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File: 1608528415132.jpeg ( 140.45 KB , 1200x800 , D6C83776-7930-4407-85DD-E….jpeg )


doin praxis like im doin your mom


bernie sanders is lib-tier my mane, get this out of my face!

File: 1608528382447.jpg ( 10.48 KB , 220x283 , marat.jpg )


New to the post-left here. If you are one of the two galaxy-brain post-left illegalists that I bonded with during the riots, you have my info, or I have contacted you, so get in touch because I want to escape.
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the issues are sorted out, check again


if u recall e-mailing me about nick land and basilisks from a few months back, please check ur e-mail.


To the girl who was reading Tiqqun on the subway this Friday midnight: I wanted to ask for your number but you got off so abruptly I was afraid you spotted a plainclothes.


File: 1608528391384.png ( 284.33 KB , 494x397 , 198738199.png )

Just a reminder


Check your inbox

File: 1608528391582.jpg ( 262.51 KB , 1213x675 , belarus11a.jpg )


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lmao you glow very much for being dead


> nooo they don't support my cabal of the bourgeoisie!!!


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand nothing changed, what a ebin rebellion guys


Just every saturday the libs go to the street to say "Boooo Luka bad" and the EU says "Booo Luka Bad".
Peak Vuvuzelan Zamboterapia hours.


File: 1608528410144.jpg ( 912.32 KB , 1343x1920 , 136c5dvacyw41.jpg )

File: 1608528409254.jpg ( 279.99 KB , 1920x1080 , SF3_Thumb.jpg )


A look at the continuing racial tensions in the US and its effect on the 2020 Presidential elections. Plus a look at the recent uprising in Belarus, featuring an interview with Maria, an anarchist based in Minsk.

File: 1608528407575.jpg ( 684.93 KB , 2060x1236 , David-Graeber-009.jpg )


Now that the dust has settled… what's your opinion on him? Anything worth reading by him?


I like that essay of his where he btfos primitivists. It's called "How to Change the Course of Human History". In general, his depictions of past societies are a lot more nuanced than the images painted by people like Zerzan, since Graeber was an actual anthropologist.


anprims being shat on? that sounds like something i need to check out


Nice lampshade

File: 1608528406446.webm ( 4.21 MB , 360x640 , ZuCkFuck2020.webm )


A very nice voice recommending that you use Mastodon instead of Facebook.



Very nice! If you haven't already take the opportunity to jump over now.


File: 1608528369289.png ( 108.3 KB , 415x550 , 89c9cfc36ca415ca9d1a2b8b6e….png )


The cult of living – which is by paradox a cult of living death, must be destroyed.https://downandoutdistro.noblogs.org/files/2019/10/letmedie.pdf


File: 1608528369389.pdf ( 1.59 MB , letmedie.pdf )

Local mirror of the zine.


now that is some edgy shit


Painfully edgy and hyperbolic, but still saddening and thought provoking.

File: 1608528390291.jpg ( 61.1 KB , 640x453 , somaliland.jpg )


Due to the techno-industrial city, doesn't matter the ideology, or society which possesses it; it will always need many people to keep it alive, and for this reason smaller languages cannot survive in this harsh environment. Let's assume a group of people who speak a minority language with around 300 speakers, they live in a poor small village, next to it is a city where a major language is spoken, if people want to have a industrial life, they will need to move to the city, commune, whatever is more convenient for your industrialist society, and there they will stay for better life conditions.

When this happens, there are two possible outcomes:
> 1 - They won't teach their native to their children preferring them to only speak the major language, because their native language is "useless"
> 2 - They will teach their language to their children, let's assume the best case scenario and let's say they taught the most traditional form with no loanwords, only native words, and the children speaks the minority language perfectly; here is a more case by case thing, but probably this kid will only speak this language with his family, and with no one else, so many things could happen here, loanwords enter his language when talking to their parents, they start speaking more and more of the majority language with their parents, and in the future they will spread a more majority languicized version of the original language, and with each generation the language is slowly(or maybe even faster in worse scenarios) disappearing until it is finally gone. This being the best case scenario for the language.

This is the natural process for smaller languages, which are the majority of our world's languages today on the techno-industrial system by its pure nature. But now let's make a case, how could we revive this language? A fake idea of national identity could bring up many nationalists puppets who would only speak the original language in its pure version, and would force their children and relatives to only speak it; this is a similar case to Ukrainian which is a language that I know fairly well, but it also brings all the nationalist spooks, fights, racism, class division and way more stuff(evidence for this is the state of the Ukrainian language today) that all of us know so I don't think anyone here would agree in doing this as a long term solution.

So as we can see, language Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I basically never post on this board but, Yeah language death is sad tbh. Sucks to see indigenous languages just go extinct.

An interesting note: Since English is now essentially the Global Language, basically every other language on Earth has a ton of English loan-words. Pretty helpful if you want to learn another language, I guess.

Me, personally, I'm going to learn Japanese.


According to some linguists (don't remember) who), ideally everyone should speak at least 3 languages :
-A national language
-An international language
-And a local language (preferably the one the person lives in)

The problem is that is just a theory because languages evolve organically. Language planification is hard, or has to be forced authoritatively.

Personally I speak 2 languages, a national and an international. Language learning is so long, I won't have the motivation to learn the local language I should learn.

And even if everyone follow this 3 languages rule, I don't know when, where and why some people should speak the local language instead of the national one.


>ideally everyone should speak at least 3 languages
what would this be ideal for? maximising verbal intelligence? language conservation? international understanding?

>where and why some people should speak the local language instead of the national one

some people speak a local language with people from their family/village and the national language with others.


>>ideally everyone should speak at least 3 languages
>what would this be ideal for?
From what I understood, the goal is to keep using languages with a lot of speakers (like english, spanish, arab, etc.) which are useful, but without sacrificing locals languages like basque, creoles, aboriginals languages, etc. You would preserve locals languages at least by learning them.

>some people speak a local language with people from their family/village and the national language with others.

I know but a lot of people does not.
I'm not against the idea but even if this theory would be practiced, as a personal example, if I would follow this 3 types languages rule, I should learn occitan because I'm from south of France and I've learnt english already. So let's say I do that, and a lot of people in my city do that too. Why would we speak occitan instead of french? Especially in a big city?


>So let's say I do that, and a lot of people in my city do that too. Why would we speak occitan instead of french? Especially in a big city?
for fun

File: 1608528353040.png ( 64.62 KB , 229x157 , me as an old guy.png )


Is misantrophy left-wing or right-wing?


File: 1608528353108.jpg ( 24.37 KB , 300x471 , 9782246629511-us-300.jpg )





It can be both.


misantrophy is my momma


misanthropy sounds spooked af ngl fam

File: 1608528353309.gif ( 1.46 MB , 2048x2048 , source.gif )


Is Anarcha-Feminism post-left? I see it on a lot of (the few) post-left boards but don't see how it's post left. Is this a joke?
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>I see it on a lot of (the few) post-left boards
Like which? Didn't know there were any at all.


To be fair Emma Goldman was what would be considered a SWERF today, maybe she would've been a TERF as well.


Sounds like bullshit.


What did she say?


imo feminism and post-left theory are not really exclusionary, but I would definetly say that it's part of traditional leftist thought since it lacks the general nihilism of post-leftism and is often based on abstract identities.

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