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File: 1677069110133.mp4 ( 2.37 MB , 576x1024 , GdqwT3dQdoDSo7h5.mp4 )


Anon, would you have sex with the Wagner Group e-girl?
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I always wanted to hate rape a Nazi


> imminent wagner purge
lol the only thing purged will be your sorry poutinist ass


>muh nazi
glowing much?


File: 1691727305206.jpg ( 117.99 KB , 1170x1039 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

t. clueless about russians asiatic dna

t. asian



Brain rot

File: 1691038553673.jpg ( 28.47 KB , 640x673 , Se7enFuel.jpg )


hypothetically i thought of working to dismantle the government too. just saying


>they're paid to derail your life's work
Anon that's just your average western woman


File: 1691049233946.png ( 1.64 MB , 1107x848 , Screen_Shot_2019-08-08_at_….png )

I wish I was asexual so I wouldn't be encumbered by coom and enthralled by succubi.


File: 1691290520705-0.png ( 3.78 MB , 1400x1815 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691290520705-1.png ( 369.99 KB , 543x548 , ClipboardImage.png )

I pretend to be extremely dangerous else I'll lose the only people that ever listen to me, the FBI agents assigned to me


File: 1691424548579.jpg ( 104.86 KB , 1280x720 , hey there.jpg )

Hey there cutie.. wanna go blow *wink-wink* up a federal building together?


It's refreshing to hear people look at the increasing virginity rates through a more material lens. Wage stagnation, more and more people living with their parents, internet addiction.
But they still refuse to acknowledge any influence women may have or how you can't just ignore the heterosexual dynamics where women will still want a tall chad. They just vaguely scrape on the part where women want a guy with money. "Sharing your feelings" is not shit women want.

File: 1689795644160.mp4 ( 13.47 MB , 576x1024 , b8edabfb3f20b216d2db93ee5e….mp4 )


Why are we so scary to them? is our shitposting really that dangerous?
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Good image. And yes these are a shows made for bored housewives, they're churn out nonstop by the week, they tackle whatever was on the headlines last year and throw everything together. Basically soap operas.


>they're churn out nonstop by the week, they tackle whatever was on the headlines last year and throw everything together
They sound like South Park but actually funny, albeit unintentionally.


About the same understanding on reality as south park too


Because the Blackpill is anti liberal. And they know if more people reject the liberal meritocracy myth they could have a revolution on their hands.
They'll prattle on all day about how a conservative isn't a fascist, conservatives that literally have the blood of millions via enslavement and systemic racial oppression on their hands. but think incels that have killed like 10 people in the last 15 years, is an exesentital threat to them.


File: 1689825175180.png ( 244.89 KB , 2797x1678 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Why are we so scary to them?
Because for whatever reasons you are unable to include yourself into their global neofascistic society. & if you're not able to tie your life with their system, then you will inevitably start to deny its' existence, along with their position in it. Of course these "liberal" chauvinistic fucks are literally shaking @ the thought of some gawddang marginalized extremist radicals realizing their trve interests in this life, so is the constant barrage of shice on any unfortunates who are destined to be a permanent reject in this status quo anyway. "It's all your fault", "The system's enigmatic, it's you who's problematic".

File: 1689604779382.jpg ( 188.72 KB , 1430x1645 , 6Qke0A3.jpg )


has neo-feudalism gone too far?


Personally I enjoy the shallow grave option.
A+ Service.


<arm proles to "euthanize" other proles
<proles "euthanize" the rulers

File: 1655034725594.jpg ( 128.75 KB , 1048x1076 , 726353281917.jpg )

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How do I stop myself wanting a gf so badly that it hurts?
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File: 1685888091886.jpeg ( 25.97 KB , 474x429 , laugh.jpeg )

>you're willing to result to petty personal attacks and strawmenninnorder to justify your own inane bitching and self depreciation
I neither bitch nor self-depreciate

Being a deluded bluepiller is what truly self-depreciating!

>This is one thing I really hate about other Marxists is once you become influenced by materialism as a concept you then act as if your mind as now power what so ever.

and I hate philosophycel leftoids that act as if their consciousness is a superpower lol

basic histmat maxim leftoid - men don't make history as they please - you can be impotently butthurt about it all you want

just a dog barking at the sky lol

>Lmfao I don't think you understand what a universal law is.

Ok brainletoid, please do tell me why chemical reactions have a tendency to reproduce, some less, some more?
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>You're either x or y
>laughing anime gif.jpeg



File: 1685909981250.png ( 241.76 KB , 525x546 , 1676575427657401.png )

Men don't make history as they please but we still make history your moronic faggot.
Jesus christ you people are so stupid.

>it reminded me of Peterson's take that if God doesn't exists, then everything is allowed kek

He's not wrong though the issue is that it's not a bad thing that is the point you miss because you are a pea brained retard.

Also this isn't an actual argument against my position you are just saying "oh wow the fact you said that thing really offends me" because again you are a pea brained retard.

>other people suffer so that means for some reason that we don't have free will.

Bottom text.


So much smirking. So much jabs. So much laughing.

Clearly a massive cope with an internal unresolved crisis.

Let me smile at you.


Based and materialist, not reading the other posts

File: 1688838491969.png ( 4.18 KB , 270x38 , protecc.png )


"What is LASIT?

"Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT) encompasses a wide range of ideologies. It includes those from the political left-wing as well as anarchists who seek to use violence to advance their cause in opposition to the capitalist system. It also includes those with single-issue grievances who seek to use violence in opposition to a specific policy or practice."


"We assess a terrorist attack in the UK motivated by LASIT ideology to be highly unlikely. The threat is low."


"Single-issue grievance narratives that commonly feature within the protest space include environmentalism, animal-rights, anti-abortionists, anti-vaccination and Involuntary Celibate (Incel)."

"We currently assess that Incel-related activity in the UK remains below the terrorism threshold."
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>Right-wing retards are incapable of not allowing their groups to be filled glowies or obliviously doing their bidding. What a joke.

There's one in here vigorously defending it even. The blackpill space is an extra special right-wing space in that they are so suicidal that when feds infiltrate their spaces looking to indiscriminately surveil virgins they just smear shit on their faces and call it a good thing



When Trump lost the election, incels.is through an enormous fit on Twitter, posting like 50 posts in absolute terror. Owner is some Tim Pool fan dork. Par for the course for blackpillers


;edit threw


>Who was incels.is cooperating with, the Jesse guy?

This is Jesse Morton


A right-leaning "former Jihadi" who got thrown in jail for threatening the South Park creators with death early in their careerss. He was given reduced prison sentence for becoming an FBI informant. He struck up a friendship with the former head of NY police intelligence, named Mitch Silber.

After Jesse's prison, stay of them started Parallel Network, a now defunct CVE org that worked with Feds to surveil and infiltrate "extremist organizations". In practice, and due to the polical affiliations of Jesse, the org served as a laundromat for neo-nazi reputations. Various neo-nazis like Heimbach would go to them for fake positive publicity as a reformed Nazi. Parallel Networks, before they enrolled incels.is as a partner, were infamous in left-wing spaces for seemingly providing legal cover for those involved in the Unite The Right Rally



Also of note is that Jesse died the exact same day a criminal investigation was announced against one of his partners, Diego galante, the founder of incels.is

The criminal investigation was about the sodium nitrite overdose forum Galante founded and ran where minors died and pedos roamed free to terrorize people.

File: 1688672694003-0.jpg ( 149.25 KB , 800x1269 , 1631481659581.jpg )

File: 1688672694003-1.png ( 23.03 KB , 550x488 , 1621217511752.png )


Are women with BPD aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness and form of hysteria that comes from a woman's ovaries over the mass production of period hormones that causes a woman to have irrational emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and being intentionally manipulative towards men the number one threat to leftism due to how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?


Yes but not quite for the reason you think. BPD women in organizations, in my personal experience, are the sole active women in the party. This is dangerous because they have the social capital among non-active women to mobilize the party to doing retarded shit. It is particularly difficult for men in the party who 9/10 are themselves retarded neet incels who are just there to get laid. You have the BPD controlling all the women controlling most of the men. The only solution is to ban dating in the party unless a couple is entering the party with an established relationship of course. We need active men and women in charge who are not mentally ill autistic freaks–this may prove too difficult for burgers and britbongs


it's a meme illness meant to describe women who have attachment issues and act like an asshole because of it

psychiatrists/therapists routinely scam women out of money by saying it's an illness and they can cure it. Some specialize in it and have these women lining around the block and coming in 3 times a week, afraid of losing their therapist.

File: 1683793020744.jpg ( 38.74 KB , 736x736 , OG3un7eTB3w.jpg )


just got banned (again) from my main forum of the last few months..

tips? and share ban stories, maybe
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File: 1686874908038-0.png ( 81.45 KB , 256x256 , craymin 1.png )

File: 1686874908038-1.png ( 106.82 KB , 256x256 , craymin 2.png )

File: 1686874908038-2.png ( 101.7 KB , 256x256 , craymin 3.png )

lol been getting banned @org for say the faggots/homos ruin everything and they banned another guy for pretty much agreeing. been enjoying pissing off org's jannie trahnies using different ips and spamming ai gen art of trump


you're as cringe as jannoids

you all sexually obsessive spergs are cringe, such cringe

I feel embarrassed for you


File: 1686968996051.png ( 24.1 KB , 61x96 , 09jd09jqd.png )

fuck off back to org, faggot
i feel embarrassed for you


File: 1687582226644.png ( 13.99 KB , 200x200 , interdasting.png )

Currently banned from:
.org, for a month, ending in a week(for soyposting)
4chan, permantly(for furry)
KC, a whole month, just now, range ban. Just finished a three day ban for frogposting. Funny how that reminds me of another site.
Not banned from wizchan but it's become clear their mods are right wing white supremacist faggots so you can talk about how you can fuck other women from other races but get banned for making BBC memes even though both go against the rules, so I stopped posting there.
Guess I'm stuck here again,


you are gay

File: 1684176475269.png ( 124.28 KB , 908x427 , ClipboardImage.png )


Why are some leftists so opposed to travelmnaxxing?
It literally enrages them to a level usually only reserved for nazis.
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Yes, they call them Christmas cakes in Japan. Because no one wants them after the 25th.


>they call them Christmas cakes on East Pedo Island


Pedophilia ratez in Japan are half of what they are in the West. Like most Westerners you're more interested in virtue signalling than actually protecting children.



>Conclusion: In contrast to a lower prevalence of penetrative CSA, the prevalence of contact CSA among Japanese females may be comparable or higher in relation to international estimates. Future research on children's perceptions of and exposure to sexual abuse, crime and exploitation in Japan is discussed.


This is a meta study, which there is a lot of issues with. The study itself even says that many of the studies they looked at had ill denied definitions of abuse. So your study's findings are very weak.
Even taken at face value simply petting a kid instead of butt fucking them is far less traumatic so my point still stands.

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