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File: 1656729483297.png (502.67 KB, 2026x1139, bjr2igglpem81 5.png)


Roe vs Wade and precedent: An autistic perspective


And yes, an autistic genocide is likely enough that we should be very conscious of it. It's especially plausible considering that climate change will reduce global food supply and stability while the world population is rising. Moreover, the propaganda from Autism Speaks, and, more broadly, the autism awareness movement, mean that in the case of genocide or mass eugenics, Autistic people will be targeted far more than anyone else.
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File: 1656974931262.png (717.86 KB, 680x591, ClipboardImage.png)

Based post. What are your thoughts on autistic nationalism/autistic separatism? Or autists creating maroon communities innawoods at high elevations (defensible geography) for self-defense against a future Nazi-style totalitarian state that uses all these DNA projects/Autism Speaks stuff to track down and hunt autistic people for elimination? Kinda like the Seminole native tribes did in the USA deep South back in the 1800's?


File: 1656986893426.jpg (328.31 KB, 1349x1829, 1653805581081.jpg)

This sounds based and comfy.


You want to concentrate people marked for destruction all in one place, won't that make it easier to round them all up ?


File: 1657045394466.png (2.65 MB, 1500x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>all in one place
Many places, autists are worldwide, so the autistic nationalists/separatists of every country/region would be presumably organizing maroon communities at whichever place in or close to their region has the best defensible geography (forests, mountains, deep bayou swamps). Ever seen the movie Free State of Jones? picrel
>won't that make it easier to round them all up ?
Not sure if I made it clear but, autistic nationalism/autistic separatism would imply armed self defense.


Creating a special nation for specific people means displacing other people, like what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians.
That is not a practical solution because it means bloody conflict for the next 200 years.

Nation building is hard, risky, bloody and you can't start a nation on the basis of an identity. I think national identities form as a result of nation states. You can't start with an identity and build a state around it. You have cause and effect confused. The Zionists didn't base Israel on a Jewish national identity, they based it on the fact that the British empire wanted a foothold in the middle east and needed people to operate it.

If eugenics is threatening to make a comeback it would be easier to just slaughter the eugenicists. Erase the Erasers. Stop the cycle of bloodshed at the source, before it even begins.


File: 1653762899779.jpg (258.41 KB, 1024x1024, 1598214007-0.jpg)

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Incel News Thread
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I didn't miss anything homie.


The state will really throw you in prison if you violate custody orders or don't pay child support, how is that idealist?


Except my whole arugment that proceeded that. You're hopeless I am out of here. You're just being stubborn now.

Because basing your ideology on "It's actually womens fault men are leaving their children!" Is retarded and idealistic and not based on any objective material analysis like capitalism being alienating and making people, including men, hate their lives among making them stupid ignorant retards.


Women have the ability to throw men into debtors' prison and are incentived to do so by child support and welfare.
You're the idealist with bigoted claims that men are doing it because they're irresponsible.
Look we're just going to have to agree to disagree. You're a lib that loves debtors' prison and has fash tier theories abou men having crime bones, While I believe state violence and economics shape society and peoplR's behavior.


See you keep using all this loaded lanugage like reactionaries do when they talk about gay issues, kek. You arn't even listening you're just jerking yourself off.

I'm out.

> While I believe state violence and economics shape society and peoplR's behavior.

You believe that people have genetic predispositions about greed and finance based on their sex and you are caling me a fascist? This is pure cope.

Marx wasn't against jails retard. What do you think should replace the current system? You can't answer me cause you have no idea. You are just rambling and you have never once actually thought about this.

As I stated it should be heavily reformed but it's the only way to make shitty fathers support their children. Cope seethe and dial8


File: 1645681097406-0.png (3.17 KB, 783x391, images (10).png)

File: 1645681097406-1.jpg (42.63 KB, 624x411, _79664147_024386181-1.jpg)

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Ukraine's Thread, for fuck's sake
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>handful of nazis

they literally make up 20% of the standing army, kek.
Also, russia wouldn't have to invade if the US could stop being imperialistic.


Fucking Ztards.


Lol okay Putin


File: 1657093907321.jpg (129 KB, 1280x852, 1656880224597.jpg)

Of course.


File: 1657093979434.mp4 (3.42 MB, 960x540, 8 years.mp4)



File: 1643424343095.jpeg (8.53 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)


I think the conflict between Russia, Ukraine and the United States is going to turn into another Syria-esk conflict that divides the left pretty heavily. I want to be clear, the correct stance to take a stance against Ukraine and it's NATO alliance with the united states.

I don't necessarily care if you support Russia or don't support Russia. Russia is basically a theocratic totalitarian state at this point but when NATO was created in the late 80's an agreement of not moving "one inch to the east" was part of the compromise between the USA and the USSR. Since then how many other eastern bloc countries have joined NATO? It's plain and simple Ukraine joining NATO is an obvious act of aggression by the United States. Further more the Ukrainian military are basically ethno nationalists at this point. The military is infected with em.

Hands off Ukraine!
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soviet union invaded finnish nazis though (anti-communist, 'whites')


suck my dick, bitch


Fuck you.




File: 1657031457448.jpg (939.85 KB, 1853x2289, wester media recognizes na….jpg)

>Russian media didn't give a damn about these "fascist forces" until February
Lol the western media admitted that Ukraine had a Nazi problem until February.

>What the fuck do you mean "both-side-ism" workers across the globe have been hurt by the outbreak of war whether by the sanctions in Russia or the increase in gas prices also because of sanctions.

The war broke out 2014 when the US regime changed Ukraine. Lets face it the US started this shit.
And the US is also the one that is pushing these sanctions that are causing inflation.

>The Soviet Union has not existed for decades and last time I checked.they were never a reactionary imperialist empire like Russia is today.

The Soviets were much more active in deterring NATO aggression then the Russian federation, and they were not shy about dispensing military force. Russia is not an empire in the Marxist sense, because Russia is a predominantly commodity exporting country in the semi periphery of the imperial system.

>Russia was in no danger from whatever "Nazi" boogyman you'll slurp up from Russian media.

Russia actually lost the propaganda battle. This hole shit is a proxy war between Russia and the US, the Ukrainian fascists are the proxy forces of the US. Russia was in danger of the US setting up a NATO foothold in Ukraine. As a thorn in the side of Russia that could have weakened it to the point where Russia could risk balkanization. Think about the effect that Israel is having in the middle east, by acting as an US force proxy.

>Important to remember the Soviet Union did not invade the Nazis first the Nazis invaded them

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File: 1656972248506.jpg (197.86 KB, 1509x800, what_do_for_wrk.jpg)


What do you do for work anon?


File: 1657031164965.jpg (9.44 KB, 256x256, 1655640971515.jpg)

I'm a bullet manufacturer. I am one of the few industrial proletariat left in the US


File: 1639232875329.jpg (70.49 KB, 828x1057, UK breaks own laws regardi….jpg)


If Assange is handed over to the US, they are going to murder him.

If he is to survive, there is a pressing need to get him released or help him escape.
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I've never used wikileaks but why didn't they just do shit anonymously on the dark net or something? How did he think leaking sensitive shit like that won't get him killed?

Also what were some of the more interesting cables they ever released?


We care about this journalist because he fought for our freedom

>I've never used wikileaks but why didn't they just do shit anonymously on the dark net or something?
Uh, journalists publish things to inform the general public

>How did he think leaking sensitive shit like that won't get him killed?

What do you mean sensitive ? There are no secrecy laws that cover crimes like the ones that were uncovered by Assange.
You'd expect the guys responsible for the war crimes to be prosecuted not the people who found out about it.
what the hell ?

>Also what were some of the more interesting cables they ever released?

I don't know, just go have a look. From what i have heard they seem to be surprisingly rude in tone. Might be fun.


He already had his "stroke", now wait for the "heart attack"


If the US government wants him dead than fuck he's dead lol nothing I can do about it.




File: 1654045769624.png (999.28 KB, 1039x704, ClipboardImage.png)


im a comfy NEET, do you like to be A neet anon?
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i mean putin also did invade ukraine to keep nato away but he's still a faggot.


Ukraine was nowhere near joining NATO. And now predictable several Nordic countries have joined NATO now making everything worse.
The invasion was always about protecting Russia's only revenue stream, gas and oil.


File: 1656986989037.jpg (66.58 KB, 576x432, 1655865583751.jpg)

This is a lie. Talks were being had about joining NATO which prompted Russia to act.


They got laughed out of the room the last time they brought it up. Also got voted down in 2014.


Another lie. Ukraine has been begging to join NATO for 20 years.
Doesn't matter anyway. The US shouldn't be doing it in the first place.


File: 1651417748423.jpg (261.56 KB, 1536x1342, 1651260568999.jpg)


How should we best ban alcohol from society? It is clear that alcohol is harmful to personal health and the abuse of alcohol seems to be greater than the economic benefits of it's normal consumption.
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>We ban lots of harmful substances throughout the world and for very good reason
yet you take vaccines i bet lol


>lets ban everything
they did it with corona con


>the cnn talking about brain shrinkage
the irony


We can not even stand up to our bosses yet OP is talking about banning alcohol, get your reality straightened out.


From your very own article
>However, the study left a number of questions unanswered, such as a person's cognitive engagement, Gakidou said.

>"I believe that there is sufficient evidence that suggests that brain function decays faster among those that are not engaged in intellectually stimulating activities, either through work or hobbies," she said.

>"My main criticism is that the authors are overinterpreting the findings of their study and drawing conclusions that are not necessarily supported by what is presented in the paper. I do not see a significant trend in their graphs, and so I'm not convinced by the conclusions."


File: 1608528755012.jpg (885.75 KB, 2480x3507, otp.jpg)

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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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File: 1654341736195-0.png (Spoiler Image, 4.45 MB, 3200x2500, 3e93645f337e939e7cc964fefe….png)

File: 1654341736195-1.png (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 1920x1080, 66514ba1497eea7b972a1dd8e1….png)

File: 1654341736195-2.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.92 MB, 1280x720, bb70a76d6c3070152fb3c5be0b….gif)



File: 1654428936401.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.44 MB, 1920x1080, yuri.mp4)

resident evil


File: 1655202640073-0.jpg (1.54 MB, 3532x5000, bf8582746ac34c1134206e770d….jpg)

File: 1655202640073-1.jpg (263.72 KB, 812x1160, 2712e9e64ea2a66e760ce275fb….jpg)

File: 1655202640073-2.png (23.74 MB, 3840x2160, d8e29df09d23f5b12ecf356365….png)

aged-up pokemon >>8189 >>8192 >>8674 >>8681

zatanna zatara/black canary

han juri/jill valentine


File: 1656064929032-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 711.15 KB, 1200x938, 2325506de30f8f3e44f34ce44….jpeg)

File: 1656064929032-1.png (Spoiler Image, 22.12 MB, 5100x3100, f7907eb4802d61c5ce3afaf7a3….png)

File: 1656064929032-2.png (Spoiler Image, 16.78 MB, 4500x3375, 16a81ddf0c9ae3b4b515aaf436….png)

aged-up ino/tenten

tifa/yuna >>8238 >>8239

mortal kombat >>8691


File: 1656932412200-0.jpg (704.55 KB, 800x1132, d9eb09bc099e4238812994f17d….jpg)

File: 1656932412200-1.png (23.74 MB, 3840x2160, 9dcb0ec4941a218947a9b02b24….png)

File: 1656932412200-2.png (19.23 MB, 4000x4720, d86ec1bc93dab01197ebd3ae10….png)

nami/nico >>8235 >>8679

2b >>8225 >>8244 >>8248 >>8668

shiranui mai >>8230


File: 1639583569008.jpg (23.7 KB, 640x605, snailcat.jpg)


Lifestylism is a major problem in the American Left. It encourages purity spirals and alienates tentative supporters. Shitting and pissing because a leftist is economically successful feeds into the liberal argument that socialists are all just loser burnouts bitter at the world. Stop it.
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>and alienates tentative supporters
Supporters do not mean shit leftists who actually read theory will always be small in number.
>feeds into the liberal argument that socialists are all just loser burnouts bitter at the world
Why should socialists care about liberals think? I am waiting for the revolution not trying to build a movement or reform shit.


*about what


Bookchin was right.


more ethical is better


but not as good as full ethical (or close to full)
sometimes full is not required because the difference is small
like using taxi/uber instead of owning car


File: 1648437287853.jpg (106.08 KB, 861x635, media_221016_en.jpg)


What's your current thoughts on strategies towards socialism?

From what I have gathered there's at least a guiding principle. That is that the proletariat can only come into its own through practical experience. This means that the transitional movements into socialism should treated with more interest and enthusiasm(rather than only a temporary evil). Local councils and credit unions should have control over their own capital. City capitalism instead of State capitalism. Give all workers experience and responsibility with the production and distribution of the social product.

Then transition into labor vouchers. With an empowered social body all around, there's not a need, and likely a disincentive, for any bureaucratic managers trying to leech off society. An actual withering away of the state and its old politics.

I think the left took a wrong turn somewhere that emphasized the vanguard as too much of an academic mission. Leading to a lot of the bad politics we see today, where the fight over consensus is the main struggle. If someone doesn't agree with a particular interpretation of their own economic experience then they're an enemy. Education really happens through practical hands-on experience and not (only) book reading.
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>socialism can be achieved only in a small comunity
Big misconception, socialism scales quite well.

You do realize that "national socialism" or fascism had nothing to do with socialism, right ? Hitler privatized most of the German economy and created hyperinflation.

I don't understand what you want with anarcho militarism


show me a socialist country that wasn't a capitalistic monarchy with "socialism" painted of it, like USSR or any other country, I'll be waiting for your answer

national socialism is based on socialism, doesn't have to be socialism, it's known that national socialists were quite frenly to marxists before Hitler starting WWII when polish AA started to attack german civilian planes and destroyed a radio antenna. it's also known that NatSoc and Marxists were trying to perfect this ideology called socialism


damn, its good old religious wars + balkan countries suddenly unite agains common enemy (who ?) (by themselfves…)


>show me a socialist country that wasn't a capitalistic monarchy with "socialism" painted of it.
There have been no socialist countries that were monarchies. You may want to check up what a monarchy is. One very striking feature of monarchical systems is formal hereditary rule. The only socialist country where important political figures came from the same family more than once is the Democratic people's republic of Korea. They have intra party elections that just turned out that way, not a formal hereditary succession. And no member of the Un family actually held the same position. By claiming the Soviet Union was a monarchie you'd be saying that Lenin, Stalin, Malenkov, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev were all related.

Some socialist countries use capitalist elements in their economy because they do not yet have a sufficiently developed techno industrial base to switch to a fully socialist mode of production.

>national socialism is based on socialism

No it wasn't, they just called them self socialist, but they were fascist. The Fascist economic policies had more in common with neo-liberlaism than anything else. Both Fascism and neo-liberalism like to privatize a lot of the economy, increase exploitation of the workers, reduce worker earnings, and spend a lot on military. Both have issues with inflation.

>it's known that national socialists were quite frenly to marxists before Hitler

It's not known to me, but since we know how history turned out that can't have been genuine friendship.

>it's also known that NatSoc and Marxists were trying to perfect this ideology called socialism

Known to whom ? I have never heard of this. I have read a lot of Marxists from that time they don't write anything about this.


The revolution will happen when it happens. Normal people will never read manifestos or theory we will be a very very small minority always no strategy towards socialism is based in reality.


File: 1628214690929-0.jpg (71.31 KB, 602x401, 1628211931632.jpg)

File: 1628214690929-1.jpg (47.43 KB, 430x640, 87d1060eb64a0fba6ea0bdf83c….jpg)


Do you ever wonder why low-status white men can go to Southeast Asia and can easily get brides compared to the United States? Because even if he's poor in America, he's relatively richer there, meanwhile women in his native country wouldn't give him the time of day because by American standards he's poor, ugly and fat. In other words, that man has been cockblocked in his own country by the rich who have brainwashed everyone. That poor bastard doesn't have millions of dollars, so he's not attractive in America.

Then /pol/yps wonder why white birthrates are declining. Or why men drop out of the dating game. They don't feel like they can live up to these impossible and disgustingly filthy bourgeois standards.

It's all part of a theme, really. A system that benefited men – and particularly white men – in the past is not benefiting them now. Worse for them, the system that white people in America built (although they weren't the only ones who built it) and based their living on is beginning to betray them, or so they feel. Even worse than that, they fear that might end in righteous revenge from the growing ranks of angry black men, angry brown men, and maybe even some angry Asian men too who have been oppressed by the same rich, white elite this whole time, leading to a white "doomsday."

Because after all, someone came to pick the cotton and do the "dirty jobs" that white plantation and business owners or their kids with their inheritances didn't want to do. Or it was fine as long as the people who came to do the jobs (sometimes against their will) "served" as nice, obedient "Uncle Toms" and "Uncle Pedros" and "Uncle Chens" who were oppressed – and still are oppressed – by the same white elite beauty standards.

But you can't expect that to last forever.

So Americans simply need to reeducate themselves. Unite. Protest against the rich. Protest against the beauty standards that the rich, white elite have used to brainwash everyone and that makes poor, ugly, fat white guys hate themselves in their own country so much that they'd rather move to Thailand or Vietnam or the Philippines so they can get married.

While we're at it, the American monopoly capitalists who have enslaved and brainwashed the oppressed masses should refund the third-world countries for the amount of money and blood they suck from them. Americans – and this goes for people in the West generally – should dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How would you solve inceldom?


maybe it's just that they don't seem as unattractive in a different culture. the personality and behaviors seen as repulsive in one culture could maybe be less of an issue in another.

maybe the foreign women that the foreign men don't want seem attractive by western standards and the western men that western women don't want seem attractive by foreign standards.

maybe when they look at each other they don't see what you see.


or maybe it's not a facade of friendship, it's just that men want to fuck their hot female friends. or are romantically interest in their hot female friends. to a man, if a woman is interesting or enjoyable enough to be friends with, that makes her attractive, romantically. especially if he doesn't have much else going on and that female friends becomes the closest relationship with a woman he has. and maybe that feels bad for the man, feelings he can't control of being romantically interested when he knows she isn't and its not going to happen. why be friends with a woman when you're only going to develop a crush on her that neither of you wants.

so you suggest a guy plays a numbers game making as many female friends as possible, what then, somehow he gets a date or something. not if none of them find him attractive. if you're an unattractive man you could be friends with a thousand women its not going to land you a single date. friendmaxing females does not entitle you to sex


File: 1656678499468.jpg (190.27 KB, 1200x1041, dunning-kruger-3.jpg)



I really doubt it man. Who knows though they can live their lives as they please nothing I can do about it..


File: 1656321910656.png (405.05 KB, 1082x695, a8440c0b733d4bdf1fb095cd80….png)


socialism is giving resources to wrong people, and not giving them to good people

i hate socialism –karl marx
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i would give resources to good people
there's no definition of good people == workers


bro i just borned and worked, im good person
i went in good person courses as well, please transfer that one iphone


This is just elitism to justify stealing the surplus from workers though.
To get a class society you have to do all those horrible things that are incredibly destructive to society just to maintain class rule. Once you've gone that route and build that destructive system, your personal qualities no matter how good, can't make up for the damage. Once you create systemic damage, personal qualities become irrelevant, and systemic qualities become the deciding factor.

The point of workers controlling the means of production and surplus isn't about virtue, or being saints, it's about not destroying people with a destructive class system.

Nobody in the enlightenment thought that giving people education would enable individual people to build space rockets. The point was to enable societies as a hole to do that, and it did work. We also aren't done figuring out how to teach people science and technology or how to produce sophisticated cultural artworks, because most people never are enabled to realize their mental potential.

You also have to account that class societies forfeit most of the mental potential of humanity by default because most people are not able to do mental labor if they are exploited. To a degree it's possible to force people to do manual labor and some repetitive intellectual tasks, but you can't force people to have brilliant ideas. The kind of subjugation present in all class societies affects the brain a lot. People living in class societies get brain damage in the process of being bullied to accept class subjugation. So you have rulers inflicting mental harm on the masses, and then they invent ideology to evade the responsibility by saying look at all that rabble, they're just shitty people.

Capitalism for example mass produces a lot of low quality uninspired music. People are showered with that stuff from the day they are born to the day they die, and then you come along to complain about people having pedestrian music tastes. But how could they have gained a sophisticated taste in music in that environment ?

Democracy in capitalism is really plutocratic democracy. The election systems are build in such a way that only people with a lot of wealth can afford to pay for elaborate election campaigns, and that creates a filter that removes most of the candidates that would act on behalfPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>i would give resources to good people
how do you get the resources in the first place ?
maybe by exploiting a bunch of people ?

The ideological premise at play here is that you assume that people will always just get exploited and the only question is who gets the loot. But we don't have to base societies on exploitation. That is optional.


What is the idiot OP trying to even say?


File: 1656004721204.jpg (45.97 KB, 600x600, infographic.jpg)


reminder that if your penis isn't 6 inches (15 cm) long at the absolute least you're a waste of meat in the eyes of a woman. don't even bother
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File: 1656089466840.png (57.88 KB, 720x576, 1653335825337.png)

i don't make the rules


Women love large cocks, that's the whole point, our cocks are gigantic compared to other primates because evolution went that way.
If nature wanted it like that, then so be it.


Right and these two graphs contradict each other, the first one is implying that 10 and 12 inch are the most preferred size while the second is saying 7 inches is. Don't remain obsessed about your penis friend, it doesn't actually matter, sex is nice and all but it ain't the end all be all.


nobody measures their dick in centimeters


What then? in burgers per square inch?


File: 1653426879778.jpg (144.08 KB, 618x597, 1619719105198.jpg)


>The "tax" for keeping the Second Amendment just increased by 14 kids and 1 adult.
>But, hey, it wasn't anyone you knew so what difference does it make, amirite?

Are we ready to ban the guns yet? Go ahead… I'm ready for the "thoughts and prayers" guntard playbook.
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File: 1654382505578.jpg (863.98 KB, 807x1200, 1654378346771.jpg)

Jesus christ, lmao. This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the united states, funny enough.


File: 1654561491582.jpg (88.08 KB, 720x405, SocialistRA-v6eqhb.jpg)



File: 1654860848342.jpg (29.81 KB, 400x386, 21d.jpg)

Bait thread


The purpose of the second amendment is to be a deterrent against government tyranny. It's not about hunting or recreation or even self defense.
>but the government can just use tanks and bombs and artillery and and
but you can only destroy a country by bombing it, you can't RUN a country and RULE over a people just by bombing them. they want to RUN the country not just wreck it. running a country requires people in that country, people that could be shot hypothetically if they push too far.

Get rid of all the guns, total gun ban, and what final deterrent against absolute tyranny do you have then? None. And so what you will get is absolute tyranny. Simple as.


So with that in mind, consider what it means when a politician wants a total gun ban, think of what he really wants. Do you think these people care about the victims of shootings? Of course they don't, they care about power and what they see as an obstacle to that power. So it's very concerning when a government seeks a total gun ban. That being said I am open to some reasonable limitations, but unfortunately governments in general aren't reasonable entities.


File: 1655934956241.jpg (497.8 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20220622-165149….jpg)


We've been dropping truth bombs about Marxism, and there's actually a ton of people conceding about the LTV and how even Adam Smith recognized it's manifest truth and then their lack of chins always derails them into this

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No. I frequently check over there because now a days there are outright Marxist threads on the front page every day. I was starting to think maybe some of them might be genuine poltards starting to get converted, but I thought that was a little optimistic, I'm pretty sure it's just people trolling them.

But today, there was a post about Labor Theory of Value that stayed on topic the entire thread, it makes me wonder how many of the posters could've possibly been trolls.

Usually attempts to inject points about Capitalism immediately derail into muh Joo! stuff. I'm seriously wondering with the inflation how long before this stuff really catches fire.


I was in that thread, kek.
I think a lot of them are genuine but just stupid. It wasn't "muh jews" really de-railing anything though it was mostly people trying to pin us into a corner about the USSR


File: 1656116004236.jpg (22.67 KB, 474x380, 1609876936301.jpg)

i never understood libertarianism.
how would a libertarian government even work? where would they get money from? how would they enforce laws? how would they resolve disputes?

can anyone name a single libertarian country that even works?


libertarians want to replace the government with private institutions.


libertarians are all landlords or dream of being landlords, probably so they can pressure female tenants into sex


File: 1628429077559-0.jpg (43.27 KB, 1000x631, nuclear spacetug1.jpg)

File: 1628429077559-1.jpg (76.14 KB, 1024x511, nuclear spacetug2.jpg)

File: 1628429077559-2.jpg (29.25 KB, 730x423, nuclear spacetug3.jpg)


Russia is building a new spaceship they call Zeus, it's made by Roscosmos and it's a nuclear powered space tug.
It uses a regular chemical first-stage booster for going to orbit, but once in space they say it will be very fast and out run anything using chemical thrusters. Apparently Russia never stopped working on space reactors, and they do seem to be on track for meeting their timeline to get this thing operational in 2030. It's apparently meant to out-compete Spacex starship in interplanetary travel in speed and cost. It's not a direct nuclear propulsion it's a nuclear reactor powering a plasma thruster, so it's less hardcore than direct nuclear propulsion like an Orion-drive but it's also more realistic that it will actually take flight.

Does anybody know how well this will work ?
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File: 1656655044009.jpg (92.67 KB, 960x540, ezgif-2-22da00cd06.jpg)

forgot pic
So these numbers represent the potential for starship at its peak. even in the unlikely event these numbers end up being off by a factor of 10 that would only make the sls 100x more expensive rather then 1000x more expensive. The cost savings would allow public space to focus on making and launching more nuclear ships, maybe hundreds, rather then paying out the ass just to get a couple ships to space. Spacex is going to mass produce the starship like it was an automobile, the plan is for a starship to roll off the assembly line every 72 hours. Every 72 hours a new starship capable of launching 3 times a day every day for years, thousands will be built do you not get it?

People are sleeping on this because they can't wrap their heads around the absolute scale of it, the brain simply refuses to accept it, we've been so conditioned for low expectations, happy with a couple space telescopes every few decades and maybe 2 or 3 rovers on mars, a few flybys. That's not a space age, that's a few toys and some neat pictures.

The approximate total mass to orbit, everything put into space, throughout the entire history of space travel to the present day is roughly 15 million kg. A thousand starships launching 3x a day could put that much mass into orbit in 2 months. 70 years worth of payload capacity in 2 months. 6 times the entire history of man in space every year. 60x times everything put up there so far in a decade.

There is essentially no limit, the public space program won't have to hold itself back anymore. All the space telescopes and space stations and nuclear whatevers, rovers, human colonies. Whatever the fuck we can come up with and build we can now afford to put it up there. That is a space age, and we're on the cusp on it now.


>Have you seen the cost of the sls? The latest public space heavy rocket, the costs are astronomical.
It's still private contractors that build this, so the price of this also is about subsidizing private industry.
It's not an actual example of public production because the factories that build it aren't public.

>Having nuclear balls is great but not so great when you can barely afford to put any of them into space.

It's about physics, chemical energy is not very concentrated compared to fission energy. Spacex Starship needs 9 launches to put one Starship into orbit and fully fuel it. (8 fuel launches). And with that it still can't go as far or fast as the nuclear fission powered ion-thruster in OP

>Affordable heavy lift rockets are needed, and only elons balls could provide that.

Spacex is still is de-facto subsidized by the US public. For example US Air-Force payed over 300 million to launch a spy satellite, that's approaching Space-shuttle money. That's no where near the advertised launch-cost price-tag in Spacex marketing material. Even outside of such extreme aberrations Elon Musk promised that reusable rockets would make it 10 times cheaper, but the reality is that reusable rockets economize to the tune of about 10% cheaper. That's a solid efficiency improvement considering that fundamentally it's the same technology that's been used for the last 50 years, but it's also 100 times less savings than what the Musk-fans use in their mental calculus.

It's a strange choice of words to call engineers and workers at spacex "balls"


Ok fair point about the private contractors. But if the factories were public would that actually change anything? Governments are famously bad at balancing any kind of a budget. And politics gets in the way to the point where to get approved the programs have to satisfy the demands of multiple politicians.

Spacex Starship will only need multiple launches to go beyond orbit, it can do orbit on its own. Think about it, would need to get into orbit in the first place to be refueled.
>Still can't go as far or fast as the nuclear powered thrusters
That's not the point, how are you getting those nuclear thrusters into space affordably?

The space shuttle cost $54600 per kg to orbit
The Atlas V costs $8100 per kg to orbit
Russias Angara rocket is the second cheapest option at $4000 per kg to orbit (only 2 launches to date)
The Falcon 9 is $2600 per kg to orbit
Falcon heavy is $1500 kg to orbit

You said Spacex is only 10% cheaper, it's more like 70% cheaper.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


and the atlas v at $8000per kg is the second cheapest option available to the United States. 10% of $8000 is $800 so when people say spacex is 10x cheaper ok they're wrong, it's only 5x cheaper. But when they say 10x cheaper they're talking about a hypothetical fully reusable falcon 9, a project that was set aside to focus on the much more promising Starship.


Of course that $20 per kg is the potential of the Starship program at its hypothetical peak with economy of scale and mass production. It won't cost $20 per kg on the first launch. And even if those estimates are off by a factor of 10 (unlikely) that's still $200 per kg ie 40 times cheaper then Atlas V rather then the projected 400 times cheaper, either way if Starship works, whatever it ends up costing per kg, it's going to be massively MASSIVELY more affordable then anything else.

People like to shit on Spacex because they saw some bullshit ragetubers lying on youtube for clicks and it satisfied them for some reason.


File: 1639308766409.gif (6.8 KB, 158x158, mittens.gif)


Glowuyghurs be damned, I'm just not scared of you clowns anymore. Everyone should go full NEET now. Drop out of school, quit working, leech off your GF and family, church and state. Work is exactly the problem. If you're not working to dismantle work at your work (aka, not a saboteur or wobchad) just stop the fucking enabling. Make your landlord cry. Make everyone cry who just doesn't "get it". There is a terrible, demonic conspiracy that exploits your brothers and sisters. Refuse to feed it.
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Why should communists elect to work in a capitalist system? The only job I could think would be good would be like industrial work but I would say nothing should be done. It does not matter if a communist works or not.


because some work is going to have to be done at some point regardless of what society we live under.


If you have to work then work, I do not have to so I will not.


then you deserve nothing but the most basic necessities



File: 1630953555889.jpg (21.74 KB, 600x600, aps,504x498,small,transpar….jpg)


This place needs a new icon for us leftychads, the .ogre transhumanists will sneed, the 100+ ABSOLUTE CHADS will bathe in high quality posts as the .ogre transhumanists will wallow in total subhumanity. Let's equip the OLD leftypol icon and disassociate with the .ogres entirely.
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Sure, I have resorted to stealing content from there, It's no worse than i remember it being.


I think the jannies have gone truly skitzo, tbh


how so? I don't actively engage on that end, whatre they doing?


Extreme scorched earth hotpocketing. No I can't prove it because the .ogre trans jans delete absolutely every trace of their corruption.
Meh, this happens to every authoritarian regime. All opposition is purged and all you have left is an echo chamber that grows increasingly perverted.


File: 1656679298230.jpg (94.19 KB, 1171x1125, ezgif-3-e47250635f.jpg)


File: 1608525876036.png (5.37 KB, 100x100, XMPP.png)


Tech nerds will not comprise the entirety of the revolution. We know this. It's going to include a lot of normies, who can't exactly communicate and coordinate everything through text messaging. As we also know, we live in a world of mass surveillance. We have to give normies options for communicating that can protect themselves from the corporate surveillance state. This thread is for evaluating those options. I am currently looking at phone conferencing options and can't make up my mind on these:
-some Matrix protocol tool
-some XMPP protocol tool

What I really want is something supporting phone call-ins, for stupid old people who cannot into computers. Phone OS support may also be important. Some options are more suited to these things than others. Maybe even better ones than I've listed. Discuss, please.
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>>8525 (me)
reply to


I guess it is possible to learn old nerds new tricks. between this and linus learning that other people do in fact exist, perhaps we will see some actual adults in the free software space


I'm bumping this thread, to ask for an updated suggestion of good secure free opensource software communication software


Simply connect to same server via ssh and use something like roughly
function say { echo "$USER> [email protected]" >> anonchat}

Then in your terminal:
>tail -f talkfile &
>say <msg goes here>

Could make it nicer with tmux too I'm sure.




File: 1652993005834.jpg (667.66 KB, 864x1174, BlatantMisogyny-ut7uyz.jpg)


Incel humor thread.
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File: 1656099543499.jpg (49.75 KB, 718x781, 069a3bf774f34c96.jpg)



File: 1656102861449.jpg (292.69 KB, 1080x1300, HolUp-vjho73.jpg)



File: 1656290551349.jpg (168.21 KB, 1080x2070, WhereAreAllTheGoodMen-gat.jpg)





File: 1656375309444.jpg (334.99 KB, 1080x643, 1656373235921.jpg)


File: 1638484991494.jpg (67.5 KB, 537x600, anaarchogreen.jpg)


I feel like it has been long enough split apart and there's no real reason to have two boards.
who agrees
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.org mods are worse than 4chan mods.


Caught a 13-week ban on .ogre
These people are utter faggots


File: 1653675203912.jpg (33.28 KB, 303x298, 1652215513792.jpg)

What for anon? Welcome.


I said something mean about China in my thread OP so a bitter mod fabricated the excuse that I was “ban evading”


>The fags at leftypol ban you for posting soyjaks



And 4chan for that matter; Is .org just the equivalent of a Facebook alternative for leftists? No one at org really accomplishes anything and they just echo their own opinions at one another and the moderation stays nebulous just like on Facebook or reddit and while we're at it 4chaj is pretty much like that for poltards.

People bash us for being smaller but at least our rules are pretty objective and our staff aren't up their own asses. Pleroma and net and other alternative services that aren't glow pilled are much better, imo
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File: 1649208846851.jpg (18.45 KB, 480x319, FB_IMG_1494744098448.jpg)

Coping about what? Not posting on a dying board run by a bunch of mentally ill faggots? I'm good M8. I think this is cope projection.


>still ass chapped by the 5 people that won't post on .ogre.
Many keks.


1. Egoism is correct

2. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are the natural products of millions of years of evolution.

3. Therefore, all the standards of cultural marxism (racism is wrong, sexism is wrong, homophobia is wrong, etc.) are just moral spooks of society, to be disregarded?

Why force yourself to struggle against natural instincts that benefit the propagation of your genes and memes and grant them increased evolutionary fitness?

Race is the product of genetic traits, and extended family, if you will, which means that if you are white, that means that other white people share a greater amount of genes with you than those of other races, so anything that benefits whites over other races is an evolutionary advantage to your genes.

The "realness" of race has little bearing on this:

It works regardless of how you think racial groupings and genetic traits relate to one another.

Regardless of whether the variation of genetic traits within races has any bearing on the fact that racial groups have a different distribution of genetic traits from one another and are, in fact, defined by such differences (the fact remains that even though the circles around the genes which define racial groups are larger than the gap between the circles, you still have to accept that there is a gap betwen the two circles that sets them apart as clearly separate cirlces without significant enough overlap to say that the differences in genetics arent significant enough to qualify them for taxonomic distinction from one another).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Holy shit go back


What a retard he thinks stirner is right while also being a fanatical Nazi.


File: 1656113365349.jpg (51.44 KB, 500x500, avatars-AgK91UwEldtW5Qmc-o….jpg)


Welp here we go again


File: 1655854016805.jpg (119.76 KB, 1280x720, bimbotiktok.jpg)


Is the bottom finally starting to fall out from 3rd and 4th wave feminism? Right now bimbos are trending on tik tok and the fully embracing the male gaze growing popular among zoomer women. Along with divine feminism, which is almost an anti-feminism ideology that encourages women to become stay-at-home moms and obedient housewives if they wish to, and assuages their fears about it being demeaning to themselves and women as 3rd and 4th wave feminists are so keen on proselytizing.

One prominent bimbo tiktoker describes the bimbo lifestyle as an "ego death". Where women stop trying to foster masculine traits in themselves and instead cultivate their natural vulnerability, gentleness, and hunger for the sexual desire of men. Bimbos claim these innate traits of most straight women have wrongly been maligned by feminist as naivete, weakness, and subjugation by the patriarchy.

I think women gravitating to the antithesis of feminism is primarily due to the deteriorating economy, having a committed husband or boyfriend is quickly becoming a necessity as it has been throughout most of captialism. And bimbos encapsulate in a extreme manner, the things women have always known men want. I think there's also other converging trends at work.

Millennial women are now hitting middle age in earnest, and zoomer generations are seeing the poisoned harvest of feminism. Many millennial women are alone and miserable as either single mothers, divorcees, or spinsters that were never wed and face a future devoid of companionship.

Women have also gotten to experience capitalist alienation first hand for 60 years and are realizing that as much as a eunuch a housewife can be, it's still far better than being a prole. Zoomer women are realizing what men have always known, that only a small percentage of workers ever find a fulfilling career, everyone else just works to make money until they die.

I think this bimbo trend is the beginning of a wider revolt among zoomer women against feminism. Feminism can no longer hide its failures, and zoomer women cannot be spooked by horror stories of past female oppression like not being able to open checking accounts, since they have no living memory of it. And even if rights like abortion are taken away, modern technology, like the nearly dozen birth control methods that are available now, will mitigate much of the harm and keep zoomer women from reradicalizing. What do you guys think?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>People didn't have issues finding partners under capitalism until as late as the 1990's
That is only half true. During the period of social democracy capitalism was indeed less harmful to human beings and interfered less with social life. But the way it is today is basically just capitalism returning to the mean. The socdem period was the exception. The hundreds of years of capitalism prior to that, were more similar to today than you might think.

The rest of your post is difficult for me to understand. I don't really understand what you mean with the bimbo vs androgynous dichotomy. I thought that bimbo meant using lots of product like hairspray and make up. How is it related to Sexual dimorphism ?




File: 1655973659674.jpg (147.53 KB, 600x850, cherry.jpg)

>That is only half true. During the period of social democracy capitalism was indeed less harmful to human beings and interfered less with social life.
Dude, people got hitched at near 100% levels back in the Victorian era. The collapse of post WWII social democracy has nothing to do with why there's more incels now.
>The hundreds of years of capitalism prior to that, were more similar to today than you might think.
>I don't really understand what you mean with the bimbo vs androgynous dichotomy. I thought that bimbo meant using lots of product like hairspray and make up. How is it related to Sexual dimorphism ?
Bimbo, at least as the subculture is now, isn't simply a woman that applies too much makeup or wears clothes that are too revealing. It's a woman that solely focuses on being sexually attractive to men, often forgoing what's fashionable and socially acceptable to other women and society at large.

Since feminism posits that men are inherently oppressive of women via patriarchy androgyny, homosexuality and erotophobia are huge themes in this ideology and have since become fixtures in the cultural zeitgeist.

Bimbos are a loud rejection of all that. From their thick dick sucking lips, blonde teased hair, thin waists and big boobs, they are among the most extreme expressions of binary gender conformity.

The aesthetic is maximizing sexual attraction (often to a comical degree) for CIS Men. The garish look is repellent to lesbians and straight women since it's has zero subtlety. It completely demystifies female sexuality and makes it as base as a males, at least to a feminist's eyes. Something men appreciate and women see as being to their determent.

Obviously it's also the real or implied promiscuity of bimbos that anger feminists as well. You see, it's not that bimbos simply having a lot of partners, most modern feminist women also have body counts that are deep into double digit territory. It's that bimbos will sleep with ANY man. Their entire demeanor is again the antithesis of a feminist's. They're passive, speak softly, and are "dumb" or at least faint it and therefore are not challenging to a male's ego. They're also flirty, and submissive as to make it easy as posPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


i'd unironically be pro-feminist if it wasn't led by women. they are the very thing that needs to be fixed and you can't expect them to act abstractly so we get in these loopholes


>Dude, people got hitched at near 100% levels back in the Victorian era.
What makes you think that ?
In the victorian era most people couldn't even afford to rent more than a single room. How could they possibly afford raising a family. Also many people died very young, before they raised a family. You may have a very distorted view of how capitalism was before social democracy. It was truly awful. Neo-liberalism is a path back to that very shitty past.

>Since feminism posits that men are inherently oppressive of women

That's just sexism. Rich Bourgeois women hating on poor working class men. It's just class hatred behind a veil. People like that are really shit, you can go after them specifically, without making it into a conflict between all men and all women. Capitalism ruins everything by changing things into bourgeois versions, that reflect bourgeois class interests. If you look at early socialist feminism, they were just trying to establish man and women as equals, there was no beating each other down. A socialist lady from the early 20th centry called Rosa Luxemburg wrote a long rant about bourgeois feminism, maybe read that.

I'm not going to comment on things i consider sexual preference, that's just a recipe for creating unnecessary conflict.
I will say that strange stuff is going on, like some people appear to be implying that sexual dimorphism is bad for some reason. Maybe we should push back on that a little, because that seems reactionary.

You also have to beware of those that turn filth into theory.
Politics is exclusively about economics, if anybody tries to make politics about sex, they are most likely class traitors that are trying to distract you with sex from their reactionary politics. I think that somebody is trying to trick you to hand over your surplus to capitalists. They are just pretending you'll get a nicer girlfriend that way, but they won't deliver, Capitalism wants to make people atomized so they can turn social relations into commodities, they want to be middlemen for intimacy.


File: 1656004479660-0.png (737.08 KB, 2578x1232, f21f65432e8d0e238e512c65dd….png)

File: 1656004479660-1.jpg (98.49 KB, 1357x628, dd7c56fbdad556fa7ffc55f266….jpg)


uhhh, medbros?


File: 1655943157354.jpg (131.69 KB, 828x847, 1655876343761.jpg)


I'll un sticky this after a few weeks, but, I unilaterally decided to add this board to the roster with the support of the rest of the matrix. most people seem to think it's a good board, so, we just decided to add it to the roster. I moved all the relevant threads from /777/ to here. For now you can find the board @ https://leftychan.net/WRK/



File: 1655034725594.jpg (128.75 KB, 1048x1076, 726353281917.jpg)


How do I stop myself wanting a gf so badly that it hurts?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Prostitutes if you can. I was reading some book about a guy in WW1 France talks how the officers were the ones picking up all chicks who were cuckholding their boyfriend's. If you want sex or do not want to be lonely pay for it like men have done for millennial.


humblebrag kys


Simply don't


You're just looking for "grills" in dumb places. Date real women faggot.


Do some self-reflection in a dark room and ask yourself why you're idealizing love/relationshits.


File: 1655805416834.jpg (283.47 KB, 820x546, 1651805158923.jpg)


I am curious about this because I feel like our community is small enough and close enough to achieve something like this.
Only a select few chads actually use this site and I feel like we could bring more quality posting on this boiard by appealing to the nature of secret haxxor culture and making the site only accessible through private secure and anonymous nodes such as tor, i2p, lokinet, etc etc etc.



Yeah, getchan already exists, so that can become the bunker on the clearnet if .ogre goes down or attracts to many rightoids.


Nah, we want to be read for outsiders to join this chan if we ever get popular.


get is full of fags no way


File: 1655912268206.jpg (11.17 KB, 293x301, 165532503323.jpg)

Getchan is also full of pedophiles.


File: 1655742733245.jpeg (54.73 KB, 700x700, delusion.jpeg)


You are all mentally deranged, cultists who will not succeed in your attempt to subvert healthy societies to international socialism, there is nothing good here. Your administration support a virtue signalling cult where dissent is not allowed, you do not have free thought. A society which operates under your principles and rule will inevitable collapse. There is no hope in leftist or any other politics which attempts to subvert the raw, tribal society.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1655766588329.jpg (67.85 KB, 700x700, ideolog brain on a leach.jpg)

If you buy into capitalist ideology then the things you say may seem true.

But from an objective point of view.
You have no reason to believe that people who disagree with you on ideological grounds are mentally ill or cultists.
Objectively Capitalists societies are not healthy, like you can measure the bad health effects, even the most ardent defenders of capitalists agree on that, it's just that they look to blame it on something other than capitalism.

Every society sofar sought to influence how people think, capitalism is no different. However capitalism is the only system that tries to make people believe they are free-thinkers while being manipulated to an unprecedented degree. Communist systems in the past had at times very strict controls on information, for example during war-time, but even then people knew they were being propagandized. Capitalism has put the minds of people into prisons and managed to make the mental prison bars and walls invisible. It's quite an achievement, but only a very cynical person would say that this is the realization of freedom of thought.

>A society which operates under your principles and rule will inevitable collapse

I think this is projection, capitalism isn't doing well at the moment and a lot of people have system collapse anxiety.

>There is no hope in leftist or any other politics which attempts to subvert the raw, tribal society.

You basically said that socialists are more civilized. I think we can take that as a complement, even if it wasn't intended as one.



That's what I was thinking at first.
I know right? lol.


>subvert healthy societies
Capitalist societies are not healthy they are killing the planet and always lead to world wars over resources and markets. This is a slow anonymous imageboard with a few disconnected users and some tourists only when major world events happen. Thanks for the traffic you stupid rat.


Communist parties get shit done, you're just mad.


>ah yes the true villains of the world, the absolutely random website with an average amount of users less than an average family!

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