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darkeness is cool, not even edgy


Me too


Hello Darkness my old friend.


Blackout Tuesday vibes


This is now the big black void general

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I dont want to live anymore


yeah I don't either
hoping I'll work up the courage to kms soon


Me either, but, I can't seem to end it, yet.
I'm not even suicidal anymore, really, just totally numb.


Haha do it.


File: 1631552040526.jpg ( 61.13 KB , 474x474 , 6rfv67tgf67t.jpg )

Fuck u porky never. If I have nothing to live for then I will just be a constant pain in your ass until the day I die then.

File: 1628947511514.jpg ( 9.81 KB , 251x242 , 1501908325609385.jpg )


>tankies are so tired of losing that they're actually coping by calling the talibans based now
shit will never not be hilarious
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Tankies are like cops, you kinda have to be below a certain level of stupidity to buy into it.


i'll bite, why do you think they are based?


maybe it's wishful thinking, but islamism might be a stumbling block in capital's process of colonising the last remnants of humanity


I didn't know the US were tankies


People who support Hezbol or Al Qaeuda because of "anti-imperialism" are just fucking sad. You have to be totally /dead/ inside to even consider that at al reasonable.

File: 1626517974680.jpg ( 32.78 KB , 350x490 , skeleton-dropkick-on-my-de….jpg )


what are some nihilist anime?
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Fate Zero. Literally the only series worth watching. The first episode is just exposition, but after that its all urobutcher's handiwork


File: 1630887016459.jpeg ( 5.23 KB , 306x165 , images (3).jpeg )

M8. So far this is not good.


Fate\Zero is a good anime with many sub plots but i wpuld hardly call it nihilistic


File: 1630927427567.jpg ( 1.03 MB , 453x2204 , 878eca9411c14a176fac145a21….jpg )

It's very convoluted. Why is everything like a video game? Kinda dumb.


Fate was actually a dating sim visual novel before it was an anime. Fate/Zero is a prequel to the game, written and directed by the dude who did madoka magica

File: 1608528342626.jpg ( 97.61 KB , 640x480 , 1458985337044.jpg )


Words cannot express my angush rn.
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&gt&gt198Wow, this is really cool. Sauce?


&gt&gt199No clue.I found it on 7chan/grim/ ages ago.Do a reverse image search on google.


File: 1608528345682.mp4 ( 685.92 KB , 400x246 , 1467670171972.mp4 )



Get over it fagogo.t


Fuck you, egoist piece of shit.

File: 1626554797759.png ( 946.41 KB , 1080x1430 , a-d-anonymous-desert-1.png )


Is there a spanish translation of Desert? If not, I could make one.
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sounds boring
so its like a stem reasearch paper? what does that have to do with anarchism?


why are you being like this


just wanna know what it is about


It is about how climate change makes the "traditional" anarchist goals impossible and what could be done instead.


Its leftist shits out of france that burgers larp as an annil adjacent.

File: 1624398649018.jpg ( 54.14 KB , 957x621 , g0jed2ze8jp01.jpg )


I remember a few months back(probably a qhole year by now) I made a thread here with some autistic pepe img, asking why it's so hard to find a job and asked for your help.

Non of you retarded revolutionaries gave me anyworth while advice. can't really blame you tho, there's not much you can do besides keep applying.

After months of rejections, I've finally found some warehouse job, so please congratulate me.

I decided to listen to those old union songs again now with extra immersion, besides work is hard and those songs really motivate me and I can feel some pride for working half the day, don't worry tho, my revolutionary spirit is still strong. so now that I have become a true proletariat, how do I unionize and start my revolutionary actions without losing the job? I doubt I have any charisma to persuade my coworkers to unionize, we have a pretty epic union in town but is it wprth joining? Keep in mind, while I've not been diagnosed with anything I do believe that I am severely mentally ill.
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to give him*


File: 1628736941923.png ( 459.2 KB , 664x605 , sad_skeleton.png )

>how do I unionize and start my revolutionary actions without losing the job?
you don't
good for you, you have a job now. Now you can spend all your time and energy for porkie, but hey at least you can eat. Rock the boat at you're expense. Not saying don't try, but be careful and think about why. Do you personally have grievences yet? Have you tried to resolve them?
Personally, I havent found that anyone gives a shit enough to make thier job better, and mangagement knows they can be narcsisistic shits so they dont care about you. All you can do is try to be equally selfish and retarded.
Which is coincidentally the whole goal of pushing this individualized, liberal, gentrified mindset on us. So it's bad to beleive this… but also this is the truth. They want you to think you can't fight them or organize. But also you can't fight them or organize (successfully).

Have a good week waging. I hope you make good money compared to your rent, and don't waste it all on videogames and weed and soda (or anything unhealthy for you).

For real… good luck and stay in good heath anon comrade,and try and make some friends


from my experience, there are two types of people:
-the ones who really hate their work
-the ones who have convinced themselves they love their work because they think having a job you like is a condition of success and they wanna see themselves as successful

neither one of them is very easily persuaded into unionising. the first type wants nothing to do with his job, and unionising would usually mean spending extra time and energy on your job, so he doesnt like it. also, these people usually have already reignated any hope of improving their shitty job.
the second type would obviously oppose unionising because they wanna think they love their job, and improving the work situation would be the same as admitting that its not grat. they would probably infrom higher-ups too and try to frustrate your attemps.

gotta be honest: the leftist narrative of 'organise your workplace' is kinda unrealistic. in my country ate least there only exist those unions that have a history dating back to the 20th century. For example, the railroad workers have just started striking again, but their millieu is one that is typically associated with striking and unionising. People already percieve them that way and the railroad workers iudentify with it.
But other than that, there is basically no relevant union work going on. I think it's very hard to establish union culture in 21st century work spaces that just really arent associated with it.


Agreed 100% with this post.
Congrats anon. I hope you keep your job.


Henlo Anon. Congratulations on your position. I just wanted to add to the cynical perspecive regarding unionization. No matter what sorts of friendships you cultivate at your work place, your coworkers own up to the boss and their job first of all. I think it would be better praxis to agitate in the agora irl and online but it's best to form relationships, share a perspective, work towards small material goals. Self-organize for mutual aid.

File: 1628052516737.jpg ( 1.6 MB , 1986x2709 , van gogh skeleton.jpg )


What "is" (anarchist) nihilism?
Sort of related, but I've been reading desert and I understand some of the themes, but I'm lost at a couple of ideas. I'll have to reread through my notes later, but I want to ask if someone could explain what makes civilization inherently harmful.
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File: 1628269404092.png ( 615.42 KB , 1275x1920 , nzbtivo59ro21.png )

this doesnt get posted enough
and i know its post left in general, but there is a nihilist anarchy section


Sweet, I'll habe to check it out. Thanks! Do you think there are any on this list that are essential or can I read whatever seems interesting?


the latter


Gotcha. Thank you so much for the help!



File: 1626619608182.png ( 448.04 KB , 800x528 , 800px-Pyle_pirate_relaxing….png )


Our epoch is an epoch of decadence. Bourgeois-christian-plebeian civilization arrived at the dead end of its evolution a long time ago.

Democracy has arrived!

But under the false splendor of democratic civilization, higher spiritual values have fallen, shattered.

Willful strength, barbarous individuality, free art, heroism, genius, poetry have been scorned, mocked, slandered.

And not in the name of “I”, but of the “collective”. Not in the name of “the unique one”, but of society.

Thus christianity — condemning the primitive and wild force of the virgin instinct — killed the vigorously pagan “concept” of the joy of the earth. Democracy — its offspring — glorified itself making the justification for this crime and reveling in its grim and vulgar enormity.

Already we knew it!

Christianity had brutally planted the poisoned blade in the healthy, quivering flesh of all humanity; it had goaded a cold wave of darkness with mystically brutal fury to dim the serene and festive exultation of the dionysian spirit of our pagan ancestors.
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what does that even mean you italian asshole? wouldnt the proper analogy to the boirgeoisie be the patricians?


File: 1626712645735.png ( 28.34 MB , 4200x6300 , e4dc5e2a1f7a416afae738255c….png )

No, Novatore had this weird idea of the "libertarian aristocracy" and blamed the bourgeoisie for lowering everyone down to a commoner, kind of like how Wilde talks about false individualism.


rebranded neet-zsche? come on, /dead/, up your game a bit!


I just finished reading the whole thing and honestly I was left sort of confused. I liked the emphasis on individualism and the human spirit but I think a lot of the analogies had me lost.


well hes italian, what did you expact but a bunch of gobbledygook

File: 1627973789434.jpg ( 25.03 KB , 480x232 , 1506888030539.jpg )


>rejected from every university I applied to
I understand how bourgois that statement is, but honestly, I don't even give a fuck anymore.
Every since I was a little kid, this was something I was looking forward to. It was honestly my identity.
I mean, it's not too bad. It could be worse. One school offered me an alternative program (environmental sciences stuff), but its a far departure from what I had originally wanted to do, engineering (yeah I'm a STEMfag, blow me).
I guess the part that scares me most is wondering if I'll be happy with my decision to accept the alternative offer. Of course I'm going to try to get into engineering again, but I'm scared with what I'll do if I like my current program. It would be abandoning my identity that I've had for most of my life. I'm not sure if it's something I can let go of so easily. Doesn't help how my dad reminds me that I'm not in engineering every time I bring up my acceptance into the alternate program.
Part of me knows that I'll enjoy this program, I've always been interested in the environmental sciences.
Working my shit-tier wage job only makes me feel like even more shit. I dream of a utopian post-revolution world where I'm free to live as I please and do whatever piques my interest.
I think I'm just scared of making decisions.


File: 1628018697306.jpg ( 230.38 KB , 1000x1613 , ape_angel_nature.jpg )

abandon your stupid identity
and yes it is increibly bourgeois, not cuz you want to go to college, but because its your identity
also tell your dad to eat a dick stop being a cuck
and yeah you probably are scared to make decisions, most young people are cause you're literally your parents property and own nothing, can decide nothing for yourself, according to the state. Its something you have to untrain though, so stop being scared of decisions, have faith in yourself, and just look to the outcomes. Strip your identity back to your power. You are what you control. You mind, your skills, your body, and your property. As long as you have food, water, and shelter your body and mind is gonna be alive at least. Make good decisions e.g. exercise and eat well and you'll have an even more willing and able body and mind at your disposal. This is all that matters. You are not your "identity". You are not engineering or college or a stemfag.
Look back into your past, find your first memory and work forward in time until present. That's you. You're not your mind, of your body, or your identity or beliefs. You're your history.

Go forward and do as best as you can. If you like environmental stuff then do that…. your identity should just blow away in the wind, dont let it lead your life or make you feel things. Tell it to fuck off. See your life as opportunities. You have an opportunity to do environmental sciences, or to not do college, but not to do engineering right now unless you find a way into that (did you try applying to not universities, but just small colleges? is that an option for you? or community college?). Overall you're gonna be fine. If you're happy and get a career out of it, even better for you.
also this OP is /dead/ in a nutshell damn


apply to europe or asia.


Thanks, anon. I feel really good after reading that.


>[spoiler]also this OP is /dead/ in a nutshell damn[/spoiler]
Forgot to mention that it's nice hearing that too. I feel right at home here, lol.


>It would be abandoning my identity that I've had for most of my life.
Well, here is the good news: You wouldn't.
You wouldn't because you didnt have that identity for your whole life, IT had YOU.
You are a person, you can have several properties (young/old, smart/stupid, interested in this or that and so on). But the thing is: It's you who has the properties, they are part of you. You are their essence, they are part of you, not the other way around. And I understand that ppl view properties of themselves as so important, that they seem them as a necessary part of their being. "I have done X all my life, it wouldnt be the smae life, my life, if I had done Y instead". But this is wrong. It would still be your life, maybe it would be different, but definetly yours. But if we were to change the person not the thing he is doing, that would actually not make it your life anymore.
The reason ppl presuppose their properties as essence of their being is because it gives the illusion of control of your life. But isnt that detrimental to your freedom? You DONT have to align your life with this property of yours, you are a creative nothing. You can be anything if you just decide you want to create it out of yourself. Why would you be sad if you cant be an engineer OP, if you can be everything else. Even if youve seen this as your path for a long time, your path can be much different, much greater and much more fulfilling.

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