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how do we stop losing incels to the right?
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>plenty of men have shitty experiences with women and don't wind up as maladjusted as Rodger.
yeah, no shit, not every incel whites a 100+ pages manifesto and goes on a shooting spree

doesn't mean him being not sexually attractive had nothing to do with it

>If anything it was his home life that was the environmental factor, not his encounters with women. His Mom was clearly a manipulative Narcissist.

Obviously his mom was a typical femoid stupid pathetic cunt. And her forcing drugs on him contributed to his instability and maybe was an IMMEDIATE cause of him snapping.

But the ROOT cause was his inceldom, that was what gave an initial spin to everything in his life.

I would even argue that his mom despised him precisely because she understood instinctively that he was an incel.


File: 1696095956112-0.jpg ( 137.05 KB , 500x833 , 33.jpg )

File: 1696095956112-1.jpg ( 59.76 KB , 500x631 , penguin-chan.jpg )

That's one ugly fucking penguin.

2d >>> 3dpd. Proven by penguins.


File: 1696370258177.png ( 1.01 MB , 1200x948 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Interactions with the opposite sex is a big part of the process of socialization
<implying socialization is good
Socialization is retarded. Society is a prison. "Industrial society and its consequences..". I miss Uncle Ted


File: 1696387028056.jpg ( 61.94 KB , 1080x319 , Screenshot_2023-10-04-09-3….jpg )

Socialization is the only reason faggots like you could land a wife.

We are now returning to a state of nature


Your homelife has a way more profound impact on your social skills then anything a woman who you're courting ever could.
His mom was a typical soul sucking banshee that regularly pitted Rodger against his father to milk more money out of him.
We need to start holding the mothers of these shooters more accountable because without exception they had shit home lives with single mothers.

File: 1696312960078.jpg ( 38.56 KB , 844x181 , 1703737602.jpg )


Leftcels BTFO
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File: 1696434998936.gif ( 3.55 MB , 640x360 , sex on fridays.gif )

>tldr: I'm not liek you inkwells! I have muh game! I hold frame and take showers every day! I finally landed an expired Becky with a body count in the thousands! I finally have my starfish sex on fridays! God, it's SO GOOD to be a normoid!
yeah, sure buddy, lol


Seethe harder faggot


What an absolute anal shithole.

Kill jannoids. Behead jannoids. Run over jannoids with a train.

QWERTY shit is not idpol, but Blackpill is idpol apparently..
Leftoids with their doublespeak again lol. Retarded faggots. Somebody should take a time machine, go back to the 18th century, and strangle Hegel in his sleep.


the only one seething here is you lol


File: 1696439265260.jpg ( 49.55 KB , 634x751 , breasts.jpg )

Apparently idpol is when you point out that sexual preferences are objectively determined lol. Even fucking Venus De Milo uses the 45:55 ratio.

>n-no! It's because of capitalist ideology that nobody likes landwhales!

sure thing, sister, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder kek

File: 1696095794914.png ( 1.42 MB , 900x680 , ClipboardImage.png )


Does anyone else like watching old war movies because they have no women in them?

Picrel is my favorite and the best example of this:
-3 hour+ runtime and not a single female character with a speaking role.
-The only women in the movie are a handful of arab civilian background extras wearing burkas.
-T. E. Lawrence IRL was a celibate who disliked women and the movie stays true to this by not forcing a romance arc or making him gay.

Overall kino film which I highly recommend. Please share more examples of female-free cinema ITT.
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all u uyghas are just gay just admit it


i watched the catalina collection on youtube for the meme factor, since its on utube it has all the gay sex edited out.


File: 1696433993484.jpeg ( 65.4 KB , 1024x479 , flowers.jpeg )

don't forget to buy your flowers betabux


u have to impregnate them and leave them with the child to truly be a alpha


File: 1696438235976.webm ( 5.4 MB , 720x1280 , no.webm )

Chad doesn't have to do anything. He simply needs to exist.

File: 1653762899779.jpg ( 258.41 KB , 1024x1024 , 1598214007-0.jpg )

 No.161[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Incel News Thread
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File: 1694502172218-2.png ( 396.91 KB , 443x551 , 12345.png )





File: 1696197504099.jpg ( 83.77 KB , 786x1024 , 1696197094232144.jpg )



>they want a family but not a chinese husband
Passport bros this your opportunity!


The Dating Pool Dropouts
>Young men today feel they must be six feet tall, make six figures, and have six inches downstairs to get a girlfriend—so many have given up trying.



The amount of seething from roasties over this very moderately incel sympathizing article is incredible

File: 1652993005834.jpg ( 667.66 KB , 864x1174 , BlatantMisogyny-ut7uyz.jpg )

 No.131[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Incel humor thread.
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File: 1696229587468.jpg ( 46.78 KB , 1266x168 , 1553422792394.jpg )



File: 1696359824086.jpg ( 68.61 KB , 750x682 , 20231003_111820.jpg )



>be emotionally unavailable
This is by far the most retarded critique femoids have of men. Even more so than the height shit.


when foids talk about "men", they are talking about Chad

average males don't even register on their radars

they are just bitching that Chad ghosts them and strings them along. Typical femoid stuff.

File: 1696218954593.jpeg ( 10.62 KB , 201x251 , images (5).jpeg )


Are women's mate preferences responsible for the perpetuation of capitalism

According David Buss and most evolutionary psychologists, the most notable distinction between the biological sexes are mate preferences. Whereas males are more likely to choose mates based on physical appearance (signs of youth, health, and beauty), women are more likely to choose a partner based on relative resource acquisition ability. This desire by women for men who can acquire the most stuff leads to intense competition for status and acclaim by men, which is often channeled into competing within (and thus tacit support for) capitalism. Especially when men can't simply forcibly take young attractive women like in the old days, they basically have to become multi millionaires to secure a steady stream of young women. Most attractive women, for their part, won't tolerate for long a guy who substitutes fighting the system for getting ahead within it.

Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

As a correlated question, since this mate preference distinction applies to biological sexes, should we reject the normative position of ciswomen as 'real women' and instead insist that, politically speaking, transwomen are the only women who serve any use to the anti-capitalist revolution. That is, we ought to not simp for biological females and only associate, on a political and romantic level, with transwomen?

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Nah. I just have good bones


>Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

OP what concretely do you think happens for that to be the case? Wouldn't that mean that men "do capitalism" because women want them to or reward them for doing so?


For sure socialism would be better for women. They wouldn't have to be whores. And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.


What makes you think women want that. Revealed preference states otherwise


>And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.
yeah, compete based on bones lol

This is a major problem for communist theory. And I'm not joking.

File: 1663187296476.jpg ( 117.78 KB , 736x987 , Sorayama Female Robot art.jpg )


Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
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I also forgot say the fleshlight would advanced so it moves on its own with different settings and stuff


File: 1694757251750-0.webm ( 1.85 MB , 352x624 , stripperbot.webm )

File: 1694757251750-1.webm ( 3.93 MB , 480x360 , dontdaterobots.webm )



AI girlfriends are ruining an entire generation of men
Will AI gfs end the incel epidemic. Will it usher in a new femcel epidemic as Beta males check out of the dating marker and no longer act as backup plans to roasties chasing Chad?


>the AI learns from your reactions and is capable of giving you exactly what you want to hear or see, every single time. And they have come at just the right time to assuage the silent epidemic of loneliness that is hitting this generation of young men.
Haha normies are pretending they care about incels so they can guilt trip them from using AI girlfriends.
Normies were happy mercilessly gaslighting them about how brutally unfair the dating market has been to them for about 20 years.
But now that women can't string along betas once AI gfs start really being embraced, they're super cereal concerned about how this might isolate incels. It's such a load of ballocks.


What are your plans for halloween anon?

File: 1696199009499-0.webm ( 5.73 MB , 576x1024 , girl.webm )

File: 1696199009499-1.mp4 ( 2.8 MB , 576x576 , dostoevsky.mp4 )

File: 1696199009499-2.mp4 ( 4.85 MB , 360x640 , cyrillic.mp4 )


Did anyone ever notice any posters?

One of the posters I noticed is an Eastern European person who posts things from Russian imageboards and vk.com, he posts things like egirls and pretty female celebrities. His posts also lament his loneliness and he seems to imply he lives in the middle of nowhere instead of the big city. He frequently posts in the Sex & Relationship thread over at Org.

I suspect he is also salty and a self-hating Slav because some North American (?) egirl (that learned Russian because her favorite author Dostoevsky and gained a Russian following) got scared away by degenerate trolls (possibly Russian) because she had BLM in her bio. Plus the Soviet Union dissolved and now Eastern Europe is in many places a degraded place. Very sad case.
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>learn a language to consume media in the original
Our Girl.

But man, makeup is not fair. She looks like a completely different person with that eye-liner.

Dem e-girl mannerisms tho, it's liek she has a split personality kek.


Also, dat chin man, dat forward facial growth. She mogs me into oblivion and back.

That might be the only case I've seen where one person can be a Stacy and a Chad at the same time.

If she's at least 6ft tall she would fucking slay both ways. Terrific.


>It's okay to be """Eastern European""".
No, it's not """okay""" to be Eastern European. Only nazoid faggots """identify""" as """Eastern European""".

You reading Dostoevsky is not you being """Eastern European""", duginoid retard.

Dostoevsky has nothing more in common with today's russkies than with today's burgers.

Just like any nazoid dumbfuck has nothing inherently more in common with nazoid fugly clown """national""" costumes than any other person on this planet.


>Dostoevsky has nothing more in common with today's russkies than with today's burgers.
except for the language barrier, that is

but that's a purely technical barrier


File: 1696280368536.jpg ( 156.87 KB , 960x720 , what I see.jpg )

>he is also salty and a self-hating Slav
that's just a healthy reaction to Slav nazoid "blood and soil" propaganda, nazoid

File: 1663363076671.webm ( 1.03 MB , 640x426 , ciara.webm )


4chan /r9k/ is full of them, why don't we have any?
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i think women are open to lesbianism because they consider sex more like romance whereas men only consider the deed.


*the half of statistical average life expectancy for men..


Nah, that's a bluepilled betabux view of w*men. Classic generalization of your own specific betabux circumstances (dead bedroom and frigid wife).

In reality w*men enjoy sex, and I would argue far more than men - w*men are built for multiple prolonged orgasms.

W*men date other w*men not because they want emotional support and shit. They date because they want their cunt and ass licked and dicked by dildos while your bestie tongues your throat. They date because they want to feel a hot rock hard nipple that you could cut glass with, they want to take it, squeeze it, and suck on it. They date because they get wet when they see a hot Stacy, just like we do.

They have adapter far better to the sexual marketplace. Biology is a bitch.


This explanation doesn't fit with lesbian bed death.


What do you mean, "bed death"?

File: 1695757003758-0.jpg ( 29.25 KB , 870x155 , IMG_5478.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-1.jpg ( 65.66 KB , 525x826 , IMG_5479.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-2.jpg ( 167.46 KB , 600x1852 , IMG_5480.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-3.jpg ( 20.38 KB , 450x187 , IMG_5481.jpg )

File: 1695757003758-4.jpg ( 26.3 KB , 571x285 , IMG_5482.jpg )


What is the explanation for 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted in college?
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Did she text you back?


>impulsive dunking
if you read the article you'd realize it's saying women also do the raping, with the victims being both men and women, for example female inmates by other female inmates or by female prison staff, and the term 'made to penetrate'

"The results were surprising. For example, the CDC’s nationally representative data revealed that over one year, men and women were equally likely to experience nonconsensual sex, and most male victims reported female perpetrators. Over their lifetime, 79 percent of men who were “made to penetrate” someone else (a form of rape, in the view of most researchers) reported female perpetrators. Likewise, most men who experienced sexual coercion and unwanted sexual contact had female perpetrators.

We also pooled four years of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data and found that 35 percent of male victims who experienced rape or sexual assault reported at least one female perpetrator. Among those who were raped or sexually assaulted by a woman, 58 percent of male victims and 41 percent of female victims reported that the incident involved a violent attack, meaning the female perpetrator hit, knocked down or otherwise attacked the victim, many of whom reported injuries.

And, because we had previously shown that nearly one million incidents of sexual victimization happen in our nation’s prisons and jails each year, we knew that no analysis of sexual victimization in the U.S. would be complete without a look at sexual abuse happening behind bars. We found that, contrary to assumptions, the biggest threat to women serving time does not come from male corrections staff. Instead, female victims are more than three times as likely to experience sexual abuse by other women inmates than by male staff.

Also surprisingly, women inmates are more likely to be abused by other inmates than are male inmates, disrupting the long held view that sexual violence in prison is mainly about men assaulting men. In juvenile corrections facilities, female staff are also a much more significant threat than male staff; more than nine in ten juveniles who reported staff sexual victimization were abused by a woman."


>1 in 5
rookie numbers


File: 1696266444270.jpg ( 186.09 KB , 835x1200 , Miley_Cyrus_drunk-as-a-sku….jpg )

I'm usually very much in the defense of women who are being harassed, but a lot of the times these situations are literally
A) Drunk young and stupid girl gets it on with a drunk hormonal young guy and regrets it the next day, so they scream assault
B) Stupid girl flirts with a guy at a late night party and gets angry that they didn't understand that she was just being coy.

Actual rape and creeper sexual assault is much lower, the very presence of police on campuses and the harsh penalties for rape in this day and age, means deliberate attempts are relatively rare… but when you have a huge population of people going through colleges every year, there's bound to be something happening.


i wish a female would sexually assault me.

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