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File: 1697091326574.jpg ( 76.26 KB , 1280x720 , 1701120545.jpg )


i was gonna rope but then an internet stranger told me "don't do it"

File: 1696562017065.png ( 37.09 KB , 354x353 , ClipboardImage.png )


Does one differentiate between one's personal attitude and adopting a scientific attitude about women?


Simple OP


Yes, but since science supports everything incels say there's not much need to.


Not much hope for runts

File: 1696095794914.png ( 1.42 MB , 900x680 , ClipboardImage.png )


Does anyone else like watching old war movies because they have no women in them?

Picrel is my favorite and the best example of this:
-3 hour+ runtime and not a single female character with a speaking role.
-The only women in the movie are a handful of arab civilian background extras wearing burkas.
-T. E. Lawrence IRL was a celibate who disliked women and the movie stays true to this by not forcing a romance arc or making him gay.

Overall kino film which I highly recommend. Please share more examples of female-free cinema ITT.
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i watched the catalina collection on youtube for the meme factor, since its on utube it has all the gay sex edited out.


File: 1696433993484.jpeg ( 65.4 KB , 1024x479 , flowers.jpeg )

don't forget to buy your flowers betabux


u have to impregnate them and leave them with the child to truly be a alpha


File: 1696438235976.webm ( 5.4 MB , 720x1280 , no.webm )

Chad doesn't have to do anything. He simply needs to exist.


File: 1702083339960.png ( 501 KB , 1000x1450 , f481841c444d69221ca470b815….png )

feminazis, being one of the dirtiest (& frighteningly efficient in their socially collaborative efforts) get the bullet the moment shit's getting blazin'. It is so unbelievable to witness how there's an international sex-racist vocal movement consisted of fucks who propagandize the pricelessness of one kind of humans, & violently portraying themselves as the most progressive ones (churchill moment) while conveniently forgetting about any problems that ail all the other unworthy untermenschen who do not have genitalia in the form of a cunt.
It's plain, & economically racist too, lmao. Shitty uyghurs Uneducated afroamericans get shafted by them time after time, & don't even try to guess what feminazionistas think of proles with pussy characteristics & their problems.

they are so fucking audacious that they claim some marxists as feminists, LMAO. I still remember how one cunt @ some local ML organisation started a witchhunt against me when I pointed this faschizoidic hipocrisy of theirs about Klara Zetkin out. There's not even any place for a question about what side did the other cummie marxtardic normalfucks take in that situation.

File: 1696218954593.jpeg ( 10.62 KB , 201x251 , images (5).jpeg )


Are women's mate preferences responsible for the perpetuation of capitalism

According David Buss and most evolutionary psychologists, the most notable distinction between the biological sexes are mate preferences. Whereas males are more likely to choose mates based on physical appearance (signs of youth, health, and beauty), women are more likely to choose a partner based on relative resource acquisition ability. This desire by women for men who can acquire the most stuff leads to intense competition for status and acclaim by men, which is often channeled into competing within (and thus tacit support for) capitalism. Especially when men can't simply forcibly take young attractive women like in the old days, they basically have to become multi millionaires to secure a steady stream of young women. Most attractive women, for their part, won't tolerate for long a guy who substitutes fighting the system for getting ahead within it.

Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

As a correlated question, since this mate preference distinction applies to biological sexes, should we reject the normative position of ciswomen as 'real women' and instead insist that, politically speaking, transwomen are the only women who serve any use to the anti-capitalist revolution. That is, we ought to not simp for biological females and only associate, on a political and romantic level, with transwomen?

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>Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

OP what concretely do you think happens for that to be the case? Wouldn't that mean that men "do capitalism" because women want them to or reward them for doing so?


For sure socialism would be better for women. They wouldn't have to be whores. And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.


What makes you think women want that. Revealed preference states otherwise


>And men could compete for mates based on more meritable traits other than richest daddy.
yeah, compete based on bones lol

This is a major problem for communist theory. And I'm not joking.


>evilutionary psychos
Eternal end of history fags' existence is a crime against the universe.
>so women or trans-women
Any person who have an aspiration for pursuing actual knowledge of this world gets our support, whatever body these consciousness-carrying eyes-infused neurojellies found themselves in. This is why we end all discrimination which is based on appearance.

File: 1696038982215.png ( 20.48 KB , 960x720 , Asexual_Reproduction.PNG )


What would life be like if humans reproduced asexually? What would the modes of production look like?


Well for a start I think we wouldn't have women at all. What practical use do women have other than their role in sexual reproduction?

File: 1695207770860-0.png ( 576.45 KB , 700x1297 , 1669852694546-0.png )

File: 1695207770860-1.png ( 308.77 KB , 700x1147 , 1669852694546-1.png )

File: 1695207770860-2.png ( 217.93 KB , 700x848 , 1669852694546-2.png )

File: 1695207770860-3.png ( 348.47 KB , 700x1292 , 1669852694546-3.png )

File: 1695207770860-4.png ( 405.95 KB , 700x1499 , 1669852694546-4.png )


>you share a site with people who made this comic >>144563
what are leftcel's thoughts?
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I left a comment as Joe located in Tallahassee after reading that. She quit, though, so you don't share a website.


materialism bitch, do you even?

obviously femoid would be for a feminoid dictatorship, because it's in her material interests
and obviously she would build philosophical castles to justify this simple material interest

also, cats are notorious for their hookup culture


File: 1695225676603.jpg ( 258.7 KB , 828x1442 , 1694405220156.jpg )

Typical feminist cunt that loathes poor low status men. She got along perfectly with the troon tankies which are now at .org. This type of contempt is thinly veiled female supremacy, which authoritarian women love for obvious reason but troons rabidly support too because they believe that feminists will fully accept them as women and they'll get to sit a top a matriarchy as well.
It's ironic that that the queerness of the ogre tankies is what keeps them from connecting with the larger Marxist Leninist diaspora because they have a much more conservative view of gender and sexuality and don't support at all these extremist 4th wave views.


File: 1695230606210.jpeg ( 271.54 KB , 2000x1000 , ken.jpeg )

lmao at this stupid femoid

Imagine being so blinded by your own ideology that you didn't even notice how you created a fucking revolutionary incel manifesto! What clown world are we living in!

Best Gosling's role so far. Much MUCH better than the usual betabuxes that he plays.


>culturally appropriate it
what more evidence do you need bluepillers that w*men are inherently bourgeois in the current age?

File: 1693522944935.png ( 408.4 KB , 1144x888 , 1693029634764428.png )


I met a "plus size" girl.
She's really cute and me and her really get along well and I don't mind the fat thing, really.
She's really sweet and can cook like a mad woman.
I really like, her. Why haven't you just gotten a slampig gf r9K?
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Wrong. High body fat composition is unhealthy in men and women, irrespective of muscle mass. No, I don’t share your fetish for fat women. No, they aren’t healthy. No, I don’t care that some of them lift. Being fat is bad for you, full stop.


Relax, you don't have to justify having a preference for skinny women.

Anyway research suggests that increasing muscle mass and muscle density, regulates metabolic and cardiovascular function, respectively. So it seems that there also is a homeostasis peak for higher body mass. That's probably good news because it means it's easier to optimize health-outcomes. You know, just put the hypertrophy resistance exercise machines into the Fast-food-chain restaurant, and make the meal 10% off for people using them.


I'm not justifying anything. I'm just reminding you of my earlier point. There may be overweight women I could find attractive, due to personality, goal orientation, and so on. However, this does not contradict the fact that being fat is unhealthy.

>That's probably good news because it means it's easier to optimize health-outcomes. You know, just put the hypertrophy resistance exercise machines into the Fast-food-chain restaurant, and make the meal 10% off for people using them.

This is fantasy land. At no point will you be able to make enough muscle to offset being morbidly obese. Remember, your skeleton is also a thing you need to care for, as well as your other organs. You need to eat clean, and that means eating mostly veg. I'm functionally vegan and I don't even buy into it, and no, I will not stop killing a animals, even if I were fully vegan in my diet. Shit is too fun.


>Anyway it seems many obesity related health issues might be caused by lacking relative muscle mass rather than absolute weight.
Incorrect, overweight bodybuilders are prone to similar heart problems as overweight fat haulers. Cardiac muscle is not as flexible as skeletal muscle and when you force the heart to pump more blood to more tissues than it was designed to handle you putting the same kind of life-threatening stress on it.


>bodybuilder heart problems
Only for the ones doing steroids, the ones that don't juice, tend to do well health-wise.

Maybe the problem is rapid physiological changes. Roids cause speedy muscle gains, and it increases mortality. But mortality also increases from rapid weight-loss.

So maybe the correct health advice is to only change your body slowly.

File: 1694033687514.jpg ( 660 KB , 1825x1902 , 1252703471000.jpg )


>your type
>describe your favorite way to explain cognition; stacks, circles, etc
>explain where you discovered this way of thinking and why it stuck with you
>what do you seek to gain by discussing typology
>do you actually gain that in these threads

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

Learn the Basics

Don't know your type? Take a test here:

An introductory article:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>an introspective self-report questionnaire
That type of stuff is always limited because it can't really remove biases. The really interesting insights into cognition will come from objective measurement of brain activity.

Once cognition is fully demystified, we'll probably end up rewriting 3/4th of psychology and sociology. A bit like when microscopes upended most of biology.


File: 1694036041514.png ( 411.17 KB , 1080x1355 , datamined.png )

According to google I am the same type as Condoleeza Rice and Hitler.
What does this actually mean?


I did this once on 4can r9k and everybody scored INTJ or INTP. I think people who would lurk imageboards are more likely to fall into these categories as we are more likely to be individualistic, Open minded, and willing to change with new data and contradictory information.


File: 1694037044805.jpg ( 51.93 KB , 531x500 , popcorn.jpg )

>Google called Condoleeza Rice Hitler-brained
great fun

>What does this actually mean?

For you personally it means nothing, if you're looking at your computer-screen, and the information it displays doesn't help you, ignore it, click on something else.


You realize this shit isn't any more useful than your Zodiac horoscope right?

File: 1694152039933.jpg ( 529.78 KB , 1080x1807 , Screenshot_2023-09-08-12-3….jpg )



If you are a male feminist, then you are inherently beta at best.

And if you are a beta, you are viscerally undesirable to women.

And if you are undesirable to women, even if you have sex, women will regret it and later say it was unwanted.

And if women claim you SAed them, legions of other beta males will come forward to denounce you

>Feminism is a shit test. Your future depends on not failing it


How do you define feminism?


I define it as:
Fuck her right in the pussy

File: 1694156961792.jpg ( 73.9 KB , 1284x688 , 20230908_000310.jpg )


Women never worried about men's body count because they know the average guy can't pull hoes.
But a homo or bi man can get dick even easier than a woman. Will women change their tune on how the number of partners shouldn't matter to your lover?


Can mods unspoiler the image, I didn't mean to do that.


Women like studs, not faggots


File: 1694186838369.gif ( 703.93 KB , 360x270 , gachimuchi.gif.903dc5360eb….gif )

ghey is a spectrum


You are on the spectrum

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