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Nothing to do in here, nothing to do outside.
Therapists offer empty advice. Most people can't relate, or are too frightened to admit that they relate to this feeling of emptyness. Their behavior is understandable; if you say how you really feel, people call you a downer, they act offended that you could feel so bad, they act offended that anyone's experience could differ so much from their own. The social consequences of honesty are often effective at encouraging lies. You get ostracized if your experience doesn't line up with the expectations others have cultivated for how the world works. If you aren't motivated by the things they expect everyone to be motivated by, they don't believe you. So people hide it, most of the time, they try as hard as they can to push it down so that even if they feel the same way that you do, the impression given is that you are alone.

When the acceptable outlets for this fail, as they often do, there is no accepted course of action. There's just emptyness. "Depression" as it's popularly defined today doesn't even describe it - people today think depression is a brief interruption to an ordinary pattern of self-worth. That sounds like a joke, but it's what polite society accommodates. There's no room for people who never feel good about themselves or about anything else, but there's also no room for meaningful action. Try for a peaceful exit, and people will act scared and maybe throw some empty platitudes or already-failed advice at you. Express a will to use your lack of desire to live constructively, and people who claim to want change will turn away. For them, every desire for action can only be accepted at the stage of catharsis. They are such aggressive do-nothings that they can't even fathom that anyone would do anything else. You're supposed to value your life… you're supposed to sit around consuming slop, pretending like you don't just want to die all the time. The "happy" life, the "constructive" life, is to still work but to accomplish nothing, to fear death because you are waiting to die.

It's so strange to me.


Pretty much sums it up. I wish there was more I could do to directly further my causes as a leftist in real life, I haven't found any productive avenues towards that yet. The best thing for me I find is to join any community and do things with them/for them. Things like music, sports, hobby communities are kind of necessary to stay sane. Without that for me there would also be nothing, I would be completely alone and probably would harm myself.


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I wish I could relate.
Maybe at some point I could, but, at this point I feel nothing in my life.
Every shallow delusion I have ever had about anyone I loved has been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces at this point. What you said is correct, though, I just don't care anymore. I don't care about these people. I don't care about their shallow pre-programmed, apriori responses to everything. I don't care about their optimistic naivety.
I just don't care. I don't even care about the political convictions I hold anymore, truthfully. Not because I am not passionate about them, I am, but because I realize the war was lost a long time ago and what remains is a hollow carved out shell of what once was; People with passion, with ideals, with dreams, with visions of the future; Of a better world.
It's all gone now. I once felt empy, I once felt depressed, sad, lonley, I once felt a lot of thibgs, but, at this point I no longer feel anything.
I'm not even really sure why I keep going at thi point. Probably genetics, but, who knows, or even cares. I don't.
Maybe i'll kill myself at some point down the line.


Has your doomer ass considered that a lot of people feel this way and that you might live to see real change happen?

Look here are three reasons why material conditions are about to change:

> Climate change

> Artificial intelligence
> Falling rate of profit

And there are many, many others. We're probably going to die from climate change anyway, so I'm gonna hold out and see what happens.

Remember if material conditions change, change in social structure follows. We're about to see some shit IMO


File: 1690513894020.gif ( 1.1 MB , 445x445 , 1690228336046863.gif )

I'm sure things will change but change isn't itself virtuous simply for the fact that things will change. We live in the post Soviet world of the blackest reaction and that is what we can expect.
Expect immigrants to be scorned and treated as second class citizens. Expect more reactionaries tendencies to develop in the working class. More xenophobia more consolidation of capitalist power.
A population dumber than ever and an imperial war machine with more over reaching power over the globe.
Imagine if you will a boot stamping on the human face forever.


>Look here are three reasons why material conditions are about to change:
>> Nuclear-Biological World War III without any restrictions

sus yo



Are you worried about methods?
My main hesitation right now is that I could fuck up doing it again… though I'm a dumbass, so that could just be me. My backup method (less bad if I somehow manage to fail) still sounds a bit shit, though it doesn't sound that bad by most accounts. I'd really like it if voluntary euthanasia was legal, and I wish there were more people willing to fight for that.

OP here.
Climate change has been known to be happening since like the '70s. It's getting worse, but if it snowballs fast enough to trigger global disaster, that's going to suck… dying of starvation, disease, crime, etc. sound worse than just ending it before all that comes into full swing.

AI is overblown. They don't actually have AI yet, as far as I know. What they've got is enough to fuck workers over and make art worse, but they've been doing that stuff for a while now, anyway, and they've been pretty good at crushing social responses to it so far.

We're probably about to see some shit (we've been seeing some shit, but it feels like it's been ramping up steadily), but I concur with >>2610 … it's probably going to suck.


File: 1690671567869.jpg ( 28.34 KB , 620x411 , newcobain2.jpg )

I think in an ideal society people should have the right to kill themsevlves but, you know, capitalism tends to drive the poorest people to suicide which makes the suicide booths especially nefarious. I would just go out kirt kobane style.


>I think in an ideal society people should have the right to kill themsevlves

The only society that is afraid of affordable euthanasia is a society where the death is a legitimate alternative to existence lol.

Can't allow all the slaves to log out of the minimum wage simulator.


Yeah precicesly



Yeah, no. Cobain style is my backup. Even shotgun to the head, there's supposedly like a 1% failure rate, and I seem to have an insane talent for fucking up to the point where I'm genuinely concerned I could somehow manage to be the 1% in that statistic even if I do everything right. That and it looks painful - even if I know it's not supposed to be painful, that doesn't change how my brain visualizes it when I'm overthinking it. Switched to poison as the first choice, it's just a mediocre poison - it'd be nice to be able to get, like, the standard of poisons that dogs get, at least. Can't get everything, though!

I feel like the thing with poor people committing suicide is kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" deal. Like, yeah, you'd run a high risk of it resulting in a ton of the poorest people dying, but even if you didn't have nice ways to die, you'd still have a large population of people who would jump at the opportunity if euthanasia was available and might readily just blow their brains out anyway without it. Even under current conditions, it ends up being kind of a hostage situation. I think the ultimate question is whether or not this situation is realistically going to end before a few million more people are dragged through it, and to me it doesn't seem likely that it will. The situation right now just sees people murdered in the streets, on subways, etc. I feel like if we straight up came around to having open death squads, people still wouldn't say "enough, ok, we can give all these empty high-rises in NYC to the homeless population for free, we can make sure everybody has access to work and affordable housing," they'd probably just seethe about the death squads and keep telling rightfully-miserable people to call 988 while they're dragged through life waiting to get beaten to death. The nefarious factor is present in all scenarios.

Yeah, this.


Just use a 45 Cal loaded with a hollow point and point it directly at your temple.


Don't listen to this person. What you need to do is angle it so you hit the brain stem.


No you might as well be trying to shoot a needle in a haystack. Just guillotine yourself at that point.

Also helium exit bag:

The body cannot tell the difference between oxygen and helium, little known fact. Get yourself a tank of heliumand a rubber hose line and a bag. Wrap the bag over your head and feed the hose into the bad. Now turn on and inhale the helium.

Painless death.



From what I understand, the most effective way is technically to shoot yourself in the back of the head, but I have zero confidence in my ability to aim something I can't see, so I'd probably go the ol' roof of the mouth route. And I've got 12 gauge which seems like it would be more effective than 45 cal. Idk. Either way, probably not doing it this way.

No way I'm bothering with an exit bag. First off, getting nitrogen or helium is an extra expense, and making the contraption itself is work which I no longer have energy for. I think I'd go with nitrogen over helium, if I did this, but it's been a bit since I've read much about it. The exit bag method sounds like a nice way to die, as it's supposedly euphoric at the end… but if I had money and energy to spare, I think I'd just root out some nembutal… though that might be considerably harder.


My friend, you can only live by turning away from the institutions and recognizing they were never yours. Yes, you'll live while being choked to death while assholes go hog wild plundering everything you would have valued in a better world. Tyring to fix what is unfixable, which aided and abetted the problem, is a Sisyphean task. It's not that the institutions are passively incompetent. They're designed to make the world this shitty, but when you try to better yourself, oh boy, they're on the spot to make sure you fail. It's always like that if you were selected to die. If you're selected to live, you literally can't fail. They'll throw you in a sinecure if you're worthless, and that's where people like Yud and the technophile cultists come from - incompetents given a sinecure where they can tell us how smart and great they are. Many such cases!

Knowing the truth doesn't liberate you, but it is very liberating to no longer lie to yourself about the world or what your eyes see. The hard part is that when you make that decision, you really are cast out of the world, and the institutions REALLY don't like you. That's when it moves from the passive excuses to overt humiliation and contempt if you dare try to work with them on anything. They don't want us to have ANYTHING. They don't want you to have a textbook and will destroy your books if you're "not allowed" to learn - unless those books are full of lies and intended to poison and retard you, while the "smart people" are pulled aside and given the cheat sheet to guarantee success. That's how these fucking Fabians and Germanics roll. Stupid, stupid people who love the smell of their own farts.


File: 1696207865940.png ( 226.81 KB , 504x630 , ClipboardImage.png )



It's hard to believe that a mentally cogent person is spamming this shit, unless they were trying to make people dislike Christianity…


Most cynicism/depression isnt actual acknowledgemnet of the futility of human endeavors.
Its just frustrated idealists.

Society uses activism as the metric of maturity.

They especially use it to guikt trip young people.

"If youre not a liberal by twenty, you have no heart."

Yet, when young people are involved in activism, elders mock/patronise them.


Protestants are the most rabid idealists in the west right now.

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