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File: 1608528358654.png (5.33 KB, 600x600, AnEveningatPOL.png)


Do you think that humanity will ever get communism before we fuck ourselves to death? Capitalism leads to communism the more and more the technological conditions of communism are built by capitalism. It also leads to catastrophic climate change and greatly increased ability of the bourgeoisie to completely suck the value and life of the worker in the most vampire-like fashion. What do you we think we get to first, the end or communism.


File: 1608528358743.jpg (190.47 KB, 1228x868, D8yMn4bUEAAxPCk.jpg:orig.jpg)

As the climate catastrophe worsens there's a possibility of spaces opening up for new, anarchistic forms of life. We need to admit that the global communist revolution is no longer possible and instead look for the cracks in power, seeking out territories from where domination must retreat as it becomes unsustainable. See you on the mountains, comrade.

File: 1608528358441.jpg (49.23 KB, 686x800, 38650392_1123973627750027_….jpg)


finally, an anarchist board.

File: 1608528358129.jpg (48.37 KB, 475x525, 880.jpg)


Give a non-moralist criticism of moralism.Give me a non-spooky criticism of anti-solipsism and anti-egoism.Protip: You can't.Self-interest, egoism, anti-realism and consecuentialism are inherently moralist and spooky, try harder

File: 1608528357377.jpg (378.63 KB, 1920x1080, demiurge-art-em.jpg)


>'It is a law of pride in this world>To believe in the creatures, to forget God, >Overthrow by diseases, and old age,>Destruction of the soul through deception.


life is a conspiracy the deception of life and the deception of the Matrix Control System destroys your soul before deathpreserve your soul, comradeskeep from evil


"great deception" will always be present from the otherworld no matter what, so get ready to last it out and preserve your soul keep faith


File: 1608528357606.png (7.32 MB, 6737x2125, Spooky Religion.png)

You have been lied to about EVERYTHINGHow to go on a better path>(TL;DR warning. This is a very long read but contains some very good stuff and very interesting knowledge and wisdom. It's basically a totally free MASSIVE XP BOOST in a video game, but in this case- towards the growth of your soul, the quality improvement of your soul, and help with your soul's journey to be with God in heaven)(Warning #2: Don't depend on others posts replying to this information. Many make very stupid assumptions without reading a single world in the entire thread and then post equally stupid replies. Even worse, some people intentionally make completely baseless and dishonest comments with the intent to mislead other readers. Moral is, read it yourself first before reading other people's replies or you will never understand in a corruption-free context.)example:someone says>"LOL CHRIST CUCK"Even though I make a huge effort to make it very clear that all religions are very screwed up, and God is just God. (not some bathrobe sandal hippie vampire zombie fish jewish dude)Hey, what is this thread about so I don't waste my time?>This thread is a guide on how to cut out all the BULLSHIT and corruption and just simply be very close to God in the most innocent and pure and undiluted way possible while you experience your very temporary stay on earth, (or in this "universe") which is essentially hell and a fake reality like the matrix. When your time is up, (and only God knows when and how) you basically go to heaven (which is real reality) if you were a good kiddo (because we're all children of God) and then everything is really happy and there is no more evil forever. You're home safe! To explain everything in simple but very interesting terms: Religion DEMANDS that you believe, but never allows one to KNOW.KNOW GOD.LOVE GOD.>What do think is life's purpose? A test? Or some kind of grimdark fantasy that's supposed to be fun?God had foreknowledge and had impact on Eve and Adam's decision to eat the forbidden fruit.God set them up to eat the forbidden fruit because it was part of the story of the way things were meant to go. It is impossible to truly defy and go against God because everything that happens is the will of God.


File: 1608528358262.jpg (132.79 KB, 600x868, tumblr_n42qouCQyV1r3qdp3o1….jpg)

>>314soul also is a deception. only the spirit is real

File: 1608528357186.jpg (89.75 KB, 410x236, ia-org-pic.jpg)


Whats your opinion on bonano and his insurectionarry anarchism??


Based and joypilled

File: 1608528357060.jpg (89.75 KB, 410x236, ia-org-pic.jpg)


Whats your opinion on bonano and his insurectionarry anarchism??

File: 1608528356639.jpg (643.7 KB, 1200x1662, 310f7d573a11ca5b9878a98486….jpg)


Is this the anarchist board of bunkerchan? Can it be? If not is thos anarchist friendly?


It's for insurrectionalist anarchists.

File: 1608528356275.jpeg (326.9 KB, 680x900, rise up.jpeg)


Piracy is praxis

File: 1608528356064.png (215.22 KB, 348x567, SBJLAEI1r8.png)


What do you think of Friendship as a Form of Life? It is very post-left, I find.https://friendship-as-a-form-of-life.tumblr.com/

File: 1608528352603.gif (467.2 KB, 500x281, e74dc04e0df7074a6e9f300996….gif)


Why does this board CSS look like my depressive episodes?It's a bit triggering.


OP here, I don't have depression, don't let the feds know. I don't want to have my guns taken from me.


>>303Hello my machine learning project predicted that you are likely to attempt suicide, we have dispatched a mental health squad to involuntarily hospitalize you. Thank you for your cooperation and please understand that this is for your own good.

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