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File: 1656004721204.jpg ( 45.97 KB , 600x600 , infographic.jpg )


reminder that if your penis isn't 6 inches (15 cm) long at the absolute least you're a waste of meat in the eyes of a woman. don't even bother
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File: 1667513489355.png ( 388.53 KB , 1800x1296 , 1665910768911778.png )

I legit don't undertanx what you are saying.

I would have segg with you now qween.
Do you like anime perhaps?


also regular deep penetration by large cocks makes childbirth easier


Big dicks are uncomfortable to some women though.


People are getting taller each generation, pussy depth is related to torso/hip size so soon it won't be a much of a problem


Evolution takes millions of years and there's actually no data that says that is happening anyway

File: 1649441578434.png ( 83.38 KB , 824x487 , ClipboardImage.png )




Same thing is happening with Chinese men in Africa I bet.


currycels just can't catch a break


File: 1649450073914.png ( 74.8 KB , 567x460 , ClipboardImage.png )



Absolutely brutal

File: 1664711215220.png ( 24.85 KB , 1014x829 , ClipboardImage.png )


Is it kill for good or just temporarily?
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Why? What happened?


So we seriously lost another imageboard? Dark days are up on us


9chan.tw was originally setup by Joshua Connor Moon of Kiwifarms fame as a successor to 8chan.
He sperged out one day and said 9chan was too hateful (as of 8chan wasn't) and was giving ownership of the board to endchan leadership.
Endchan said they weren't seeing the numbers needed to make it worthwhile and shut the board down. To be fair to them it was a very slow board.
Many of the leftcel threads are backed up on archive.is and archive.org.


I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with extremely high post numbers these days. That's capitalistic idealism being hyper concerned with with productivity/


Shame. It was an interesting, albeit slow, board. Hopefully enough of the anons who frequented there know about this board so the community doesn't die completely.

File: 1662249197575.jpg ( 515.05 KB , 750x933 , arizona-x2htoq.jpg )


Research highlights experiences of general and mental ill-health in sexual and ethnic minority individuals
>LGBTQ+ individuals continue to experience high rates of general- and mental ill-health, and report greater rates of adverse health-related behaviours.
This was obvious to anyone that's had to deal with LGBTQ people that don't have any social capital.
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No but gay people having higher mental illness isn't because of their sexuality you obtuse dick head. It's because they have to hide it usually.


LMAO, LGBTQ supporters always trot out this meme that homos and transgender people are dysfunctional because they face so much persecution.
There are legions of minorities that endure more hardship and don't have these mental illnesses.
Gay men have get the most AIDS, gay women have the highest domestic violence rates, and transgender people are victims of violence at the exact same rate as mentally ill people.
LGBTQ activism got so big because it obstensively anti low status CIS male. A form of misandry that's been cultivated by feminism for 60 years.
But anyone with two eyeballs could see how destructive the LGBTQ lifestyle is and now science is finally willing backing this up.
I'm not anti-LGBTQ, I don't think any harm should come to these people, but the idea that it's just another form of sexuality is wrong.


>There are legions of minorities that endure more hardship and don't have these mental illnesses.
Most minorities don't experience the same degree of social atomization as LGBT people unless they are actively being ethnically cleansed (like palestinians)


>Most minorities don't experience the same degree of social atomization as LGBT
History, Psychology, statistics all prove this otherwise. LGBTQ people are not the most oppressed minority, they're not even close.


This is retarded any n. I'm gay too

File: 1656004479660-0.png ( 737.08 KB , 2578x1232 , f21f65432e8d0e238e512c65dd….png )

File: 1656004479660-1.jpg ( 98.49 KB , 1357x628 , dd7c56fbdad556fa7ffc55f266….jpg )


uhhh, medbros?


I blame the R*mans for this


Rome must be destroyed

File: 1657291571697.png ( 22.05 MB , 3464x3464 , ClipboardImage.png )


Have we just witnessed the first act of militant leftcelism?
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>Until the jap police decide to say what his motives was, it can be whatever we want it to be.
The Police said that the man was dissatisfied with Shinzo Abe's leadership.
It's probably not right wing terrorism, because they usually just go after random people.
But this is unlikely coming from the left because Abe wasn't in office anymore. (Abe resigned from office in 2020 for health reasons)
"Abenomics" was shit:
and shooting the guy while he held office might have made some sense as a motive, but 2 years after why bother ?

My guess is a private hitman, hired by either corporate or mafia, which in Japan has a lot of overlap.


>Chinese celebrating Abe's death.


File: 1657373282497.mp4 ( 4.5 MB , 334x720 , ThatsInsane-vuuy4e.mp4 )



From what I've read it was fash on fash violence. The shooter thought Abe was a Moonie sympathizer.


File: 1660155680943.png ( 2.07 MB , 1670x902 , 1660153441075891.png )

File: 1657838279781-0.mp4 ( 5.91 MB , 1280x720 , dpwl6VhAtM9GXlu4.mp4 )

File: 1657838279781-1.png ( 408.85 KB , 594x724 , ClipboardImage.png )


I regret to inform you all that our favorite Israel supporting social-fascist has become the victim of a prolonged misogynistic verbal attack right outside the center of US democracy.

While on her way to push biden left by voting to send heavy artillery to Nazi paramilitaries in Ukraine, our socilaist qveen was ambushed with a barrage of hate speech by an assumed white supremacist incel. Just when the savior of the american left was finally recovering from the trauma of being involved in the january 6th riots (she watched them on TV) another case of entitled white male anti-establishment protest struck.

When will brocialists and class-reductionist chuds finally take the oppression faced by our female elected officials seriously?


Damn, she does have a nice booty.


You are putting the finger on the identitarian based criticism deflection technique of the super-structure, and the hypocrisy of warmongering. I personally liked the sarcastic delivery of your polemic, does it get resonance with the masses ?


I heard on the "It's Going Down" anarchist podcast one activist saying that it's good that abortion proponents are now actually calling it abortion instead of abstracting with the "pro-choice" moniker.
I'd have to agree with this, but I think she misunderstands why it was originally done. 3rd wave feminists framed abortion has having zero ethical quandaries, likening it to having an apendex removed, but the visceral imagery of an abortion is to vivid for even a layman to ignore so to avoid having to explain how a pile of cut up baby parts is in fact not a human, they abstracted it by saying it's a choice.
But by using the term abortion I think they are going to have an uphill bad explaining to the public how this disturbing practice is infact simply healthcare. I say all this as someone that supports abortion, but this is the political reality.

File: 1653090576195.jpg ( 63.2 KB , 720x856 , redscarepod-2dy.jpg )


Y'all better not be doing this.


>The buffalo shooter was a /pol/tard and an incel.
Thoughts? /pol/ is freaking out about getting shut down now. I….can’t see this happening because 4chan is too big, maybe just /pol/ will be deleted?
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How fucking in denial can you possibly be in? Jesus Christ.


Yeah, well it has precedent with 8ch getting shutdown due to the NZ Christchurch Mosque Shooting.


No, if you buy one through legitimate means they'll trace you up to return it.


why the fuck does every white 18-21 year old try to grow a beard? if you have pubebeard at very best all it does is make your face look dumpy and round
>>111 you haven't already?


>you haven't already?
No, just a handgun. I poor.

File: 1649374305021.jpg ( 204.03 KB , 1024x682 , 1648062742-0.jpg )


How South Korea’s Yoon Suk-yeol Capitalized on Anti-Feminist Backlash to Win the Presidency
The fire rises.


It's just a shame he's a neolib and hates best Korea. We are yet to see a true /leftcel/ candidate as prophesied.


I thought NK ans K were on pretty good terms considering their history


He wants to ask the US to put a load of their missiles in south korea. He kinda glows tbh.



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