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File: 1608528378066.png ( 259.59 KB , 737x527 , illegalist_toiletp.png )


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This one has more books on practical use not much on hacking(though there are some books on security and surveilance). Most books there are mostly about guerilla tactics and self made explosives and guns


*reads panphlet*
*lockpick increased by 20*




What direct action can be done from the comfort of my home? I can't go out because of the virus.


learn programming and create viruses that attack the digital communication of capitalist corporations and bourgeoi states

File: 1608528392032.jpg ( 135.88 KB , 540x720 , 9Bsac.jpg )


Do anarchists still exist? It seems like every time I talk to someone who claims to be anarchist online they turn out to be a Marxist who is just too ashamed of tankies to call themselves a Marxist. Do actual anarchists still exist?
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File: 1608528393677.jpg ( 47.22 KB , 452x622 , Guy Debord with knife.jpg )

Maybe its just an exception, but Debord seems to be pretty popular among anarchists in general and SotS is pretty deep in the "Marxian framing".


There are many anarchists (ancoms and ansynds) even on leftypol. Seriously.


Ok, Marxist.


He is an nihilist I assume


Maybe, but they dont speak out too much recently. After /anarchist/ general died and CHOP happened, I noticed a large anti-anarchist move on /leftypol/ and nobody there seems to mind. What I find ironic tho, is when some Anarchist pokes at MLs, MLs immediately complain about sectarianism LMAO

File: 1608528370665.jpg ( 313.25 KB , 1500x1500 , mayancalender.jpg )


According to experts, the Gregorian calendar was introduced to better reflect the time it takes Earth to orbit the Sun. But it is believed by many that as many as 11 days were lost from the year that was once determined by the Julian calendar.

Over time these lost days add up and now a conspiracy theory has cropped up which claims that we should actually be in the year 2012, not 2020.

In a since deleted tweet, scientist Paolo Tagaloguin reportedly said: “Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012. The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days. For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years”.

Following this theory, June 21, 2020 would actually be December 21, 2012.

It may be recalled that in 2012, December 21 was proposed by some as the end of the world by conspiracy theorists.
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welcome to year zero day zero


The whole 2012 apocalypse theory is based on the fact that the 12th Baktun was ending in 2012 and any modifications of the theory is silly.

We should go back to listening to crazy Abrahamists again.


And… literally nothing happened


>corona virus

File: 1608528397041.jpg ( 288.23 KB , 787x1200 , DqBV9jnUwAAXukr.jpg )


anyone got a link to the "post-left theory generator"? it was a script hosted on github i think that generates the kind of purple prose typical of post-left/insurrectionary anarchist pamphlets


File: 1608528397132.jpg ( 118.31 KB , 720x261 , 133292147657.jpg )



File: 1608528397201.png ( 35.35 KB , 675x540 , iww-organize.png )



>a softer world
for half the panels i can't tell whether they're satire or a bad attempt at humour

File: 1608528395979.jpg ( 96.19 KB , 500x649 , 189213864130486.jpg )


It's never happening, is it? I lost all hope today.


What never happens?


it obviously.
it's in OP post. the revolution. the insurrection. overcoming alienation.

no it's not. but isn't that nice in a way? there never was a chance to begin with, so we didn't 'fail'


There won't be a revolution, there can only be a global collapse, in which it won't happen in our lifetimes. On the ashes of the collapse Anarchism can only establish itself under necessity and then can those lucky few who can experience it, truly take power over their own lives and society itself, and experience life for what it was meant to be. Anarchism in today can only establish itself temporarily under power vacuums until getting crushed by state armies. So basically? Live your fucking life in disregard of the state and its laws, the Illegalists understood this reality and sought to enact revenge on property based state society so they could live their lives in the then and now. Illegalism is Anarchy experienced today under Statism.

File: 1608528393067.png ( 3.62 KB , 290x174 , blackhammer.png )


Me and the rest of the black community are protesting because the police are a colonialist occupying force. I don't give a FUCK about white people who get killed by their own police. They can take that up with white colonialist power, after all, they are citizens, servants and benefices of the colonialist system. You cannot ask black people to care about white people shot by the police anymore than you can ask us to care about white rape "victims". They already have white power backing them up. They are the oppressor class and I don't give a fuck about the the internal conflict in the white oppressor class. Its strictly secondary to the anti-colonialist class war between the two real classes, white people and black people.
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File: 1608528393349.png ( 29.82 KB , 491x362 , gazikodzo.png )



black wojack agrees


highly epic


>Me and the rest of the black community are protesting because the police are a colonialist occupying force
kek. You are protesting because CNN and Walmart told you so.



File: 1608528390593.jpg ( 328.67 KB , 1920x1080 , SF2-thumb.jpg )


A look at the social and economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a specific focus on the incompetent state responses of the UK, Brazil and the United States.

Featuring an interview with anarchist writer Peter Gelderloos, author of Diagostic of the Future: Between the Crisis of Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy.


I had no idea about their PeerTube instance, it is pretty cool: https://kolektiva.media/videos/local


Wow cool show anon, I've been checking out "Trouble" as well. Thanks for turning me on to Kolektiva.

File: 1608528387406.png ( 7.07 KB , 203x248 , spooked beyond belief.png )


I have become disabled due to antibiotics side effects and can no longer perform any of my previous hobbies/jobs (music and programming)
How do you cope with permanently losing certain bodily functions?
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File: 1608528388049.jpg ( 37.71 KB , 477x296 , 1469727948948.jpg )

That's a very hard question. I guess everybody has a different way, but you could try to put your energy to use in different endeavors. Like are we talking about the whole body here? If you can keep your mind, you can find solace in it's functioning.
Your body is of course directly connected to your force over the world, but they are still just the instruments of your being. If you loose your ability to physicly force the world, you can still make it subservient by being stronger in mind against it or by being smart against it. That still is within your capability.
Other than that I hope you've got someone who loves you OP.


Try to find a cure? I am sorry man, I doubt anyone here can relate.


I have no experience with that sort of thing, and I am profoundly sorry you have to go through that OP. My only answer would be to acquire new hobbies that you are capable of doing, and that may one day give you the sense of fulfillment that your previous hobbies did. Since you were into music, I would suggest finding another creative outlet in another medium. May I ask what antibiotic it was and for how long you were on it?


File: 1608528391729.png ( 457.7 KB , 511x992 , (you).png )



What kind of disability lets you type but not program?

File: 1608528364964.jpg ( 56.33 KB , 960x401 , chadprimitivism.jpg )


is anyone here actually post-left?
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Last time I checked, it was called /dead/


Because the left is /dead/


no its for liberals but I like anarcho-nihilism


Tbh all these labels like post-left seem in practice like a bunch of hipster and anarchist larping. But I increasingly despise the "left" in the broadest sense of the term (anything from liberalism to anarchism to communism) while appreciating the extremist part of the left. In that sense "post-left" is not a bad term.
What I despise about the left is the utopia of integrating everybody into a single perfect, all-inclusive, good system. The left and the right have the same goal of a perfect system, a "final solution". It's just that their means are different: whereas the left's strategy is integration, the right's strategy is extermination. But both want to get rid of any antagonism, violence, conflict, chance, fate, etc. They both want to get rid of the accursed share. Integration is just a more cunning way of exterminating this accursed share, which is why I despise the left more whereas the right are useful idiots because the effects of their politics are more often ironic and counter-productive.


"We want a world where every world fits"
-t. zapatistas
Maybe your local leftists suck, but not to be a dick, I think you have a lot of residual idealism and liberalism as well. The left in theory should be fighting for self-emancipation and self-determination, with common ownership of property, and the asymptotic abolition of work.

File: 1608528376717.jpg ( 38.85 KB , 480x319 , pomo muffled rap.jpg )


Was Foucault right when he critiqued the "repressive hypothesis" and claimed that sexual liberation was just a different form of power's "deployment of sexuality"? This seems to me a step back from the Situationists and their fight against the colonisation of life by the commodity. Or was the Situationists' idea of an un-alienated life and sexuality an illusion all along? And if yes, is there really no way out of power? Is power even real anymore or just another part of the simulacrum like Baudrillard claimed? I'm having difficulties wrapping my head around all these levels of critique and meta-critique.
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The Situationists and especially Raoul Vaneigem are all about enjoying everyday life, fulfillment of desire and authentic non-alienated human relationships so love plays a big role for them. I guess the whole problem revolves around whether you accept the concept of alienation. The post-structuralists are basically post-Althusserians as far as I understand it.


Despite that, I don't remember even Vaneigem ever mentioning sex explicitly.


how do i get into Foucault? like where do I start?


It's been a while since I read Revolution of Everyday Life, but in his more recent book about the Heresy of the Free Spirit he talks a lot about free love and fulfillment of (sexual) desire and the student movement the Situationists were part of was largely about sexual liberation aswell.

I think it's best to pick a historical topic you're interested in and read the corresponding book to get an idea of his way of thinking i.e. History of Madness for the treatment of madness in the middle ages, Birth of the Clinic for the beginnings of modern medicine, History of Sexuality for victorian age sexuality etc.


Hey guys, I just wanted to extend an invitation to the /leftcel/ board at:
They also have a Tor hidden service at:
We welcome these kind of discussions that touch on how capitalism and sexuality interplay. We could use some nihilist and post leftists on the board. I myself am an egotist.
I think you'll find you posts getting more responses since /leftcel/ seems to have a good deal more traffic than /dead/.
Also, I keep seeing various anons grumble about deleting /dead/. The rest of the mostly tankie bunkechan community seems to really hate you. Your board is basically hidden as it is.

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