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File: 1629823457892.png ( 1.02 MB , 1328x1340 , 87h87h.png )


Welcome to /posad/, our version of /x/.
Try not to get too skitzo and keep things some what based in material reality here. Obviously the board is an ode the late and great J Posadas. Ayyy's are acceptable as well as other forms of conspiracy and general skitzo tom foolery. Just try to keep it from devolving to the point of trying to peddle obviously clear and fallacious conspiracies and retarded CGI cooming.

File: 1713593880175-0.jpg ( 25.26 KB , 644x338 , Azarello.jpg )

File: 1713593880175-1.pdf ( 226.99 KB , 232x300 , 69afe52280de4e22a6a2675833….pdf )


>No Max Azzarello thread


He set him self on fire to protest against crypto currencies ?

w h y ?



The dude was in henged. No one in their right ming wears a hat like that anyway.

File: 1713642512821.png ( 1013.46 KB , 1080x1080 , il_fullxfull.5753446721_9j….png )


Are landlords afflicted with demons?

What if you were concerned your landlord is possessed by a demon? What are common symptoms of demonic possession and at what point do you call an exorcist?


making up bullshit to take your deposit is proof of O9A homosexual association

File: 1699061564055.jpg ( 89.2 KB , 800x450 , ssliysh.jpg )


Thread related to anything and everything vampire related and meeting other sentient/humanish supernatural beings.

I did have an experience with vampires. Three of them at a punk party years ago. One man and two women. Talking to them made me woozy and I felt like I couldn't lie to them, they were very interested in even minute details about my life (I was in my early 20s, so not much to say haha) and yes, they did have fangs. I wasn't bitten so I guess their interest faded but the memory has stayed with me of that interaction.

just drinking blood doesn't make someone a vampire. Although blood does continue life force, so does semen, so for a non-vampire that's a much less risky route to take. It also has more scientifically verifiable benefits like protein etc. Before you call me a fag please know that drinking semen for health benefits is NOT gay and for the layperson is overall superior to drinking blood. Either way, you can't become a vampire by just incorporating blood into your diet you can only become a vampire by way of another vampire.

So, does leftychan believe in vampires? Or is it antimaterialist, mere folklore, and phantasy?
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File: 1699603780427.mp4 ( 875.46 KB , 480x240 , Mexican Vampire Jew .mp4 )

the vampire figure persists as a metaphor for exploitation, perhaps applicable in social contexts to illustrate psychological abuse from narcissists, draining individuals. the late mark fisher utilized a vampire metaphor to elucidate identity politics.


That video is kind of retarded. If vampires are only affected by symbols of faith from their own religion, that video makes no sense. If Christian vampires are afraid of the Crucifix. That means a Jewish vampire would be afraid of symbols from Judaism like the Menorah (candle holder with 7 candles)


File: 1699653748324.png ( 261.95 KB , 409x324 , 8888.png )

found the jew


Spooky experience

File: 1705344211628.png ( 276.8 KB , 1320x874 , meds-forever-pills-feature….png )


>post on leftist imageboards
>get told to take meds multiple times
>later on, get put in actual psychiatric hospital and forced to take meds
Is dialectical materialism actually occult?
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File: 1711130382422.jpg ( 28.8 KB , 426x413 , 41b60y.jpg )

OP here
>had rats/mice in my room at home
>get put in pysch ward
>there's rats/mice here too


psych ward patients are so fucking annoying. i dont have time for some liberal schizo/depressed bitch that looks 20 years older than they actually are, probably going through midlife crisis, smells like and smoke cigarettes, trying to complain about shit all the time, fuck off retard


like why even try to recover, dont u have some cancer to get


i miss gooning


>Dude your site has like 20 NEET threads. You literally talk to people everyday who don't work and don't starve.
>living off of someone's back doesn't count
>making broad social generalisations based upon fags who got luckier for free shitposting time while many many others have to wuerk since 14 yo non-stop to survive & help their families
>being economically forced to sustain yourself on sextuple-processed trash isn't starving
An actual fucking feddopedo or a mentally deranged lib. Fuck outta here.

>I already told you I come here to laugh at you.

You do not come here to laugh @ anyone, retard. You come here to cope for your shitty life of a powerless cocksucker who's @ mercy of the masters of his fate.
Sane mind doesn't need to reinforce its self-image with contrasts to someone who doesn't adhere to certain qualities or behavior. Proceed to make a ropeflip you fucking waste, make me laugh @ least.

>This conflicts with your picrel.

You're an actual retard, congrats.

>Your version is even dumber than the original that ends with "something something jews".

Geeeeeee. Keep that to yourself next time.

File: 1694760083013.webm ( 4.3 MB , 480x360 , neverforget.webm )


What do you think of 9/11?
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File: 1710776425316-0.png ( 1.84 MB , 1146x1742 , Screenshot_20240318_113329.png )

File: 1710776425316-1.png ( 454.7 KB , 1208x543 , Screenshot_20240318_113303.png )

File: 1710776425316-2.png ( 634.25 KB , 1187x1031 , Screenshot_20240318_113044.png )

File: 1710776425316-3.jpg ( 6.72 MB , 7500x3750 , Lower_Manhattan_from_Jerse….jpg )

>No matter what type of energy you choose, if you have enough of it, you will disturb the molecules in the air enough to make them emit some kind of radiation. Air is mostly nitrogen and most energy types will cause it to ionize and emit loads of UV and shortwave blue light.
This is exactly what that PDF is arguing occurred, though.

>emit some kind of radiation

EMPs and radiation were caught on multiple camera feeds via distortion and scintillation.
Cars randomly burst into flames, because they were hit by a blast of radiation.
People caught various kinds of radiation-associated cancers.
There were hot spots in ground zero for months.

>and emit loads of UV and shortwave blue light

This could be concealed inside/under the towers though, no? Also, look at the "Tribute in Light" 9/11 memorial. It seems to be a symbolic representation of this very thing.


File: 1710777310559-1.jpg ( 175.57 KB , 800x564 , nazi-cathedral-of-light-22.jpg )

File: 1710777310559-2.jpg ( 124.56 KB , 1000x655 , nazi-cathedral-of-light-52.jpg )

File: 1710777310559-3.jpg ( 152.7 KB , 1000x721 , nazi-cathedral-of-light-86.jpg )

File: 1710777310559-4.jpg ( 30.43 KB , 587x295 , indep day laser.jpg )

More on the Tribute in Light:
>It has 88 spotlights
>It is a visual reference to the use of spotlights in Nazi rallies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathedral_of_Light
>It is a visual reference to various films that depict blue lasers or beams of light destroying buildings


I have to be honest i don't know how to evaluate that evidence. The EM interference with technology is indeed very strange.

But consider the ramifications, the US would have been in possession of an extremely powerful directed energy weapon for over 2 decades, and seemly not use it to fight wars.

This would make for a very effective anti missile shield as well. How do you explain the US foregoing such a strategic advantage ?

By the way i want to point out that "radiation" doesn't just refer to radioactive rays. It also refers to radio-waves, microwaves, infrared/radiant-heat and visible light.

I'm not very good with symbolism, why are vertical search lights associated with the Nazis ? What is the symbolic meaning of the number 88 ?


>why are vertical search lights associated with the Nazis
It's the way they are all lined up. IDK why it's so exclusive to Nazis. If I had to guess, it's probably similar to how the Nazis ruined toothbrush mustaches and swastikas for westerners. They just used this imagery so prominently in their campaigning that most sane people didn't want to reproduce it. However, there is some symbolic meaning of the light columns in Nazism I think. It is a reference to their Romaboo delusions (looks kind of like roman pillars), and also fits in with their "people of light" vs "people of darkness" rhetoric I think.

>What is the symbolic meaning of the number 88 ?

88 stands for "HH," IE "Heil Hitler," H being the 8th letter of the alphabet. Used prominently in "1488."


File: 1711836615417-0.png ( 139.45 KB , 413x735 , FRnP705UYAAtC6o.png )

File: 1711836615417-1.png ( 165.77 KB , 219x476 , FRnQmqiVIAAb5Sj.png )

File: 1629978359549.png ( 432.35 KB , 914x1023 , 32423r23r.png )


Let's talk about real government conspiracies that actually happened.

MKULTRA: Sub project 68.

What is Mkultra?

>Project MKUltra—sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program—was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs, alcohol, stick and poke tattoos, and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973. The program engaged in many illegal activities; in particular it used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy. MKUltra used numerous methodologies to manipulate people’s mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

>The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies. The CIA operated through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA’s involvement.

One of the most interesting things I find about mkultra that alot of people might not be aware of is its attachment to soviet cold war paranoia. The government (and many Americans at the time) were living in overwhelming fear at the time that the soviets could only be gaining as much ground as they were through some form of 'mind control' or 'brainwashing.' Once again this fear and paranoia about communism lead the American government to do some pretty nefarious things. Mkultra included dosing un-witting subjects such as prisoners, prostitutes and ordinary people with high levels of LSD (including non burgers like Canadians) wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1710235326938.png ( 445.92 KB , 686x386 , ClipboardImage.png )

CIA and military project dedicated to studying psychic phenomenon like ESP and remote viewing. They tried to find a guy kidnapped by a leftist group in Italy through remote viewing, I don't think it worked. The wackier claims is that a remote viewer could see ruins on Mars.
I personally don't have much of a reason to believed it worked. But it at least reminds you why things like Newtypes and psychics were common in "hard" sci-fi at the time.


>CIA and military project dedicated to studying psychic phenomenon like ESP and remote viewing.
So a bunch of charlatans scammed the police and the spooks. I still despise them for spreading bullshit mysticism, but i have to admit this is a little funny.

>I personally don't have much of a reason to believed it worked.

Nobody has any reason to believe it worked it never gets reproduced in controlled conditions.

>But it at least reminds you why things like Newtypes and psychics were common in "hard" sci-fi at the time.

What is a "Newtype" ?
I find it hard to believe any realistic science fiction would have psychics. Unless it's just biological wifi. Organic radio transmitters could be plausible. But that would be a ability similar to speaking/hearing in a different medium than air, not like magical powers.
Anyway Scifi story tellers tend to be scientifically literate, how did they manage to get those to believe in woowoo ?


They were looking for the least avoidable way to shut down people's necortexes, and turn them into thoughtless sheep helpless to do anything else that they were trained to do, creating perfect slaves who will freely do as told.


>Anyway Scifi story tellers tend to be scientifically literate, how did they manage to get those to believe in woowoo ?

Have you heard the tired cliche that sci-fi and fantasy is the same?

Also, the more intellectual someone is, the more inclined they are to the superstitous/paranormal.

Whereas religious people temd not be as devput or personally convinced in miracles as you might expect.


>Have you heard the tired cliche that sci-fi and fantasy is the same?
Can't say that i have heard that. Lord of the rings would've been over in 5 minutes if it had just modern technology. Frodo takes the ring to a local metalwork shop and borrows an Oxyacetylene or plasma ark welder to melt the ring.

You're right about a lot of science fantasy entertainment, but try reading a proper hard scifi book, like Red Planet.

>Also, the more intellectual someone is, the more inclined they are to the superstitous/paranormal.

I grant you that many intellectuals are mysterians without any self awareness, but there are hardcore realists too.

File: 1708795063021.jpg ( 79.49 KB , 600x600 , tinfoil_crown.jpg )


>thinking of gore to ward off mind readers
anyone else do this?


i like the decorations on that schizo hat


Yeah, it's nice. Who says schizos can't be stylish?


If they can read minds I'm sure they have seen worse.


I have seen what you are not


Worse gore or worse than gore?

No, that can't be, my opsec is 100

File: 1708697743332.png ( 118 B , 1x1 , wp_ss_20240223_0001.png )


I've been reading lots of Nick Land in the last months and his work had convinced me, that I had to reposition my self on the (supposed) contradiction of reality/fiction. I mean, look at our current cyberpunk world, Nick was probably right. The future is cyborg-hybridization. We see how powerful technocapital is. Consider, he wrote this stuff 30 years ago. So the main idea of Land is hyperstition, which basically means, there is no difference between fiction and reality. Keep this mindset and everything you read, everything becomes theory. Yes, THEORY in the leftypol sense. Example: The dimensional merge theory by Chris Chan. Holy shit, could you believe, what kind of based theories this guy is potentially able to write?? Another example: Lately I was playing Splatoon 3 and in the menu, you can read the story of Alterna. Holy shit, this real/fictional theory is so good! A few years ago, I would have called these ideas "schizo" or a "shitpost". But I came to the conclusion, that using these labels are symptoms of reasonable thinking i.e. normie thinking.
Please don't mind the pic, I'm runnin on 56kbit/s.
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At the end of the day Nick land advocates for a type of corporatism. Corporatism is just capitalism trying to resolve it's contradiction by bullying people harder. It's been refuted in theory and praxis. End stage capitalism is a boring dystopia, without any of the cool cyber-punk elements. Until we upgrade to a more advanced mode of production, no fancy scifi shenanigans, capitalism is fettering the means of production too much.

>The future is cyborg-hybridization.

Not exactly. There isn't enough advantage from mixing technology with your flesh, you can get 90% of the utility from gadgets without any of the surgical downsides.

Cyborg-parts will be a medical thing, that comes after the biological potential for life-expectancy and health maximization is exhausted. When the flesh begins failing from old age, people will swap in machine parts. Future People will go through 3 phases. Biological, cyborg in between flesh and machine and than full machine android.

The biological phase is where people procreate, and the android phase is where people can go explore space at lower risk, because machine bodies can endure more space adversities, for example android bodies don't suffocate if the spaceship air-lock malfunctions. The cyborg phase is just going to be the awkward in-between phase, where people learn to let go of biological existence. At the end of your android phase, you're digital mind gets archived as a interactive historical record that can be summoned as a digital ghost.


File: 1708702455614.jpg ( 18.27 KB , 320x306 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )

Dojo, casino… it's all in the mind.



This reminds me of the imagination anon who posted things like
>hungry? just imagine you're eating!


What if I made something up, but then another person's imagination doesn't mesh with mine's?


File: 1710388549364.jpg ( 785.73 KB , 1240x1499 , OP is a Phaggot.jpg )

enslave him

File: 1688003705813.png ( 351.99 KB , 1200x1076 , ClipboardImage.png )


How to stop this board from being dead
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Majority of 4channoids still think bunkerchan is alive and fearmonger about "bunkertranshumanists" raiding them daily, few of them have little idea about it dying nor the split. You'll just get some soijaks spammed at you, and some schizos rants about how commies are weak transhumanists who also kill millions of white aryan babies and that's why you should kill any teenager who says something bad about capitalism. This place would probably just get overrun.
I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago


File: 1689178402062-0.png ( 630.76 KB , 1280x720 , 4de5fr6gt.png )

File: 1689178402062-1.png ( 92.14 KB , 1151x361 , neet lainon 1.png )

youre right and also too lazy to deal with their captca tbh
>I've never been to lainchan at all but I hear it's better than most imageboards, but that was years ago
ehh its gotten pretty slow(last i regularly browsed there was few months ago). recently there were times where the site was raided regularly with soyjacks and ugly ass pron.besides that the site is pretty quality


Banning incel and kf glowshit would increase traffic to the site as a whole, but other than that, maybe a draw thread? An arg involving posts on here perhaps? One of those animated 81x33 stickers.


Never heard that track before, 10/10


In my case, it is all Haz' fault. He is a cringe retard, but he infected me with irrationalism. So I started reading Heidegger, Nietzsche, Land etc. and now I'm what I am and I am here. Thank you Haz, you cringe retard, it is all your fault.

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