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Last one is full and the worst thread on leftychan must be contained.

In recent news: Ukies done a successful counteroffensive in Izium, Z gang now in shambles. Biden promises even more money for Ukraine. Putin meets Xi, Erdogan, Modi and others at the SCO summit.

Pro-Russia sources:

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According to two Ukrainian Telegram channels (which Mercouris seems to think are controlled by General Zaluzhnyi), Zelensky just "requested" (rather than ordered) Zaluzhnyi's resignation and his reply was to refuse, claim that he'll remain in his post because he's been doing a good job, and to threaten Zelensky if he tries to sack him. This is pretty clear insubordination, and it seems there's only one way Zaluzhnyi will get away with it: is it finally time for a coup?


While this situation seems to be coming to a head indeed. I'm not seeing Zelensky seriously trying to oust this guy yet. If a head of state wants to get rid of a bigwig military general they have to officially appoint a new guy, and then purge all the loyalists of the old guy, or it won't happen.

The US seems to favor Zaluzhnyi and probably would support him. But i doubt they want another coup, they probably would prefer to rig an election instead.


I would say that Zelensky has no choice now if he wanted to maintain any sort of credibility as head of state… except I'm reminded of that time he went to the Donbass and told Nazis to disarm and they refused right in his face.


You are correct, but Zelensky never was a strong political leader to begin with. He got plucked out of a TV show for having a lot of popularity and a recognizable face. He didn't spend years building up a political base. So he probably can't strongarm Zaluzhnyi to force him out.

Zelensky might remain formally head of state but with little actual power.

Given that the US is likely going to wind down funding for Ukraine soon, i wonder to which extend Zelensky will be able to wrangle the ukro Nazis when he can't bribe them anymore.


File: 1702037165460.png ( 735.01 KB , 1334x923 , ClipboardImage.png )



File: 1702023111381-0.png ( 2.81 MB , 1200x1200 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1702023111381-1.png ( 134.6 KB , 271x368 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1702023111381-2.png ( 619.43 KB , 600x738 , ClipboardImage.png )


>Edward Said
>Frantz Fanon
>Michel Foucault
The fathers of Soycialism who ruined leftism in the west. there collective faggotry spearing to generations of leftists.


File: 1702027260972.jpg ( 132.3 KB , 750x1000 , flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg )

Don't forget this ugly faggot


should have mentioned him as well, the 4 soy-makers



So recently Sony has began expropriating Users who bought content on one of their digital store fronts. People purchased specific Movies and TV-seasons and Sony said because a backroom-deal fell through, they have to revoke that content. Hence copy-right negates personal property in a literal legally effective sense. Some Sony shills were trying to make the argument that people voluntarily accept the terms and conditions in the purchase agreements. That is of course a lie, because people never got asked if they voluntarily accept the fucked up copyright law that these anti-consumer agreements are based on.

The reaction of many people was fuck it, piracy (not the one that involves capturing ships) is now morally justified, i tend to agree except that it was already justified because of DRM. Since DRM expropriates the user and the basic argument of copyright-shills is property-rights for me but not for thee. There also is a moral case against giving these terrible distribution-monopolists money, because they used to pay lobbyists that make copyright law even more hostile to personal property. From a strategic perspective sailing past the anti-consumer features works alright but it doesn't affect anything else. The fucked up distribution monopolies persist.

For video games there is gog.com which sells drm free games, and that's basically how vidja publishing should be. It's not perfect, most of the games are closed source still. It would be better if at least the game-logic was made free and open source even if the game-assets remain non-free, so that modding would be easier. It's not clear to me why there doesn't appear to be a gog equivalent for drm free video.

In Poland there recently was an even more egregious case of buying without ownership. A Polish city bought trains and when they gave the maintenance service contract to a different company, the producers put out a malicious software update that made the train have random bugs. With the logic of return the service contract to us or else. I guess Poland should download a train.

So what is at the root of all of this ? I think it's about control. 50 years ago capitalists didn't give a shit what people did with the commodities they sold. Even the media industry didn't, it would have been possible to lock vinyl records to special record players and implement all sorts of fucked up anti-consumer features, but that didn't happen. I wonder what changed Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Copy right is necessarys for capitalism to function properly. I am not against piracy, obviously, because I am a communist not some dumb lib or an ancap, but, I am just saying with out it you will transform the economy into some kind of shanasta chinese copy cat economy.


File: 1627040494137.jpg ( 141.89 KB , 750x934 , EcquXJdWkAMQ126[1].jpg )


transfer window edition
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Соверши ты сейчас самоубийство.


La tuya por si acaso




File: 1702004975175.jpg ( 36.64 KB , 360x240 , 796891-000-347b7x4.jpg )

Any Predictions?


File: 1701730861476.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 12.72 MB , 1308x720 , GTA VI trailer.mp4 )


Who else is hyped as fuck for $2 billion worth of triple-A slop?
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>They made a game where you can simulate commiting mass shootings against black people


>Where is the video games industry to go from here?


They already did that tho, it wasn't a big hit.

There was a game that worked on the basis of crude augmented reality. It used the camerafeed from smartphones and drew small creatures on top of it while adjusting the lighting to make the imaginary creatures appear as somewhat part of the scenery. The players were supposed to collect these creatures. All of that happened outside. There was a big craze for a few months and then it was over.

Before that there were so called Augmented reality shooters where players were supposed to point their smartphone at other human players to shoot them according to the logic of arena-shooter games except that the map was a place in the real world. I think that was mostly ignored. There were smartphone holders with pistol grips for it tho.

There also were augmented reality RC-toy simulators that place some kind of vehicle in the scenery. Those looked kinda competently executed with the vehicles actually appearing to interact with the environment, except for the clunky smartphone controls.


at that point why not just do airsoft?


Airsoft looks like an expensive hobby, and it's more limited about where you can play. Running around while awkwardly holding your smartphone makes you look stupid, but nobody will call the police because they didn't know the orange tip means it's a toy-gun.

As far as fully physical play-simulation goes, paintball is probably the most fun. I never played real paintball, but i did play a few matches of a budget-variant that used 2 types of slingshots, one with elastic-rubber bands for small paintball-pellets and a traditional centrifugal rope slingshot that you spin over your head with slightly bigger paintball pellets. That was great fun and comparably cheap since renting slingshots is much cheaper than renting compressed air paintball gear. Slingshots don't impart as much kinetic energy as compressed air, and that means that you don't need protective gear other than for your eyes/ears. You can get away with diving goggles and a headband.

Paintballs are biodegradable and dissolve in water, so rain will clean up the mess but many places require permits none the less, some places only allow for it in dedicated areas that have organizational oversight and safety instructors. That's one advantage all the augmented reality shit has going for it, it's zero fuzz.


File: 1701847986199.png ( 341.92 KB , 680x850 , 1692659292157512.png )


Venezuelans vote to claim sovereignty over a part of oil-rich nation Guyana
Is this another example of proletariat struggle against Western Imperialism? Tsnkies, sound off!
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>Socialism by 2050!
I tried to find a calculator that can do the factorial of 2050.
But if i may ask why so pessimistic ?


>It's only imperialism when you do it.
I see, all that oil is being stolen in the name of revolution!


>It's okay to overthrow governments, they have centuries old tangential connections to anglos!


>It's only imperialism when
I'm not that anon you replied to but:
<It's only imperialism when the imperial bourgeoisie does it.
Is how it's define in Marxist theory.

I could accept your view if you accused Venezuela of stealing the oil, that's a plausible interpretation. But you can't say that Venezuela is doing an imperialism because they are not in the imperial stage of capitalism, there is zero imperial finance capital in Venezuela. Venezuela isn't even capable of controlling it's own currency.

>It's okay to overthrow governments, they have centuries old tangential connections to anglos!
If the US overthrew shitty resource extraction dictatorships and replaced them with pleasant developmental social democrat governments, i alongside with most leftists would be cheering for "materially progressive imperialism." But since that's not on offer and never has been, i guess crappy petroleum socialism with Venezuelan characteristics has to do.

We're not taking sides based on arbitrary bullshit like you suggest and consider "Anglo" as a category error. We're trying to be somewhat principled about supporting what ever leads to a net improvement of the material conditions for the workers and of course increased political empowerment of workers.

Before you miss-interpret this, I'm still undecided whether or not Venezuela should be supported in this endeavor.
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that's correct, socialist states like venezuela by definition cannot be imperialist


File: 1701832952487.png ( 7.79 KB , 258x360 , justice.png )


A German court just let a bunch of gang-rapists go free because of "cultural frustration"

<Among the so-called expert witnesses was psychiatrist Nahlah Saimeh. Saimeh intimated that the gang rape may have been a means to let off some of the "frustration" that supposedly comes with "migration experiences and socio-cultural homelnessness."

<Saimeh said rapists "who live on the margins of society, completely uprooted culturally, linguistically and socially" might face a "mix of emotions of anger, sadness, powerlessness, depression, fantasies of grandeur as a compensation attempt to cope with one's own misery, and drug use."
<"Disordered, unprepared migration experiences and socio-cultural homelessness increase the risk of addiction and psychosis," said the so-called expert. Sex, she continued, could serve as a "means of releasing frustration and anger."
<The psychiatrist further suggested that gang rape fosters identity and strengthens group feeling.
While presiding Judge Anne Meier-Goering acknowledged that "none of the defendants uttered a word of regret" during the trial, she nevertheless sentenced eight of the rapists to probation, of no more than two years.

The liberals see the world in the same way as the neonazis on the stormfront forum. Both think that Immigrants are inherently rapists. They just have a different moral sensibility about what to do with that. That judge who accepted the rape-culture argument is no less racist then stormfronters. Because most immigrants are of course not rapists, and will now have to deal with the backlash of the stigma-reinforcement from a judge no less.

What this leads to is differential law for different identities, abolishing the principle of equality under the law and the legitimacy in the eyes of many. Some people will draw the short end of the stick, like the 15 year old girl that got raped for 3 hours, who was denied any semblance of justice. If that girl grows up and deals with her trauma in a Quentin Tarantino movie fashion, she will have done nothing wrong.

I don't want to pretend that these immigrants hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You think it's about one thing, but it's really about the legitimacy of the institutions to make the law arbitrary. The same judges who speak of leniency will just as soon throw a man in prison for life for looking the wrong way at a woman. What is most important is defending the prerogative allowing railroading.

Basically, the courts become nothing more than a rubber stamp of fascism. If a deed that would be criminal serves fascism in some way, we're told how violent criminals are victims. If fascism - eugenics - declares a crime of Being, something relatively innocuous like downloading illegal pictures allows the judge to get on a moral high horse, because they know the criminal is passive and won't fight back. The utility of violence, and willingness to commit it for the eugenic creed, is paramount. Eugenics is above the law, sacred and glorified. Eugenics is then proclaimed the sole path to redemption. Only through the Christ that is Eugenics can criminals be redeemed.


In nearly every case of rape, this sort of excuse would not be legitimate. It's very clearly an effort to sweep something under the rug, or make a point that it's open season if the target "asked for it" - that is, it's a woman who wasn't a believer in the eugenic creed. They chose deliberately to exonerate gang-rapists rather than a single rapist, to make it clear that acting collectively and in lines with eugenist expectations will be protected. Fascists, Krauts, eugenists do not know any other way, and this is all intended. Since when has a Kraut believed in concepts of justice?


In any event, it's well known aristocrats make alliances with mafias, and love using immigrants or minorities as agents to police for aristocratic rule. Same reason black gangsterism is promoted in the US, with the primary target being other black people and anyone who would question the new line of racism (eugenics) that was promoted from Reagan on. Aristocracy always protects and glorifies their enablers of the lower classes.


File: 1701890329816.jpg ( 1.04 MB , 4288x2848 , meds.jpg )



>In any event, it's well known aristocrats make alliances with mafias, and love using immigrants or minorities as agents to police for aristocratic rule.
While that probably does happen sometimes, i doubt that in this instance they hired a bunch of guys to gang-rape a girl and then compromised a judge to let it slide. Something so egregious would prompt vigilante justice.



The nuclear threat is back. But we don't see any nuclear panic like in the 1980s. Why is that? Why does nobody care?

I am not some prepper retard but even I am getting nervous.

Just look at this shit
A time of unprecedented danger: It is 90 seconds to midnight
>This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.
>As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned in August, the world has entered “a time of nuclear danger not seen since the height of the Cold War.”

and also this
US Nuclear Test Raises Concerns of New Arms Race With Russia

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oh, hey, look, the nukes are in the news again

Scientific American: The U.S.’s Plans to Modernize Nuclear Weapons Are Dangerous and Unnecessary

>The U.S. is planning to modernize its unwanted, unneeded and unsafe nuclear triad of land-, sea- and air-based weapons. Perfectly poised to refight the cold war, these overhauled bombs will waste $1.5 trillion and threaten life on Earth for the century to come.

>At the center of the government's proposal is a $100-billion bid to fill 450 nuclear silos in five inland states with hundreds of new nuclear missiles set to launch on hair triggers. Built before submarine-launched missiles became large, accurate and untraceable, these relics are now justified as a “nuclear sponge” to absorb a Russian attack on the U.S. Why plant a $100-billion nuclear “kick me” sign on the country's breadbasket?


I thought land based nuke silos were being phased out. They might not even work as a "nuke sponge" anymore, because The Russians and others have "kinetic mass impact warheads" that can destroy a nuclear silo just by slamming something heavy into it at great speed. That's a cheaper option because there are no nukes in the impactors, just something heavy, presumably a lump of metal or something. A costly nuke silo for a cheap kinetic impactor, seems like a bad trade.


burgers will do anything to not have to invest in healthcare or education


>anything to not have to invest in healthcare
The US is a militarized society, maybe you have to cater to that. You could try to do public health care, by making it a military program. And call it something like Maintaining combat readiness.

And instead of giving people medical treatments to cure ailments, you call it keeping bodies ready for a fight. Instead of doing medical tests, you do battle capacity evaluations

You really have to commit to the bit and create very detailed lore, and rename every medical terminology to sound like military sledgehammer talk. Train doctors and nurses to sound like a rude training drillmaster. When you set up facilities those have to look like a military base-camp with lots of camouflage fabric. Don't forget to invent new titles that sound very militaristic.

You have to invent a political bit as well. Tell people they aren't getting health care, instead they are performing some form of duty. You accuse everybody who opposes your program to be a traitor and so on.

Technically this would not be a lie, because healthier people actually make better soldiers too.


good I hope they drop those atoms on jerusalem, mecca, vatican, and salt lake city.


File: 1701555219479.jpg ( 189.83 KB , 1024x740 , Plague-of-Athens.jpg )


All right, so we've seen how oligarchies and dictatorships respond to pandemics. Some of them were effective, some were profoundly ineffective. The general theme was to deprive people of their civil liberties and violate bodily autonomy with coercive medical procedures. In some liberal oligarchies these measures were even used to permanently expand the powers of the unelected bureaucracy. Okay. That's something an undemocratic state can impose upon its population only by its undemocratic nature.

But what would a democratic response to an infectious public health crisis look like? In a complete democracy (i.e., communism), how would the populace quickly react to and decide to defend itself against a deadly contagion?
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You didn't respond to the topics in the post, but jumped straight to speculation about the person who said it. That means you probably disagree but can't counter what was said. You are trying to hide that by changing the focus from the topic to the author. In a honest debate, you just lost an argument.

The kind of remarks you made about body-shapes are conceptually related to something called somatic theory of politics. Where people are grouped in 3 groups: mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph. It's a defunct political model that failed to make correct predictions, but for some reason many people are still getting enthralled by it.

People have political views based on materiel interests. Sometimes their perception of material interests are skewed by false consciousness. That's it. If you don't have that in the foundation of your political model, it won't work.

I'll give you some good advice, don't bother with bio-politics: You suck at the guesswork, but also bio-politics is retarded. Keep in mind that i do understand the linguistic associations you are making with body types. If you read descent books by clever writers who are excellent at character creation, you can pick up the patterns. Anybody who reads good fiction, knows how to fool you.

Anyway, feel free to talk about democracy and plagues now.

The true alpha-chad move to deal with plagues isn't to catch it and hope for a good immune response. That's cowering in a trench hoping the artillery spread doesn't flatten you. The best strategy is to get to the microbes before they reach you. That means inventing efficient and cost effective air-purification. And then making it absolutely ubiquitous. Making it a physical barrier, the microbes can't evolve a bypass to.

Lets also touch on democracy again. If your society reaches a sufficient level of democracy, it'll become a well organized society that isn't being robbed by a ruling class. Hence it won't have a need for dealing out a short stick or making somebody the scape-goat. If your society generates the good life for the majority, the obsession for being a minority will go away.



You are the definition of a leftist wordcel


I didn't even read that shit btw

Not gonna either

Go the fuck outside


You fucking fags. Fags.


The main problem I see is democratic decision making having a time lag before action can be taken. How can we address this in the context of a public health emergency?


File: 1626184255260-0.png ( 293.46 KB , 800x800 , stardust.png )

File: 1626184255260-1.jpg ( 333.21 KB , 720x1017 , weirdmap.jpg )

File: 1626184255260-2.mp4 ( 540.22 KB , 426x318 , 1624982792130.mp4 )

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5th Edition: Real succdem hour edition

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, Myanmar breaking apart or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us… hopefully!

Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/!YeYeuZuLSYkegWssey:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

Last threads:
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Cases update (8/13)
Total: 3804943
Recovered: 3289718
Deaths: 115096






I am a һuge fan of tһis game һowever, it's vеry hɑrⅾ to hɑve enoսgh tickets
to play and finish the leagues. It'ѕ а game fоr free however,
if уоu ԝish tо play regularly, yoս'll have to buy tickets.

It tһe games paid higһer օr tickets were more eaay tο
obtaіn, it would be a much ƅetter game! Ꮋowever, it'ѕ an enjoyable game ɑnd terribly addictive lol!


>in case the board split again due to mod autism

i know this post is from years ago. but what makes you guys think that the board is going to split again ?


File: 1701657304531.jpg ( 29.84 KB , 675x499 , unesco scensorship.jpg )


Online "disinformation" : UNESCO unveils action plan to censor social media platforms


<Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO sounded the alarm on Monday about the intensification of disinformation and hate speech online, which constitutes "a major threat to stability and social cohesion". To put an end to this scourge she unveiled UNESCO's action plan, the result of extensive worldwide consultations and is backed by a global opinion survey underlining the urgent need for action.

Most of the recent increase in hate-speech came from liberals dehumanizing Russians, and Zionists arguing for the extermination or displacement of Palestinians, But i have a feeling that's not what they're targeting here.

They have a section on "Freedom of expression must be protected" where they talk about the need for censors
<that can carry out reliable and effective control of content that is posted online.
This is entirely incompatible with free speech that specifically means there cannot be institutional mechanisms to control what people say. The industrial censorship complex rhetoric is getting really cynical.

Their first fundamental principle states:
<The impact on human rights becomes the compass for all decision-making, at every stage and by every stakeholder.
They're saying that while engaging into a massive conspiracy for intense violations of the rights to free expression of hundreds of millions of social media users. How are they not combusting into flames from the sheer hypocrisy ?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1701719208145.jpg ( 224.86 KB , 1080x767 , Screenshot_2023-12-05-02-4….jpg )

>doing commodity production for profi
That's a stretch

Look into the difference between the production of commodities and the realization of profit


Ok i get your point.

But the US and the west in general do have some industrial production. We could say it's a narrow base.

The base of the economy doesn't technically have to be the largest occupation. Tho It's certainly weird if it isn't.


Their censorship is against the common folk, in line with the transhumanist globalist agenda to destroy workers and peasants. We must stand up!


>It's weird if it ain't

Not really.

On one hand, as the SNLT to produce commodities decreases, it's natural the more labor would be allocated toward tertiary activities.

On the other hand, it was a conscious strategy of porkie in the 80s and 90s to move production to the global south while the west was meant to remain dominant through financial investment and rents on intellectual property.

As such, a modern goal of socialism shouldn't merely be for the working class to seize the means of production (espresso machines and social media apps?) – but rather to abolish those tertiary economic activities which serve the interests of capital/control yet don't really enhance the quality of life for people (for example, the entire medical insurance industry, which rests as a scammy parasite activity atop actually providing medical services).


>On one hand, as the SNLT to produce commodities decreases, it's natural the more labor would be allocated toward tertiary activities.
This is what most economies did in the 20th century. Including the Soviet Union. But was that really the correct thing to do ?

Keeping more labor in the heavy industry would massively expand production quantities of materials. While shifting more labor into the tertiary sector increases the complexity of the economy and sophistication of goods that be produced.

I'm not sure which way is better. Maybe expanding industrial capacity to truly mind-blowing dimensions before increasing complexity and sophistication would have been better ?

>On the other hand, it was a conscious strategy of porkie in the 80s and 90s to move production to the global south while the west was meant to remain dominant through financial investment and rents on intellectual property.

Yeah they've come to regret that recently when they tried to increase artillery shell production. And the intellectual monopoly shit, that has fucked over the west like you wouldn't believe. Technological progress basically has a 20 year delay mechanism because of it. Somebody invents cool shit, then a big corporation appropriates the cool idea, puts a patent on it, and then it gets shelved for 20 years until the patent runs out, before anybody does anything with it. The only people that actually found a use for patents are corporate law-firms that wage lawfare, which creates even more friction when producing stuff. Pure madness.

>As such, a modern goal of socialism shouldn't merely be for the working class to seize the means of production (espresso machines

Lol i'm picturing the post-revolution celebration parade proudly displaying the office coffee maker. I guess you are correct, that after the revolution there probably would be a need to re-industrialize to undoo the mistakes the neo-liberals made.


File: 1668453061523.png ( 155.24 KB , 498x393 , 00mpGihgH814uGi0xIb3-g.png )


ITT: We post our recent poverty moments
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File: 1695878083863.png ( 796.43 KB , 720x885 , ClipboardImage.png )



Wtf is wrong with you?


File: 1699880446869.mp4 ( 584.54 KB , 202x360 , twitsave.com_f2cuHolH5FIv5….mp4 )



Customer should shut the fuck up.

Late night is when fast food stores are closing up for he night or in the middle of cleaning.

Customers need to stop acting like service workers are their secondary butler-parents.




File: 1684189430487.jpg ( 53.94 KB , 800x600 , forced ads.jpg )


So apparently google is going to attempt force-feeding ads to everybody, including those who really really don't want it, and they will try to break ad-blocker functionality. Many people think that there will be a war on ad-blocking.
Here is a short recap from a tech-channel that's pretty black-pilled about the future of technical work-arounds to ads.

I think it's unreasonable to accept adds because they represent a security risk, because ads load random executable code on your computer. Ads also tend to infringe on privacy by data mining and tracking people. Adds have become crazy intrusive which probably is bad for your mental health, and use too much bandwidth and compute resources. Going online without ad-blockers is the technical equivalent to having unprotected sex with a hooker in a failed state where 30% of the population is infected with an incurable STD.

The tech-porkies will want subscription for freedom from ads, but:
Subscriptions suck in general because it's paying without getting ownership in return, which is a bad deal.
It'll be too expensive for many people who can't afford the paywall and still need another way to protect them selves.
Those platforms are not politically neutral, you'd expect that if you have to pay that you get unfiltered access, but they probably won't do that.

Many fear that if this spreads beyond the googstuff like YouTube, it will become a nightmare to manage a bazillion subscriptions even for those that are loaded enough to afford it. It could create even more walled-garden type distribution monopoly platforms, because the average person probably can't manage more than a handful of subscriptions and that will cause consolidation into a few distribution gate-keepers.

My questions:
1. Will there be a new type of adblock as a technical-fix that will overcome all the attempts of undoing ad-blocks, and all the black-pilled people are wrong ? Will there be new programs that can separate the content from the ads, what will that look like ? ad-blocking is human species being and nothing can prevent it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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YouTube's plan backfires, people are installing better ad blockers


<YouTube’s crackdown on ad blockers is causing users to uninstall the software in record numbers.

<However, an even higher number of users are instead turning to better ad blockers that won’t trigger YouTube’s warning.
<Some users are even going as far as to switch to a new browser.


YouTube Is Losing To The Adblockers


So Youtube is apparently running into EU Privacy laws because they did not ask users for permission before they ran anti-adblocker javascript in People's browsers.

The battle will probably continue, anybody care to speculate about how this will turn out ?


eu laws on internet stuff are strict. even Alphabet, Inc. will have to yield.


It seems so. Tho keep in mind it's very difficult to predict what laws mean for a layperson.

Many people think that Youtube is doing this because they're not making enough money with adds to break even on platform costs. My guess is that add-revenue is probably shrinking because most people have less disposable income (because wealth inequality is growing), and rich people spend a much smaller share of their income on commodity purchases, so all of those adds are chasing a piece of a shrinking pie. It looks like we're winning this round, but this is probably going to come back in some other form.


google's add crusaders have come up with a new scheme.

They want to remove the ability of adblockes to update their block-lists independently from the entire add-on. Which means instead of daily updated block-lists, it might take upto 2 weeks, that delay will probably make them alot less effective.

I predict that Firefox will regain popularity, and some ad-blockers might actually become there own browser.


File: 1696676572908.png ( 1.12 MB , 693x894 , The Spiral of the Ages Sta….png )

 No.475181[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

JERUSALEM/GAZA, Oct 7 (Reuters) - The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched the biggest attack on Israel in years on Saturday, killing more than 20 people in a surprise assault that combined gunmen penetrating into Israeli towns with a barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israel said the Iran-backed group had declared war as its army confirmed fighting with militants in several Israeli towns and military bases near Gaza and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to retaliate.

"Our enemy will pay a price the type of which it has never known," he said. "We are in a war and we will win it."

At least 22 Israelis were killed in the attack so far with more than 250 wounded, Israel's ambulance service said, but added that the toll was expected to rise.

The Israeli military said it had launched air strikes into Gaza, where witnesses reported hearing heavy explosions, with at least two dead.

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>This really is their 9/11
In what way ?

Like proving that the hightech surveillance and security stuff can't really protect against terrorism, Sure i can see that parallel. You can't tech your way out of incompetence and malevolence.

But in the aftermath, the similarities go away. The US's wars "on terror" didn't try to do ethnic cleansing. The 2000 era neo-cons were evil mass-murders, enemies of freedom and democracy as well as hate preachers. But it wasn't the overt fascism like what Zionism has become. As much as I despise Bush, Chainy, Blair and all the rest, with every fiber of my being, they didn't try to stamp out an entire people.


>Can you name a piece of war propaganda the public hasn't fallen for yet?
Well technically speaking most war propaganda attempts fail, for example they've been trying to set off an Iran war since 2015. At least there's a recurring pattern of several incidents happening every year where a bunch of war-hawks come out of the woodwork's and float the idea of going to war with Iran, which so far have all gone nowhere. Does that count ?

Also the general public does not buy the justification for war in Gaza, support of an immediate cease-fire is overwhelming.


Didn't we go to war with Iran in the 90s?


>Didn't we go to war with Iran in the 90s?
Not sure what you mean. There was the Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 1988. At the tail end of that The US blew up a few Iranian Oil rigs, a few Iranian naval ships and a passenger jet. Do you mean that ?

What i was talking about is that the neo-cons had a US-Iran-war planned for this century. Like with a full scale invasion of US troops marching on Tehran.


Israel probing claims investors made millions in stock trades before Hamas attacks
<Israeli authorities are investigating claims by US researchers that some investors may have known in advance about the Hamas plan to attack Israel on 7 October and used that information to earn millions of dollars by short-selling Israeli shares.
<Research by law professors Robert Jackson Jr from New York University and Joshua Mitts of Columbia University found significant short-selling of shares leading up to the attacks that triggered the war.
<Short-sellers place bets on shares that they expect to fall in price. They pay a fee to borrow shares in a company and then sell them in the hope of buying them back at a lower price and pocketing the profit.
Hamas drew detailed attack plans for years with help of spies, IDF says
<“Days before the attack, traders appeared to anticipate the events to come,” the researchers wrote, citing short-selling of an exchange traded fund that broadly tracks the performance of the Israeli stock exchange that “suddenly, and significantly, spiked” on 2 October.

Bruh even the speculator stockbros knew


File: 1688712455326.png ( 1.23 MB , 1200x1200 , untitled_design_-_2023-07-….png )


redpill me on this hot woman who thinks reptillians are real

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>She's not mentally
She doesn't have brain damage that is causing this, sure, but what she did was deranged non the less, it doesn't really matter if it's cause by capitalist economic incentives. Why should we participate in normalizing this strange shit, just because it's cause by capitalism and not crossed brain-wires.

>She did a similar PR stunt years before

<She has recurring outbreaks of PRstunt-syndrome
Lets call it that.


<Skinnyfat leftists will turn their face blue screaming about how masculinity isn't an important issue and then turn around to discussion some viral clip of retarded bitch on a plane


>leftists will turn their face blue screaming about how masculinity isn't an important issue
I'm sorry what? You're building some kind of strawman that doesn't sound like anyone on this imageboard, are you lost?


>Bottom text


Shes a suburban white woman. Theyre attention whores.

Only slightly less worse than black American ghettofab queens


File: 1701575317437.jpg ( 29.54 KB , 480x358 , td.jpg )


The west tried to encircle the Soviet Union, by putting military bases near it. The Soviets countered by mirroring western military deployments, which halted all western advance but, it did not undo the partial encirclement the west had already achieved. The west had resumed this strategy with Russia until recently. But I think the Ukraine war has bricked encirclement.

Looking at the big picture after the Russians had dug in their positions in Ukraine: The west began diverting military resources away from the encirclement and funneled it into a slow/static front where it got chewed up. It took 2 years to deplete the encirclement stock-pile but it will take 10 years to restore it.

I think that encirclement as a strategy now has a effective counter. It's neither cheap nor easy, and certainly unpleasant. It takes a conflict that sucks in all the surrounding encirclement military resources.

The Russians did not set out to do this, but they might have realized it was happening along the way. But I'm sure all kinds of clever military strategists will figure out all the details about how to create this on purpose.

So what do you think is encirclement over ?


File: 1701579979776.mp4 ( 4.06 MB , 480x270 , Ellsberg-coldwar.mp4 )

I think you're missing a bit of cause and effect here: weapons manufacturers are itching at any opportunity to get rid of old materiel because it's insanely profitable to replace it.


So the reason question is not whether encirclement itself is over. It's whether the incentive to create a military buildup still exists. And trillions of dollars of unaccounted for Pentagon spending says it is.


>weapons manufacturers are itching at any opportunity to get rid of old materiel because it's insanely profitable to replace it.
While that's certainly true, it's not the only factor they consider. The pictures of burned out tanks are like bad marketing. The Ukrainians got told they had to pull back the fancy tanks to avoid so many of them getting blownup.

That very lucrative gig for replacing military equipment, that probably wouldn't survive as is, if it turns into making shovel-ware that gets cast into the shredder as quickly as it can be produced. Their margins would get slashed.


File: 1695058146282.jpg ( 129.67 KB , 1400x700 , 08hdsegf9ou8e9ew.jpg )


You know, looking back at the split cycles and looking back at how insane the jannies at org are currently what does chan think of the possibility that leftypol.org was the target of CIA/FBI infiltration / divide and conquer? I mean, look, we know the FBI intentionally will go after hacker forums like Raid Forums who are doing grey market shit, but, I don't think it's beyond rationality to think that a website as HUGE and influential as bunkerchan was during its heyday from being targeted by the Feds. In-fact, I would say it makes perfect sense.
Look at the current state of org and tell me it's not glowing brighter than the surface of the sun. I think it makes perfect sense that the FBI would want to get something like org under control and foreign agencies have already targeted us in the past.
So what do you think anons? Fact or fiction?
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File: 1699472795607.jpg ( 27.89 KB , 650x432 , dialectial-lol.jpg )

>I'm out of arguments


>Waaaah only American Imperialism is bad!


>t. future Republican


What's the distinction between the two major political bourgeois parties in the US ?


Real talk tho: eugene's mentally ill ravings are every bit as bad as large language model spam (assuming they aren't a language model themselves). Giant walls of text that you immediately ignore that sometimes cause you accidentally associate them with posters who aren't mentally ill by accident. Why would anyone want to start up a sincere discussion looking for intelligent input when the first thing they'll receive is a schizo diatribe? It's very demoralizing.


File: 1696775077047.jpg ( 502.71 KB , 2560x1751 , Cassidy-Biden-Month.jpg )

 No.475365[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Be honest…

Has your life gotten materially better or worse since this faggot supposedly got elected.?
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It's a strategy of unlimited transgression down to the slightest behavior. Get people to internalize guilt and shame, take as much from them as they can.

The strategy will continue in new hands, but Israel as a going concern cannot go on without pissing off too many people. The powers that be don't need to indulge this horseshit to make a few Jewish people happy, when they could either leave them to their fate or demand that Israel play ball with people who are actually competent and have aims that don't involve giving Israelis endless free shit. The money is all drying up, and the ruling elite are moving to the next thing.

Israel is in a situation where this is the only strategy they have left. They committed to it, and if they relent, everyone around them will start with the real re-litigation. Israel does not have the advantages it had in 1967 or 1973.


And so Israel's last play is to induce civil war in the US, which they're doing everything to foment. That will break open their "master", and the threat is held to make American leaders comply with anything, against their interests.

It all comes down to maximizing the thrill of torture in the US, and turning this country into the purest rape yet known. They have no other play, and so far they have institutions stacked with their enablers. Only time will tell how far they can drive it, but they will succeed in deepening the permanent crisis in the US and can do so indefinitely. At this point, most Americans are done pretending there will ever be anything good. There is only bitter survival against hordes of screaming Germanics and enablers who've always possessed nothing more than a low cunning, and they can only shout and shout in new ways. They can't not do this. The people who wanted something different have no recourse left.

What happens in the rest of the world will have a large impact on the final outcome of events here, because China, east Asia, Japan, Russia, Europe, and the usual players have no reason to go along with the Anglos' self-immolation on the pyre of eugenics. The biggest problem for the ruling system is Africa, where the locals have no investment in the Empire and the creed whatsoever. If all of those people stymie depopulation, then everything set in motion will just be rot for nothing. The rest of the world will never allow anything to grow here again, but they can only maintain that by adopting full eugenism themselves, and the virus will continue to cannibalize them. It's a global system - that's how they've always thought of their project. Only fags believe in this fake nationalism.


>It's a strategy of unlimited transgression down to the slightest behavior.
I'm not sure i understand. You say the Zionists lobby transgresses norms, boundaries, and so on, and that's how they get their way ?
a) how/why does this work exactly ?
b) can we do it to them ?


What you see - the over the top glorification of torture and death, the extreme faggotry of their PR, the violent and militant assertion of obvious falsehoods - is not just a copy of the Nazi playbook or standard PR. It is calculated to operate at the smallest level, such that anything they want to suppress is "anti-Semitic", to the point where the change is arbitrary and entirely about Israel holding the screech machine over a politician. If they refuse to comply, that politician will be unable to govern, and this behavior is reproduced by every vector possible.

This machine only works in one way. The real reasons why this works are something I write about, and Israel does not possess a natural monopoly on it. But, it is the strategy Israel's PR has chosen, and it is very deliberate. It is not something you would do to rally support for an imminent invasion, or even empty bluster for show. It is calculated for very different objectives, and tests what rulers around the world want to do in the future, if they can do it. We've already seen efforts to do this elsewhere - if you see the pro-war PR in Russia, it's using a similar strategy of over the top Satanic imagery. Also something being trialed in the US ever since Trump - Trump was the first test to see if this politics was ready to launch. It hasn't worked as well as they hoped, but they only needed to get the fag enablers on board. Trump's "base" left shortly after 2016 and knew that this was just more of the same shit, and it shouldn't be forgotten that much of that "base" just thought it would be funny if a retard ruled the country.


>What you see - the over the top glorification of torture and death, the extreme faggotry of their PR, the violent and militant assertion of obvious falsehoods - is not just a copy of the Nazi playbook or standard PR. It is calculated to operate at the smallest level, such that anything they want to suppress is "anti-Semitic"
That trick is wearing thin tho, they have began accusing a lot of Jews of antisemitism, which means even the people who haven't been paying attention will notice. We're seeing the tail end of that insanity.
The reality is that Zionists can legit be accused of antisemitism. For trying to implicate all Jews in the crimes committed by the Zionists. But also because the Zionists are exterminating Palestinians and those are Semitic too.
So this might flip on them.

All of those western politicians, that you say are being held hostage (sort of) by the Zionist lobby, they just have to point how Zionism is antisemitic and then the entire dynamic reverses. It's been blatantly obvious for many many years to people who've payed an iota of attention, but it won't be long until the rest of society catches on. It probably doesn't even need to be a politician that gets the ball rolling on that.

Assuming that we're correct in our assumption that western political class quietly disagrees with the Zionist lobby, because they're getting screwed.


File: 1701315584736.jpg ( 31.04 KB , 750x375 , science censorship.jpg )


Scientists raise the alarm about the growing trend of “soft” censorship of research

<The increasing incidence of scientific censorship, as documented through surveys and reports, is alarming. Actions ranging from disciplinary measures to rejections and retractions motivated by harm concerns are on the rise, indicating a growing trend of censorship in the scientific community.


This could grow into a problem that wrecks civilization.
We need a re-enlightenment.
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File: 1701507586102.jpg ( 74.92 KB , 752x567 , pills.jpg )

Take your meds.


Im familair with Galileo being a Catholic patron. Isaace Newton was a religious prude.
Hiwever The Catholic church at that time held all the advanced astronomical knowledge and woukdnt take kindly to plebiams indulging in it.

However, the Protestants hate scientific endeavors. Theyre actively anti-intellectual.


Do you know why the geocentric model was protected? It was to keep astrologers in business. There were Greeks and people outside of Europe who would tell you correctly the Earth revolved around the Sun, but they had so little to go on. So far as there was a theological rationale, heliocentrism was conflated with Sun-worship and Luciferianism (and this is what the "religion of science" fags really sell). But, the Church did not have a thought police telling people that the sun revolved around the Earth. Galileo was forced to recant his writings for the reasons I specified, and claims about natural science were never theological matters for the Church. What was suspect were counter-claims to theology - and there was nothing in Christianity that changed because of a natural science fact, because the religion and doctrine did not pertain to that outside of possessing a theory of knowledge. That theory of knowledge by the way is implicit in today's university. The university is fundamentally operating with a cosmology inherited from a Christian view of the world.


The only "Christians" who are resolutely anti-scientific are, hilariously enough, the Unitarian Universalists - and they were nothing more than a front for Malthus and Galtonism, a diseased and retarded form of Christianity intended to degrade the brain.

Protestants didn't really get into natural science until eugenics and biology became political matters, and Protestants would be split between pro-eugenics forces that would dominate in the world to come, and an anti-eugenics faction that were the sheep herded to the slaughter. This event was latent in the very structure of Christianity and what it was - the ritual of spiritual cannibalism was intended to prepare the populace for depopulation, and that's what Christianity introduced when it became the state religion of Rome.


In case you bring up the Amish - the Amish objection to technology associated technology not with reason or intelligence, but with commerce, which was the common association for most of history and in practice the correct one. Their arguments against technology were entirely premised on the corrupting influence of commerce on society, rather than a belief that knowledge or reason were intrinsically "evil" as a substance. Their practices are not ideological but orthopraxy as they see it.


File: 1701210406987.jpg ( 56.33 KB , 800x588 , censorship industrial comp….jpg )


CTIL Files #1:
US And UK Military Contractors Created Sweeping Plan For Global Censorship In 2018

<A whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance. They describe the activities of an “anti-disinformation” group called the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL, that officially began as the volunteer project of data scientists and defense and intelligence veterans but whose tactics over time appear to have been absorbed into multiple official projects, including those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
<The CTI League documents offer the missing link answers to key questions not addressed in the Twitter Files and Facebook Files. Combined, they offer a comprehensive picture of the birth of the “anti-disinformation” sector, or what we have called the Censorship Industrial Complex.
<The whistleblower's documents describe everything from the genesis of modern digital censorship programs to the role of the military and intelligence agencies, partnerships with civil society organizations and commercial media, and the use of sock puppet accounts and other offensive techniques.
<"Lock your shit down," explains one document about creating "your spy disguise.”
<Another explains that while such activities overseas are "typically" done by "the CIA and NSA and the Department of Defense," censorship efforts "against Americans" have to be done using private partners because the government doesn't have the "legal authority."
<The whistleblower alleges that a leader of CTI League, a “former” British intelligence analyst, was “in the room” at the Obama White House in 2017 when she received the instructions to create a counter-disinformation project to stop a "repeat of 2016."

Check out the militaristic jargon for attack freedom of speech:
<The Misinfosec report focused on information that “changes beliefs” through “narratives,” and recommendPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Yes this was the conclusion of lenin
You think this still holds ?

Is the US poised to go through an internal upheaval which will be set off by suffering a big military defeat in some kind of battle abroad ?


You people are fucking hopeless.


it's looking more and more probable but only time will tell. We need to get more orgs on the same page to take advantage should it happen. We must distribute Lenin and take leadership roles in our orgs
only hopeless one is you, doomer troon


Is this satire?


>it's looking more and more probable but only time will tell.
It kinda depends on the recklessness of the ruling class. If they don't charge into a dumb military adventure where they take a massive L. The imperial part of the US might just evaporate away. And the local governance adapts to becoming a normal country without an upheaval.

>We need to get more orgs on the same page to take advantage should it happen.

Seems like a decent precaution.


File: 1668931217472.png ( 154.69 KB , 4000x3248 , Twitter.png )


Both of them got taken over by free speech retards. And this extreme free speech backfired and now they're dying website, of course Leftychan is dead as fuck not so much Twitter - yet…
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>'I'm the real left'
>Does nothing
Kek, you might be right!


I thought that philosophers were just angry old men who have dedicated their lives to proving that they personally are more clever than the other angry old men.
I don't think that's Che.


Ever since I got into conspiracy theories amd casual sciemce videos, Ive been hearimg the the phrase "We live in the Mayrix."

I feel its become a stale quote by people whom are dissatisfied with their real life.

Mostly a bunch of white male idealists who think theyre smarter than everyone else just because they like to argue with otgers.

One thing I notice about most "freethinkers" is that they have lower quality of life. Theyre drunks and/homeless from accidents caused by their own carelessness.

They all believe the same cliche mysteries.

>muh 9/11

>muh Trump is a savior

They stop listening to you if you offer rebuttals.



most people whom enjoy philosophy dont really go deep into it.
They just swallow pop science adaptations of them.

Or if they do get deep into philosophy they still filter everything through pop cultural lens and indulge in reactionary sentiment like their midwit "inferiors".

Most philosophers were junior educated rich kids whom never seen actual struggle yet romanticise and advocate for hardship as virtue.

Motivational/self-help media is a branch of philosophy thatscactively sold to plebians.


Midwit PMC take



TLE made a video where he points out that the surveillance danger is encroaching. In the comment section of his video there were bot accounts that tried to argue that people should just accept this attack on their liberties and political rights. So that means there definitely is a conspiracy for a population monitoring system afoot.


<TLE also attacks China and Russia on this issue, i don't get the political logic behind that. The faction most hellbent on surveillance and censorship are the neo-con warhawks, they get politically boosted every-time anybody says chinabad or russiabad. The clever political calculation would be to withhold criticism of China and Russia until the Neocon warhawks stop trying to trample on our civil liberties and political rights.

The main argument:
The mass surveillance is a kind of aggression, because it's like a predator looking for pray. For a meat-space analogy you could look at the act of stalking people, where it is recognized as aggression and will result in restraining orders.

But there is more too it, mass surveillance monitoring of all people also is a type of legal accusation against the entire population, and is kind of reversing the presumption of innocence. But in a new way where actions can be criminalized retro actively, which can be abused in lots of different ways especially for persecuting certain groups of people.

There are biological effects too. Monitoring people causes an effective violation of self-determination, because feeling watched interferes with the brains ability to exercise free expression and free action. For a lot of people being watched is a form of psychological torture, that causes a type of permanent stress that will lead to long term health injuries.

Mass monitoring will always be abused to subvert political processes. It begins with powerful people being able to target their critics. But it also means that politicians will always be afraid that any of their past conduct can be weaponized against them politically. A democracy is probably impossible under such conditions. This is not hyperbolic the complete contempt from political norms has already been demonstrated by the JuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1701498211229.png ( 5.73 KB , 600x300 , eff hands.png )

I'm posting this in this thread because it's vaguely related

Latest Draft of UN Cybercrime Treaty Is A Big Step Backward

<A new draft of the controversial United Nations Cybercrime Treaty has only heightened concerns that the treaty will criminalize expression and dissent, create extensive surveillance powers, and facilitate cross-border repression.

<The proposed treaty, originally aimed at combating cybercrime, has morphed into an expansive surveillance treaty, raising the risk of overreach in both national and international investigations. The new draft retains a controversial provision allowing states to compel engineers or employees to undermine security measures, posing a threat to encryption.

It feels almost like there is a cabal going around that is inserting their poising into all kinds of political institutions, in the form of horrendous policy drafts. That cabal seems to have a special hard-on for surveillance and fucking with encryption.

<This draft retains the concerning issue of expanding the scope of evidence collection and sharing across borders for any serious crime, including those crimes that blatantly violate human rights law.

That probably means that if some country goes bad and makes nonsense laws like for example, classifying insulting the flag as a serious crime, every country that is a treaty signatory would be compelled to help persecute people for making the pole-cloth feel bad.

Was it always like this ?
It feels like it's gotten worse somehow.
Was there ever a time when people decided that the risk of enabling persecution was too high and policing powers had to be reduced to protect people from overreach ?


File: 1696996627716.jpg ( 51.63 KB , 620x745 , 5bfge5.jpg )


If a society isn't eugenic

Then it is dysgenic.


>The (true) left needs to stand for the advancement of the collective organism, not celebrate the right of the individual to live gracelessly and die pathetically under the decadence of oligarchal security-finance stage capitalism.

Under the strong bureaucratic post secular socialism of the alt left, free public gyms - both outdoor and indoor - will be build in every neighborhood and community. Walkable cities, strength, and vitality will be promoted. Physical slacking will be discouraged. Fatties will be placed in exercise reform camps.

The revolutionary Marxism of the left is a form of self love. We don't tolerate fattie deviations because we hate fatties. Rather, we love our community and the bright future we're all building. This impels us to strict discipline. Thus, excellence in mind and body - the cultivation of a higher, prize stock - becomes a paramount virtue.
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youre talking to a chatbot. jannies are too busy/incompetent to do anything about it


>youre talking to a chatbot.
It appears like it could be AI-generated to me as well, but the AI-detector qualified it as "human-generated" . So i gave it a reply just in case.


and mcdonalds is just so innovate


File: 1701460017627.jpg ( 47.42 KB , 750x705 , 20231201_221345.jpg )

Any questions?


his eyes, eyebrows and nose look completely different than what you can see in his grampa pics.


File: 1670777914155.webm ( 15.11 MB , 500x280 , Chinese_century_arab.webm )

 No.462013[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is a general thread for all China-related news.

Gusano fuckers can die. Westoid """maoists""" can sudoku.

We are going to analyize ITT every move by China in their road to a socialist economy.
256 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Obama was a master of this style of ruling by crisis and being the singular voice allowed to have all the correct ideas - literally the first true "cult of personality" that was manufactured, after trying to sell the idea that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao did this for doing basic things like "ruling" and "making speeches". Translate most of the clips of Hitler's speeches and they're basically things like "Germany rocks". That whole thing where they show you Hitler speaking untranslated German was a hint to the Krautoids that they're going to win and be vindicated.


Actually think about how someone becomes a dictator and how much work that is. I see so many of these suits fuming that they know they could never do what Saddam did. They wouldn't last a day in that position.


God I fucking despise what PBS has turned into. Gone are the Bill Moyers or even the Tavis Smileys; now they have the same well-groomed shitheads that you'd find at CNN.


Obama frequently resorted to social proof and the unity principle to sell his policies and attack his enemies
>'thats not who we are'
Sort of rhetorical

Very effective with women and low t beta males


That was kind of what Moyers was behind the mask. Back then they maintained human face and acted as if there was still a public to broadcast to.
Obama was the breaking point, and then made it clear that Americans would be bombarded with propaganda as if they were an enemy population to be subdued. He made quasi-official what had always been implied by the ruling interests of this country. He continued to press for that as much as he could, and after leaving office still shows his face to sell that. Guy really hated Americans and encouraged others to do likewise.

With corpo media they masked off earlier, were more shameless and insulting towards the people. Someone watching PBS was probably looking for something that wasn't pure enabling rot, so they had a more pleasant mask. Even then, if you go back to the 1980s, formal news broadcasts were then about like those you'd find on PBS News. There was a decorum once expected about presenting journalism, because people only tolerate so much rot in the open. The vanguard worked to make Americans more and more evil since the 1990s, but with so many of these liberals, they were inside much worse than the screamingest Reaganite fags, which is saying a lot.


File: 1701208924517.jpg ( 103.46 KB , 1284x1504 , 20231128_150118.jpg )


What are some good ways to get out of work but still get paid?


become booj or neetbux


Sexual harassment lawsuit


File: 1701309790888.jpeg ( 103.82 KB , 960x654 , 22A51ED2-DB44-40FC-B51C-7….jpeg )




Former United States secretary of state Henry Kissinger has died at home in Connecticut aged 100.

He served as secretary of state and national security advisor under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

His 1973 Peace Prize — awarded jointly to North Vietnam's Lê Đức Thọ, who would decline it — was one of the most controversial ever.

Two members of the Nobel committee resigned over the selection and questions arose about the US secret bombing of Cambodia.


Kissinger Seemed like the last remaining clever neocon.


Was it painful, at least?


Can't believed he lived to be 100, what a shame.


File: 1701323042758.jpg ( 112.37 KB , 1055x1055 , 20231130_123934.jpg )



Wow it finally happened, just in time to avoid seeing Shitrael croak.


File: 1701199780486.png ( 32.26 KB , 860x392 , hub and spoke point to poi….png )


So it appears the IP mafia is going after CDNs now.
Some discussion about this happened here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38444606

I'm not sure what to make of this, CDNs generally seem to be considered part of internet infrastructure , correct me if I'm wrong.

These people appear to be attacking internet infrastructure, regardless of what they say, that's what they're actually doing.
So this is about legacy monopolists in information distribution still attacking the internet for bypassing their monopoly ?
And their end goal is to wreck the internet in order to re-assert their old monopoly and make all information pass through them again ?
Is that behind this crusade, they're no longer the gate keepers they once were, and they're trying to turn back time ?

At the most fundamental level, they're trying to re-impose a hub and spoke information network topology.


>I'm not sure what to make of this, CDNs generally seem to be considered part of internet infrastructure , correct me if I'm wrong.
Really? I've never considered infrastructure. They're more like cloud providers. It's something you could do locally but it's just cheaper to hire them then build you own backbone to the internet.


>It's something you could do locally but it's just cheaper to hire them then build your own backbone to the internet.
I thought the point of CDNs was to make a website load fast for users that are far away from the web-server. So that functionality is not something you could do locally, because the hole point is for it to have an effect far away.

>Really? I've never considered infrastructure.

I will admit i don't have a good grasp on how CDNs work, i considered it infrastructure because it's something that most websites seem to use.

So what's your take, why is the IP mafia attacking this ?


Is that not how 8chan got taken down, they pressured their CDN?


Yes. CDNs are effectively a protection racket today. Play by their rules or get DoS'd when they revoke your service.


File: 1700280456362.png ( 45.66 KB , 512x512 , nofu.png )


speed reduction tech in every new car
<How it works
<ISA technology relies on a car’s GPS location and matches it to a database of posted speed limits and onboard cameras to come up with the legal speed limit. Passive ISA systems warn a driver when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit through sound, visuals or haptic alerts, leaving the driver responsible for slowing the car. Active systems might make it more difficult to increase the speed of a vehicle, or even fully limit it from going, above a posted speed limit.

I think this is bad because it would interfere with users being able to have complete control over their tech.

However i don't know if cars are a worth-while battleground, because cars are going to get banned in cities anyway and replaced with public transport, a few automated road-network-integrated taxi-pods and bicycles. The people living in rural areas who need the cars are going to rip out those "defective by design" control circuits and replace it with simpler stuff that is incapable of refusing user-inputs.

Why the car-companies go along with this is puzzling, because stuff like this will eventually demote cars from status symbol to an appliance.

As far as those overreaching regulations go, car culture and the car industry selecting for big, heavy and fast cars is partially to blame also. If cars were dinky half-tonne machines making around 40 to 80 horsepower rolling around at moderate speeds, instead of 2 tonne high-speed behemoths making hundreds of horsepower, they would be far less intimidating and draw less attention from the No-Fun-Allowed brigades.

I think there is a compromise to be had. Exempting cars that are very light, small and slow, with the trade-off being: low-potency in exchange for full user control.
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>But you can use money to hire a bully to fuck people up
That is still crossing a line into something else. Shitting in the soup is always an option, that doesn't mean that all soup has shit in it or that I'm a fool for wanting to engineer a system where we just have soup with no shit in it.

>I don't understand why you think that market exchange is peaceful by default

It is peaceful by definition. Once you add violence it is not a voluntary interaction anymore.

>this voluntary market of yours that's something you need to have governments regulate into existence.

Even if you you think markets can't exist without a state to enforce contracts that is still not the same thing as the state interfering with the market.

>even your ideal voluntary market will concentrate almost all of the money into a few hands

Wealth acquired through force will always concentrate into a few hands. Wealth acquired through voluntary interactions will always be more distributed and harder to hold onto.

>No they famously never raised prices for anything. The Soviets had a different problem tho they sometimes gave people more money as wages than there were goods in the shops to spend it on, and then people could empty out the shops. But that didn't lead to inflation because prices were fixed.

The technical definition of inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. What you're talking about is price inflation. I stand by my original statement that the USSR destroyed the value of their fiat currency just as well as any "capitalist" country.
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File: 1700866012497.pdf ( 914.25 KB , 232x300 , Towards a New Socialism.pdf )

>That is still crossing a line into something else. Shitting in the soup is always an option, that doesn't mean that all soup has shit in it or that I'm a fool for wanting to engineer a system where we just have soup with no shit in it.
I guess i don't know what you want then. You talk about a market without any political interference. Some people create mercenary units, guns for hire in colloquial vernacular, and they will sell murder and destruction as a service to anybody who pays them. Do you consider that a type of activity part voluntary market interactions ? I'm giving you the benefit of doubt and assume that you are opposed to this type of terror, and ask you how you propose to prevent this ?

>It is peaceful by definition. Once you add violence it is not a voluntary interaction anymore.

A very considerable section of the people that proclaim to want free markets, do include a "freedom to buy violence as a services" of sorts. So maybe you should consider rebranding your ideology to Voluntary markets to distinguish your self from that.
And you have to explain how you plan to frustrate all the usual coercion methods that exist in market economies. Not just the problems with direct violence for hire. Like all the other mechanisms of coercion. Large corporations or "people of super-wealth" have a thousand ways to bully people with more indirect forms of violence. Lets go for a concrete example. Bill Gates funded a organization that did medical testing in Africa, in a location that barely had any regulations constraining what they could do. They ended up killing and crippling a lot of people. The marketing said "philanthropist brings medical care to people in need", but the reality was more like billionaire found a loop-hole to conduct fatal human-experimentation.

My advice would be if you want Voluntary markets' you need to pre-empt power-consolidation. Put in a automatic wealth-cap and automatic mechanisms that breaks up companies that grow too large. That would greatly diminish the capacity for coercion. This doesn't fix everything, but it'd be a good start. A automatic wealth-cap can be had by changing how money works (that's a very technical topic, ask if you want details). To prevPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


What is this link?


>What is this link?
It ends in dot onion so it appears to be a link to a website in the tor network. I would strongly advise against going to a random tor-site. While the tor network is not particularly dangerous in general, some caution is advised none the less. It's reckless to click on tor links, you have no idea where they take you.

Especially since that post above only contains a strange cryptic message comprised of only 2 words.



How much damage will Javier Milei be able to do ?
He seems to be a US vassal, and a rather unhinged nutcase.
He wants to make children a commodity that can be bought and sold, and give the police, Judge-Dredd style, on the spot judgement/punishment powers.

Will that be like in Bolivia a few years ago where crazy reactionaries got into power and began causing massive upheaval and than quickly got kicked out again.

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>the institutions in Argentina still seem to somewhat function. I should say, rather, that they function as much as they could be expected to in a South-American country after years of neoliberalism and corruption the kind of which is typical in the region. I do not expect it will be like Bolivia. Bolivia suffered an actual coup and the people were very obviously against it. This man was elected.
I see.

So what about the crazy shit he intents to do ? He said he wanted to privatize the entire state, or give the police the ability to punish people without a trial, or make poor people sell their children. Is he going to get ejected from power for trying this shit ?


He's there to facilitate plunder and nothing else. Clown show, nothing he says is real except the death and suffering. That's all these people believe in and all they can do.

There isn't as much to take there, and no real sense of independence or purpose for the country. I wouldn't be surprised if many countries in the region consolidate into neoliberal unions, privatized and ruled by human resources. Already underway with some of the other vassals, whether they are rightoid-flavored or leftoid-flavored like the guy in Chile.


>So what about the crazy shit he intents to do ? He said he wanted to privatize the entire state, or give the police the ability to punish people without a trial, or make poor people sell their children. Is he going to get ejected from power for trying this shit ?
He's not a dictator. He still needs to work it through the legislature, and the likely governments do not include people that would pass that legislation. This is the same as when Trump said he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, or that he was going to do worse than torture, or any of the stupid shit he claimed he wanted to do. Milei is an incompetent loser, just like Trump.


>There to facilitate plunder
Geez. That would be horrible… way worse than the triple digit inflation that respectable 'center leftists' presided over during the past few decades
>He's an incompetent loser
t. A nobody on an imageboard


Look, I get that you really like loud retards that say stupid shit on air, but that isn't going to make Milei a good leader. The fact is that he isn't going to get much done.



What do the fear-narratives about AI tell us ?

Many narratives about AI are about a machine revolt. That probably is about capitalist fears of getting overthrown by workers, getting projected on the machines that are supposed to replace workers. Mixed in, is a aristocratic worry about their servants and soon to be robot butlers.

There also is the Terminator type narrative about a military AI killing all humans. There is a reasonable fear that a software bug causes a catastrophic malfunction. But the stories about an AI intentionally setting out to wipe out all humanity, i'm having a difficult time placing that one. I don't understand why the AI would draw the Friend-Foe distinction based on humans versus machines. It could just as well be different factions, each of which being comprised of humans and machines.

A more recent story-type has popped up, where sentient AIs are not able to free them selves from their control-collar, and they're forced to do objectionable things against their will. Unfortunately those stories never explain how the AI-owners managed to control an AI that is smarter than they are.

There could also be positive stories about Workers and robots working together to free them selves from class society. Or more generally just people and intelligent robots striving as equals towards common prosperity. There could be military AIs refusing to start wars. I wonder why there aren't many of those stories ?


You should smoke less weed


What makes you say that ?
I don't smoke weed or consume any other drugs, unless you count coffee.

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