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a tread meant for questions, discussion and praise for this fascinating figure

i have a question myself

so i am reading mutual aid right now, and in the section talking about mutual aid by "barbarians" i noticed it seems that communal behavior used to be more common back then, communal behavior seems to be even more common by "savage" societies, it seems society is more isolated then ever before, Philip mainlander talked about how universe was killing itself by splitting more and more, beginning as a singularity (god) until it realized it needed to die, for non existence is better then existence, but because it was god it was unable to kill himself, so it started splitting itself, becoming more and more isolated and divided, so that way it could die, so our universe is essentially the rotting corpse of god, if we accept mainlander's theory could the increasing isolation of our society be seen as a side effect of god's suicide? are there more ways of combining mainlander's and anarchist theory?


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mainlander understood that life is suffering, the point of life is to destroy itself

"how easy it is to trow the stone on the tomb of the suicide, and how different it was, on the other hand, the struggle of that poor man

whose good bed he has prepared to rest! first, he cast an anguished glance from afar to death, and looked away, horrified; then he avoided it, trembling, drawing ample circles around it

but these circles grew closer and closer, and finally, his tired arms surrounded the neck of death, and he looked into her eyes, finding in them peace, a sweet peace"

-Philip Mainlander


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Since you claim that "the point of life is to destroy itself", I assume that you see this decay as a good thing and do not wish to reverse it, right? I think most, even on the post-left, seek to return to some kind of community, be it a highly-organized society or just a union of egoists.

If you are interested in suicide and anarchism, Kaneko Fumiko's story is a really interesting one:
Here's a quote from Kaneko Fumiko, mentioned in the second book:
> Living is not synonymous with merely having movement. Is is moving in accordance with one's own will. … One could say that with deeds one begins to really live. Accordingly, when one moves by means of on's own will and this leads to the destruction of one's body, this is not a negation of life. It is an affirmation.
But I guess even this is is too optimistic for a fan of Mainländer.

Another thing to check out is Blessed is the Flame, which is an introduction to anarcho-nihilism, using resistance against the Holocaust as context: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/serafinski-blessed-is-the-flame


oh wow, cuck philosophy makes a video and we get 2 mainländer threads here! if only people spent their time watching yt theory on actually reading theory…

I think Mainländer is not really someone we should draw inspiration from. It should be noted that, although he drew from the young hegelians, he overall is a pretty right-wing, romanticist philosopher. A dead and decaying god still is a god, a higher being, and him transforming into the material world is exactly the same as declaring the ground or people to be holy to begin with.
Another problem is with his pruposed "socialism", which is basically welfare while just letting exploitation and imperialism carry on. Any form of philosophical pessimism leads itself to conformism, to not revolting at all since suffering is inevitable anyways ;_;

>could the increasing isolation of our society be seen as a side effect of god's suicide?

This is the type of bs taking Mainländer seriously leads to! Isolation and alienation have real sources, by mystifing it with some godly phenology you necessarily arrive at wrong answers for these questions!


i knew about Mainlander for a while now, the fact i post this right after that video is a coincidence, i really identify with Mainlander and his struggle, especially the last few days, i have been reading this >>659 quote over and over again, even dreaming about it, i cant think of much else

>he overall is a pretty right-wing, romanticist philosopher.

this is why i want to make a synthesis of anarchist communism and the theory of Mainlander, a mix of Philip and Errico Malatesta if you will

>A dead and decaying god still is a god

the word god should not be taken literal, Mainlander was a atheist

>if only people spent their time watching yt theory on actually reading theory…

like i said in the OP, i am reading theory right now

>This is the type of bs taking Mainländer seriously leads to!

i might now agree with everything he has said, but i still am interested in his philosophy


what is it about?


The last section is about suicide.


no need to justify yourself. unironically seek help, mate. you're only justifying your suffering. Most people don't suffer as much as you do. It is not "normal". Seek buddhism alternatively.


>seek help

how? i dont want to call a hotline, i dont want to waste their time, also i am uncomfortable with people, especially on the phone


just call them. We live in a society, if it were semi-functional, there would be programs were they take you first class to a beach resort/mental facility. Society has failed you, not the other way around.

Either way, you are improperly finding justification for your death, when you should instead be looking for ways to get out of the thread you feel daily. Consider dropping out of society. If you're american and have some money, you might be able to afford living for some time in thailand for example. Try volunteering. You're not a bad person, but your brain is afflicted with capitalist dread. It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

Either way, I feel you won't listen to me. Do yourself a favor and believe me that what you are feeling is not normal and you can get out of it, even if it feels impossible.


> It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

now you are just calling my rational reasons emotional excuses


Why do people feel the need to write posts like these? You are not helping, your are making it worse. How do you think people feel when you tell them that their feelings are "improper justifications", that they are not not thinking rationally? It just reinforces the issues they have.

If you are not willing to listen, at least shut the fuck up.


based Ryunosuke Akutagawa mentions Mainlander


Your post basically reads as "stop trying to convince him to not kill himself"

You're really spooked

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