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I know sooner or later I will have to escape NEETdom since this lifestyle isn't sustainable in the long-term and you'll start to feel depressed and like a bum.

I know one day I will want to live an independent life. My end goal is to make lots of money while I'm still young so I can save up and buy land in the country and build a homestead.

Immediately after graduating high school, I did college for one semester in Fall 2019 and then basically dropped out when the pandemic hit. I was studying for computer science but I'd said college ain't worth for learning that since I can easily learn about programming and system administration with Linux and FOSS software and the clusters of old computers and Raspberry Pis I have at home.

I've been considering joining Job Corps or enrolling myself in a vocational school and then get an apprenticeship so I can become an electrician (or plumbing or HVAC). I heard being an electricians make good money and you mostly just work alone. I'm already good with math and learning the physics of electromagnetism and thermodynamics.

Are there any other NEETs and ex-NEETs who don't like college/university but are considering or are going to trade school or apprenticeships?


You don't go to university to learn but to either get funding for research or to get a certificate for your clientele or employer that you're not a pseud.


Then its over son

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