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It turned out that Evika Siliņa who dreams of the Latvian Prime Minister’s post once had very different dreams.
Journalists investigated and found out that Evika Silina starred in a porn casting for top French porn producer Pierre Woodman’s series “Casting X” as Evita. Video was published in 2015.


Most likely Evika Silina will be famous in Latvia. At least all politicians are actors. Now Latvia will get its own porn actress in the government. Politics is always a dirty game.


TBF these days you would be hard pressed to find an eastern european women who hadn't done porn at some point in their lives.


why so many eastern euros in pawnz?
is it really that bad over there?


The modern slavic woman is a whore. I don't know exactly why but this is the case.


that linked scene wasn't even good


who cares




Latvian people are just a meme made up by the Germans.


File: 1694023830707.jpg ( 80.78 KB , 854x480 , evita_porn.jpg )

Her active porn career was 2008-2014. She is Latvian, but it was filmed in Moscow, Russia, July 23, 2009? Is it common for Latvians to live abroad?

Latvia, a disappearing nation
January 5, 2018

Since it joined the EU, the country has lost one-fifth of its population.

To be sure, economic migration is not the only reason for the country’s declining population. The small Baltic republic’s comparatively low birth rate and high mortality rate are also contributing factors.

“Borders are open, information about life in other EU states is available and everyone is doing it. So, off our young people go to England or Ireland or Germany” — Aleksandr Rube, journalist


why cant i have a porn mommy president in my country


Latvia is such a joke of a nation. I would be ashamed to tell people that I'm 'Latvian'. Maybe I would pretend to be Polish or Russian…

Why? Do you have a cuckhold fetish?


bro im just horny


You should focus your energy on hating women instead of being horny.


File: 1694113601600.png ( 1.62 KB , 654x347 , mildly annoyed square.png )

>not focusing your hate energy on the ruling class


Women are the ruling class.


kek it happened


I wonder how much sex work she did off-screen. That one porn scene was filmed in Russia, and it's said she's fluent in Russian and English


Wrong. Its the old aristocratic males that are. Women are just overrated commodities.


Eastern Europe has been in shambles since the fall of communism.


why are guys so obsessive about female sexuality?

Alot of male politicians are horndogs that fucked everythibg that moved when given half a chance.
Look at Donald Trump. He has beem embraased by a blackmail tape showing Eastern European whores peeing on him.


The stars and bars is the most revolting flag there is to me. I have no respect for anyone that uses it in a positive manner. Yes you faggot white burgers it is more offensive than the Nazi flag because the Civil War was never completed.


What's up with hating on women? Even onlyfans is still a product of capitalism and commodification of sex. Stop falling for obvious bait and being incels you losers.


>What's up with hating on women?
W*men are monopolists of the means of reproduction. They have a stake in the system.


they are, what I would call, a sexual ruling class


she needs to lose her job so she'll come back to porn out of desperation 💯


that milf body


i wanna fuck her so bad


wait a minute she did anal


File: 1716228689724.gif ( 3.82 MB , 498x401 , vaush-soy.gif )

>wait a minute she did anal


You fucking autist. Enjoy the fruits of your labor I guess?

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