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File: 1608528432356.jpg ( 89.21 KB , 550x631 , insurrection.jpg )


I'm out of a job cause my employer got bought out by a bigger company, and that company is background checking.

I'm sick of this shit. Does anybody have guides on how to make money online? Legitimate, illegitimate, doesn't matter. Would not mind talking to somebody one on one either, so long as proper OPSEC is in place.
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>I am skeptical of dropshipping
that's fair.

What you could do as well is scan through thrift stores, pick the good shit, clean it up, and sell it.
Do that on eBay and depop (for more fashionable clothing items specifically), and if you can do it with enough scale you can make some alright money.
Need shipping materials of course, Amazon boxes are everywhere and people just fucking bin them, they tend to be good for a reuse though.
Envelopes are always preferable if the item is small and light enough; way cheaper to ship and envelopes are way cheaper to buy.
Bubblewrap is where the real materials expense tends to come, shit can be had at Walmart though.
Phone is always useful for price checking if the option's available, always look up completed listings on eBay to see what you can sell something for before you buy it.

Sometimes you'll find a real diamond in the rough, like an old $20 camera that can sell for like $200 (less 10% for eBay's cut),
but a $5-$10 article of clothing that you can sell for $15-$50 is good enough, especially if you can get a ton of em.
Lot's of thrift stores are operated to make money of course, even if they're "non-profits" through the arcane eyes of capital, so they've wisened up to pricing the actually valuable things quite highly as well, be wary of that.
And I really do advise price checking everything before you buy it, at least until you've a good enough grasp on clothes that you can judge without aid;
and for things that have specific product models (electronics, vidya, books, etc.) you'll always want to price check outright.


A commodity is just something sold for value, specifically, the value gained from exchange of the commodity and not of the use of it. By selling that you are becoming a commodity, see "reification"


Yeah bruh but isnt reification already the false reversal of social relationships into material relationships of commodities and therefore spooked from the beginning?


But you are selling a photo of your feet, not your body.


Thanks for the tjp friend. I'm pretty alright at selling shit as is so, it should be easier for me. Currently taking as much shit from my job to sell as I can get away with before I leave.
Left this thread for a minute. Perhaps I chose the wrong word, but ultimately I just don't really want to camwhore. Setting up a fake only fans using random sets of photos I can find online though, is a valid option.

File: 1608528432499.jpg ( 42.06 KB , 850x400 , quote-evil-resides-in-the-….jpg )


What's your opinion on dialectics /dead/?
Like do you think it's usefull to analyse processes using a dialectical scheme or is that outdated to you? And what would be a post-strucuralist approach to the questions of developement and motion?
I don't agree with the hard line hegelian notion that the universe already exists in an dielectical form, but I do thing dialectics are overall still a valid conception.
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Because dialectic movement always points to a resolution. There is always a conciliation at the end of it. This is also the reason why dialectics is incapable of comprehending difference i.e. anything that falls outside its totalising movement.


File: 1608528434760.png ( 91.07 KB , 256x352 , clipart-bakunin-256x256-b9….png )

What is even negation? For example, Bakunin has this to say on the matter of human development while discussing materialism in God and the State:
> But as every development necessarily implies a negation, that of its base or point of departure, humanity is at the same time and essentially the deliberate and gradual negation of the animal element in man; …
What does this even mean, other than "the more things change, the less they remain the same"?


Ok, I'll read Deleuze
>It is at work everywhere, functioning smoothly at times, at other times in fits and starts. It breathes, it heats, it eats. It shits and fucks. What a mistake to have ever said the id. Everywhere it is machines—real ones, not figurative ones: machines driving other machines, machines being driven by other machines, with all the necessary couplings and connections. An organ-machine is plugged into an energy-source-machine: the one produces a flow that the other interrupts. The breast is a machine that produces milk, and the mouth i machine coupled to it. The mouth of the anorexic wavers between several functions: its possessor is uncertain as to whether it is an eating-machine, an anal machine, a talking-machine, or a breathing machine (asthma attacks).


The beginning of Anti-Oedipus is pretty great but you should probably rather start with his book on Nietzsche.


>Because dialectic movement always points to a resolution
Every process does come to end, but at that end a new process begins

>What does this even mean, other than "the more things change, the less they remain the same"?
I would say the things don't stay the same, they are always changing, but the form of change is persistent

File: 1608528384069.jpg ( 20.46 KB , 198x201 , Mainlaender.jpg )


a tread meant for questions, discussion and praise for this fascinating figure

i have a question myself

so i am reading mutual aid right now, and in the section talking about mutual aid by "barbarians" i noticed it seems that communal behavior used to be more common back then, communal behavior seems to be even more common by "savage" societies, it seems society is more isolated then ever before, Philip mainlander talked about how universe was killing itself by splitting more and more, beginning as a singularity (god) until it realized it needed to die, for non existence is better then existence, but because it was god it was unable to kill himself, so it started splitting itself, becoming more and more isolated and divided, so that way it could die, so our universe is essentially the rotting corpse of god, if we accept mainlander's theory could the increasing isolation of our society be seen as a side effect of god's suicide? are there more ways of combining mainlander's and anarchist theory?
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just call them. We live in a society, if it were semi-functional, there would be programs were they take you first class to a beach resort/mental facility. Society has failed you, not the other way around.

Either way, you are improperly finding justification for your death, when you should instead be looking for ways to get out of the thread you feel daily. Consider dropping out of society. If you're american and have some money, you might be able to afford living for some time in thailand for example. Try volunteering. You're not a bad person, but your brain is afflicted with capitalist dread. It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

Either way, I feel you won't listen to me. Do yourself a favor and believe me that what you are feeling is not normal and you can get out of it, even if it feels impossible.


> It would be a mistake to find it "intellectual" justifications.

now you are just calling my rational reasons emotional excuses


Why do people feel the need to write posts like these? You are not helping, your are making it worse. How do you think people feel when you tell them that their feelings are "improper justifications", that they are not not thinking rationally? It just reinforces the issues they have.

If you are not willing to listen, at least shut the fuck up.


based Ryunosuke Akutagawa mentions Mainlander


Your post basically reads as "stop trying to convince him to not kill himself"

You're really spooked

File: 1608528376833.jpeg ( 88.47 KB , 690x900 , deadhead mentality.jpeg )


Schizonihilist anon from /leftypol/ here. The board has finally banned all Tor exit nodes, so I am unable to reply to anyone there anymore and can no longer even alert anyone there of this post. If you wish to continue conversation with me, or want me to respond to something from /leftypol/, post or cross-link it here and I will do my best to oblige. Alternatively, if you are reading and care to inform /leftypol/ of my departure, please do. I no longer can. Then again, given I am universally hated on /leftypol/, maybe no one will even notice and it is better they never know.

I feel sorry for those who genuinely wanted a response from me and asked for theory recommendations, but who will now never get any unless they see this post. There's nothing more I can do about it now, though.
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Nice to see you still posting. I am the anon who asked for recommendations in the CHAZ thread.
What are some projects, people and organizations, for a lack of a better word, either past or present, that you would consider a part of the real movement or actually practising communism?


It's a shame, your posts were a highlight of bunkerchan


I was the one who started stanning you and horny-posting. You have my info, so contact me you massive brain you.


Tor works again, thought you should know.
And I ain't dealing with this.


Stop acting like this is some tragedy of your posting career because you're too lazy to learn good opsec that doesn't amount to nothing more than Tor browser


hey /dead/ites, I want you to tell me about the last time you were really truely happy, the last time you had that careless positive feeling within that everything will turn out fine!
I wanna ask this because, self-analysing, I couldn't shake the feeling that me turning post-left and loosing hope in regular marxism/anarchism was at least partly due my personal situation worsening and loosing hope in general, so I wonder if others on here have similar feelings.
To me, it has been like exactly 6 months now. Back then I just radomly had the chance to meet all my old friends from highschool and it was just an all around positive experience. The whole corona bs only really came up afterwards and since then I haven't really had contact with pretty much anyone. Also I lost my former job and had to do hours in a call center. So yeah, things have been pretty shitty since then and atm I don't feel like they are getting better.
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dont be a zombie :( become an alcoholic and do violent crime against bougies and industrialists instead


cant control getting happy
getting high tho…


fuck you op
you reminded me


When as a child, I tought that I would become astronomer one day


Before I read Marx. Knowledge is a curse kids don't do it

File: 1608528323891.jpg ( 26.1 KB , 525x350 , full_skeltalism.jpg )


Post yr banners for the board, and also flags if you have any suggestions. I'm going to be stealing more flags from /leftypol/ but if you have any requests post them here.Banner size is 300x100 and must be under 200KB
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I really like this banner


File: 1608528381770.png ( 65.81 KB , 300x100 , dead_banner.png )

I made this a while back and forgot to post this here




File: 1608528432705.jpeg ( 31.71 KB , 300x100 , 1457917867186.jpeg )

File: 1608528430914.jpg ( 21.83 KB , 232x294 , Heidegger_4_1960_cropped.jpg )


First of all I hope you are well. I take it that you're a euro who has second-hand knowledge of the events at the ZAD. I was very surprised because as a burger there are many things I'm not privy to, but I recall your complaint was basically that anarchists got the boot from the ZAD because the Appelists decided to go a legal route with the state, doing their 'petit-bourgeois goat cheese' farming or something. I don't think this makes them Marxists as you say, but it rings of Lenin at Brest-Litovsk, trading space for time. I just wanted to hear more about the Appelists actions at the ZAD, the different factions (I've read a little about them on English websites like autonomies and ill-will), and what you think of the following. The Appelists say this;

>There is no “other economy,” there’s just another relationship with the economy. A relationship of distance and hostility, to be exact. The mistake of the social and solidarity economy is to believe in the structures it adopts. It’s to insist that what occurs inside it conforms to the statutes, to the official modes of operation. The only relationship one can have with the structures adopted is to use them as umbrellas for doing something altogether different than what the economy authorizes. So it is to be complicit in that use and that distance. . . We should make use of economic structures only on condition that we tear a hole in them. . .

>As for the structure with holes in it, it draws its meaning not from what it communicates but from what it keeps secret: its clandestine participation in a political scheme immeasurably larger than it, its use for ends that are economically neutral, not to say senseless, but politically judicious, and for means that as an economic structure it is designed to accumulate without end. Organizing in a revolutionary way via a whole resistance network of legal structures exchanging between themselves is possible, but risky. Among other things, this could furnish an ideal cover for international conspiratorial relations. There’s always the threat, however, of falling back into the economic rut, of losing the thread of what we’re doing, of no longer seeing the sense of the conspiracy. The fact remains that we must organize ourselves, organize on the basis of what we love to do, and provide ourselves the means to do it.

as someone who is more of a Marxist, I admire the shift towards the politPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


basically I was surprised at hearing that the Appelists took this legal route and couldn't imagine what you were saying is right, but these passages clarify their position. I suppose you don't think it's the right way to go about things. It seems like a way to grow power and influence, though. And tell me, what has become of the ZAD and its productivity and factions after the fact? Have the Appelists lost credibility in the eyes of the others? Has it been a major setback for France as a whole? How does it now relate to the Yellow Vests and how are they faring?


Do you really believe that operating a print shop so that you can print pamphlets on the weekend is some conspiracy?


No but I believe that smuggling contraband in shipments of X commodity can be.

File: 1608528417508.png ( 604.28 KB , 720x710 , 67871109_221178038782343_2….png )


i like the way delluze and early land write in that they write in ways that are intriguing to read i guess idk

dark deluze is what im always reccomended for people new to deluze
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>making sense
cringe and arborescent


File: 1608528429019.gif ( 913.24 KB , 500x265 , 1405252217434.gif )



That might be the reason behind the 'X ending explained' videos, but have you tipped your toe into the hellish pond of 'lore discussion' videos?
It can't be that those are popular just because ppl want to get the gist of a fictional story, because those nerds discuss different interpretations of the same subject and it seems very important to them to declare their perspective as canon.
This seems even more pointless to me, since canonity is just a ridiculous concept to begin with! When talking about FICTIONAL events, one interpretation can't be more true than another, in fact none of them can be true, because the subject at hand is fucking fictional! Still there are ppl sinking endless hours not only in discussing this bs but also researching it. If folks put the same kind of energy into discussing and researching the real world, elnlightenment maybe wouldn't have failed so hard.


File: 1608528430707.png ( 1.37 MB , 1920x1080 , 95ea4c5e9a3e75ae096edd5314….png )

Is it widespread, though? Maybe I'm just dumb lol


>Is it widespread, though?
I think so (maybe bc that shit is ALWAYS in my recommendations).
there are several video serieses with klicks in the half-millions.

File: 1608528343548.png ( 164.77 KB , 459x499 , d0e.png )


If the universe is materialistic, why don't we feel at home here?
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I kinda feel at home when Im in the mountains surrounded by wildlife. Its pretty calming


blame Steven Lynx for this regression in the boards code. Alternatively maybe Space_ fucked it up


if nothing matters then why does it hurt?


things matter, but only subjectively and therefore not objectively. that's enough for every individual sjubject to be emotionally involved tho.


it's from a Norwegian essayist, named Peter Wessel Zapffe

File: 1608528404479.jpg ( 124.91 KB , 1065x1006 , a.jpg )


pls help
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i just willed myself into existence obviously.
first i didnt exist, than i was like: thats kinda lame, I wanna start existing!
and so, carbon and protein formations statred accumulating and the end product was me.
rad, isnt it?


>I wanna start existing!
said nobody ever


yeah looking back, it was a bad call, but now im stuck with it


i have friends and we all do drugs
not like in a fun way, but yknow (stopping the memeing for a second…) legit i think people who do drugs to cope like you know they're struggling in some way, mentally or economically or something, and since its illegal (well.. some things, for some people… weed's legal here now :(), learning that someone else does it sort of breaks a layer of separation or alienation


>>1337 (me)
by the way, i dont think using drugs to cope with things is cool or a good idea or anything really, like its bad for you long-term usually, if only because it can put people into a financial treading-water forever, but also i just mean with my joking for you to consider the idea of using chemicals to cope temporarily if it could help you

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