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>wake up
>eat commodity
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i engaged directly with what you said
there literally are other things
capital has reduced everything within itself to commodities and all interactions to transactions….
not everything is subsumed, and you can still go out and play and open up non-capitalist space by doing activities that are not transactions
barf whatever off-brand blackpill u swallosed and lighten up and see the world for what it is. there's still space to live that isnt capitalism.


>lighten up
fuck off back to /leftypol/


1. projection
2. all you can say about it is go back to leftypol, obviously you know somewhere deep inside i'm right and this thread is a weird as shit circlejerk for people who have lost all imagination, never played outside as kids, and want constant validation for their pessimism


Marxism was invented to depress people


>never played outside as kids,
The fuck are you on? I have fucking played outside as a kid, what does that have to do with anything? Are you really so fucking patronising that you think ppl on here are depressed cause they didnt have a dumb, mythical, petite-bourgeois picture-book childhood? Get fucking over yourself.
It must be fucking nice though, to delude yourself about the state we are actually in. When >>2258 said that there are no other things, no things outside of capitalism anymore, that is undoubtedly true.
What is there to do? You say 'do some hobbies' (wow what a fucking revelation, are you also the type that tells depressed ppl to be happier?). Like for example one could join a sports team. Sport teams, as we know them today, came up with fordism and the new demand for past-time activities . So it's a structure thats directly born out of capitalist development. But sports also reproduces capitalist ideology, seeing any field as a field of competition, with the winners eligible for big-money sponsorships and semi-prominency. If your arent able to fulfill the specific perfomance standarts, your are useless. Also, sports are being consumed as commodites (just like literally everything surrounding us) and thus also produced as commodities. Ones it gets proffesional, sports is no longer done for intrinsic value as sports, it is only a way to accumulate money, sport is only made to be sold.
Same is true for the next example I'm gonna look at: arts. No matter if you are drawing, making music or movies, it has all become commodities. If you draw, you are better ready to lower yourself to drawing pregnant furry commisions for small money. Forget doing something just for its own sake - the market for art is big and inflated, so you better lower your standarts. But at least the field of drawn art isnt as dominated by giant mega-businesses as movies or music are, squashing any creativity in favor of marketability. But what's even worse than them are their counterparts on the "indie" scene - pumping out one dull nightmare after another in desperate attemps to subvert the culture - sadly not understanding that they reify industry norms by doing so.
What other hobbies are there? Im sure there is a hole host of stuff Im not evenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>"The unrestrained I—and this we originally are, and always remain in our secret inner self—is the never-ending criminal in the state…You do not know that a self-owning I cannot desist from being a criminal, that crime is his life"

To be a true egoist, does that mean embracing illegalist gang? What does /dead/ think?


File: 1626243410382.png ( 158.33 KB , 297x314 , disgust.png )

> a true egoist


File: 1626267586891.jpg ( 27.24 KB , 320x271 , 0965c1cfa78d2b23f84e2c318f….jpg )

>To be a true egoist, does that mean embracing illegalist gang?
A 'true' egoist does what he desires. If he desires to break the law and do illegal things, he does it. But if he doesnt, it wouldnt make him 'less' of an egoist. In fact, doing crime just because you think it's what 'real" egoists do is super spooked, because you put the notion of being an egoist before yourself.
What Stirner is talking about in that quote is that doing anything solely for your own good is always a crime against the state because the state only recognises you as human if your actions are carried out with the state's well-being in mind.

that being said illegalism is really dank, it's just not a prerequisite for egoism


marx himself liked to fuck shit up in the streets when drunk, illegalism is pretty leftist in general if you ask me fam


I am no longer interested.


get owned contrarian child

File: 1608528400917.jpg ( 253.92 KB , 960x960 , 17310178_244757552653530_5….jpg )


When you browse /leftypol/, you often see threads titled something like "Your former ideologies" or "Your history as a leftist", in which anons don't get tired describing their past with spooky shit like 'Leninist', 'ML', 'ANcom', completly abstract words without any meaning, any material force, behind them. Because what really is the material difference between being a leninist and a syndicalist when both have the same amount of revolutionary force behind them: none.
Tankie parties as well as syindicalist unions have failed to organise the working class fo the last half century. Neither have any impact on national politics or the economy. Calling yourself one or the other is mere play-pretend. Anyone with eyes in their heads sees that the modern working class has no interest fighting capitalism through strike and organisation - and that's probably for the best. If any of these modern cults calling themselves leftist parties actually got popular, it would sooner result in another century of authoritarian rule than working class emancipation simply because these revolutionary possessed don't even fight for latter. Their goal is the realisation of a spook, an ideal, like communism or anarchism. It's all meaningless. Neither anarchism nor communism has ever existed - even anarchists and communists will attest this. What they don't understand is that the root of the circumstance is the idea-form of concepts like communism themselves.
Matter and ideas mutually exclusive. They can never be the same. Our view of reality is always subjective, the reality as we experience it isn't the same that materially exists. Our concept of reality doesn't and can't have the same content as reality because if they had, matter and idea were equal. The quality of matter IS it not being ideal, therefore this is impossible.
Leftists think themselves communism or anarchism like this or that, imagine themselves solutions to fictional problems of how to run economies that will never exist. Not because conditions that can be described as communism or anarchism will never exist, but because if they exist, they will exist materially and therefore have no connection to how their believers imagine them. Marx's analysis of many aspects of capitalism are quite good, but they don't describe the material existence of capitalism, not in the 19th century and even less now. It works with ideas, abstractions of the material conditions, and it has to because you literally can't grasp tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Late to the party, but extremely well put, OP. You put into words what I have been slowly realizing over the past year–all this political LARPing is a complete waste of time.


lol dude I told the leaders of the communist party in my country to fuck off when they asked me to stop smoking weed and left the party in the middle of a dictatorship a few decades ago and literally nothing happened to me

stop reading too much fanfiction, weeblord


also op is a faggot neopositivist, sad to see this becoming more prevalent lately!


whats that uwu?


>ideologies are retarded anyways here's my retarded ideology but it doesn't have a name so it's epic

File: 1608528427368.jpg ( 45.7 KB , 750x750 , d5f.jpg )


What the fuck is gender nihilism/abolitionism/etc.?
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So what you say is that enbies are the revolutionary subject?


Virgin Enby
>uses discord
>cat ears
>obsessed with anime
>more fem than masc
>always thinking about gender

Chad GNC Identityless Individual
>never refers to themselves in any way
>doesnt have any government documentation, because that would make facets of their being explicit
>doesnt know what discord is
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


What's wrong with cat ears


there's nothing inherently wrong with cat ears.
But they're associated with a certain scene and first of all I just don't like the weebs n furries n sex obsessed nerds who generally are into cat ears, but also it's just too much of a meme now. Cat ears got too big. We live in post Big-Ear world. Big-Ear controls our society now, so as an anarchist I oppose cat ears, for ideological reasons


File: 1625627218840.gif ( 5.36 KB , 336x268 , anonymous.gif )

The virgin imageboard user vs. the chad anon.

File: 1608528349464.jpg ( 18.49 KB , 300x211 , makhno.jpg )


make /dead/ great again


File: 1608528349735.png ( 223.14 KB , 1080x1080 , makhnovtchina-death-to-all….png )

&gt&gt255We need horses comradehttps://youtu.be/uiv3VT13AcQ




horses are so cool


File: 1625603146170.jpg ( 32.39 KB , 564x677 , e118679c801eaea045039855d2….jpg )


File: 1625268093570.jpg ( 40.65 KB , 400x607 , external-content.duckduckg….jpg )


Just got this in the mail, what am I in for, lads?
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a bunch of cool shit
but seriously though, dont take the historical ontology in the first or second chapter too seriously and also keep in mind that Stirner is doing a bit of trolling throughout the book.


wasn't that published by nazis


hey it was published by nazi-adjacent creeps, not necessarily nazis
but also who cares it's black and there was hardcover available unlike this version afaik?
Basically it's cool and you're not
>but seriously though, dont take the historical ontology in the first or second chapter too seriously and also keep in mind that Stirner is doing a bit of trolling throughout the book.
i.e. just read the intro by wolfi


File: 1625385194877.jpg ( 725.9 KB , 1280x3600 , 4268f2579b432bba9f0629a2ff….jpg )

I'm not OP, I got the pirate version because I'm not dumb


I prefer paper, dickhead

File: 1624233020999.jpg ( 93.08 KB , 498x750 , 1623114812013.jpg )


Is Stirnirite egoism and Marxism incompatible? What if I agree with both Marx's critique of capitalism and Stirner's egoism? What does that make me?
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Marx was wrong because he predicted a proletarian mass movement to arise from highly developed capitalist relations, but this never happened, In fact, there has never been a proletarian revolution in all of history. The bolsheviks got into power through a coup and the masses were mobilised by the second world war going badly and not by capitalist relations they had whished to be destroyed. In China, Vietnam, Korea and Cuba we see mostly national liberation struggles being the cause of a regime change, it just so happened that the forces winning out in the end were the communist parties. Lastly, there are countries like the GDR that did not only not have a proletarian revolution, they didnt have any revolution but simply lost a war against socialist forces and was declared socialist afterwards. So in no instance did socialist rule establish itself through a mass movement that had the goal of dismantling capitalism.
The reason for this is that class counsciosness doesnt exist or at least doesnt exist in a historically or politcially relevant manner. Marx predicted that class counsciosness would arise in those situations were capitalism is developed the strongest and the internal contradictions of capitalism create the highest pressure upon the working class, instead we have only seen socialist attemps in places were capitalism was poorly developed and the centers of capitalist production even seem to be the most stable.
Other points worthy of critique in marxism are it's conception of history (communism is is no historical destination), his disregard of the states own reproduction of hierarchy and his own petite-bourgeois prejudices against the lumpenproletariat, but even I don't fully reject marx. I think his theory of value and exploitation is spot on and alot of his sociological observations are REALLY good, but there just wont ever be a class counscious mass movement fighting to emancipate themselves from capitalism. That's just a pipedream.


File: 1624416524398.png ( 324.55 KB , 401x567 , ClipboardImage.png )

Is egoism inherently compatible with any political ideology you honestly desire to be realized?


yes, because egoism is not a political philosophy


Novatore is such a larper lmaoooo


you mean like a pseudo-intellectual?
idk, i always got the vibe of him being pretty clear on not being philosophy in the traditional sense.

File: 1608528323371.jpg ( 11.87 KB , 240x240 , 1392379722782.jpg )


/r9k/ is death but now we have a new meme board


Hello No 3


File: 1608528455659.jpg ( 74.72 KB , 540x748 , 1479821039069.jpg )



I liek this animu


not even a pleasant go fuck yourself from them i got

File: 1621704436946.jpg ( 97.34 KB , 992x880 , stirner.jpg )


What is the egoist view on infidelity? I have a LDR gf that I love and would like to marry, but I'd like to fuck sluts on the side. Am I a piece of shit?
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jealousy is such an incredibly toxic aspect of human relationships. i don't understand jealousy, and i don't tolerate it in my own relationships


Isn't it profoundly anti-egoist to ask what the proper egoist view is before doing something


Jfc just read Sade


not if you consider other egos as an extension of your own, such that asking them questions and receiving answers to those questions amounts to nothing more than a self-dialogue

>t. transcendental metaphysicist, panentheistic, cosmic solipsist egoist


File: 1624443548940.jpg ( 41.01 KB , 615x409 , vermin.jpg )


I'm a 28 year old living in Corpus Christi, a very nice town in Texas, but it is plagued with homeless people. As a form of direct action, I have taken matters into my own hands to help the city.
Last week I found a hobo walking through the grocery store parking lot in the morning, I strike up a conversation with him and befriend him. Then I offer $200 if he helps me move furniture out of my house in Austin. He agrees, so we go to Austin, like a 4 hour drive. I pull up near a gas station in some random uygha ghetto and offer a chance to use the bathroom.
I leave him and drive back to Corpus. Is relocating the homeless to shit cities the answer we've been looking for? I think next weekend I'm gonna pick up 3 hobos and leave them in Dallas.


Why did you anchor my thread with no explanation, bitch?



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