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fuck mods


this board shows on the overboard I think




File: 1608528389740.png ( 47.11 KB , 471x500 , 1446145193905.png )

>>>/tech/3728 It is confirmed now.

Welcome to /dead/, liberated territory on Bunkerchan.


File: 1608528389923.jpg ( 15.06 KB , 241x386 , Novatore.jpg )


File: 1608528347435.png ( 115.89 KB , 800x796 , compepe.png )


Do you do drugs?Do you have autism?Or sexual kinks?How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?———I drink so often it can't be healthy anymore and frequently do some drugs, but am also very happy with my life so far (even when I'm sober).
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>Do you do drugs?
>Do you have autism?
>Or sexual kinks?
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?


File: 1608528389193.png ( 94.04 KB , 676x2012 , 1411795287229.png )

>Do you do drugs?
Not for about a decade, except cannabis which I'm prescribed
>Do you have autism?
No but I have MS & Epilepsy and am wheelchair-bound.
Or sexual kinks?
God I miss sex
How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
It's pretty fucked up I'm barred access to 95% of places because they won't/can't make it accessible to the disabled. A few years ago a black friend of mine got mad when I made a comment about structural ableism, I'd half meant as a joke, but he got triggered by it so I challenged him to take a 'walking' tour with me of our downtown area. He had to eat shit though when he realized just how many places had physical impediments barring me entry…
TLDR: Smoke weed e'ryday, and steps/stairs are a shit


>Do you do drugs?
>Do you have autism?
psychiatrist said no a few years ago, haven't talked with any since. But I probably do have some sort of mental illness.
>sexual kinks?
don't want to get into kinks but a porn addiction.
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
the same awnser >>195 gave.


half the posts just replied no to that question…


File: 1608528389844.jpg ( 49.36 KB , 640x638 , 9stq41d9q1b21.jpg )

>Do you do drugs?
I smoke a lot of weed, and drink occasionally.

>Do you have autism?

Nah, but I have inattentive type ADHD.

>Or sexual kinks?

I'm into some D/s stuff, not into rape or anything like that.

>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?

My father was depressed and abusive when I was very little, because of financial issues after my parents separated. I've seen what this system does to the people at the bottom of the hierarchy.

File: 1608528365440.jpg ( 76.07 KB , 702x847 , 3f347a180e0efe467434acd107….jpg )


> Therefore we say that the central political fact of the last thirty years went unnoticed. Because it took place at such a deep level of reality that it cannot be called political without bringing about a revolution in the very notion of the political. Because this level of reality is also the one where the division is elaborated between what is taken for reality and what is not. This central fact is the triumph of Existential Liberalism. The fact that it is now considered natural for everyone to have a rapport with the world based on the idea that each person has her own life. That such a life consists in a series of choices, good or bad. That each person can define herself by an ensemble of qualities, of properties, that make her, through her continual balancing of those properties, a unique and irreplaceable being. That the contract adequately epitomizes relations between individuals, and that respect epitomizes all virtue. That language is nothing but a means of arriving at an agreement. That, in reality, the world is composed on one side of things to manage, and on the other of an ocean of self-absorbed individuals, who in turn have a regrettable tendency to turn themselves into things, letting themselves become managed.> [..]> We have been sold this lie: that what is most particular to us is what distinguishes us from the common. We experience the contrary: every singularity is felt in the manner and in the intensity with which a being brings into existence something common.> At root it is here that we begin, where we find each other. What is most singular in us calls to be shared. > [..]> So communism starts from the experience of sharing. First, from the sharing of our needs. Needs are not what capitalist rule has accustomed us to. Needs are never about needing things without at the same time needing worlds. Each of our needs links us, beyond all shame, to everyone who experiences that link. Need is just the name of the relationship through which a particular perceiving being gives meaning to such or such an element of its world. That is why those who have no worlds — metropolitan subjectivities for instance — have nothing but whims. And that is why capitalism, although it satisfies the need for things like nothing else, only spreads universal dissatisfaction: in order for it to do so it has to destroy worlds. > […]> In the final analysis, capitalism consists of nothing more than a reduction of all relaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Friendship is communism: my little comrade.


File: 1608528386050.jpg ( 38.64 KB , 610x610 , no friends.jpg )

Real friendship has never been tried. At least by me ;~;




Is there any point to read this if I already agree with the title?

File: 1608528383122.jpg ( 428.05 KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_20200620_161208.jpg )





Music in that video combined with his monotonous voice made me fell asleep.


Just read Ligotti's conspiracy.


this sounds really fucking metal, but a dead and decaying god is still a god.
Also how is Mainländers outlook in any way original? If he hadn't hung himself on his own books, nobody would care about him!

File: 1608528376185.jpg ( 20.44 KB , 236x299 , 175068c93ac27a50a1fc820af8….jpg )


woaaaaaaah im so edgy xdddd im depressed and have austinsim uhhhhhhh im so edgy i jack off to hentai to cope with my depression uhhh oh god im so horny im horny all the time and my parents dont like me i spend all my time wallowing in my own misery with muh dark edgy vibes xd and jack off to hentai cuz im depressed lmao i also like to call popel faggots and niggers because yelling racial slurs online fill the gap in my soul cuz im so edgy im like those goth kids even though i really hate them woah im so sad and depressed and edgy i use it as an online person to get my dick really going after jacking off to hentai for the 18th time today i have depression and am so edgy uhh im empty inside i just wanna die i lay on my bed crying tears of blood because im so edgy im like those edgy anime boys who wear all that tech gear and shit lol lmao dude im horny lmao im empty inside i feel nothing but pain and misery every day when i wake up i feel immense pain everywhere because i am an autistic edgelord who lives with my parents and doesnt have a gf because im so fucking whiny but thats ok because i
love manipulating my depression to get that edgy depressed vibe lmao od im alone empty sad and dead i just want to die please end it the pain is unbearable xddddddddddddddddddd nigger lol i said the n word plz dont delete oh god no mods plz dont delete get your hands away from me please dont rape me please
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File: 1608528376395.jpg ( 102.4 KB , 1024x575 , Meth.jpg )





did it work O_o




They deleted the pair of this thread from /a/…

File: 1608528373018.jpg ( 214.96 KB , 1000x669 , Aral-Sea-Wrecked-Ship-Dry-….jpg )


Is there still any point to green politics or should we just prepare for the worst?
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the world's population can be fed easily


>runs out of topsoil
>EROI on fossil fuels
>phosphate loss


that's why we need sustainable production, not more of it


i will admit that the needs for penicillin and post-stroke surgery are relatively recent inventions and a byproduct of the pursuit of accumulation

but you see, people will still literally die without them

if you die without something it is a need and capitalist accumulation doesn't enter into it

basic education is another example of a need that is hugely underserved by current production. the lack of it kills people and causes damage to nature and property all the time. education is a service so all that is produced is also consumed, so clearly we don't produce enough

how do you make production sustainable without causing an increase in any sector?


at this point we're probably in a position where that's not all that possible considering various feedback loops and the lag in terms of emissions causing CO2 rise
We're locked in for at least 2C minimum, which is non-compatible with current human industrial civilization, and the IPCC is shifting their opinion to a more likely 5C increase this century given that even their worst case scenarios are looking optimistic

File: 1608528381290.jpg ( 465.25 KB , 1056x1394 , begaydocrime.jpg )


Be Gay Do Crime


fuck, i've accomplished nothing all day


File: 1608528381471.jpg ( 16.98 KB , 294x348 , skeleton-toilet.jpg )

Fuck you I won't do what you tell me.


No anon, no one wants you to do anything. This slogan is just one for queer people to take pride in their identity and to take pride that they're destroying modern society (but doing some illegalist praxis would still be very good for liberation though)


File: 1608528381655.jpg ( 22.76 KB , 497x500 , 1447611108243.jpg )

hell yeah

File: 1608528376041.jpg ( 62 KB , 464x645 , EJB3FkqU0AA4L5R.jpg )


to the comrade who is currently fighting the tankies in the pomo thread over on /leftypol/, i just wanted to say your efforts are appreciated
i personally just don't have the patience or eloquence to have a serious discussion in the ideological morass of what /leftypol/ has become
i'm sure others feel the same way
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File: 1608528376460.png ( 52.37 KB , 518x484 , 1c996c7c2a8ca4b0e1d320d2d0….png )

It won't happen in /dead/, so why not post here instead?


File: 1608528376917.png ( 442.62 KB , 723x971 , crucifixion of the dead.png )

If you are referring to me, comrades, I am no longer able to do so because this ghost haunts through Tor and Tor exit nodes are now finally all banned on /leftypol/.

The schizonihilist anon is now dead, just as I had predicted in >>644679. Only this time, it was not by hemlock, but by the cross.


My bad, I meant >>>/leftypol/644679. I am so used to posting on /leftypol/ that I forgot where I was.


Tor ban had nothing to do with you, comrade. It was about CP and nazi spam.


File: 1608528379261.jpeg ( 528.79 KB , 3233x2213 , crossed-purposes.jpeg )

That is why it is by the cross: Rome executed countless by lining their roads with the rotting corpses of those hanging from crosses. It was not a forced suicide by a persecutory state, like Socrates' drinking of hemlock, but the routine crucifixion of all those deemed criminal regardless of their actual innocence or part in the crime.

I know this decision was not personal, though it has all the marks of being influenced by me; but that does not detract from the fact that I am to hang among Nazis and child pornographers all the same.

File: 1608528369931.png ( 728.1 KB , 631x631 , 23.png )


tell me about your everyday life


File: 1608528370091.jpg ( 112.43 KB , 670x900 , dailylife.jpg )



File: 1608528370189.png ( 805.45 KB , 773x1280 , 0011751a07dd0f1d.png )



Usually I get up at 12:00 pm, smoke weed and eat breakfest. Then I check my phone seeing who wants to buy something off me for the day. I take care of that shit, usually read when I'm back home, eat something, smoke more weed, and read more or play vidya. Thats about it.


>wake up
>speak to nobody but family a few times a day
>literally just wait to eat since it's the only thing I enjoy anymore, but even that i must restrict since i don't wanna be fat
>constantly worrying about everything
>learn some welsh, only constructive thing I can motivate myself to do since I can't find a job literally anywhere
>go to bed



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