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File: 1619437120228.jpg ( 68.31 KB , 1024x527 , 1617478196569.jpg )


Max Stirner was Fredrich Engels's pseudonym. Karl Marx learned of Stirner only through Engels. Engels was a closet egoist but didn't want to come to blows with Marx so he created this character to show Marx his ideas. Marx hated it and wrote The German Ideology. The rest is history.
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yeah I heard this theory before, I think its partially true


File: 1619438014701.jpg ( 29.11 KB , 331x334 , 1454238329315.jpg )

It's obvious. "Stirner" "died" of a bug bite, which is absurd, and nobody attended his funeral except Bruno Bauer, who also arranged the funeral, and his grave lists him as "Max Stirner" rather than his actual real name, there aren't even photographs of him. We think he exists because Engels and Marx and other Young Hegelians said he did, they made him up and gave him an entire philosophy of spooks as a big joke because he is himself a spook.


>nobody attended his funeral except Bruno Bauer
That's rough.


Unless Engels faked an entire life's worth of writings, documents and other people's personal accounts for a period of decades, that's bullshit.

It was not a bug bite, but a common tumor which was suggested to be because of the bite of a poisonous fly. The grave is listed as Max Stirner because that's the name he used most often in his later years, and all who cared about him by the time of his death would have referred to him as such. The lack of photographs can be explained by a combination of chance and the fact that he lived in poverty for a significant amount of his life and was a very cloistered person.


I doubt it otherwise das kapital would be tainted

File: 1623793991128.jpg ( 196.06 KB , 1000x800 , sadness.jpg )


I can't stop thinking about death. My own death, specifically. No, I'm not suicidal. Just that we have this short time on Earth and spend it suffering before getting blinked out of existence entirely.

And eventually, forgotten. Think of all the people who have lived, ever since caveman times. Most of them have been forgotten. Eventually even Caesar will be forgotten and he has a fucking month named after him.

Is life just a sick joke? Just some pointless temporary misery?
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File: 1623899391038.png ( 174.8 KB , 850x845 , metalwojak.png )

take it as liberating
no one will remember you being a retard either
you get to live a whole life, without any historical responsibility
also, suffering is a state of mind. listen to anon saying to read buddha. get out of the reactive mindset, and get into a mindset of agency and choosing what you want to do. Even if you're suffering, you'll be suffering for reasons you can comprehend. And always remind urself that you could kill yourself at any time. Give yourself that way out. But more often than not, you'll realize that you aren't suffering bad enough right now, or your suffering will alleviate some so why not just wait, etc.
The biggest thing though really is take charge of your life, and stop making excuses if you do that, like about how capitalism is unable to be overcome, or anything like that. Look at how your life is materially, imagine all possibilities. Where can you gain more freedom? What is the furthest you could go?
The fear of death usually indicates in my experience, that you're not living life right. If you're living life, then you don't fear death. The problem is that you're already dead, and it's all you know. Start from yourself, look at the world with new eyes, think about what you want to do, and then take your life back. When you're on the right road again, there's no reason to fear death, because you're already doing as good as you can do, so if there's death fated for you it's pointless to fight it because there's no better life in fighting it.


File: 1624054153164.jpg ( 75.24 KB , 759x600 , 171109-1726-charpentier-co….jpg )

>I can't stop thinking about death.
i can really relate OP, I had a phase where it was the exact same for. I would just lay awake night after night and think about non-existence and how my actions ultimately dont matter. It filled me with a kind of dread which is hard to describe, it was a very hollow feeling for sure.
Eventually I realised that being forgotten doesnt matter and that endlessly brooding over my end does nothing but worsen my time in the present. I still am terrified of the thought of being dead, I just learned to avoid thinking about it.


File: 1624063634340.jpg ( 683.79 KB , 850x1202 , 0f3ef52c2f354a3035e762817e….jpg )

Do not fear Death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than light. But, if we do not show fear, it casts its eye upon us gently and then guides us into infinity.


File: 1624084430321.jpg ( 4.75 KB , 300x225 , 1624081376426.jpg )

I think no thoughts
I have no beliefs
I have no regrets over the past
I have no hope for the future
I have no energy to stay awake
None of it has any meaning at all.



File: 1620070811275.jpg ( 14.73 KB , 307x384 , emo.jpg )


Flag check











File: 1623731441967.png ( 231.29 KB , 1080x1250 , procrime.png )


Uh oh.


File: 1623739807868.mp4 ( 20.69 MB , 1152x648 , 1622932586834.mp4 )



shit i tried to post the uh oh stinky meme
just imagine that instead

File: 1608528356870.jpg ( 222.58 KB , 543x800 , download (1).jpg )


how do you beat the demiurge?
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we need a gnostic board on this platform


>>319ill put a gnostic board in your platform if you know what i mean ;)


>how do you beat the demiurge?

we fucked up somewhere very badly in our past lives you should've realized that by now


Isn't the whole point that the demiurge is mad/retarded? Shouldn't be that hard to outwit.


File: 1623381548468.jpeg ( 20.27 KB , 220x310 , images (79).jpeg )

Know Thyself

File: 1608528353965.png ( 84.58 KB , 300x300 , file name.png )


i wanna die
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We will live in a gulag with a human face.


&gt&gt343> Some years ago, I had written that the West's political paradigm was no longer the city state, but the concentration camp, and that we had passed from Athens to Auschwitz.Based Agamben telling it like it is


>>270build an RC foam airplane. Pretty fun and relatively cheap


i also wanna die, but I want the rest of the world to die too.
like, im not gonna give the world the satisfaction of having won over me. if im gonna go everybody else better come with me.


make sure you go out with a bang

File: 1621913132758.jpg ( 62.23 KB , 1280x720 , 1612665021614.jpg )


NO! I'm working on a 9-to-5 job and it's fucking awful. I barely get time for my own life.


I will get a job soon and not having enough free time scares me so much


at least it isn't retail…….. right?


I make $?00k a year, I'm still a commie.

File: 1608528327609.png ( 67.39 KB , 788x279 , 3e99ecd2a2d0c338ad37240b9a….png )


Lets get Serious.What do you fags think of this work of Bob Fat Black?https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/bob-black-debunking-democracyIt was allready a bit discussed on /left/ but i like to know other opinions of fellow capitalist enabling degenerates.
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&gt&gt75Err different board:&gt&gt&gt/left/174Can we delete our own posts please


&gt&gt76Are you not able to?




&gt&gt81Just use a deletion password.


Bumpibg z

File: 1621478431537.gif ( 1.44 MB , 400x225 , 9vHt.gif )


The time for our revenge shall come!


fuck you

File: 1620924198010.jpg ( 85.41 KB , 750x1000 , 1620924193663.jpg )


Shall I buy?


wouldn't it already be your property? just go and take it




print your own bae

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