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Aliens dont exist, its all a trick to unite the world against a common enemy
reject spacism, embrace human dialectical materialism


There is zero chance that aliens don’t exist, but also the glowies are pushing alien narratives in order that they fund their space force, but this started during the Cold War, and has resurfaced because of China becoming big boy


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the dialectic was inspired by god, hegel was a gnostic wizard, marx completed the system of western idealism by reifying it.


put this in its own thread and discuss further


It's not really possible for them not to exist. The question is more how not when.


bud the pentagon does not need to make up aliens to get rubberstamped.


>It's not really possible for them not to exist. The question is more how not when.
Yeah it could be that life is such a rare and infrequent occurrence in the cosmos that one form never crosses paths with another.


Remember like all capitalist enterprises the military industrial complex is slave to the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. It must expand, constantly, or fall behind.

On top of serving as a way to get funding on the most basic sense “we need weapons to fight the aliens” it also backs the more general feeling that “we need weapons” and as well as this serves to muddy the waters of a lot of discussion.

Alien theories are actually hugely prevalent on the far right, even the OG Nazis were into aliens, alien power, etc. Alex Jokes etc will break down into monologues about aliens. It’s a fantastical thing, a great story, very appealing and distracting.

Also, if you want to get an increasing portion of the population to agree with socialism, you now have to hammer out their new age quackery about aliens and crystals and stuff

The general pedalling of garbage creates confusion which gives way to paranoia.


Seems to be where we are at in my opinion. Either 1) we have somehow been the first beings in universe to ever have “intelligence” whatever you want to call it, we might be the most advanced thing or 2) there are other advanced, perhaps even more advanced, beings but they are very far away and have not yet made contact 3) it may even be the case that it is simply not possible for any type of life, bound by the physical forces of this universe, to travel the distances required to reach the other forms of life, with the eventually of advanced life so rare. 4) it may also be the case that aliens know about earth but for whatever reason prefer not to make themselves known 5) because it’s the posad board… it could also be that.. they are… disguised Jews living.. in human society

The thing about any of these options is they are all black pill options, either the aliens haven’t found us, and they have the possibility to be violent, and as we would therefore not be the most advanced race, we might get enslaved or devoured by bug people, or, we will never meet aliens, which is lame and gay, or they are disguised among us, in which case our fate is controlled by disguised aliens.

Not looking good on the alien front. So you see why the pentagon pushes such theories


there could be aliens trying to contact us but we just have not discovered the physics they use for carrying their signals.


or they could just not exist, and this is all a product of our overactive monkey brolains


I dont know what a brolain is I meant brain


I don't know about whatever the fuck that anon was talking about but aliens have an almost non zero probably of not existing.


Are aliens more likely to exist than not exist? I think so, given that life does exist in the universe, and the universe is a very large and varied place, in which we have seen conditions which might be able to sustain life even in the parts visible to us.

Unless, as I said, we are the very first instance of this happening in these conditions. I don’t know what the likelihood is of us being the very first versus not, I supposed you would have to look at the relative age of our part of the universe in comparison to the other parts, in order to work that out. If we were in a young part, maybe not, if we were in a very old part, more likely


The universe is too big for us to be the first instance. The universe is literally infinite in size.


>the very first instance
We only have one data point of life existing, and that is earth. Given that we lack any data to the contrary we assume that earth is average, because statistically that's the most likely.
So life on earth is probably not the first instance but rather somewhere in the middle


File: 1630046095749.jpg (76.55 KB, 975x682, 43f3f3rf34.jpg)

Even if we were the sheer scope and scale of the universe makes it unlikely that there wasn't more life not far behind us. The only real question is: Is it of a high enough probability to happen with in the span of the limmits of travel outside carying local clusters because at a certain point no matter how fast we go we can never leave the local cluster and vice versa. So it would have to happen enough to have happened more than once inside our local cluster of galaxies. and vice versa.


>we can leave our local cluster
There has to be something that's causing space time to expand faster than light, we can figure out how this works and use it.


It's because the universe is expanding. We'd have to literally figure out why the universe is expanding.


>There is zero chance that aliens don’t exist
Aliens don't exist.


It's not possible for them not to.


your racist earthcentrism is showing


>aliens don’t exist
Why do you say this with so much certainty


In order to be an alien they need to go to another planet. Until then they are indigenous, there's no alien.


Yeah you can keep saying god exists but that doesn't make him exist. Likewise you can keep saying aliens don't exist but more than likely they do

uygha that isn't how it works at all. How is it possible for our imageboard to constantly flabbergast me with the absolutely idiotic takes they come up with.


>uygha that isn't how it works at all
yes it literally is.




No it isn't. "Alien" is a relative term. Some one from Mexico is an alien to red necks living in Texas just as some one from Texas is an alien to some one in Mexico. There's never once been a stipulation in the way we use the term alien to have meaning "had to have traveled to" ever in our vocabulary.




File: 1632740261927.png (18.78 KB, 436x325, immagine_2021-09-27_125558.png)

>"Alien" is a relative term
Yes and they are not in a relation to anyone here.
>"had to have traveled to"
lmao you sure are doing some sophistry here
It wasn't them that stuck an anal probe inside of you, it was the government.


File: 1632743793186.jpg (409.03 KB, 667x600, E_qxoZfVQAEVWd_.jpg)

According to you if I go to another planet, I am not the alien, they are. [Stupid and racist.]
But as a redeemer I am an alien if only I stay home.


Pretty based take but okay, let’s just call them extra terrestrials instead


Better but it's still a bit problematic, let's call them "Space folx"


File: 1633165843046.jpg (12.81 KB, 290x164, 290px-Wow_signal.jpg)

This retard thinks appealing to the made up dictionary makes him correct.

Waiting for alien deniers to explain the wow signal


your cia psy op is dead. cope.


>It wasn't them that stuck an anal probe inside of you, it was the government.


What does this even mean?


suck my dick, spook




File: 1636847355191.png (290.34 KB, 640x430, c8dc300a309455ab6376bb29ca….png)

The Space Comrades think otherwise. Why else would the come and visit us in our ancient past, creating humans in their own image Hmm? Its time to nuke this Earth, contact the Space Comrades and of course bring Posado-Ayylmaoism.


>Its time to nuke this Earth
lmao good luck with that, nukes aren't real.


there is no space, there is just multiple dimensions.


So when I went into the other room earlier i actually switched to a parallel universe ?

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