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File: 1693993634923.jpg ( 138.05 KB , 700x823 , 20230906_164627.jpg )


Why does porkie hate men?
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Agreed somewhat, I feel like people are too desperate because they think they won't have other chances if they fuck up (and with alienation how it is, that's reasonable) so they try to speedrun the dating process, don't open up enough, accept unfulfilling pairings and just try to breed because that fits the suburban dream of exponential population growth in unscalable vehicle-centric city layouts, further increasing that alienation in a feedback loop.

If you go outside more than most, especially community organisation activities, you're gonna have better chances though. Probably one of the better ways available rn to overcome that.


>Become an activist just to pick up chicks



>people who actually go outside and do praxis tend to have decent romantic lives.
>Just go out bro, women aren't collectively rejecting you
Liberalism, not even once.


If you have no political convictions then sure, stay inside. Going out and having a purpose is gonna naturally lead to a healthier social life, and just a blanket stat boost all around for your heatlth. Your main goal in life shouldn't be pussy, women like people that are actually doing things instead of being an npc waiting for an active agent to approach them. Demonstrable intellectualism and agency is hot.


Romance isnt dead. It was oversold.

Romantic love was mamt for the rich, handsome, and talented.

Industrial Revoltuion statted marketing romance as a natural attainable entitlement of adulthood.

File: 1650750341218.gif ( 3.66 MB , 450x336 , 1649716684277.gif )


Psychopathic personality traits in adolescents are associated with delinquency and delinquency can contribute to future dating success for boys, according to new research
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File: 1652384411497.png ( 1.18 MB , 1663x1636 , 1652383641365.png )



In a meta-analysis that combined 96 studies looking at 177,000 subjects from around the world, researchers found that strength and muscularity were the male traits that best predicted men's mating and reproductive success.
It's ogre.


This is part ideology top though.




this article reads like Hollywood scrpts And I bet the the people whom promote this are postpubescebt virginal losers whom cannot move on from high school.

This is lowkey hebephobia and misandry.

File: 1701376057541.jpg ( 393.63 KB , 720x1248 , Screenshot_20231117_164143….jpg )




8kun is still alive? Will that site ever not be broken?


has less activity than OP's neurons outside of Qoomers

File: 1700260634545.jpg ( 144.97 KB , 760x931 , 20231117_153623.jpg )


Is he right?


Imagine being so mindcucked you can't handle a titty.
I do think people should be mora armored in public spaces but if you're just gonna wear a t-shirt then you funcionally might as well not wear a shirt.


the superstructure lags behind the base, so peoples cultural sensibilities are still somewhat behind. For instance tribal peoples in warm climates go almost naked yet they have no problem with it.


Anglo American suburban logic


I do like the islamic idea of modesty, women can be very distracting when I'm out and about.

File: 1701034018512.png ( 901.61 KB , 864x1920 , Screenshot_20231126-142556.png )


Are you attracted to butterfaces?


Solid 8


I'll take that as a yes.


I'm not picky just don't be overweight and disfigured

File: 1700578532267.jpeg ( 247.21 KB , 601x2328 , previmage.jpeg )


They're not even hiding it anymore.
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>lol you take money from the government and use it to avoid work and play video games all day.
Pure Projection, I've been working for a living since I was 14.


Me and my AR will be waiting for you posturing simp.


>incel has a gun
lmao don't ACK yourself before the time comes troon


>incel has a gun
And a Ghillie suit


File: 1700628478919.gif ( 221.77 KB , 220x262 , 1700628467261.gif )

>airshit cope

File: 1652993005834.jpg ( 667.66 KB , 864x1174 , BlatantMisogyny-ut7uyz.jpg )

 No.131[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Incel humor thread.
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File: 1700577213800.jpg ( 65.59 KB , 900x1350 , 20231121_073146.jpg )



File: 1700582274546.jpg ( 175.27 KB , 1290x1284 , 20231121_085655.jpg )

It ain't me, I'm not a fortunate son.


that bitch should be lucky that a man is expressing interest in her, a single mom almost thirty.

This is why I say romantic love is worse than lust. Its somewhat egocentric.


>date a 20 year old because I find most people under 25 completely fucking insufferable, but I'm not going to lie when I say like a 23 year old is attractive.

Thats ironic because as a 22 yesr old, I fimd that most people in their thirties and forties are very adolescent and project their own flaws onto their juniors.

Also, its not "zoomers" pushing that "25 us the new 18". Its millennials and Gen Xers.

Why? Because those two cohorts are the most infantile postmodern breed of adults.


File: 1701164483960.jpg ( 714.51 KB , 1080x1863 , Screenshot_2023-11-28-16-3….jpg )

File: 1699175788102.jpg ( 493.5 KB , 1440x1439 , 20231105_155757.jpg )


<How did we get to the point where there are people like pic related who are just out and about in society?

I understand the physical mechanics of it (calories in, calories out; sedentary lifestyle).

But how did we get to the point where people who look like her aren't shunted away in a circus?

Also, according to Marx, doesn't capital trend toward paying wages which are just above the cost of reproducing labor power? Did capitalism evolve, or was Marx just wrong?
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Is it though?


Looks real to me but is that even relevant? Hamplanets exist.

How did we get here?
Well they created suburbs, America doesn't have a culture of promoting athleticism, or walkable cities with cycling infrastructure, and food companies push high calorie processed foods onto people.

Another reason is that many grocery stores don't have fresh produce because they are in low-income neighbourhoods.


it weakens the proletariat, physically and mentally.
It's also profitable for big pharma and health industry be have people literally on a treadmill.


I don't think she will fit on a treadmill anon.


>fat: no mask
>fit: mask
Even AI understands mouth culture is the root of this. Capitalism merely upholds mouth culture.

File: 1699085687331.jpg ( 418.18 KB , 1080x1098 , Screenshot_2023-11-04-15-1….jpg )


Permafrigthened women should not be given a voice over matters outside of the household
>Change my mind

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