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Microsoft's vision of the AI future is installing screen-logger malware, that snaps screenshots of everything users do, and then process it with AI. It also burns 50 gigs of storage which it overwrites every 3 months wearing out that SSD just a little bit faster.

This is a privacy and security nightmare.
Check this out for details

I think they see users as pray and they are trying to learn how to psychologically bully users and then they become the power-brokers that get payed for shaping computer habits.

My prediction:
It will motivate some more people to switch to GNU+Linux.

Many power-users will continue using the-dows while fighting against Microsoft, ripping out the new crap MS rammed in there, and eventually installing their own AI that battles against Microsoft's AI. At some point de-bloating windows will be more work than compiling Gentoo or doing Linux from scratch.

In the long run Normies could get more computer savvy, but they could also conclude that computers are possessed by evil demons and avoid them all together.

what are your predictions ?


>It will motivate some more people to switch to GNU+Linux.
Correct, but free software should still try 2 support this corpopile to let normies continuously prepare themselves 4 the inevitable OS change. It's really hard to switch systems like this, esp in these full brainrot times.

They just need a distro with KDE & this:
Wh@ could loseblows even offer against such a package lmao.


>This is a privacy and security nightmare.
Yeah it's going to be a train-wreck, it'll bring a hole new class of attack vectors, where people get remote code execution by tricking the ai with an image or something, windows might end up catching viruses like it's the late nineties to early 2000s.

Also if this thing phones home and it becomes one of these unconstitutional client-side-scanning human rights violations that snitch on their users. It's going to get abused similarly to swatting by getting people to look at content that looks innocuous to the human eye but contains something that triggers the AI-snitch, because AI-vision has a lot of exploitable weaknesses too. Like a weaponized version of the tool that artists use to make their images poison-data for AI training. I hate the new surveillance fascism. Maybe we get a privacy inquisition that sweeps it all away once the normies realize whats happening.

Indeed a utility that runs windows executables is nice, it'll make switching to Linux easier. It might also get used for porting software packages to linux. Like a developer might use this to make something like a flatpack or an appimage to get zero effort linux compatibility.

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