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Welcome to /posad/, our version of /x/.
Try not to get too skitzo and keep things some what based in material reality here. Obviously the board is an ode the late and great J Posadas. Ayyy's are acceptable as well as other forms of conspiracy and general skitzo tom foolery. Just try to keep it from devolving to the point of trying to peddle obviously clear and fallacious conspiracies and retarded CGI cooming.

File: 1662069346891.jpg (167.16 KB, 841x1200, Buddhism - Monks - 300 dpi….jpg)


What is the Marxist/materialist understanding of Buddhism? Have Marxists ever made an attempt to codify the tenants of Buddhism? I am unsure if Buddhism is to idealistic to even work with in the frame work of Marxism.

I kind of take after Zezik anyways that ideology is a trashcan for us to plunder. I think Marx had the most influential thoughts and ideals but I think we can also implement stoicism and Buddhism into our every day lives to help us with the current moment.

Stoics believed not in giving up everything but being un swayed by fickle actions that do not effect the greater good of society. Such as gossip. I think this fits into the narrative of Marxism but Buddhism takes it further. I think that Buddhist are right too. Like Marxists, but, they are in the other direction. Philosophically there are a couple ways to escape suffering. You can do as Marx advocated and change the material reality. You can envelope yourself in philosophy and science. Or you can do as Buddhists advocate and let go of everything worldly and impermanent. Now I ilagree with both Marx and Buddhism here but I am curious of how I can incorporate Buddhism and some of the teachings with out giving up my beliefs that the world can be a better place. I guess I kind of answered my own question but I am more seeking advice as to how.


>What is the Marxist/materialist understanding of Buddhism?
It was used to justify caste systems so expect the ideological content to be very reactionary.
You can do the meditation praxis, that's supposedly very good if you remove all the idealist content, and treat it as a breathing and concentration exercise

>Philosophically there are a couple ways to escape suffering. You can do as Marx advocated and change the material reality. You can envelope yourself in philosophy and science. Or you can do as Buddhists advocate and let go of everything worldly and impermanent.

No that is wrong, suffering can only be ended by changing material conditions. The rest is just rich people telling poor people they can be happy without stuff, and they will get justice in the next life. And that's a lie, the only life you get is your worldly existence.


I mean, yeah, I understand the nature of the Stoic and Eastern philosphies to justify caste syste,s and slavery and shit, but, can't we take it apart and use what we can to help us at least suffer less under capitalism while also utilizing materialism and class awareness to over throw the chains of capital all together?

File: 1661145677673.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220821-221835.png)


What would you do in this situation?


Holy shit that is so horrifying to think about.


That body just sat there for 2 years? I was thinking some people live down there and would have used the body as rape meat on day 2 at least.


If you go down there you should bring extra batteries for your flashlight


People live in the catacombs? I know uyghas live in sewers in major cities. It wouldn't surprise me.


Apparently it's a hoax.

File: 1660246806530.webm (3.78 MB, 640x436, schizo.webm)


also post best schizo vids.


The only thing I am really sure of is aliens other than that I fuck around with tarrot shit but that's mostly for fun. Some people are ok with being skitzos.

File: 1659905875651.jpg (94.47 KB, 720x1600, IMG-20220807-WA0005.jpg)


Want to go into astrology. Any books recomendations?




Why would you get into astrology unironically?
You can't be Both a Marxist and some faggot witch or whatever.




File: 1659948067232-0.jpg (588.18 KB, 725x1097, 9780892817634.jpg)

File: 1659948067232-1.jpg (214.85 KB, 429x648, 9780892812509.jpg)


File: 1630439491792.jpg (115.96 KB, 786x806, dark matter.jpg)


Here is an introduction to the M.O.N.D. hypotheses which assumes that dark matter does not exist

The "MOND people" are motivated to drop dark matter because it does not have empirical evidence.
No detector has been able to find the dark matter particles even after decades of trying. That means there are no direct measurements and that makes many materialists a bit skeptical, as well as restless to move on to different theoretical models.

This is a riveting tale about gravity, the shape of galaxies and the speed of stars.

What do you think about dark matter ?
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> reference point of an individual on the earth
I think you are getting some terms mixed up, for an understanding of why GR becomes involved when talking about spacetime between different points in the universe this is a good summary.



File: 1630484479357.gif (777.62 KB, 272x200, 162943207846.gif)

Wait, so, if MOND is true how do you explain other predictions by GR like gravitational lensing and time dilation?


all astrophysics is bullshit

go to skyscholar channel on YT


>No you fundamentally don't understand why people use GR
nobody uses GR or SR in any real place


Yeah, stuff like this would make me sceptical of whole heartedly embracing natural sciences, much prefer math & engineering if I had to choose.

File: 1641431000655-0.png (95.75 KB, 383x547, maxresdefault.jpg.png)

File: 1641431000655-1.png (11.1 KB, 1006x309, Sem Título-1.png)


guys my brother is dead plz help me i went into his room and i he was dead at the chair


his pc was open and had a text file on the screen its the most terrifying thing ive ever seen
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mark said that i should forget about all this and never mention this game again

i asked him what he was talking about

he said to forget


he said to burn that computer and forget all that shit

and something about a game file in instagram DMs

i had my brothers account so i just searched something about a game



Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1642197755916.png (164.36 KB, 462x288, 19040209.png)

>you lost the game


>The game

File: 1632350320046-0.png (841.13 KB, 1101x825, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1632350320046-1.jpg (356.5 KB, 1763x1322, 939.jpg)


Women make literal people off themselves. Just like that.

They are Gods.

No wonder primitive-communist societies worshiped Them and we should too, what the actual fuck. Think about it for a second

We have oppressed Them for centuries out of pure jealousy and arrogance but it's time we prepare for the Return of God which is nothing else but the class-less, money-less society where a natural order is restored and human purpose can finally be fulfilled, and that's by dedicating our ENTIRE existence to the very reason of it. For eternity

It's my religion I would DIE for Them, not joking, and that wouldn't even be enough to pay what I owe Them for.
We are all despicable sinners
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nazis have always been a bunch of contradictions, the ones that are into all the esoteric quasi hindu veda stuff certainly do


be honest op
did you write this while being horny? i am too like this in that state
come back and tell us if you still stand by this post

lmfao their advanced level misogny is somehow indistinguishable from simping
like women are not angels or demons, they are just humans


when I am horny I go the opposite direction to be honest


They still need the seed, seethe roasties.



All women are qveens!
I'll kill any man that says otherwise

File: 1630186689406.jpg (136.03 KB, 1200x800, Jean Luc Brunel Israel Arm….jpg)


What do you all think about the origins of Covid?

Many scientists say it occurred in nature, but also, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the supposed leak came from, is actually USAID funded.

USAID of course being synonmous with regime change.

It has troubled me for a while that just before Covid was released, the world was in huge turmoil that threatend to spill over.

Everybody remember how all economic indicators were pointing to a massive crash BEFORE Covid happened. Also all around the world, on every continent, revolutionary movements had sprung up in response to the century of neoliberalism and fascism before them.

The amazon burned.

Its almost too perfect. Blame it as a chinese bioweapon, cover up for the impending economic crash, and provide an excuse for pro big business policies into posterity, "we need austerity because so much was lost during the pandemic" at the same time giving unprecedented powers to curb protests, this, right at the same time as all kinds of protests were stirring across the world as previously stated, and the world was about to have another big wave of protest due to impending economic crash.

I don't have a solid theory on it, but a lot of it is very out of place.
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Oh shit is the germ theory denialist here?


>China was the only country with economic growth in 2020 though
The Chinese economy grew less during covid compared to before. A slight relative gain compared to the competition and a loss in absolute terms. Considering the risks associated with bio-warfare. That's not plausible at all.

This outbreak was a natural occurrence, it was only accelerated a little by some aspects of human organization that has a lot of big crowds and global transport.

I would be more worried about some unscrupulous corporations that are now brainstorming about how they can produce a pandemic to sell people treatment.


This might be a total schizo theory, but I am convinced COVID is the First Horseman of the Apocalypse


What were all the horsemen? Pestilence, famine, etc etc?


Only the Fourth Horseman, Death, was given a name in Revelation. The second and third are usually referred to as War and Famine, respectively, though those names are simply given to them based on how they are described in Revelation. The first however is a bit more ambiguous. The specific passage of Revelation states:
>I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
So sometimes he is referred to as Conquest, though Pestilence is another interpretation, as apparently a bow and arrows can symbolism disease, actually found an article about it: https://jisforjourney.com/pestilence-prayer-arrows-plague/
So in order they would be: Pestilence/Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.
So since the First Horseman wears a crown, and "corona" (as in coronavirus) essentially means "crown," it just struck me as a spooky coincidence.

File: 1637528773570.jpeg (25.11 KB, 449x220, 5fa535c98fec8.jpeg)


fuck off

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