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File: 1654045769624.png ( 999.28 KB , 1039x704 , ClipboardImage.png )

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im a comfy NEET, do you like to be A neet anon?
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>The labor I contribute is putting coffee into a cup, encouraging people to buy more, and misspelling names as a cheap marketing ploy


File: 1696575990546-0.jpg ( 23.59 KB , 400x318 , 20c.jpg )

File: 1696575990546-1.mp4 ( 2.24 MB , 640x360 , neet_conversion.mp4 )

File: 1696575990546-2.png ( 1012.66 KB , 873x582 , 0000 L22.png )

File: 1696575990546-3.jpg ( 214.17 KB , 373x638 , Paul_Lafargue,_Le_Droit_à….jpg )

File: 1696575990546-4.webm ( 3.29 MB , 600x366 , Sōtaisei Riron - Vermont….webm )



File: 1697941529716.jpg ( 89.58 KB , 1006x706 , a7e.jpg )



File: 1699159764647.png ( 1.08 MB , 1024x641 , 6.png )

could use some breasts on the side, wagie


File: 1699603038853.mp4 ( 13.62 MB , 720x404 , uber neet .mp4 )

File: 1697907114296.png ( 64.35 KB , 640x625 , ClipboardImage.png )


i am soo done with sharty people.
i no longer have any humanity left for sharty nationale and fbi.gov zoomers, but sharty people are the worst. i do not care if inside the sharty is stuff like "better then 4cuck" and containment board and zoomer school children and victim and etc. they are the worst groups of people in the entire internet. 4chan and every other altchans is objectively better then sharty and their community. we need to ally with other sites and communities to absolutely decimate the sharty.

vent below if you want
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File: 1698010210495.jpg ( 259.52 KB , 768x818 , 32663 - SoyBooru.jpg )



File: 1698542388227.png ( 87.63 KB , 242x229 , image(2).png )

>.neteen can't stand the sharteens

end teen on teen violence


File: 1698544136070.png ( 116.42 KB , 900x800 , 1252 - SoyBooru.png )

>no wholesome soyjak as the sun/nose
missed opportunity tbh


>ewww zoomer this zoomer that

You guys are morbidly obsessed about zoomers


I only ever see other zoomers complain about zoomers these days. The homestuck of generations.

File: 1699298261323-0.jpg ( 82.45 KB , 600x800 , manifesto 1.jpg )

File: 1699298261324-1.jpg ( 87.21 KB , 600x800 , manifesto 2.jpg )

File: 1699298261324-2.jpg ( 84.88 KB , 600x800 , manifesto 3.jpg )


The diary/manifesto of the femcel who shot up the Covenant elementary school in Nashville has been leaked by Steven Crowder.
It's pretty much what we all expected.
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That's right. You tell that CHUD. Truth is always on the side of people who refuse to release information (and the LEFT)!!


File: 1699384382154.jpg ( 175.92 KB , 930x1024 , 1696951335762160.jpg )



File: 1699416574927.jpg ( 16.72 KB , 185x241 , 1696694429986758.jpg )

What the fuck am I looking at?


Do you think your basic bitch republicunt is shooting up schools every day?


Show me where the transhumanists touched you, anon.

File: 1699175788102.jpg ( 493.5 KB , 1440x1439 , 20231105_155757.jpg )


<How did we get to the point where there are people like pic related who are just out and about in society?

I understand the physical mechanics of it (calories in, calories out; sedentary lifestyle).

But how did we get to the point where people who look like her aren't shunted away in a circus?

Also, according to Marx, doesn't capital trend toward paying wages which are just above the cost of reproducing labor power? Did capitalism evolve, or was Marx just wrong?
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Is it though?


Looks real to me but is that even relevant? Hamplanets exist.

How did we get here?
Well they created suburbs, America doesn't have a culture of promoting athleticism, or walkable cities with cycling infrastructure, and food companies push high calorie processed foods onto people.

Another reason is that many grocery stores don't have fresh produce because they are in low-income neighbourhoods.


it weakens the proletariat, physically and mentally.
It's also profitable for big pharma and health industry be have people literally on a treadmill.


I don't think she will fit on a treadmill anon.


>fat: no mask
>fit: mask
Even AI understands mouth culture is the root of this. Capitalism merely upholds mouth culture.

File: 1677760968615.png ( 663.44 KB , 1001x823 , 1613288672507.png )

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its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?
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>>4172 (me)
Also funniest shit is that we live in virtually the same neighborhood, none of us go out a lot but i can tell some day im gonna bump into her and is gonna be awkward as fuck


Ignore her entirely. Don't glance at her. Don't read her messages if she sends one. In your mind, she should be a non entity


Disturbingly raw thread.


File: 1699275002372.png ( 12.69 KB , 990x1184 , 1588981278450.png )

>fuck me i've found a golden opportunity
BROS BROS bros i just made huge progress. Luckily we were paired up in class for an activity and we were talking the entire hours, in between classes and even came back home together and exchanged numbers and all… Bros i can't help it but feel hopeful again… at least she seems mentally healthy which is sad i gotta say that
Also although im a manlet and she's around my height she doesnt seem to care you incels said i was doomed lmfao


Don't forget to keep momentum. If you don't ask her out in the next ten days maximum, you can consider the offer expired in most circumstances.

File: 1699085687331.jpg ( 418.18 KB , 1080x1098 , Screenshot_2023-11-04-15-1….jpg )


Permafrigthened women should not be given a voice over matters outside of the household
>Change my mind

File: 1699070536169.jpg ( 164.71 KB , 1170x1350 , 20231104_110124.jpg )


Has this ever happened to you guys?


No, none of us are homosexuals. Homos can get laid as easily as roasties


I know this would get posted here

File: 1698987510762.jpg ( 114.24 KB , 1079x1297 , 20231102_002442.jpg )


What can we do to overcome male loneliness in the modern era?
Is pic related the solution?

File: 1698867154145.jpg ( 106.94 KB , 560x1024 , discussion point.jpg )




Looks like a mid jewess, who dat?


File: 1698868993696.jpg ( 50.08 KB , 1009x875 , IMG_20231102_025645.jpg )

I'm not the incel who is constantly screaming about 'w*men,' but it's absolutely pointless to give any speck of attention to women online who you are not fucking or don't have any chance of fucking.

Seriously, stop following thirst trap accounts. They aren't helping you improve any aspect of your life. Clear your browser history if you've recently watched porn. Same thing - it's not helping you. The only nudes on your phone should be ones you took (pic related).

Unfollow dorky divorcee 'red pill' grifters who present monotonous lectures about how 'good women' should act to their audience of 95% men.

Fat chick or hot chick. If I don't have a way to message her and set up a meeting, there's no point of me thinking about her, even for a few seconds.

You guys need to quit being loose with your attention.

>Inb4 it's just entertainment anon

Ok. Keep entertaining yourself (aka coping) while life passes you by and focused men surpass you. Sounds like a great idea.

As far as the chick in the dress goes, very mid. But most of you fags can't afford to have high standards, so you should probably take what you can get while working your way up to something a bit thinner and more self aware.


You're mean


It's a simple dress yet it displays form quite well. I could never stand wearing that kind of no-strap shoulder displying dress though, feels like it could slide off any moment.


You're a bitch

I don't say that to be mean. It's just an observation.

Youre more concerned with feelings and tone policing that anything else, including helping people improve their lives

Standard feminine behavior

File: 1698708040215.jpg ( 55.17 KB , 640x488 , bwrgwrt6ofk91~2.jpg )


It was a decent board with the occasional good effortpost, and importantly the only place online for leftist incels to freely discuss our ideas. Now that it's gone I feel like leftcelism has died as an ideological current - in the anglosphere at least.

This board was never supposed to replace /leftcel/ and it's always been more shitpost orientated. I had assumed that after the breadtube troon took down 9chan, the /leftcel/ mods would make a new board somewhere else. But unfortunately this has not happened.
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No one cares what faggy low T white incels think

Not women
Not men
No one

You (rightly) get as much respect as morbidly obese people.

Whereas fat people display their ugly, shameful body - with some narcissistically convinced that it's something to be proud of

Incels do so with their ugly, shameful personalities

You are beyond help

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You asswiper bluepillers make me sick. Imagine wiping your ass. I never learned how to wipe my ass and I'm proud of that. Clean asses only make you vulnerable to diseases that would otherwise be beaten back by your own good bacteria. Asswipers get so mad when I tell them that I never learned to wipe my ass because it triggers their npc brains.
Yes not everyone knows how to wipe their ass
While everyone around me was learning how to wipe their ass I resisted the paper and I'm stronger and more independent for it. My own bluepilled family despises me for my knowledge and try to make me learn but I never will. NoWipers are starting to notice their own power. NoWipe rise up! Slava Ukraini! Death to Asswipers!


Imagine all the time bluepilled asswipers spend wiping their ass. No fucking thanks. And they actually spend money on toilet paper. Hmm. Paying money just have a clean asshole for a few hours. Pathetic.

I have better, more meaningful things to do.


I cant stand these miserable bluepilled faggots. /leftpoo/ when? Maybe we can open a board on 8chan.se


This thread is a strange example ofiwhat happens when a glowie gets run into a corner with the objective truth that incelism was not only a psyop, but one that was overblown to begin with. Incomprehesible scribbling of what is presented as jargon to pocket sand the reader into thinking there's more context than what the critique had pointed out. The system is scared and has stationed it's guards in every dank allayway to evanrelize.

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