined for the pedo-scanner. Then that same argument has to be made for proprietary software. Many pieces of proprietary software are in the range of tens or hundreds of gigabytes, and without publicly available source-code it's possible to hide a huge assortment of pedo-content in there. By contrast it's not possible to hide pedo-stuff in open source software.

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File: 1678748475723.jpg ( 166.71 KB , 680x383 , 1678496065365100.jpg )

Can you not derail the thread with your crackpot conspiracies about Covid and Globla warming which are actually real threats you moronic faggot and mass shootings are too even if liberals have a dumb ass backwards way of fixing it.

Are you seriously this dumb?
Covid and global warming are not comparable to this at all.


>Spooked, cartoon watched, failed adult


>Another retard with nothing of value to say/


>Quotations of comrade dunning kruger


This guy who makes tech privacy related stuff released a video about the "content scanner" maleware.
Is this batt shit crazy idea still a thing ?


File: 1693674101988-0.jpg ( 27.75 KB , 585x612 , balloonship.jpg )

File: 1693674101988-1.jpg ( 22.89 KB , 613x530 , airsub.jpg )

File: 1693674101988-2.jpg ( 35.61 KB , 1362x622 , blimp-plane.jpg )


Veritasium made a video about "airships"

And it appears that he fell for the old airship-con. The con works by pretending that these things are analogues to ships floating on the ocean. But they aren't like ships at all. Ships sit between the boundary layer of two media, usually air and water. They're stuck in the vertical axis and can only move in 2 dimensions. That allows for a relatively simple control scheme and much optimization.

Air"ships" on the other hand should really be called Air-subs, because they behave more like submarines that move in at least 3 dimensions and usually only touch a single medium. They need a much more elaborate control scheme that leaves a lot less room for optimization. Why relatively intelligent people tend to get fooled by this is somewhat a mystery, even if you don't understand any of the physics. So called Air"ships" don't even look like ships, they look more like Submarines, and you don't need to fill ships with a special gas or liquid to make them float.

Submarines only have a few niche applications, like military, deep ocean research and suicide-cans for rich adventure tourists. Similarly Air-subs will also only have niche applications.

Veritasium says that there is potential for mass-cargo-transportation. But there isn't, all viable mass-cargo transportation methods have one thing in common, The ratio of cargo-to-vehicle skews very far towards cargo. Airsubs will never be able to do that. You'll always need a lot of Airsub for relatively little cargo. At least in earths relatively thin atmosphere. Maybe on Venus with it's dense atmosphere this would be viable, and Airsubs will have their day once we begin colonizing the upper atmosphere of Venus with sky-cities.

The reason why the idea of Airsubs is still so magical is because they promise "Free lift". Filling up lots of gasbags with hydrogen or helium probably isn't the way to get it. But there might be another way, that is derived from hot-air blimps. Hot-air-balloons and blimps use large fuel burners to heat up air inside a bag. Hot Air is lighter than cold air hence you get lift. Every airplane has a source of free heat, the waste heat from the propulsion engine. It might be possible to blend Air-planes and blimps in order to recover waste-heat and use it for free lift.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1622406356878.png ( 534.36 KB , 744x714 , 1622393067264.png )


$10 GPUs for everyone!
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File: 1622546763018.gif ( 457.73 KB , 200x150 , 1611967314908.gif )



Muahaha now storeshitters and japs have to suffer as I did back in the day
y do I habe to suffer w/ them doe?


good job united states for forcing diversity in the chip market. if china figures out how to produce, for example, the equivalent to a gtx 1050ti for cheaper and cheaper and releases it on the global market, it will fuck up nvidia dominance and force them to lower prices thanks to laws of supply and demand. I really look forward to it, honestly.


Nvidia, Ati/Amd started out making cards for gaming and then later transitioned into server/supercomputer compute-cards.

China's GPU makers had the reverse development of western GPU makers. They started out with compute-cards and they are now trying to also do gaming cards.

While you are correct that they will relatively quickly become price competitive with western offerings on a bench-mark performance basis because the compute-market is hyper competitive, game compatibility and driver quality will take a very long time. It requires cultivating a detailed understanding of all the game engines.

Go look at old forum posts of people trouble shooting game compatibility and driver-bugs to get an idea what it's gonna be like. I think that chinese Gpus will become an option for people willing to put up with that stuff.


it will still affect the economy. China is a huge gaming market, and Alibaba has their own hosting that is bigger than amazon. im not saying it wont be buggy, but its going to change things in the next 10 years

File: 1690725830487.png ( 227.19 KB , 1088x696 , crptography.png )


The regime that is occupying the UK continues it's terror campaign against encryption privacy and democracy


They are trying to make impossible legal requirements like
<privacy respecting surveillance
<secure encryption with a backdoor
Which makes about as much sense as a freedom preserving prison.

This invasive democracy destroying "internet regulation bill" has not yet passed through the institutions, so if you're living in Bongland go yell at politicians ( more than 80% of UK citizens are on your side) Maybe that'll do something.

But I'm making this thread for another reason.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Isn't there a way to do quasi invisible encryption that looks like random unused data ?
There are plausible deniability tactics that you can use, but they're so niche and so restricted, that you'll basically have a machine for single use. Not only that, but if the bait system doesn't look like it's used, then they're also going to suspect something. If it's serious enough for you to go that far for using systems like this, it's serious enough for them to torture you for information.


I don't disagree with you, but in practice, everything the state could do to a citizen for the retrieval of data they deem to be important for national security will be gotten this way. Of course, I don't delve much into the cryptonerd space because, while it is a lot of fun to think about how cool it would be for the NSA/FBI/CIA to be unable to break your system, chances are that the worst that's going to happen to it is that it gets stolen and sold for the hardware that carries it, and not for the actual information you have inside. The most valuable files I have are .rmvb files with anime from 2004. Now that was real fansubbing.


So you seem to be saying. That we need a political movement to create deterrence against torture. Like fore example punishing torture with the death penalty. And a similar, albeit less severe, logic needs to be applied to political intimidation. We need to take the barbaric option from the table.

>There are plausible deniability tactics that you can use, but they're so niche

I think that unbreakable encryption is basically a requirement for privacy. However not all attacks against privacy are obvious and straight forward. The attempt to make effective privacy a legal liability, is the use of law-fare against privacy. While that is crazy illegal, and requires a political correction. It would be prudent to harden cryptographic privacy to withstand more than just technical deciphering attacks.

You say that making encryption invisible is not practical enough, idk. maybe that's a technical feature that could be enhanced to make it more practical. However if that's not possible are there other options ? For example can you make an encrypted vault that spits out decoy data if a coerced cipher key is used to decode it. My priority here is about rendering coercion moot. In this example with the decoy data, the utility would be to make it futile to beat a cypher-key out of people in order to render such barbarism impotent.


>the retrieval of data they deem to be important for national security
Maybe that's also a lie. Maybe there is no such important data.


>Since as societies we can't abandon secure and private communications because that is indispensable for democracy, how can people resist this terror once institutions go bad ?
>Is there deniable encryption ?
Yes, steganography
>And where is this coming from, who are the criminal actors pushing for this ?
The intelligence community and fascists amongst the political class
>Are we fighting the political battles the wrong way by making general political appeals ?
That's only a tool in the toolkit
>Should we be focusing our political energies against these specific criminal threat-actors instead ?
The threat is so expansive that it would require toppling the state to uproot completely.

File: 1692585694326.png ( 153.82 KB , 1200x1200 , ClipboardImage.png )


Hello, I have a seedbox set up and would like to be able to join a private tracker. I am more than willing to seed at least 3x the original file size. It just needs to have everything as a general private tracker. I do plan on using a vpn but i can route a web browser through it as well so it's the same IP. anyone have any solutions?
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send me an email @ [email protected] I'll hook you up.



IDK am I?


If so friend, welcome.


It's not just MP3s dude it's lossless. I've never done CompTIA so I can't comment.



thanks bb. i appreciate it

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