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Complete noob here. I plan to hit up a walmart for some spray paint and stickers probably. Anybody have any tips on how to avoid getting caught or looking suspicous?


Don't be suspicious.
Just go in grab it and get the fuck out.
Don't be a dweeb. Boas that shit. It's yours anyways.

If it's under 50 in most states you will just get a ticket and wont even go to jail over 50 and you can expect a few nights in jail over 100 and it becomes a felony. I speak from experience anon. I did it for 5 years with my homies.



>Anybody have any tips on how to avoid getting caught or looking suspicous?
who cares, nothing matters


Go back to .ogre you fucking anarcholib lmao


Walk out with it in your hands. Try to be confident as you leave, I used Benzos for this a lot, talking on phone can help if you feel awkward.
Dont lift anything actually worth something until you have experience. Under 50euro should probably be safe to begin but check local laws and sentencing.


Once, I walked into a store and picked up a bottle of water cus I was thirsty. Then I got a phone call, so I rushed outside. Then I realized I was still holding the bottle in my hands, and I took a drink.
I think its because I'm white


>think its because I'm white
Realistically doesn't mean much irl. I mean, so are most thieving junkies.


The other anons are right just go in grab something and casually walk out, a year ago I stole like 60 dollars worth of big gummy bear bags over 3 diffrtent trips to that shop. The place was busy and I was going there right after school on my way walking home at about 3 PM. It also helped that I'm a complete loner and I hadn't went there in like 2 years. I


Me and my brother and friends used to go balls deep. We would be as ballsy as possible and just blatantly run out the door. We rarely ever got caught but our house was walking distance from the locations we were shoplifting from.

Have some one answer the door who didn't go with you if the cops show up and tell me to fuck off with out a warrant. Works like a charm


Don't be brown
Don't be a moid

Unironically though white middle-aged women are statistically the most successful petty shoplifters


Yeah, just pay for it. Super easy to do. You don't want to have a criminal record just because you couldn't spend $20 on some retarded anarkiddie shit.


If you are poor shoplifting is a great way to save money.

Furthermore, antyhing under 40 bucks you wont even go to jail for. Just a court date. Some states turn habitual theft into a felon, though, so it's best to brush up on the law and always practice the 5th.

Don't listen to this anon. Use the leverage you have now and have some fun. Just never shop lift from other working people, and, I even refuse to shop lift from le petty bourgious; deppending on if they are cunts or not. But as far as I am concerned massive corperations are open game.


You don't get /dead/ do you? /dead/ is for the scum and rotten people of the chan, we're grim here and we don't give a fuck about a criminal record.


Dead was originally for post leftists. It came from bunkerchan


>If you are poor shoplifting is a great way to save money.
If you are poor, getting a criminal record is a great way to stay poor.


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Damn you're boring.


Retard did you even read my post?

You don't why in trouble for shoplifting under 200 dollars.

You don't even go to jail unless it's over 50 and it doesn't become felonious until over 200. Jesus what a fucking lame ass. Love a little shit. Fuck the system.


People can't keep to themselves, this is the anarchist board and the Joe's at leftypol need to stay out.


Target's policy is to wait until you've stolen a felony amount and then nab you. Steal just under that and never enter a target again.


File: 1667915403950.pdf ( 214.79 KB , 212x300 , How to Steal Food from the….pdf )



uygha this isn't the Great Depression or some shit, basic food is cheap as dirt in the west


I always had the most success with this just straight up walking in and taking it in broad view of everyone. Most people are so in shock they just let you walk right out. I always had a getaway car though or it was in running distance to my living space.


Are you dumb, the point is it's written about food but can be applied to just about anything.


Op probably won't read this since it's from over a year ago, so here goes nothing.
I don't have a howto for shoplifting as in skillfully swiping objects and smuggling them past the shop paywall.
However most crime stuff in reality is not based on skill and cunning, most of it is based on corruption. If you plan to break laws you have to do it like the mafia.
If the mafia breaks a law they make sure that the police that is in charge of enforcing said law gets a piece of the action.
If the police is uncorruptable , the mafia usually dies out, and law breaking declines below the threshold where anybody cares.
For shop-lifting the analogus strategy would be to make sure that the guys responsble for catching shop-lifters get a piece of the action. Stores usually have quotas for catching shoplifters relative to the number of objects that get stolen. That means if you want to steal shit, you have to find out who the other shop-lifters are and rat them out to the "store police" and bribe the "store police" with a part of the loot so they let you past the security systems.

Crime is not for lazy people, if this sounds to involved for you, just buy from questionable sources that are probably bootleggers or get offbrand stuff with silly names from the internet. If you get offbrand spray-paint maybe wear protective gloves (spray-container might burst) and don't use it indoors or inhale any paint-fumes (incase they used an aggressive paint-solvant that causes irritation)


Stupid as fuck post


Ok, why is it stupid ?
Consider that i mainly wanted to talk about how mafia works.


File: 1668074678321.pdf ( 385.71 KB , 67x118 , A Shoplifting Guide - 2018….pdf )

More recent guide.
There's also this https://pdfcoffee.com/the-art-of-shoplifting-pdf-free.html I prefer not to open it in my computer and rather view it on the site, because I scanned it and it was mildly sus.


File: 1669543642966-0.png ( 820.69 KB , 1920x1080 , _.png )

File: 1669543642966-2.pdf ( 848.82 KB , 212x300 , HUM - SELF CHECKOUT & HACK….pdf )

This is from a thread i started about thievery in general, mostly was about shoplifting wih other miscellaneous theft thrown in. had started it while ago, routinely posted additional resources to keep it alive but overall pretty much consider lainchan pretty dead at this point

So here is some actual substance copied/pasted from the thread, which ill probably split into a few posts

-have a trip to the store simply to case it and know what you want beforehand
-Keep store visits under 15 min
-Have your routes planned
-research police response times for your area
-look into company's turnover rates
-check the frequency of crimes in your selected area(more crime less time)
-watch videos on the stores and their response towards theft
-dress well, okay enough or within the areas expectation(many shoplifters are addicts)
-have your ride in a different parking lot
-Have a change of outfits in a hiding location( atleast in another parking lot ) or wear another set underneath to change out of to get rid of your profile
-Some hiding spots would be garbage areas which block the view of nearby traffic, large bushes, and public restrooms
-if possible, look into store policies regarding theft, with the worst being hands ons
-Do not trust the public
-be somewhat fit meaning having decent cardio and strong legs which can be accomplished via squats
-Dont linger
-look for the path of least resistance
-Disregard any "masterlists"

>High shrink products are easier to hit (The stuff your store usually takes a loss on)

>surgical mask to cover face
>echoing OP, dont spend more than 15 minutes getting what you need. Any more than that and you cam bet Asset Protection has an eye on you
>Get a job at a store and steal the magnetic thing that takes security devices off of products.
>Combination locks usually have the store or district # as the password

-Do not overly rely on the indifference of the employees & the public
-Make and stick to an actual plan
-Do Not LINGER(pretty sure this is what got me spotted)
-It is tempting to walk/go straight but it is also predictable, it leaves too much vulnerability
-Make use of corners, closer sides of nearby buildings, it will force your possible pursuers to guess which way you went.
-WATCH YOUR BACK,check your 6, whatever. looking back is critical
-RUN if spotted/called out/instinct says 2. Walk when you know it is all clear.


File: 1670076714582-0.jpg ( 155.43 KB , 1200x630 , sky sight.jpg )

File: 1670076714582-1.png ( 190.38 KB , 1364x1089 , run.png )


use google, specifically
- Maps, plan your route(more importantly escape route) and know the terrain around the area of your target(also useful in non-shoplifting thefts/other fukkery)
- "Popular times" feature(enter the address of the store) to gauge what days and what hours are their peak/busiest(more people means less focus)
- "See Photos"/"See Outside" of the store, will give lay of the land and clue into how well sorted the store is.
- use google/indeed/other reviews on the specific store, could be considered overkill but skim the reviews, gives insight into the employees/management there and how much of a potential problem they could be

Look up how to make a magic bag, there should be something floating around or at least some old tips from totse/zoklet/bombshock/rorta


a tip for shoplifting is if caught/spotted whatever, it is better not to say anything, from what I understand simply saying fuarrrk off to an employee or whoever would likely constitute robbery( usa :/ ).
A reminder, a real reliable method is having a partner to act/dress suspicious and attract as much suspicion and attention as possible without stealing anything to let everyone else an opportunity to get what they want and split later.

before going in for a lift be sure to circle around the whole area of the store you are planning to lift from and be familiar with foot traffic, vehicle traffic, security, and any possible cops/patrols nearby in case of sting operations to scare shoplifters

As a trusted tactic, have someone u trust posted somewhere where they can get a decent view of the area and/or the major intersections and act as a spotter to text u if u if the piggies come squealing. Give your spotter a cut

another trusted tactic have a partner go in by themselves and dressed/acting suspicious to draw attention while you gather and get out with the goods

remember corners are your friends especially when escaping

Also posting a somewhat sound infographic for running from the oinkers

surviving is winning, the overpriced soykaf they are selling is still going to be there at the end of the day. Confusing stubbornness with boldness is a bad idea


File: 1670369744072-0.jpg ( 1.48 MB , 1200x2401 , dandrea-Sleep-Chicago-IL-2….jpg )

File: 1670369744072-1.jpg ( 1.77 MB , 2310x4096 , 1659981842227.jpg )

Tumblr blogs related to "borrowing"
https://www.tumblr.com/auslifting/690822612793917440/the-ultimate-going-out-to-lift-checklist | Untitled on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/auslifting/691831462040829952/also-hi-im-gonna-go-get-free-money-using-my | Untitled on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/cheaplifter-blog | 👽Rich Bitch Wanna Be👽 on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/indigical/654539020146245632/this-is-all-from-lostlifter-but-the-original-had | it's august '21 on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/kitty-lifts-it | Untitled on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/liftfromtherich | the same things happening to me all the time on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/liftfromtherich/172596786981/maniclifter-this-is-on-snapchat-in-a-dailymail | the same things happening to me all the time on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/liftinghigh | elle ♡ on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/liftingmermaid/167239601270/lifting-videos | little miss lifts on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/loonalifts | daisy ^-^ on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/lyftofalifetime | If Its Chain Its Free Reign. on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/medicalifts/175845722318/the-ultimate-going-out-to-lift-checklist?redirect_to=%2Fmedicalifts%2F175845722318%2Fthe-ultimate-going-out-to-lift-checklist&source=content_warning_wall | Turbolifts on Tumblr
https://www.tumblr.com/yeahilift/58937432020/copied-from-a-thread-not-mine | Lifting Tips, Tricks, and Hauls on Tumblr
https://auslifting.tumblr.com/archive | Untitled: Archive
https://kleptoqueen.tumblr.com/post/687375300657610752 | roleplay blog — How to make an rfid proof bag step by step gifset!
https://liftingz.tumblr.com/page/3 | $588.74 saved
https://liftingz.tumblr.com/post/160917135132/nasalift-the-drop-technique-and-my-quick | $588.74 saved
https://liftingz.tumblr.com/post/160952652457/liftlife-constructed-my-magic-cup-when-i-lift | $588.74 saved
https://shopliftingbible.tumblr.com/archive | THE SHOPLIFTING BIBLE: Archive
https://twinslift.tumblr.com/ | L & K

many were wiped off the site, many that are left are "pretend" or "role play" shoplifting. With this in mind dont be surprised some are actual larps while others are pre 2020 and pretty dated with their advice and tips, being contradictary at times. Also much of this is geared toward females and concealing. Worth sifting through at least, some actually illustrate some tricks.

some other related materials




Site is good for preparing on whatever tricks companies are attempting to muster and also popular policies/procedure they are following/developing. The stories posted should be treated as lessons on what works and what doesnt. Everything else provides little to no value or insight, magazines may be useful depending on the topic, most are corporate mush.




America has a lifter problem


go home sally










































Can mods remove the bad-faith spammer?
From an educational thread to >LOOK AT THESE LUMPENWORDS BEIN SAVAGE TikToks from the POV of distressed karens witnessing socially emiserated juveniles turning to organized crime (and incarceration, because they have no skill)


It wouldn't be so bad if it was a few posts of single webms. Instead it's a fucking wall way past the point of getting the meaning across. Faggy autism shit. We get, you don't like nogs. No one cares


I mean he didn't really say anything.
For all we know he could think it's based which shoplifting, arguably, is kind of based. I dunno I am back and forth on shit like this.


Ok redact that cause yeah p shitty


File: 1695468507709.png ( 436.8 KB , 496x543 , Ogre faggots posting.png )

ogres get the wall


To win stop letting them live in your head rent free.
Just because people have a different opinion than you on a board centered around freedom of speech doesn't make them your enemy.

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