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I'm getting tired of these /pol/yps raiding our board, atleast here they won't find us.
How are you guys doing?
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It's actually leftist instead of right-wingers cosplaying as revolutionaries.


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>he thinks something being 'actually' leftist is an agrument for and not against it


I don't mind talking to social anarchists


>we need fascism
Sorry, not interested in a father-complex


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File: 1608528324962.webm ( 7.3 MB , 540x360 , End-stage-capitalism-is-o….webm )


What's the hot new torture from post-late stage capitalism?
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Being alive.


Sometimes, if I spend too much time around positivists, I get this creeping fear that they'll actually discover immortality.A life of perpetual fear and labor, without even the release of death–that is Hell–and there are people fantasizing about how they will make it happen. Apparently well-meaning people, who are all the more terrible and dangerous because of this psychotic break from reality that makes them believe things will get better under capitalism.Of course, there is also the obvious torture use of such a thing. Keep someone alive and imprisoned for centuries, until they go so crazy they start to believe that other people and the outside world were just products of their imagination.


File: 1608528326796.jpg ( 603.8 KB , 1600x1200 , 135638086061.jpg )

&gt&gt67"Life cannot simply be something to cling to. This thought skims through everyone at least once. We have a possibility that makes us freer than the gods: we can quit. This is an idea to be savoured to the end. Nothing and no one is obliging us to live. Not even death."




yeah but if there was a cosmetic that effectively stopped u from aging wouldnt you take it? like retinol x 1000

File: 1608528410261.jpg ( 49.29 KB , 600x600 , F A inf.jpg )


I open up my wallet…
and it's full of blood…


shouldnta used the money for ya cunny…


I hear donating plasma is a big business in the USA.

File: 1608528406914.jpg ( 1.42 MB , 2214x2880 , image.jpg )


Mouffe and Laclau reject the centrality of the proletariat and the historical determinism in Marxism

-What do you think about it?
-Could you recommend me some "post-marxist" authors or books?
-Which have been the most recent developments in this "current"?


I think they have some points in their critique of Marx, but their "post-Marxism" is just liberalism with a new coat of paint. They cite Carl Schmitt a lot but ironically just end up recreating the bourgeois myth of parliamentary democracy that Schmitt critiqued so much.


What the fuck is post-marxism?


probably also stuff like Catoriadis who was a marxist first and then have his theory a post-structuralist bend.
Maybe even Adorno and Arendt but they are already to far off marxism to be considered an inverse, or post-ideology form, of it.

>-What do you think about it?
To me this is a complicated issue. I like the critique of historical determinism and the role of the broad proletariat as the revolutionary subject. But I think most post-marxist are, strangely, deterministic and structuralist while describing these qualities to the complete body of Marx's and Engels theoretical output.

>-Could you recommend me some "post-marxist" authors or books?


>–Which have been the most recent developments in this "current"?

I really don't know but from outside I would say that the post-marxist 'scene' is probably quite small and the same is probably true for the disourse.

File: 1608528415794-0.jpg ( 106.23 KB , 960x952 , 775f564e85faf2b23a9dcac509….jpg )

File: 1608528415794-1.pdf ( 6.12 MB , whyareyoustreaming.pdf )


Short zine about how cops use livestream footage and why is it okay to smash the smartphones of live streamers.


I kind of feel like this is a no-brainer. Obviously any recording made during action will be sighted and used by the government. The only problem is that I think mist people doing that shit don't give a fuck.
Like, to be in the head space to start streaming riots or protests you already have to have the sole goal of using the footage for vitrue signaling. It's like: look at me, I'm so revolutionary and woke, I am in the middle of the riot!
ANd since they don't care about achieving any real goals anyways and only entered the protest out of adventurism they also don't care if other people get fucked because of them.


Most of them seem to consider themselves brave indie journos and are larping as such. If they had any tact at all they'd be streaming footage to a server with no viewers (in case the pigs destroy the device) to edit later and submit as actual professional media.

File: 1608528414840.jpg ( 56.07 KB , 600x847 , vsiuztezbyq41.jpg )


can catboys be post-left :3 ?
i mean wouldn't post-structuralists argue that terms like boy are abstract and have no real meaning?


I'll use my authority to allow them


>truely the most supreme leader

File: 1608528415132.jpeg ( 140.45 KB , 1200x800 , D6C83776-7930-4407-85DD-E….jpeg )


doin praxis like im doin your mom


bernie sanders is lib-tier my mane, get this out of my face!

File: 1608528414244.jpg ( 131.14 KB , 463x337 , smug anime girl.jpg )


How does it feel to know retards like stupidpol or Angela Nagle stole the term "Post-left" from you?






literally who?



File: 1608528382447.jpg ( 10.48 KB , 220x283 , marat.jpg )


New to the post-left here. If you are one of the two galaxy-brain post-left illegalists that I bonded with during the riots, you have my info, or I have contacted you, so get in touch because I want to escape.
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the issues are sorted out, check again


if u recall e-mailing me about nick land and basilisks from a few months back, please check ur e-mail.


To the girl who was reading Tiqqun on the subway this Friday midnight: I wanted to ask for your number but you got off so abruptly I was afraid you spotted a plainclothes.


File: 1608528391384.png ( 284.33 KB , 494x397 , 198738199.png )

Just a reminder


Check your inbox

File: 1608528391582.jpg ( 262.51 KB , 1213x675 , belarus11a.jpg )


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lmao you glow very much for being dead


> nooo they don't support my cabal of the bourgeoisie!!!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing changed, what a ebin rebellion guys


Just every saturday the libs go to the street to say "Boooo Luka bad" and the EU says "Booo Luka Bad".
Peak Vuvuzelan Zamboterapia hours.


File: 1608528410144.jpg ( 912.32 KB , 1343x1920 , 136c5dvacyw41.jpg )

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