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File: 1666436510034.jpg (95.33 KB, 960x960, c35c161e9acbe910cde7fbe3d1….jpg)


Life is meaningless and we are plauged by insignifigance.
We literally lvie, suffer, and die and all for no reason at all.
On top of this we are surrounded by idiots at any given point. In all aspects of our lives, but, mainily in positions of authority. Vestegies left over from a long dead era of civilization where man worshiped gods and fought for his own survival. Obviously, I do not take religion seriously and even the absurdist answer is a bit of a wet fart to me. Or the heninistic approach. None of it appeals tro me. No matter what I do I seem to be over come with a vast and incurable meloncolly at any give time due to the constant and endless realization of this epiphany.
I feel like it's driving me mad some times. I think I am crazy to some degree, maybe bi-polar. I am starting to experience short vivid hallucinations which I believe may be the begining onset of skitophrenia, or, some type of Alzheimers. I will randomly see black spots track out of the corner of my eye in the room. Like a black non existent void coming from no where.
I heard my first voice two days ago at work. It called out my name in the break room. Clear as day. I turned to see if it was my co-worker who was behind me, but, he was doing his own thing.
I believe this insanity is partially due to this constantly exetential terror that I experience. My realtionships that were most meaningful to me as well are all but dried up. The friends I have are good but my most meaningful relationships are all dead and, as I said, the few friends I know currently will be gone too. How do you cope with this and why? What is your philopsphy for this mundane trepidatious reality?

I feel like I'll either go insane at this point or killmyself.
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>The feeling of meaninglessness might go away in a class-less society.
bullshit, it will only be amplified. and this is good. the spirit that is in human bodies needs to be free


File: 1668278816496.jpg (289.64 KB, 804x1200, madonnaandchild.jpg)

What do you mean it needs to be free?
the concept of our meaninglessness is frighting to your average normie. Hell it's frightening to me.

Haven't you read Nietzsche? God is dead and we killed him? The death of god and its consequences are horrifying.


Life may be meaningless, but we are not here to suffer. We can do things to not suffer, or suffer less. There is no inexorable push to make us suffer as much as possible, except in the minds of those who wish to lord over us. There is that in the world which is simply abomination, like Eugenics, and that which is at least tolerable. Whether we want the world without maximal suffering is a different question. It may very well be that humans are drawn to this misery and that explains why it went the way it did, when we obviously could have done better. There was no true technological reason or a crass motive that suggested we had to suffer, and this includes the past where we supposedly didn't know better. There was no excuse for the predation of feudal nobles or the lies and more lies that have been offered. All of that is one scam after another, and there were these strange progressive types who asked a simple question - why do we need to suffer like this? The answer, bombshell, is that we never needed to do this. Socialism in its early modern conception asked this very question and gradually it was transformed into something entirely alien to what it originally suggested. It is not that socialism will create a world without suffering, but that we could easily do better than arranged wars that the elite treat like a sport, sacrificing us mostly so they can have their jollies, with the excuse that every other noble does it. The idiotic behavior of nobles and the bourgeois are imposed on the whole world, even as most of us and enough of the bourgeois class see the entire enterprise of war and immiseration as pointless and obviously fixable. All it requires is enough people feeding vice and cruelty to keep the cycle going, and a belief imposed that you're not allowed to stop any of it. If we were allowed to stop it or even walk away from it, it would not be this bad. Guess what certain people make their mission to ensure, even as the will of many pissed off people would upend it without vast expense spent to suppress any resistance to a sick ruling idea.

Some idiots will say "durrr capitalism is about profits", and this is a dumbass line. Capitalists are interested in survival before they can consider profitability, and largely see that capitalism is unworkable and no longer in their interest as it has existed. The movement to keep us in misery is class collaborationist and does not conform to some crass motive at all. If we were interested in profitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


See, people say I'm a doomer for talking about eugenics so much, but I'm trying to tell people that if they don't answer this basic question, nothing they say about economic systems is relevant. I find it curious how they're always going to bat for eugenics, which many people regard as a depraved abomination with a known history of rampant lying and abuse for no gain, but they tell us that we need to follow the latest narrative that will never work so long as the eugenics question remains intact. Those people are the fucking worst slime. At least the outright eugenists and the fascists claim they're on the winning side and see a few benefits. These trolls and shills don't even receive the silver that Judas got.


Underrated post.

File: 1624585674006.png (436.05 KB, 1209x900, max_iq.png)


When did you grow out of your Marxist phase? 24 for me. I can't believe I fell for such blantant ideological spooks propped up material dialetics. Imagine being an idealist in 2021, LMAO.
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>Even if history has a direction, it might not have an end which fits into our narrative understanding.
If all history is the history of class struggle, then the end of history means the end of class struggle, ie classes.

Either historical change is completely random, or determined by something. This something can't be innate human nature because it stays constant in this timeframe. So you better explain to me what this something can be, or I will be forced to conclude that humanity is just a random mess.



I wouldn't say it's either completely random or determined by one specific thing. Class struggle provides a good metric to look at history we already have, and it can be assumed that class struggle will continue into the future - but whether class struggle actually ends, whether classes are actually erased, whether the erasing of class (should it ever happen) is to be permanently stable, etc. are things we simply can't say. Logic can only be applied by people to events, and we can attempt to use logic to determine the future through action… but all of this is still just some little mammals running around on a planet, the artifice of our logic comes tertiary to a whole lot of other factors, and these can not be fully predicted or understood. So if I was to say "oh, it should resolve this way" or "oh it's resolved now" that doesn't actually make any sense - I have no way of knowing whether even this single issue is resolved now or how it should resolve in the future if it ever resolves at all.


Without getting into the speciousness of the "Big Bang" theory - the term enters the lexicon as a pejorative to describe something that was considered absurd at the time - the universe doesn't begin with what we can observe, but a true beginning. No materialist scientific theory can be used to make philosophical claims of that sort. There has always been in naturalism the unspoken assumption of a prime mover, and science is not a purely materialist or positivist doctrine - in science you build models of the natural world with certain caveats.

Even if you get past that philosophical hurdle, it says nothing about particular events in the universe following this universal orientation. That's a purely philosophical claim and a very piss poor one. The ends of individual humans and whole societies can be absurd or end abruptly, rather than fitting some prescribed narrative. It's a very pernicious doctrine that is particular to eugenics and its view of "genes as destiny", rather than anything that stands up to any observation we make about the past. Eugenics, of course, must declare "history is bunk" so that the Great Leader Galton is never wrong. Eugenics cannot fail, it can only be failed.

It's a false dichotomy. There is a reason why events happen, but it doesn't involve some "world spirit" that suggests that the ruling ideas are inevitably correct and absolute, or will become absolute in the future. Living things down to the individual move on their own power, as do many of the non-living things in the world. There's not actually a principle you are obligated to folllow. The state compels submission because it can, not because the state did much for you. You can argue there is a condition states generally exist in - I call this the "general fear", i.e. we assemble in state societies because of the fear of predation at a psychological level, rather than any tendency outside of us that suggests the state has meaning. God, which is the inspiration for a lot of our thinking about the spiritual authority of states and that which may oppose them, is largely a metaphor for this very process - that is, that the state really involves the cult of power and the Satan, which can claim the throne of heaven until a new Satan overcomes it. "God" is the transcendent Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Class struggle is not an essence of the universe, and if that is your takeaway from Marx, you're a pretty bad Marxist, or you believe that class struggle really is eternal (which is something Marx could be seen as implying). Class struggle doesn't exist "just because" - it was understood that the struggle of classes was a struggle of individuals of those classes for position, before the classes formed distinct institutions through which they could project power. The bourgeoisie wouldn't be a class for itself if it did not have states, associations, conspiracies, and so on that organized the program of their class - and the bourgeoisie is not one uniform class, but a collection of interests defined as the name suggests by their origin in city life and the mercantile interests that held their support base in those cities. There was of course a time where the bourgeoisie didn't exist as such, or their character was very different from what it became in the liberal order. The class fights because it has something to fight for, rather than fighting for only their conceits. The greatest difficulty for the workers is that they only had their own bodies to fight for, and those bodies are disconnected from other bodies and under constant attack. If the society ceases to work for enough of the bourgeoisie and they are not dealt with, they produce a destabilizing element in the state, seeking its overthrow and replacement with something else.

Marxist narratives typically have huge difficulty with scale - and this weakness was engineered deliberately in the Germanic philosophy, so pedagogues could intimidate students by telling them they can't count, they can't read, they can't they can't they can't, until someone is convinced they can't and gives up, or keeps trying and failing because they're not given the cheat code or allowed to present themselves as understanding. The German education system only wanted soldiers to follow - university education was to be restricted to a favored group selected in advance, and they were mighty racist as they typically are about admissions.


It depends on what you are talking about and what you mean by communiam if class becomes irrelevant or not.

File: 1663283412892.gif (282.7 KB, 400x573, DEAD INSDIE.gif)


Anyone else feel empty inside? Right now I'm still sizing myself up too see if I have what it takes to kill myself.
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maybe not fun, but definitely interesting



God, it sucks every time and if I live to see it I'll be broke again - and old, you know. My capacity to enjoy it if Balkan America even brings back illegal raves will be severely limited, and there's no way I can Mad Max it either.


>It will be just like a movie and have raves
Reddit tier


>a movie

I mean, the Balkans in the '90s had raves. And no, I'm saying it won't be like a movie, dumbass. If I'm lucky I'd be holed up, and realistically I'd be under a bridge or just dying slowly from disease or exposure or sumt. Like it will not be "interesting" for me, that's my point.


Don't do it anon. The world is a beautiful place. Let it fill you with love and cast out that which is nasty and stinky. The shit is almost entirely from humans doing human things, and if humans could just stop doing those things, the world would be pretty awesome. Hell really is other fucking people.

File: 1631814778233.jpeg (27.9 KB, 569x539, images - 2021-09-16T12520….jpeg)


My favourite part of being a communist is daydreaming about killing rich people, yours?
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More people you fantasize about killing because they don't belong to your queer cult?


File: 1671689158178-0.jpg (49.77 KB, 600x816, 1.jpg)

File: 1671689158178-1.jpg (140.93 KB, 1000x646, 2.jpg)

I'm daydreaming of them reenaching the white flight but this time fucking off to mars or even better alpha centauri.

Au Revoir, piggies!


People who do nothing but meme on the internet aren't worth the bullet.


they're worth a bullet to me. i'll start my own ammo factory if i have to.


same tbh, not a commie though, gubbamint is the debil.

File: 1671749652846.jpg (232.04 KB, 640x1136, 166590714027.jpg)


Will get even colder today than it was yesterday.
Guess i'll die then.
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What about a propane heater?


What it feels like living in Texas. I've lost power twice for multiple hours in the last 2 days


This is the second time this has happened to texas. When are texans going to wake up to their retarded privatized energy grid?


Isn't it just the perfect example of capitalist inefficieny that a place that is full of oil derricks and and refineries can't keep the lights on.


It really is. It's insane to think about. The privatization of the Texas power grid was such a mistake. Why the fuck did boomers believe privatizing everything was a good idea?

File: 1608528376620.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x768, Solidarity_Attack.jpg)


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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>Does he try to use Stirner to justify why wars happen?
To me it sound more like he explaining how they are able to happen, because ppl are willing to throw away themselves in favor of the Man.


File: 1608528453027.jpg (13.73 KB, 266x189, i got it.jpg)



File: 1628521529432.jpg (146.92 KB, 1000x560, shutterstock_55147141.jpg)

Reviving this threat because listening to music is one of the few truely unalienated acts left. The reason music speaks to us, why we feel music, is that we find ourselves in it. The emotional content inside music is never a foreign thing, because it's our own perception that which is the source. If music wasnt listened to by someone it would just be a series of tones with no further connotations - so we find ourselves in the music we like.





File: 1670829527514.png (7.25 KB, 269x187, key-nell.png)

File: 1630211292215.png (805.56 KB, 810x1041, agni.png)


Complete noob here. I plan to hit up a walmart for some spray paint and stickers probably. Anybody have any tips on how to avoid getting caught or looking suspicous?
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Ok, why is it stupid ?
Consider that i mainly wanted to talk about how mafia works.


File: 1668074678321.pdf (385.71 KB, 67x118, A Shoplifting Guide - 2018….pdf)

More recent guide.
There's also this https://pdfcoffee.com/the-art-of-shoplifting-pdf-free.html I prefer not to open it in my computer and rather view it on the site, because I scanned it and it was mildly sus.


File: 1669543642966-0.png (820.69 KB, 1920x1080, _.png)

File: 1669543642966-1.pdf (1.16 MB, 180x300, Edmond A. MacInaugh - Disg….pdf)

File: 1669543642966-2.pdf (848.82 KB, 212x300, HUM - SELF CHECKOUT & HACK….pdf)

This is from a thread i started about thievery in general, mostly was about shoplifting wih other miscellaneous theft thrown in. had started it while ago, routinely posted additional resources to keep it alive but overall pretty much consider lainchan pretty dead at this point

So here is some actual substance copied/pasted from the thread, which ill probably split into a few posts

-have a trip to the store simply to case it and know what you want beforehand
-Keep store visits under 15 min
-Have your routes planned
-research police response times for your area
-look into company's turnover rates
-check the frequency of crimes in your selected area(more crime less time)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1670076714582-0.jpg (155.43 KB, 1200x630, sky sight.jpg)

File: 1670076714582-1.png (190.38 KB, 1364x1089, run.png)


use google, specifically
- Maps, plan your route(more importantly escape route) and know the terrain around the area of your target(also useful in non-shoplifting thefts/other fukkery)
- "Popular times" feature(enter the address of the store) to gauge what days and what hours are their peak/busiest(more people means less focus)
- "See Photos"/"See Outside" of the store, will give lay of the land and clue into how well sorted the store is.
- use google/indeed/other reviews on the specific store, could be considered overkill but skim the reviews, gives insight into the employees/management there and how much of a potential problem they could be

Look up how to make a magic bag, there should be something floating around or at least some old tips from totse/zoklet/bombshock/rorta

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File: 1670369744072-0.jpg (1.48 MB, 1200x2401, dandrea-Sleep-Chicago-IL-2….jpg)

File: 1670369744072-1.jpg (1.77 MB, 2310x4096, 1659981842227.jpg)

File: 1608528348687.jpg (27.11 KB, 200x257, Landauer_by_Seiwerts.jpg)


Is /dead/… dead?


tbh idk why Space_ hasn't removed it yet


&gt&gt249Because history.


>diagnosing one part of a corpseBunkerchan is kill. I blame revisionism.



File: 1668278428759.jpg (306.69 KB, 1600x1000, 166736716687.jpg)


The world is a cold and lonely place!
Greetings, The Self Help board is kind of cringe so I wanted to make a thread in retalitation to the self help thread.
This will be a general for the Cold, Grim, Miserable, etc etc. The cynics.
I spent my whole weekend getting high to balance out my mood swings and ignoring life.

I don't hate self help just me personally I don't see the point in doing much of anything. Our biology, the universe, everything is out of our control and life is meaningless and there's no point to any of this. I will die and my life will have little signifigance, So I just want to make a thread for anyone out there who feels like I do.
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File: 1668284887721.jpg (69.56 KB, 640x480, 1667177681747378.jpg)

I enjoy it too. Just because I embrace the otherside of things doesn't mean I don't "enjoy it" Joy and Happiniess are a state of existence. People who try to constantly chase happiness are deluded.


>This will be a general for the Cold, Grim, Miserable,
>I spent my whole weekend getting high to balance out my mood swings and ignoring life.
Lol, sure


>he's mad because I am disrupting his delusional fantasy where his life actually means something.


Not mad, nor exclaiming my life has some meaning you should worry about.

Just not miserable nor trying to make a virtue out of being lonely or addicted to opiates.

But it sounds like you had a deep seeded need to 'retaliate' against people who aren't like you. Kinda weird, and sounds a bit like the old adage of 'misery loves company.'

Really, feel kinda sorry for you. But your life is yours. Enjoy it, I guess.


>Albert Camus, depending on who you ask, was either a serial homosexual or a rampaging colonial stasi officer of France’s North African outpost. More importantly, he was a bit of a braincel and artfag who pondered the ultimate meaninglessness of everything. Life, he aptly noted, was an unending feat of pointless suffering and struggle, much akin to the fate of the cursed Sisyphus of Greek mythology.

>Sisyphus, if you recall from the music video to the early 2010’s EDM hit, ‘Levels,’ was forced to push a boulder up a mountain. Once he reached the top, the boulder would roll back down, and he would have to repeat this task for eternity. Camus believed this sort of pointless effort and pain is the perfect analogy for existence in general. Any sort of faith in a divine or transcendental purpose, Camus noted, is contrived. In the wake of Nietzsche killing god, neither spirituality nor secular religions like Marxism can sustain the soul of modern man. Even if man tries to assign some ultimate meaning to his suffering, a void of doubt lingers. Such constructed meaning always feels a bit fake and ghey and thus fails to satisfy.

>The solution is simple and elegant. One should merely embrace the pointlessness of suffering. More importantly, find a measure of pleasure in the meaningless of it all. If existence is mere struggle without end or point, then we may enjoy the absurdity of such. We can, in Camus’s words, imagine Sisyphus happy.

>Absurdism has clear benefits. It allows us to not take ourselves nor the clownworld too seriously. We are less inclined to care about retarded shit outside of our control. We are freed to focus on our own struggle, the task at hand, doing it well, and finding enjoyment in it. Our cognitive load is lightened when we don’t have to maintain the pretense of some forced or contrived belief in ultimate meaning. By seeing the beauty in the absurd pointlessness of everything, we can meaninglessly suffer with ease and enjoyment. That is, we can embrace and make the most out of that which is.


>Life is meaningless suffering

>Therefore, the meaning of life, if there is to be one, is simply to enjoy and embrace the meaningless suffering that is life, to enjoy struggle as an end in and
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1608528354831.jpg (21.09 KB, 685x385, methode_sundaytimes_prod_w….jpg)


What brings you here today?
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File: 1663839813629.mp3 (6.36 MB, Mettalica - Seek and Destr….mp3)

To post about dead stuff I guess. This board reminds me of that one 7chan board.

Dead thing:
Wow, didn't know 420chan died. Is there any archive of it? I know there are archive sites for that one popular imageboard that everyone knows about.


>Anon name generated as PrettyPony
I love my little ponies


File: 1663840428063.mp3 (2.24 MB, The Doors - Break On Throu….mp3)

Other dead thing:


>It’ll be interesting to see if archive today concedes. I don’t think most people realise that they rarely remove anything. Only time I can remember was when 8ch was under investigation.
Even though 8chan's .onion site is not a CP site, it was still removed from archive.ph. Thu, 22 Sep 2022 09:28:18 +0000 -> 8chan in Tor:
In response to a request we received from 'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)' the page is not currently available.


Life is tedious and painful.


What this guy said.

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