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Whenever you don't have a job, you are ostracized from society. You literally don't exist.
Why are people like this? Working is fucking miserable.


This is such a a spoiled and entitled additude. Working sucks, but, it probably isn't the fact you don't have a job that you are ostracized it's probably the fact you are a whiny spoiled brat about work on general. Working generally does suck but to enjoy a modern existence we must do labor to survive and sustain ourselves. It would be nice to not have a parasitical class of leeching sucking the blood from ounlive force/labor but even with out that some work will need to be done. Most people flip burgers and get very little from such work, but, ask anyone working in an actual factory or some type of production facilities and you will discover they are quite happy.


workimg is better than school


Holy fuck leftychads, proof reading.


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>proof reading



Are you saying proof reading is soy?

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Welcome to the work day general.

Tell us about your day anon. Did you have a good day at work? Its OK we know work is horrible.

I work graves at a factory. If you have it shitty at work I can relate.

Tell us about your day under the crushing weight of the profit motive.
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It went relatively fast, nothing out of the ordinary happened tbh.

Highlight was breaking about 1000 health and safety regulations by hitting a spinning lathe with a mallet.


Lol, one time we smelled fire and our team lead literally just made us keep going. It turned out to be nothing, but, yeah OSHA wouldn't be happy about that one.


File: 1654631871061.jpg ( 48.08 KB , 600x284 , 05onfire1_xp-articleLarge-….jpg )

Lol your boss is like that this is fine dog meme.

The best health and safety training I ever received was watching those liveleak videos from Chinese factories. They made me actually treat the machinery with the respect it deserves.


Yeah those a pretty scary. Anytime I think about acting dumb in anyway I think about those videos, lol.
We had a guy get the tip of his finger ripped off the other day from acting stupid.


Yep those videos will fucking scare the shit out of you, kek.

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>you can have no friends and be a socialist
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>you can have no spooks and be a socialist
yes I have no spooks


I can be your friend tho


I have a hand full of irl friends. Statistically speaking people are more lonely now than ever before especially men.


>most of the working class are young guys who call women bitches, get into fights, and drink.
those are the few good people


thats more middle aged guys.

But its not like the women are better either.
I work in customer service and the females are catty and will dump thehard wirk on the males.

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How come people don't want to work hard?
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Im actually about to finance a house but I work in a factory not an office like maggot. I also just bought a nice sports car, so…but keep telling yourself you're thismhiga chadfightingmthensystem behind your jizz covered keyboard, loser.


File: 1707597278222.png ( 355.02 KB , 566x554 , tanks.png )

flash forward


>proud of being a debt slave


>Ye…yeah well you're just a debt slave!

Whatever you say retard. It's called being financially responsible. My credit score is like 700.


yeah, uh huh. *SIP*

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Welp here we go again


Don't destroy yourself because capitalism has failed you. The system is wrong, you're not the problem.

You're going to have more luck if you apply the logic of mass artillery barrages to Sending applications. Send tens of thousands to improve your statistical odds of "hitting the target". Also optimize the information you put in those papers, the only metric is whether or not you get a job, everything else is idealism.

If the paper-route doesn't work, try the organic route of in person contact.

File: 1706851945963.png ( 1.8 MB , 1516x1076 , 1638779669445 VHS lain.png )


How do I stop being a nervous wreck during job interviews? I shake and stutter over my words.


Overthrow capitalism and deploy socialist full-employment policy. If the economy has to hire you the hole anxiety-thing will go away.


File: 1706868428859.jpg ( 733.43 KB , 1194x1062 , 1641331374021 IMG_20220105….jpg )

Is it time for me to trip on psychedelics again?


Some people are claiming that psychedelics help with anxiety. No clue whether there is anything to it. There also are risks and side-effects, like seizures for example.

The precarious existence under capitalism is anxiety-inducing, the only real solution is to change that environmental variable. Chemically nuking your temporal lobe to attempt to pave over the symptoms of a detrimental environment, is probably not a sustainable strategy in the long run.

File: 1698680474533.jpg ( 606.04 KB , 2048x1988 , 1698661425818279.jpg )


What do you think of the push to make employees working fro home, to return to the office?
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I don't know if you are correct about this. The working from home phase has lowered the bar to entry for worker-coops. Because things can get boot-strapped even if there isn't enough capital for office spaces.

If there was people using this opportunity it would take a while to manifest any noticeable changes.




Not sure I understand your point. To clarify I'm saying that workers got a huge concession of being able to work from anywhere in the world and not spend time or money commuting. That's a really big win! And they didn't fight at all to keep it. Pathetic.


>Not sure I understand your point.
I'll try to do better.
>To clarify I'm saying that workers got a huge concession of being able to work from anywhere in the world and not spend time or money commuting. That's a really big win! And they didn't fight at all to keep it.
How would they fight to keep it ? Create a picket-line and protest for turning the video-call software back on ? I don't see any potential in trying to make corporate bureaucracy go back to working from home. I don't see any hope you can convince big organizations to give up on having a special place/building, or just change them selves in general.

The potential benefit for workers is that they can create a coop even if they lack the capital to rent/buy office space. I see this as a mechanism for making boot-strapping easier, as in lowering the bar to entry. Like something people do in the beginning, to reduce costs.

So instead of seeking to change existing organizations, the goal should be creating new organizations, that's where this technology has it's strong points.


Socially and historically necessary.

File: 1706682974851.jpg ( 118.36 KB , 960x945 , cat.jpg )


Why is it so hard to get a job that isn't wagie retail or fast food? I've been applying since July and nothing yet aside from Interviews


Maybe the (in)human-resources algorithm has combobulated all the snooping data from the anti-privacy machine, and determined your purpose is to pass the burger / stack the boxes.

Maybe you have to trick the algorithm for it to give you a better purpose.

File: 1706666054170.jpeg ( 67.93 KB , 644x631 , 1705797729648.jpeg )


Reminder that the reason employers ban gossiping in the workplace is to silence workers from banding together which often results in combating abuse in the workplace and solving workplace issues. Gossiping can lead to the formation of unions which employers don't like so they've made up the issue of "workplace bullying".


Lol, when people tell me "work is not the place for politics" Their jaws always hit the floor when I tell them "actually I think work is the most important place to discuss politics that there is"

It's really, really, funny, actually, lol.
People who don't understand why though are so fucking brainless. It's amazing, really.


If you can't use gossiping for the formation of unions, use something else.
Or just make gossiping appear as "combating abuse in the workplace and solving workplace issues" by mimicking the appropriate social rituals while gossiping.

File: 1706589191487.gif ( 2 MB , 400x265 , 1684349220667789.gif )


Pizza delivery driver fifth of 10-most dangerous jobs

According to the BLS, 334 delivery drivers (transporting food and goods) lost their lives from 2015 to 2019. While most fatalities resulted from transportation accidents, almost 17 percent occurred due to intentional injuries in an assault, robbery, or homicide.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a pizza delivery driver is at a higher risk of injury and death than a construction worker or police officer. BLS statistics reported of the 5,553 total workplace fatalities that occurred throughout the country, delivery drivers made up 1,005 of them.

Opportunistic crimes might include snatching a few packages or robbing a delivery worker on their way back to a vehicle. Theft crimes are only the beginning of the risk that drivers face. There have been reported assaults and even homicides involving delivery drivers in recent years.Sep 14, 2023

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