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File: 1677881320399.jpg (122.04 KB, 826x1440, 20230303_150748.jpg)


How come people don't want to work hard?


People don't want to work for capitalist bosses, in the eyes of the capitalist bosses that becomes nobody wants to work in general, because obviously they can't imagine them selves being part of the motivation problem.

Marx thought that when class society was overcome, work would become live's prime want. This will be true to an extend non-alienated work can be extremely rewarding in a way that waging for porky can never be. But realistically there is work that is just dread-full regardless of the social relations.

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Post wagie humor here


To be fair that quote isn't entirely true.
The workers might be quitting.


Kek that shit cracks me up. People complain "no one wants to work!" "Look at all the help anted signs!" When they have them up 24/7


File: 1674656577808.png (629.78 KB, 720x960, BrutalHonesty.png)



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File: 1675137330976.png (3.07 MB, 4328x7588, Rumia (600 PPI, With Glow)….png)

heres one said by blacks
"last to get hired, first to get fired"

File: 1663282392275.gif (607.04 KB, 800x600, AtWork(1).gif)


How do young people even move out of their parents now? I'm nearly 18 years old with zero plans to go to college and I don't have my driver's license. I live in California so rent will cost an arm and a leg. My dad bought a house in this hellhole and he's expecting me to work and help him pay the mortgage if I want to live to live here. I don't want to live in this hot as fuck place, if you know California as it is now it's getting hotter every year and the fires get worse and worse. What I really want is a place to start fresh in another state, but rent is going to be costly as fuck in every city in this country.
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Very Poetic, Anon.


The extended family as an economic unit is making an unwelcome comeback.


by having sex with other peoples parents duh


I know a couple people who unironically live this way.


Rent reviving polyamory is some hilarious late capitalism shit. Hmm, would I be willing to repurpose my man cave into a flat for a tenant who would pay her way with sex and cleaning? Nah, I really like that cave.

File: 1670831345374.jpg (59.03 KB, 750x496, 1991_coup_attempt1.jpg)


Hi I am Middle Data scientist, good ComputerVision skills with OpenCV. I am very wide skilled.
I want relocate from Russia.
I have skill with Linux Administration Gentoo/Debian/Ubuntu, and basic security skill.



Can't tell if bot or Non English speaker.


It's just data scientist Vitaliy Chepelev from Belgorod, Russia.

File: 1654518264929.png (84.91 KB, 282x252, ClipboardImage.png)


"Just pick up a trade" is the new "just learn to code bro"
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>Omg, don't tell me to learn a useful skill. I should get paid for just existing!
Millennials and gen z were a mistake


And he has already been doing the trade for the past ten-plus years, most of which he spent doing the miserable bitch work for a pittance.
>Learning a trade allows you to potentially become self employed
Fucking lel. The petit-bourgeoisie is dying out and yet bootstrappers constantly put forward the claim that you can join them with just a little (read "a decade or two") of poorly paid and miserable hard work.
Construction is good, except when it's not. It's a boom-and-bust business, and it's a young man's game.


90% of coding under capitalism is paper pushing bullshit


you seem to be lost.

File: 1655041007235.png (130.62 KB, 360x360, 1654322178061.png)


Why the fuck do we have a society that has rationalized and normalized the idea of working grave yard shifts? Literally no human on earth is biologically designed for this shit.

It doesn't make any damn sense what so ever.
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Just sleep during your shift after everyone leaves lmao


I work on an assembly line.


The answer is literally in Capital Volumn 1. Any time that the means of production are not actively being used they are losing value. Thus, it behooves the ruling class to keep them producing as close to constantly as possible. When extending workers hours stopped being practical, shift work become a necessity.


>Our biology is fine with night time
>the sun gives me a headache



File: 1661564048540.jpg (102.97 KB, 900x720, 969.jpg)


Anyone else find it ridiculous that jobs are able to drug test you for what you are doing outside of work? If I want to smoke weed or shoot heroin outside of work I don't see why I shouldn't be able to do it.

If I'm drunk or high on the job that's one thing but I don't think people should be allowed to be fired for what they do outside of work. Especially, yeah, when alcohol (arguably one of the most destructive Drugs ever) is legal and B: When it's 2022 and pretty much everyone and granny is stoned out of their mind.

What's the deal with this? Why are people willing to literally let their employers anal rape them?
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This take is gonna get me the but we can and should lobby the federal government short term on issues like this. I actually am not super familiar with these laws but I should be. More for me to learn I suppose.


Why would I support making capitalist state's stronger? Porkies love bragging about "muh civil rights" they wear it like a badge so they look better, all about appearances, the more totalitarian and harsh a capitalist country is the faster bosses lose control of the workers.


Isn't it a bit of a stretch to say it will make them "stronger" they aren't an invading military force or something


Is 420chan really dead?


Yes. Rip to a real one.

File: 1659043862351.jpg (171.53 KB, 1024x761, top-view-portrait-of-happy….jpg)


>you can have no friends and be a socialist
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No, of course not.


>you can have no spooks and be a socialist
yes I have no spooks


I can be your friend tho


I have a hand full of irl friends. Statistically speaking people are more lonely now than ever before especially men.


>most of the working class are young guys who call women bitches, get into fights, and drink.
those are the few good people

File: 1665569625958.jpg (17.92 KB, 480x359, 1659024878875955.jpg)


Sup, I have a buddy of mine that works with me.
We used to work at this shitty restaurant where we were extremely underpaid, etc etc. You know how that goes.
Anyway, we both ended up getting an extremely good well paying job. Now the company prides itself on its outstanding quality and god labor practices, but, I have been doing really well and excelling and my buddy is not doing so well. we got trained on different shifts. My shift worked really hard to get me where I needed to be as a group and as a unit. I had to change teams I was on several times because of issues with the management but now I am where I need to be and doing well. We are now on the same shift and he is getting trained on this shift. This shift has extremely high production quotas some times 3 or 4x higher than the other shifts and they are all assholes. The guy teaching him is being a prick too and yelling at him, etc etc etc. Well he got a little sick of it today and went and talked to the shift manager and he asked to changed to a different team where he wouldn't be getting constantly yelled at.
Basically the manager told him to fuck himself and that he isn't changing teams. He also told him "yeah we almost canned a guy today" (my friend is unsure if this was a tacit lowkey admission that they are thinking of firing him.) Well, I know from my experience with the shift I got trained on that sounds like a bullshit approach and it sounds like they are not giving him the necessary attention to have him excel at this job. Which isn't easy, btw. He has a family and he is trying really hard to keep his job but he doesn't know what to do.
He asked me for advice and said he was thinking of going above our shift manager and going to his boss or HR. Obviously, I told him I would. I don't like to let them push me around, but, he is worried about it. He doesn't want to loose this job and go back to washing fucking dishes and a restaurant.
I told him if I was him I would wait a week and take he training I could get from the asshole team lead and ignore him being a prick and see how he feels in a week or so. but he retorted with "well I am scared they are going to look for a reason to fire me which makes me want to go to HR first"
I gave him my advice and I don't know what to think of it. What do you guys think? Seriously in need of advice here for my buddy. He's a good dude who is honestly to god for this shitty world and he's just trying to make a living for his family.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Assuming the goal is to simply to get the trainer to quit being an asshole, the best route might be to compliment and validate him.

In short, it's extremely hard to treat someone like shit when they are complimenting you. A sort of tactical surrender often lulls bullies, who find less amusement when their victim isn't resisting, fighting back, or getting upset.

'Youre right, I wish I had the skills you had, how can I do better' (said somewhat genuinely) can be quite disarming to an overbearing bully.

If you want to get the guy fired, it would probably be best to document to abuse and take it to HR. That may get the guy fired, but it might not actually help your friend in the company, who might be seen by other trainers/managers as a snitch.


File: 1665572035563.png (87.75 KB, 223x222, 1665525672162545.png)

Look, the thinis, yeah, the team lead is an asshle but he doesn't have the power to fire people…he isn't THAT BAD outside of work.

Who i'm really worried about is his boss the guy my buddy 3went to. I have full cinfidence my friend could do the job he just needs people like I had who were willing to put in the time and patients to train him.

That's good advice though. I'll deff pass that down. Thanks anon.

File: 1659521017424.jpg (116.38 KB, 1200x675, 1654523071397.jpg)


I've officially spent one whole year working in a factory. I've had dozens of jobs and never managed to stay in one longer than 6 or 7 months. All for various reasons. Hating the job generallly, depression, wages suck, boss is a count, etc etc etc. This is the second job I've had in a factory and the first job I have ever had where I am actually producing goods for society.

I'm actually proud of the work I do even if I am being heavily exploited by having my life force and time stolen from me.it feels good to actually make something for society. It feels good to work at a job for a year. To have stable employment and decent wages.

It's tragic that reality is not like this for most people. AMA
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>It feels good to work at a job for a year. To have stable employment and decent wages.
I had also a period in my life with lots of different poorly payed unstable jobs and it's incredibly difficult to be happy in that situation.
I've been working in the same corp for some years now and even though I guess I could find something better, when you start a new job you have to adapt yourself and made some extra effort to be at the same level as your colleagues. I still prefer to work 4 hours or less per day, because I got good with time at my job, and enjoy the rest of the day when I'm working from home. $300 more or less per month isn't going to change anything at the end of the day, we are all still wage slaves.


Oh don't get me wrong a work from home gig with those hours would be absolutely cake. I am proud to be an industrial proletariat though.


Physically demanding jobs can be fun as fuck. I did landscaping one summer right after college. Had an amazing time and got pretty toned.


Hell yeah, lol.
I used to do landscaping with my dad.
It's the only job I consider harder than the job I have now. We had to move a pallet of grass covered in ants once with no gloves in the pouring rain.


Yes, you feel like you are wasting your time and are useless to the society most of the time with an office job, ngl. But having free time and getting payed for it, compensates a bit those feelings.
I studying at the same time to have a degree and after that, I'll try to do something useful with my life. It gets boring over time when nothing changes if you work for 8 hours, or if you play games and check your mails every 15 minutes to ignore them for the day if it's not going to get you in trouble. I work for a big company, I don't care if they make money or no, but at the same time everyone likes to feel useful and not waste 80% of your life in acting like you are busy.

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