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Welcome to the work day general.

Tell us about your day anon. Did you have a good day at work? Its OK we know work is horrible.

I work graves at a factory. If you have it shitty at work I can relate.

Tell us about your day under the crushing weight of the profit motive.
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I don't think you understand how big the world is.


Today I will slack off all day and do the bare minimum.


I'm a pressman for a newspaper company. Local news.

It's pretty boring most days but that's fine. I don't make a lot, just enough to pay my rent, buy some food, and repeat until my next paycheck, or in other words, $18.50/hour.

My days are either printing junk mail ads or doing maintenance on the press. Today we replaced all the rollers in Tower 1 Black. Went well, messy as hell, was dripping with ink from head to toe. When I got home I had to wash my hair like 3 times until the shampoo wasn't black anymore. I don't mind the messiness of the job though. Doing actual work like that is nice for me, I like the days we got stuff to fix.

Most days are printing junk mail, local newspapers, and cleaning. It gets pretty lonely too, my boss just hangs out in his office upstairs and my only other coworker is an elderly man who just wants to retire but the economy won't allow him that luxury. He's quiet and goes home the second he can. So that usually leaves me to clean up, get rolls down, set up for recycling, and mindlessly wipe things down in solitude.

Every week I clean out our water system, grease the press, check oil levels, adjust rollers, clean out the folder, lube the clutches, replace the cutting blade and cutting rubbers, check splice breaks, and flush the ink pumps. I can get most of that stuff done on Monday since we usually don't have any print jobs on Monday. The leftover weekly maintenance chores I will get done throughout the week when there's down time.

I'm the only one who actually does any of the work and it'd be nice if my boss would hire another employee but he says we don't got the funds. The elderly man does help me from time to time, especially if it's something out of the ordinary like replacing a water motor or something. He, like me, enjoys doing repairs and since he's put in his time doing maintenance for the past 35 years or so he just leaves it to me.

It's a decent job, beats working retail or food service. My last job was in landscaping, that paid me fucking bank but it was just too hard on my body. Found myself drinking Rockstar Energy like it was water and chain smoking while digging trenches for irrigation.

I miss working with people my age though, I miss having friends and going out after work. Nowadays I just go home and watch YouTube, get high, play video games, and go to bed. I used to be so hopped up on caffeine that after a 10 hour shift in the sun putting in pavePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That sounds like a comfy job all things considered. Have you thought about trying to meet young people outside of work at events and stuff?


Maybe you should try to start a book club and get the books printed where you work. You know if it catches on, you might get a new coworker.

File: 1714282873672.png ( 630.76 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153656.png )


First and foremost, Costco is run by retarded monkeys. How so you ask? Well let me tell you the “real” fucked up shit that goes down in that shit hole place of employment. I am not denying the fact you make more money starting out and being topped out than any other retail company, but you can roll a piece of shit in sprinkles and massage my balls and I still wouldn’t eat it. My experience comes from the AM shift, where we stock and merchandise the products before the store opens. This work is basically slave driven with middle management having their head so far up their ass they can wear it as a hat running the show. Costco pays employees twice as much as Wal-Mart employees, but they expect you to do twice…wait I mean ten times as much work also. These so called floor managers are dumb fuck dick suckers with no college education who sucked every dick and sucked every butthole on the hierarchal dick chain to get to where they are at. Prove me wrong that these dumb fucks are not incompetent and I will eat a jar full of 100 day old pubes and I am excluding and sheeple middle mangers, who work for Costco, go fuck yourself you piece of donkey seamen hobo fluffer.

Let me break down middle management for you: High School Education, sucked dick, and if it wasn’t for Costco they would be managing a Denny’s, sorry to you Denny managers but when you give asses power than everyone gets shitted on. So how does management work at Costco? Like this: Part-time, suck dick, fulltime, eat ass, supervisor, suck dick and eat ass, department manager, eat dick, suck ass, and get fucked in the ass, admin manager, eat dick, ass, shit, get ass fucked by two dicks at the same time, assistant manager, eat dick, ass, shit, get every orifice filled with dicks, eat pubes, and you become Warehouse manager. But remember while these cock knockers are taking it up the ass they recycle the abuse downwards to make themselves feel better. They rely on their best employees, the foolish yes man who gets sucked in with promises of promotion, so they begin sucking and licking the hierarchal dick chain to find out all efforts do not mean shit. They take your ideas and make it theirs, they talk about how great you are as an employee, but behind your back they tell managers above them how much you suck. They basically have you do their job while they fiddle their pee holes. Anybody including a “retarded” monkeys not a normal one, but a retarded one could do these managers jobs. Ooooooh youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1714329720159.jpg ( 9.93 KB , 310x385 , 167530993304153174.jpg )

Thought is was just me.
Judas sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver; Faust sold his for some extra years of youth


tbh having a college education doesnt mean shit.
ALOT of best workers were those whom didnt go to college.
Or if they did, they didnt let it become their whole resume.


>The lack of communication of what mangers want is also what is wrong with working for this company. You can spend all day busting your ass to do a move one manger wanted, to have it moved a different way the next day by another manger, to have it moved again by another manger the next day, until the final decision of the warehouse mangers comes in to have it moved back to its original spot. Way to go guys on proving crack is wack, you embred bitches. Please be more humble with the job position and pay you have and quit acting like you are moving the world forward, because in reality like I said before, a retarded monkey could do your job.

Sounds exactly like Home Depot


It's sounds like the Greek myth about Sisyphus rolling a Bolder up a hill over and over because it always rolls down just before he reaches the top.


File: 1714605578710.jpg ( 16.28 KB , 261x205 , 167530993304153173.jpg )


How come child labor didn't make a huge comeback
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>Most people disprove of child labor because they think their kids are too good for worldly interaction.
You're full of it.

In the 18 century when child labor was allowed capitalists did things like chain children to the machines in cotton mills, even make them crawl into the mechanisms where they could easily get mangled to death. Horrors like that basically have closed this debate forever.

A very long time ago people did not know what lava was. Somebody probably jumped into the lava, burst into flames and died horribly. Nobody jumps into lava anymore. It's like that with child labor.


This is retarded logic.

One, people back then knew what lava is. Even if theu neber knoew what it was, they probably wouldnt jump into it because its heat and viscosity.

Also, child labor is stigmatised now because of the indoctrination about education being the ticket of civilised living.

As for the child labòr about wirkimg in factories?
That was the Industiral Revolution.

Most child labor was helping out at the family farm or town workshop.
Child factory workers were usually orphams or immigrants.


People shouldnt be procreating.


We need child sex workers


No, stop trying to be edgy

File: 1714791441699.png ( 210.92 KB , 720x720 , 167530993304153518.png )


I know sooner or later I will have to escape NEETdom since this lifestyle isn't sustainable in the long-term and you'll start to feel depressed and like a bum.

I know one day I will want to live an independent life. My end goal is to make lots of money while I'm still young so I can save up and buy land in the country and build a homestead.

Immediately after graduating high school, I did college for one semester in Fall 2019 and then basically dropped out when the pandemic hit. I was studying for computer science but I'd said college ain't worth for learning that since I can easily learn about programming and system administration with Linux and FOSS software and the clusters of old computers and Raspberry Pis I have at home.

I've been considering joining Job Corps or enrolling myself in a vocational school and then get an apprenticeship so I can become an electrician (or plumbing or HVAC). I heard being an electricians make good money and you mostly just work alone. I'm already good with math and learning the physics of electromagnetism and thermodynamics.

Are there any other NEETs and ex-NEETs who don't like college/university but are considering or are going to trade school or apprenticeships?


You don't go to university to learn but to either get funding for research or to get a certificate for your clientele or employer that you're not a pseud.


Then its over son

File: 1714759709191.png ( 298.31 KB , 887x406 , 167530993304153660.png )


Retarded Walmart-Americans make me sick.

File: 1714579781841.jpg ( 2.09 MB , 3500x3500 , 167530993304153145.jpg )


Working hard turns into health risks imagine that


Somewhat true, but most of the health damage stems from the negative stress related to subjugation and powerlessness, not the actual labor effort.


It's all in your head bro


This. Most of the industrial toxicity is from coworkers, supervisors, and customers.


It's all in your head bro


Work sucks busy some one has to do it.
If we want a functioning society anyways.
Not saying it has to be a capitalist mode of production but even under communism labor will have to be performed.

File: 1659521017424.jpg ( 116.38 KB , 1200x675 , 1654523071397.jpg )


I've officially spent one whole year working in a factory. I've had dozens of jobs and never managed to stay in one longer than 6 or 7 months. All for various reasons. Hating the job generallly, depression, wages suck, boss is a count, etc etc etc. This is the second job I've had in a factory and the first job I have ever had where I am actually producing goods for society.

I'm actually proud of the work I do even if I am being heavily exploited by having my life force and time stolen from me.it feels good to actually make something for society. It feels good to work at a job for a year. To have stable employment and decent wages.

It's tragic that reality is not like this for most people. AMA
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Oh don't get me wrong a work from home gig with those hours would be absolutely cake. I am proud to be an industrial proletariat though.


Physically demanding jobs can be fun as fuck. I did landscaping one summer right after college. Had an amazing time and got pretty toned.


Hell yeah, lol.
I used to do landscaping with my dad.
It's the only job I consider harder than the job I have now. We had to move a pallet of grass covered in ants once with no gloves in the pouring rain.


Yes, you feel like you are wasting your time and are useless to the society most of the time with an office job, ngl. But having free time and getting payed for it, compensates a bit those feelings.
I studying at the same time to have a degree and after that, I'll try to do something useful with my life. It gets boring over time when nothing changes if you work for 8 hours, or if you play games and check your mails every 15 minutes to ignore them for the day if it's not going to get you in trouble. I work for a big company, I don't care if they make money or no, but at the same time everyone likes to feel useful and not waste 80% of your life in acting like you are busy.


now you know the dilemna of schooling

File: 1714360545876.png ( 324.26 KB , 647x619 , 167530993304153628.png )


most jobs are fake advertising.


>most jobs are fake advertising.
what does that mean ?
a) most types of employment are about doing malicious advertisement.
b) most employment descriptions create a false impression about the type of labor they entail.

File: 1714333001993.png ( 286.74 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153510.png )


Economic crashes were destroying the family unit long before feminism came along


You usually provide evidence when making claims like this


Home ownership isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Mortgage, property taxes, HOA fees, assessments, closing costs, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance, utilities, noisy neighbors, etc. can all take a toll. Plus it’s an asset that creditors such as credit card companies can take out a judgment against in case of default.

File: 1714237029488.mp4 ( 9.4 MB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153703.mp4 )


I push carts, part time, the sun exposure and exercise, is a change of pace from a life of gaming and indoor seclusion.


Why did you get a job?


The only way to go

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