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File: 1679422406753.jpg ( 240.43 KB , 1080x357 , 1679119419064709.jpg )


This guy learned the hard way
>What women think or say they want and what they actually respond to are two very different things
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This video is messed up and it makes me feel insecure




>is this a zoomer thing.

Once again, millennials cannot repress their generational supremacism despite having problems with "adulting".


>tfw seeing this video again
Just gonna cope and say that she was planning a surprise birthday party.

That's why she didn't wanna show her phone, because she worked really hard and it couldn't go to waste because of some Youtuber.


Gott, I really enjoy the fact that I learned not to care about "your" shitty "opinions" to such a degree that I don't even read them. Bet there's nothing in there but only more ideological cope & seething due to their picture of the world crumbling under contradictive data.

File: 1696312960078.jpg ( 38.56 KB , 844x181 , 1703737602.jpg )


Leftcels BTFO
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This is code for "makes more money than me".




File: 1712829138093.png ( 74.43 KB , 1805x497 , asswipers.png )

Leftcels BTFO again


File: 1712832172798.jpeg ( 18.36 KB , 474x365 , bidet.jpeg )

shit analogy (pun intended)

imagine feeling superior about smearing shit all over your ass with a piece of paper lol

while bluepilled cucks wipe their asses like our baboon ancestors, incelchads use the newest technology called "bidet"


lol fakepoo

File: 1653762899779.jpg ( 258.41 KB , 1024x1024 , 1598214007-0.jpg )

 No.161[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Incel News Thread
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File: 1711772486152.jpg ( 165.24 KB , 999x1136 , 20240318_100537.jpg )



Sex havers btfo


File: 1711900749956.jpg ( 40.92 KB , 1000x441 , this is how a feminist loo….jpg )

>muh saint cunt-carriers (with any semblance of power & entitlement characteristics)
Bullshit gender-ideological propaganda trope made up by jvro-athlantic anti-fascists of the future. Anyone with any kind of interest in history & power dynamics knows how fucking unhingedly violent cuntborn degenerates become whenever they are given protection from their actions. Priveleged cunts were always the backbone of fascist atrocities & fascists always listened to their (economic) race sissies' opinion on different matters.
Look how empowered kweens cucked nutsoys & mistah goybells himself when they tried to purge the last civilian jews from the Germany @ the Rosenstrasse protests. Faggots instantly backed off when their sisters voiced their "umm no sweetie" to this operation. So fucking much for le blood purity until der aryan maiden gets a taste for the dirty disgusting degenerate unrelenting corrupting kike cock.
Look what they did @ pogroms in Romania, look how they instantly collaborated with the nazis in the occupied territories of USSR (sometimes not even waiting for the troops to retreat! with understandable consequences of course), look @ that empowered✨ literal slay kween 👄💅✨ nada luburic proudly fighting 👑💪 the srbian patriarchy 🇧🇦🇧🇬🇲🇪🇷🇸🇸🇮🇷🇴🇲🇰🇦🇱👎 one 🔪🧔 dirty 🔪👶 commie 🔪👩 @ a time 📈✨, marvelously✨ showing her fascinating✨ girl power💫 to her pathetic cide-mayul colleagues in building the free & democratic Croatia.
& notice how every single fascist inhuman degenerate managed & still manages to spawn a ton of offspring of his with multiple inherently unaccountable whores.

Of course feminazis, being the preciest tool of the wall street rule, will NEVER EVER touch upon these blasphemous subjects which portray priveleged wyteboo middle class cuntoids as an inalienable part of the ruling system since sufrawhores of WSPU who gained their priveleges by ardently serving the cause of prolonging the 1st cringe meatgrinder (aka "The Great War").
>The party proclaimed the need for more stringent measures in support of Britain in World War I. Indeed, it gave out white feathers to all conscientious objectors. It changed the name of its paper from The Suffragette Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1712814100010.jpg ( 224.29 KB , 1080x1080 , 20240410_224001.jpg )

Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Leads to Abortion Ban Throughout the state

File: 1711905358430-1.jpg ( 2.76 MB , 2000x2401 , MAN_BORN_WITHOUT_A_JAW8.jpg )

File: 1711905358430-2.jpg ( 2.7 MB , 2000x2666 , MAN_BORN_WITHOUT_A_JAW9.jpg )


HOPE fuel - blackpill ANTITHESIS

Man born without a jaw finds love after lifetime of pain: ‘I deserved more’
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Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.


File: 1712025410147-0.png ( 109.4 KB , 1127x318 , its.png )

File: 1712025410147-1.png ( 72.27 KB , 945x274 , over.png )

>What we have to deal with here is a communist society, not as it has developed on its own foundations, but, on the contrary, just as it emerges from capitalist society; which is thus in every respect, economically, morally, and intellectually, still stamped with the birthmarks of the old society from whose womb it emerges.




File: 1712027905760.png ( 340.4 KB , 605x640 , HOLY BASED PENIS PISTOL BI….png )



1. thats gay, uygha. you're judging a man by his attractiveness?
2. what about him getting ignored by her for 4 years before they even became friends?

File: 1711650386838.jpg ( 643.56 KB , 1585x2473 , 4865.jpg )


Redpill anon, what is the self-help/self-improvement book(s) you recommended again? It was similar to How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.


File: 1711660772068.jpg ( 172.84 KB , 1024x1024 , 170903343576.jpg )

The self help market is nothing but a bunch of hokem.
If you want to improve your life its literally this simple:

Eat right and Exercise.
Spend limited time on the internet.
Fap less. I never fap more than twice in a week, but, don't go full no fap like a retard because you will get prostate cancer.
Work before play. Make sure all your ducks are in order. Make sure your house, car, dishes, etc etc are clean and bills are all paid before you start throwing money in the air spending money on sluts.
Also make sure you have a savings and investment fund and PUT MONEY IN IT.

Congrats I just gave you solid financial advice and you didn't have to pay some retard like andrew tate 999.99 a month to hear it.


>prostate cancer
Is that really real?

And I still wanna know because what's so special about the book that he had to shill it


File: 1711661879006.png ( 114.84 KB , 448x428 , 1710282271452257.png )

Nothing is special about the book.

>Is that really real?

You don't know if prostate cancer is real? Ask the half million or so men who die from it every year.


Considering cancer is a run away growth of cellular regeneration you might as well just deny the existence of cancer itself.

File: 1711574595822-0.jpg ( 482.89 KB , 2560x2048 , 2019-std-Surveillance-Broa….jpg )

File: 1711574595822-1.png ( 90.44 KB , 1185x635 , F_GCHXSEXRPTSRC-large.png )


Post about your encounter with sex-havers.

Today at work during break, some sex-havers were talking about swinging and one sex-haver said it's fun to fantasize about it but also that he wouldn't actually do it because of jealousy. What kind of cuckold shit is that? He's currently in a relationship, and knowing sex-havers both parties probably have exes, which adds to the suspiciousness. S*x-havers, smh.
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That's so blackpilling.

Fuck you, you sageing troll. Nice pdf tho, though it is lacking and limited, maybe because bourgeois science and liberalism

Explain? Then why do people get sick or even die?


>I was startled that he was able to get a girlfriend as a 5'5" something low autism score retard. I saw his girlfriend once and she seemed just like fairly a normal anime nerd. That's when I realized that there was something permanently and fundamentally wrong with me.
I know this is a shitpost, but in high school I remember seeing some complete autist who was in my econ class making out with a girl after school. I mean this kid used to even get bullied by the teacher, and you could tell he was on the spectrum after a 0.5 second interaction with him. But at that moment, when I saw him kissing that relatively pretty girl, I was filled with a sort of existential dread. You would think seeing an ugly autist getting the girl would give me some level of hope, but no, it did the opposite.


I cannot believe the toxicity you guys have.
You guys get depressed over some meek invalid male getting a normal nubile maiden?
Do you not undertsand how rare that is?
Most invalid males go throrugh their entire prime not having any romantic attention.

Im convinced most of you imageboard users are more "normie" than you care to admit


>Explain? Then why do people get sick or even die?
They got poisoned somehow, or bad nutrition.


File: 1711848232438.jpg ( 207.78 KB , 553x779 , the final solution of the ….jpg )

s*x is the opiate of the people. Bread & circus in one package which also divides the society on the aristocracy who gets everything to get it from their mere conceiving & all der other untermenschen who don't. Whatever the fuck normoids try to do to cope with this contradiction is always a blatant ideological lie, especially usual shit like "not having muh seggz is totabsolutely normal bruh like dude y'know just trust me haha just it's okay haha especially if it's you haha gob dless".
The problem though is the fact that you fags completely buy into this shite & then constantly have bad feefees instead of outright rejecting this normidian animal-tier "culture" they propagate & live by like the good participants of the class society they are.

& yes, the s*xual lelvolution the propagandists & normoids like to mention so much ultimately served only to the aforementioned new s*xistocracy of the pregressive middle classes (= bourgoid cocksuckers) while leaving everybody else behind. Add the vicious cycle of mental issues which creep into the mind of a worseningly s*xless person & you get the typical user of this piece of leftyboard = the s*xed get more s*x, the s*xless get more s*xlessfull.

Stop thinking about s*x, fags. Or @ least stop thinking about it from the perspective of normidian shitfucks who don't know any better & don't even wanna. What an irony, btw, is this paradox of s*xhavers not wanting to know anything & @ the same time knowing how to get into the orifices of each other.

File: 1711455027585.jpg ( 20.33 KB , 480x782 , fucking_whore.jpg )


Imagine being this much of a roastie.




you're correct in that sexing an incredibly ugly woman will usually turn up a troon. Still, it's a gift that autistics like yourself can't tell from facial features. You could pretend that it's a real girl while it gives you AIDS. Pan-autist solidarity when an incel fucks a troon.


Actually, the joke was supposed to be that this was an easy-to-tell fake conversation and that I'm so socially inexperienced that I couldn't tell that messages on the right are the ones you send, instead of the ones you receive. But I guess I screwed it up…


No, me and the other anon are just a bit retarded. You did okay.

File: 1687103499875.jpg ( 87.66 KB , 1122x633 , Influencer-Made-An-AI-Girl….jpg )



>23-year-old influencer Caryn Marjorie has more than 1.8 million followers on Snapchat. Connecting with that many people can prove to be difficult. So she came up with a way to connect with her followers, especially the lonely ones, and makes some money off them at the same time.

>Marjorie created an AI chatbot designed to be an “AI Girlfriend.” One that her followers would pay $1 per minute to engage with. Thousands of hours were spent getting CarynAI to sound like her and mimic her personality.

Here it is boyos, the beginning of the AI girlfriend revolution.
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>proprietary software has indeed inspired the creation of free software before.
It was the other way around. It was the Gill Bates who looked @ software & came up with an idea of taking someone's code into your private property. The Stallman's Free/Libre shit started only as a reaction to the protective measurements of this private property (= taking away all freedom of owning a thing from the customers who bought it).

But putting a copyright on the thing that was always free to use & recruiting an entire lawyer army on his side wasn't enough for our "philanthropist", as the media calls this progress sabotaging cyberkulak-grade utter fuck. He doesn't want just having the computer code in private property. He also wants to have biological ‒ the genetic code of people to be in the same private property. Hence his interest in biology of all things after creating microsoft.


Idk man. You better eat those words. It might come.back to haunt you.
Remember back in the late 1980s/early 90s when computers were seen as for pathetic virgin nerds?


Getting outcompeted amd cucked by AI… The transhumanists were right, communist transhumanism is the only way out of this future problem.


nah. Embrace the AI. Stop exploiting meatbots for sexual economy. Use cyberbots instead.


>Yeah i highly doubt that if capitalists build this thing, that they're going to spin up a vm for every rent-a-gf-bot.
Yes because AI gfs aren't even on their radar. They're trying to take over entire multi billion dollars industries like transportation and medicine with AI. They don't care if some lonely man repurposes the tech to build a partner.

File: 1710949913302.mp4 ( 521.78 KB , 532x640 , bug-shaker-thug-shaker.mp4 )


why is it socially unacceptable for men to twerk? we also have big asses that we can move. its ridiculous and oppressive
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It is wrong. But most cishet males are too complacent to recognise this.

Theyd rather waste away self-value on serving women in some jocular manner.


File: 1711122400971.jpg ( 96.18 KB , 1024x905 , 1710164624291132m.jpg )

Trooncel anon, what do you think the cumulative probability is of you killing yourself? We can calculate this using double decrement if only we had a life table for pedo internet freaks. My guess is the prob of you attaining life age 50 is near zero.


The strawmen is strong with yall today.
I guess your a typical slave of romantic chivalry.
Good luck on your quests to "save the day" for damsels!


File: 1711127682063.png ( 272.61 KB , 550x741 , 1711127548017.png )

Good luck sucking "girl" cock. I should seriously construct a joint distro future lifetime for trooncel couples. I wonder if joint life status will be extended from getting head from another troon or decreased from having to deal with each other's autism and suicidal ideation.


Anon, those ethots are not gonna lick your dick no matter you wish or hope.

> I should seriously construct a joint distro future lifetime for trooncel couples. I wonder if joint life status will be extended from getting head from another troon or decreased from having to deal with each other's autism and suicidal ideation.

Idk what youre going on about.
A "joint distro"? Whats that?

But the rest of he post sounds like what you and your fellow incels need.

File: 1710890317560.jpg ( 448.98 KB , 2560x1440 , mm.jpg )


>make a song called "I will rape and torture you because I love hitler and worship satan"
>f*mles: how could I have known he would rape and torture me????
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This is the sort of shit punk rock and emo does yet adults are more concerned about rap and pop


Stop trying to lump punk rock in with this shit.


My dad really liked this guy when he was a kid.


He makes good music.


Lump punk rock with what shit?

Punk rock gave us GG Allin and thr likes. Just a bunch of edgelord degenerantes whom wanna scream, dope up, and break things and call it introspective.

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