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File: 1608528353604.png ( 362.49 KB , 1445x1621 , delet this.png )


hahahaahahahahahajskadshahwhahhashhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshadhajskhdakhfoqewhfahkshfkahshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahI'M POSTING ON YOUR BOARD NERD WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT NOW NERDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ? xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxdalso >no tank flag


File: 1608528353724.jpg ( 82.63 KB , 854x859 , 1434762619453-3.jpg )

Why must I continue to suffer like this


File: 1608528353801.png ( 300.79 KB , 389x411 , delet.png )

&gt&gt319suffering is fun and should be embraced

File: 1608528352793.jpg ( 142.3 KB , 901x1200 , tommy-robinson-mossad.jpg )


Trump likes the idea of a big state but under the control of big business this is non-to-far from kimean korea so what do you reckon will come of these meetings??

File: 1608528350466.jpg ( 89.55 KB , 910x879 , 1e7b0ea3728e0f04cd02e91a50….jpg )


It seems that /leftypol/ has finally found it's way to the board it deserves.If only you weren't too late to witness /dead/.

File: 1608528350305.jpg ( 386.17 KB , 1800x1322 , diogenes.jpg )


This board is comfy. It warms my aching bones.Why is a board like /dead/ the only thing that made me feel today?


🚨ALERT🚨This board is contaminated by n1x. Do not use this board.DELETE THIS BOARD SPACE_🚨ALERT🚨

File: 1608528349598.jpg ( 18.49 KB , 300x211 , makhno.jpg )


make /dead/ great again


oops, i accidentally posted the same thing twice


&gt&gt256why didn't you delete it then?i thought not knowing how to delete posts was just a 4chan thing

File: 1608528328375.jpg ( 45.27 KB , 600x629 , 12790914_923188941129399_5….jpg )


post you irl
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&gt&gt218I don't think you know what the flannel is for. But that's alright.


&gt&gt219forgot me flag


File: 1608528346162.mp4 ( 806.25 KB , 480x480 , 1467668150307-0.mp4 )



File: 1608528348500.png ( 113.36 KB , 1020x783 , 1446020247161.png )

Like this.


File: 1608528350884.jpg ( 57.39 KB , 355x356 , IMG_0455.JPG )

File: 1608528346396.jpg ( 374.14 KB , 640x890 , Hegel wizard.jpg )


I claim this board in the name of the great wizard, Hegel. I dare you skeletons and spooks to stop us! Death? We live in and through death eternally!
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File: 1608528346644.jpg ( 279.83 KB , 600x382 , Ice Wizard.jpg )

I am absolutely reporting for my Hegelian duty. *sniff*


>Hegelian autists shitposting on my dead board on a dead *chanNot surprising tbh. GTFO filthy correlationists; Nietzschean speculative realism is the future of philosophy. Hegelianism is merely Enlightenment ideology for people who hate the Enlightenment.


&gt&gt229Comrade I'm pretty sure you mean answering Nietzsche contra Benjamin with collaborative anti-capitalist culture that elucidates the pervasive commodification of all beauty.


&gt&gt230Don't you mean Critical Nietzschean Speculative Realist Nihilistic Romanticism? :^^^)


File: 1608528347052.jpg ( 127.17 KB , 700x957 , a51d1ffc84cae64f90ed5ece48….jpg )

File: 1608528332749.jpg ( 109.87 KB , 500x747 , kn_x.jpg )


ITT we talk about how petty-bourgeois or full on capitalist we used to be.syndicalism will allow us to continue our consumption and continue the spectacle (me a few years ago)
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&gt&gt155> that they went through a naive phase in which they believed there would be some great revolution all at once right?! Reading the earlier Marxists makes me believe this too (and I'm still sympathetic to it), but now I just think capitalism will probably kill us all before any meaningful change happens. But you know here's to 15/hr minimum wage!


&gt&gt156>but now I just think capitalism will probably kill us all before any meaningful change happens.This so much. Capitalism will make this planet uninhabitable before we ever have global socialism.


>we talk about how petty-bourgeois or full on capitalist we used to be.Used to be a full on Libertarian.As many nerds in my teenage years, was pissed that I wasn't popular and girls didn't like me, so I took contrarian positions to my peers in order to justify a superiority complex.Climate Change wasn't real.Smoking doesn't cause cancer.Blacks are genetically stupid. etc etc.When I actually broke out of my shell, got out of high school, got new friends. The need to be a contrarian edgelord faded away and those views quickly dissipated. Within months of actually being in the workforce under the thumb of my beloved "Captains of industry", I was a Socialist.


I read the first third of Atlas Shrugged without knowing the context and I liked it. I saw it as a just slightly more grounded version of Gurren Lagann because the story contextualizes itself with that Icarus reinterpretation and I identified with the guy who hated his family. I might have to groan through the rest if I tried it now though because I really couldn't enjoy the Harrison Bergeron episode of My Little Pony.


>tsk, fucking lefties, obviously we need to give all power to the most intelligent and rational people - like me. Unlike everyone else these select few will be able to act in a truly altruistic way, also robots.

File: 1608528342106.jpg ( 24.64 KB , 550x334 , 9847539486.jpg )




>So we could say that nihilism is the negative subjectivation of finitude; it is fundamentally the organised or anarchic (either is possible) consciousness that because we die, nothing is important. The most classic figure of nihilism is the statement that everything is devalued, de-symbolised and untenable in the face of death. It is an equalisation of the totality of everything that could be valued, faced with the radical ontological finitude that death represents. This question of the relation between nihilism and values is, as you know, a central question in Nietzsche’s philosophy, which takes up this theme of nihilism in order to make a very important diagnostic and critical use of it.http://mariborchan.si/text/articles/alain-badiou/down-with-death/


So which conception of /death/ do you find appropriate?Heidegger's 'immanent death' or Badiou's external one?Am I too opportunistic for seeing them as compatible (one an existentialist approach, and the other as logics)?


Zizek criticizes this very articles by Badiou in part 2 of his newest seminar, titled "Surplus-Value, Surplus-Enjoyment, Surplus-Knowledge":Part 1: http://mariborchan.si/audio/slavoj-zizek/surplus-value-surplus-enjoyment-surplus-knowledge/Part 2: http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/2016/04/slavoj-zizek-masterclass-2-surplus-value-surplus-enjoyment-surplus-knowledge/He reasserts the Hegelian/Freudian immanence of limitation, that is, he denies the Heiddegerian conception of death as something exterior. (Death drive.)Highly recommended.


File: 1608528341594.jpg ( 79.71 KB , 800x600 , gulyas.jpg )

&gt&gt188>he denies the Heiddegerian* conception of death as something exteriorBadiouian* conception of death as sg exterior!Sorry, for mixing that up!Also: fuck this fucking site: THIS IS THE ONLY PROPER THEORY THREAD AND NOBODY GIVES A FUGG :^(


File: 1608528341726.jpg ( 130.65 KB , 1024x637 , 452cc1c2-97e7-11e3-a71e-e1….jpg )

&gt&gt189gimmie a few hours and I'll post something.


File: 1608528341850.jpg ( 173.43 KB , 698x564 , Aglibol-Baalshamin-and-Mal….jpg )

Ok let's see here.First off, I consider myself a Freudian and Todestrieb is an integral part of that theory.So my real criticism (in which I agree with Zizek) is that humans are inherently complex and contradictory creatures, we are self-sabotaging. Thus I'm generally critical of this Spinozist notion of conatus, it seems to imply a certain rationality in our drives that might be more based on how we want to perceive ourselves rather than the actual behaviour. This can be seen in as everyday circumstances as our fear to act. We fear the pain of rejection more than the pain of an unrealized fantasy - in the latter we console ourselves with temporal possibilities (if I could just go back in time…).We're to a certain extent creatures that enjoy our life's tragedy.On a side-note, I still generally consider a Spinozist reading of (at least young) Marx to hold a lot of weight. I'm currently reading The German Ideology but even in Capital we can find a certain idea of labour as conatus.This becomes even more noticeable in the 'culture' of later Marxists, just look at the ideas of socialist realism (necessary labour into an act of pleasure)!&gt&gt139&gt&gt189Wait don't Badiou continue from Heidegger? Now I need to re-read it.

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