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File: 1668453061523.png (155.24 KB, 498x393, 00mpGihgH814uGi0xIb3-g.png)


ITT: We post our recent poverty moments
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>That causes harmful stress,
Not really, they cause it to themselves.
>You can't do slums (where everybody builds their own shack). It's going to breed diseases.
Who called it slums firstmostly?
>No people almost never have a choice
If death is an option everyone will always have a choice
>most people get that beaten out of them
Alas they should've been more resilient
>We have to put the finger on the motivation destroying actions of the ruling class.
You want to turn the table of society so that it turns yours but it works the other way around.


File: 1691258956025.png (78.42 KB, 389x374, cringeposte.png)

>they cause it to themselves.
Nope this can be dismissed as victim blaming.

People are harmed by social and economic structures that make them powerless via political disenfranchisement or because extreme wealth concentration robs them of material means. This inflicts damage on the body and that means people are entitled to compensation for that damage.

>If death is an option everyone will always have a choice

Driving people into suicide is a type of murder and it does not represent a choice for an alternative economic or political system.

>Alas they should've been more resilient

Nope Victim blaming again.
The fault always lies with the perpetrator.

>You want to turn the table of society

wtf is a table of society ?
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>Oh nooo! because there is a punishment for disobedience then I will not disobey! I'm afraid it's gonna hurt >_<
Go sit on a sofa and talk talk talk talk talk talk talk
Because the world is composed of mostly spineless faggots like you and we're in the shit that we are in Thanks to you.


So when you engage in victim blaming, you don't want people to reason with you, in order to convince you ?
You want them to do something else ?
Like what ?

Are you seriously asking to be made the victim so you may experience it yourself instead of being told about it ? That seems like a raw deal.


>It's not the best design, but
>it sure beats capitalist homelessness
Which is caused by the economic needs & not @ all by retarded housing designs. "M*rxists" being total retards, as usual.

>The only people who use the word """populist""" are status quo warriors looking to insult their political opponents instead of making reasoned arguments.

>I'm not entirely sure "populist" should even be considered a bad word.
>We could consider it being derived from "population", as in politics that serve the population.
t. literally every single faschist/reactionary movement leader in history.

>>sectarian screeching

t. righteous witchhunter catholicuck with ad hominem characteristics
Show your daddy sanctioned opinion pass™ before posting something here you authocuck, or go back to .org. Over there, you definetily won't find any dogdamned sectaristas/fractioners.

Red-painted faschists are truly something else. Worse than a fucking Hitler, & only because he didn't present himself as a communist since this position was already occupied.

File: 1689358497682.jpg (52.68 KB, 750x471, 1688458802037511.jpg)


What are some of the most dangerous work environments to be in? Paper mills, Steel mills, Coal. What's the most dangerous job you've ever worked in?
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Calm your retarded tits already you hysterical faschizo narc.
Imagine asking "what are you waffling on about retardoid?" on a leftist board, revealing your inability to notice contradictions in someone's way of thinking & trying to just silence someane who doesn't fit into your idealistic view of the world.


File: 1690726663603.jpeg (9.51 KB, 474x267, th-161042232.jpeg)

great, another pseud waffler ogrefugee

congratulations, you've been here just for one day, and I already despise you


File: 1690910442471.mp4 (8.03 MB, 576x1024, Download(1)(1).mp4)

I've done IT for some mining companies, never been inside an actual mine but I'm not eager to. This happened the other day in Chile after a small earthquake, mine workers from a state company had to flee because of collapse hazard and found that the shelter was locked, so they had to break in with a crowbar. Freaky as hell. Needless to say mine workers from state companies here generally get low compensations. There are some organized unions and strikes occur every so often which is cool.


>the shelter was locked
I hope they found whichever genius done Absolutely genius move. Health and safety in the workplace 10/10.


File: 1691083473015.mp4 (2.07 MB, 960x720, didnt want to lose it.mp4)

File: 1674405657638.jpg (354.34 KB, 1080x1446, IMG_20230122_233605.jpg)


Wtf. You guys told me that electing Biden and beating Cheeto Hitler was a victory for labor?!
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>This was typed with Cheeto stained fingers.


File: 1678690583511.jpg (101.41 KB, 1024x907, 1678683543809697m.jpg)

Good job, team left


File: 1678690846959.png (236.57 KB, 424x589, 1678682910782255.png)

I'm so glad we voted out Orange Man to appease a bunch of histrionic roasties


Yeah that was the only reason, the ultra capitalist bootstrap party with a historical disdain for poor people sure is any better
Maybe that's why half their fucking talking points are about their addiction to twitter


File: 1689339061219.jpg (285.66 KB, 540x862, 1689330279207868.jpg)




File: 1689340781629.png (339.04 KB, 557x313, 8byb.png)

chins really are pathetic


File: 1689419978102.jpg (131.72 KB, 797x385, china.jpg)

Xi-bros.. I don't feel so good.. written before the housing bubble popped..


what, you don't want to work 12hours a day 30 days a month for our multipolarist cause, you fucking NAFOid?

you're just brainwashed by the neocons, you don't know what's good for you!

File: 1688986138963.mp4 (655.52 KB, 1280x720, Traveller's Tales.mp4)


Been trying to look into trades for antisocial drifters who dont have to tolerate the disgusting masses on a day to day basis
only positions i could find were
>night security
>truck driver
>night janitor
and thats it ideas are pretty tapped. have no prospects on any above posted positions. any anons know any trades that wont break your body?


A machinist or night-shift warehouse operative are good for solitary people. There'll always be demand for them too.


File: 1689179481429.jpg (105.95 KB, 1600x1147, 4e6d5crftv.jpg)

thanks, kinda slept on this post. gonna see what it takes to become a machinist since warehouse work has been ass to me in my previous experiences


I got a job stacking shit on shelves at a grocery store and I'm actually surprised by how much I'm left alone. Maybe I'm something wrong and am gonna get fired soon


File: 1689340077021.jpg (59.62 KB, 565x592, 1677174133394726.jpg)

anyone kno what is the easiest trade to learn? The trades are pretty memed up and watched some videos on how elevator technicians make bank. proceed to look up to profession's reqs and theres a news headline along the lines of "glut of elevator technicians leaves many seeking alternate employment". the only trade that i could think that isnt gonna physically wear you down is trucking, is there anything near that? i hate driving with amerigip fuckwits and have been at least five accidents i can think off the bat(3 rearends/2 sideswipes/havent driven in 2yrs), i can think of off the bat.
you have my envy, dont fuck it up

File: 1686960193011.png (479.26 KB, 756x885, image.png)


>workplace type/position/Maybe company
>favorite shit to steal

heres mine, probably forgot the odd job or 2 whatever

warehouse, packer, amzon (pretty much my favorite job tbh)
>coworkers gloves(dipped them in bleach, also fuck em)
>label stickers
>safety vests
>safety tape

library,temp frontdesk clerk
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I stole a lot of fucking chips and chocolates from one of my old jobs


File: 1687592968212-0.png (506.49 KB, 916x517, milk milk.png)

File: 1687592968212-1.png (438.48 KB, 687x492, weeb breed.png)

u work at convenient stores or bakeries or something


File: 1688879061687.png (729.96 KB, 1279x680, 2345tyu.png)

did u get got?

File: 1684190782054.png (747.59 KB, 1200x795, ClipboardImage.png)


Of course the board for work is dead
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File: 1684549141224.png (650.34 KB, 1920x1080, he-who-can-does-he-who-can….png)

Shaw knew his shit.
Also not surprised that he was a fabianist.


Finally got work at a fucking deli brothers


Is it unionized ?


>any service industry job

UFCW does exist tho


It's in a big box store in America, of course it fucking isn't
I think there's only one state that recently made it illegal for your employer to force you to watch anti-union propaganda for a fucking hours

File: 1685424141288.jpg (147.52 KB, 1073x1229, 20230529_222119.jpg)




Damn what a contrast.

In a socialist system people would be payed to gain skill and experience, because that would be considered as doing work to transform unskilled labor into skilled labor.


>In a socialist system people would be payed to gain skill and experience
Who would pay?


File: 1685485008586.jpg (106.81 KB, 1189x554, oneLBV.jpg)

Short version : the labor aristocracy, but also it's an investment that pays for it self.

Long version :
At present the masses have very low income and wealth. They can't afford to pursue activities that don't pay a wage. Hence why they don't seek out higher education, work for free in unpaid internships or pay for training and experience (like in OP). That condition preserves the scarcity of skilled and educated labor.

Highly skilled and educated people can make a lot of money because of that scarcity. However it goes beyond that, when skill-training and education is inaccessible enough to the masses, the "edu-skill-status" can be perpetuated generationally and you get a sort of political effect that is somewhere between a caste and a guild that will lobby the state to act on their behalf to reproduce their status as an elevated social strata. Sometimes this is referred to as the intelligentsia and the managerial strata in socialist econ-theory.

If you payed people a normal wage for the activity of training skills and getting educated, then this entire field of activity would open up to the masses. There would be a huge increase in the supply of skilled and educated labor and hence the overall price for that type of labor would go down. The labor aristocracy would loose relative wealth and status, but the larger supply of that type of labor also means that their workload would decrease and their quality of life would improve, so this is not really a bad deal for them. It also means that more people can work on enhancing the productive forces so that the economy can produce, more better and cheaper, which translates into everybody getting richer in absolute terms.

It's unclear to me if capitalism can do this. But it seems plausible. The capitalists would be paying for this now , by hiring people and paying them a wage for up-skilling and educating them selves in order to get more and cheaper skilled/educated labor a few years down the line. However they don't do it, they just complain about lacking skilled/educated labor. Capitalism actually has a tendency to do the opposite and cause a "de-skilling" of labor. I'm not sure if this is only the case in neo-liberal capitalism or not. I only have data from recent decades which is all from the neo-liberal phase. The supply of low skill labor would also go down because off all thosPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1671517096136.mp4 (42.03 MB, 606x1080, boringdystopia-zq1ezp.mp4)


Don't want to work for what we give you? Fine, be replaced by robots.
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File: 1674760844681.jpg (80.09 KB, 937x783, productivity.jpg)

>Maybe in absolute terms more energy and complexity is emerging but relative to the amount of wealth being created complexity and energy use are dramatically going down.
Societies that deploy more complex technology use more energy without exception.
Measuring how much total energy was embodied in a commodity (assuming that is what you mean with wealth) is almost impossible in a capitalist economy, because capitalist economics doesn't record externalized costs.

> With AI a single worker will be able to run an entire factory floor, it will unironically be like "The Jetsons".

That means increasing the amount of capital-stock, You need the regular factory production machines plus the AI tools.
The rate of profit goes down if Capital-stock increases proportionally to the population size.
Capitalism is not tending towards the Jetsons scenario. The capitalists are not investing in technology driven labor productivity increases anymore. It has completely stagnated for over a decade. (see graph)


When This Pilot Quit Her Job, Her Employer Billed Her $20,000

You will work for is and you will like it.


Honestly, bring on the AI automated revolution, it's what is going to lead most likely to the collapse of Capitalism as Westoid politicians won't even do the bare minium to help people like Basic Income.
I've already on my home computer, tested out using AI voice and Chat GPT to automate my job (call support) and it literally works, honestly better than I do my job, if was allowed to do work from home, I could literally just make my computer do my job for me while I shitposted on the internet.


Questions about that graph:
1. How is the output measured? In what units?
2. Do you have a graph that goes back beyond 1987?
3. Data of what countries was used in the graph?


Every advance in real living standards has been brought on by technological innovation, but in capitalism this is not so straightforward. Capitalism creates contradictory situations where progress coincides with immiseration. A UBI will not solve this basic tendency, one only has to look at the effect it will have on real wages. The eventual outcome of such contradictions is always destruction of capital, human and otherwise.
Capitalism will not collapse without politics. Yes, rapid automation will likely push capitalism into crisis. But every prominent communist has triumphantly pointed out moments when capitalism is in severe crisis, in its "last stage", at its most "rotten and decayed", et cetera. All this ever lead to was a violent reassertion of capital's power. Without the political will to seize power at such moments, crisis is merely the cocoon from which capitalism is reborn, stronger than ever.

File: 1664363728779.jpg (92.93 KB, 567x534, 1664353150221795.jpg)


I'll start
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File: 1665243324687.png (15.19 KB, 202x280, Impostor.png)

Yes, we live among you. Impostors, if you like.


Is wrk the opposite or r9k?


Idk. I browse leftychan and 4chan /r9k/ at work. I'm sure NEETs are overrepresented on those boards but I have seen anons on the 4chan board post proof of earning six figure salaries. Being able to bullshit your way through an interview and having a job doesn't mean you can get sex.


I ment to say of r9l* but sure lol


File: 1678579144636.jpg (121.58 KB, 1200x747, 1569881079233-b.jpg)

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