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File: 1620438450297.jpeg ( 70.18 KB , 600x750 , stirner.jpeg )


So true!!
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File: 1620440540009.png ( 92.89 KB , 621x702 , 1620139360059.png )

>Stirner literally shit himself in the woods /lit/, a colossal Grizzly Bear charged at him and he froze where he stood. Sweat rolled down his uh.."gotcha" shaped brow, and then it… it uh.. give me a second. I think it dripped onto his leather, moleskin Boots. He imagined scenarios, I think that was it, I'm having trouble remembering.. where the bear would just run past him or false charge him only for it to just dissappear into the thicket. He wrote about the matter in a letter to his friend, Samuel Brook: "I was trembling with the utmost fear…I uh… he shat himself. That was the ending I think, I can't seem to remember how it went. I'm sorry. I think I'm gonna lie down.


I don't think that's Stirner.


Poor Samuel Beckett. Wrote one of the most important tragicomic postmodern plays of its timen, won a bloody Nobel Prize and now his likeness is only remembered as being "almost le epic egoism man".


Stirner had blond hair and blue eyes.


File: 1620669712494.jpg ( 70.9 KB , 394x394 , 1614286541742.jpg )

the ubermensch!

File: 1619649630127-0.jpg ( 7.75 KB , 480x260 , renzo.jpg )

File: 1619649630127-1.png ( 924.84 KB , 900x1020 , miss-kobayashi-s-dragon-ma….png )


this board is looking like /stirner/ right now and not /dead/
what is this? haven't you read your novatore yet anon?
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yeah one that doesnt work or at least I cant post there


You can try again until the captcha expires.


novatore made stirner and nietzche seem cool to me


It doesn't reload,if I click reload nothing happens and I'm pretty sure I entered the right captcha in the first place


All those Stirner fanfiction writers like Novatore have never read Stirner's Critics

File: 1608528434476.png ( 26.51 KB , 500x500 , 13628440667.png )


Is the punctuation in The Unique and Its Property typical for German texts from its era? It makes me feel like it was written to be read aloud.
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Doch klar, haste noch nie gehört oder was? Vielleicht auch schon etwas älter, aber fix im Sinne von 'flott' oder 'schnell' in meiner Gegend immernoch sehr häufig verwendet.


ok, vielleicht was regionales


File: 1608528440764.png ( 3.79 KB , 517x94 , fix.png )

hier, hab auch quelle


File: 1608528440828.jpg ( 154.93 KB , 1536x2048 , d9afd314209cd3c4dd1ace5abd….jpg )

I asked because some people seem to be fixated on the fixed idea even though to me it does not seem to be the best term to describe a spook. Many seem to think that it means that the idea itself is fixed or unchanging, which is misleading. First of all, ideas are obviously changing all the time. If you attack the spooks of the priestly person they will start inventing all kinds of bullshit to defend their delusion. The idea might change in all kind of ways but if it is not destroyed, they will still have a fixed idea. Second, it implies that a willingness to change your mind is a possible way of escape. But weak conviction is not ownness. Changing your clothes every day does not make you a nudist. For whatever it's worth, I think Stirner would agree. Below are some quotes from the Spook book for an appeal to authority. In Art and Religion he describes religious thinking as "Understanding", which in Hegelian terms apparently means that it can only think about its object, but never beyond it. Stirner describes it as an obsession (without actually using the word), something that captures thought and does not let it go. However, Understanding consumes its object, and ceases to be as soon as it is understood. Therefore the object has to be constantly renewed, to preserve the mystery that fuels the obsession.

> So if criticism says: You are only human when you are restlessly criticizing and dissolving! Then we say: I am human in any case, and I am I as well; therefore I only want to take care to secure my property to myself, and to secure it, I continually take it back into myself, destroy in it every movement toward independence, and consume it before it can fix itself and become a “fixed idea” or an “obsession.”

> The good, returning under a thousand names and forms, always remained the premise, remained the dogmatic fixed point for this criticism, remained the—fixed idea.

> The idea of right is originally my idea, or it has its origin in me. But if it has sprung out of me, when the “Word” is out, then it has “become flesh,” a fixed idea. Now I no longer get away from the idea; whichever way I turn, it stands before me. So human beings have not again become masters of the idea “right,” which they themselves created: the creature is running away with them.


It's called character development

File: 1608528382854.jpeg ( 92.46 KB , 750x738 , 8f863f5716a928d5.jpeg )


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my love for you burns hot red baby


File: 1608528447837.png ( 1.07 MB , 1280x1111 , 5e6af2d472fecb87.png )



File: 1608528455167.mp4 ( 2.43 MB , 360x360 , 251278102ea390bcc0edd6322c….mp4 )



File: 1620151318849.webm ( 3.99 MB , 480x270 , 1609139129404.webm )



File: 1620158740647.webm ( 939 KB , 640x360 , 1620105868317.webm )

just found this on /leftypol/ lol

File: 1619398473765.png ( 193.56 KB , 378x692 , 3afd12522cc2e51e19a5f71d94….png )


Sorry for the shitpost, but what's the point of this board? I didn't even know it existed. I'll delete this shitpost after my question is answered.
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File: 1619653103059.png ( 17.96 KB , 633x758 , 1458351986486.png )

to have fun and watch while the world around us slowly wastes away


>Have fun

After the riots died down now it is just back to being cynical and jaded.


>to watch others have fun and watch while the world around us slowly wastes away*


The mission of /leftypol/ at leftypol.org is to provide a fun and enjoyable space for the working
masses around the world, as an anonymous community of non-sectarian leftists united in
common cause against the forces of capitalism, fascism, and liberalism. Our goal is to act as a
centre for serious political discourse and less serious informal discussions on various topics
related to leftist thought.
We aim to be the negation of /pol/; anti-fascist, materialist, better read. Our mission, above all, is
to learn, and help others learn, the philosophical tools necessary to elucidate the interrelated and
ever-increasingly complex space of self, society, and politics, from the local to the global scale.
An important part of /leftypol/’s unique character is our opposition to identity politics. We
believe that conflicts between genders, races, sexualities, and so on are distractions from the
wider class struggle that are intentionally fanned by the ruling class. This does not mean that
oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but that it should be approached
from an egalitarian perspective which is not personally accusatory and does not assign ‘victim’
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File: 1618496954468.jpg ( 101.46 KB , 680x680 , 262.jpg )


Oh well
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Science unironically sucks for not letting me drink without ruining my health.


Imagine enjoying drinking, i only like a couple of beers now. Only bottles I'll buy is gin. Cheap vodka is literal poison and I'd rather be sober.


I got 2 months before I become an alcoholic I imagine


File: 1619698108941.jpg ( 60.57 KB , 400x400 , 1457900237436.jpg )

>imagine not being on substances every waking minute
couldnt be me


too much of a poorfag, can't relate lol

File: 1619203458259.jpg ( 12.16 KB , 220x231 , Max_Stirner-k.jpg )


Greetings /dead/, I wanted to ask your thoughts on Max Stirner and was pointed here from /edu/. His ideas somehow appeal to me. As I understood he basically says that morality and religious and social norms are void "spooks". By freeing oneself of these concepts, one can follow one's own will. By cooperation and mutual interest one can then happily coexist and live with other individuals. Did I get that right? E.g. knowingly not caring about the suffering of others kind of feels bad, not sure if that is a "spook", too. What would Stirner say to solidarity?


> What would Stirner say to solidarity?
I have a fellow-feeling with every feeling being.

In my opinion the key to understanding The Unique and Its Property is Stirner's article "Art and Religion". It's not that good and the thick Hegelian jargon is a bit hard to decipher but it lays down the problem statement and goal of the ego book in a pretty straightforward way. At least in my headcanon.


File: 1619214691373.png ( 429.44 KB , 609x611 , 412e27b1845b76015f731c2159….png )

Post-leftism (most closely associated with post-left anarchism because anarchists are a lot more open to criticizing their forebears failures and foibles than a lot of other left tendencies, *but are by no means perfect about this*) is a critique of the self-castration of the left by its insistence on being boring and labyrinthine and just generally unbearable. A lot of leftists don't like that, but the results leftists have had impeding the creeping doom of this neoliberal hellscape speak for themselves. We suck at changing the modern world, and we aren't going to stop sucking at it until we stop clinging to outmoded models of political and economic change.

To be clear, I'm a communist. I'm an anarchist. I even like Soviet imagery, that stark red flag with the gold star, hammer, and sickle is fucking *electric*. Peak aesthetic, my god that flag is gorgeous. But we're not gonna get anywhere jerking off the corpses of men who've been dead for a century. If "leftist" politics are about aesthetic and feeling special? Sure, have at it. But if we want to help people, and make the world better, we need better models of organization and praxis that aren't just more of a drag on our already-burdened souls. We need protests and political rallies and stuff to be fun and emotive and thrilling, not boring fucking marches like the libs love so much.

I will never see mature communism, mature anarchy. I won't live that long. If I do, great! I'll be stoked as hell. But I won't. And that's okay, I don't need to. Anarchy is a guiding principle for me, it is my North Star. So it doesn't fucking matter if I organize with non-anarchists, does it, as long as our goals are in the same direction of making regular people's lives better and loosening the chains around all of our necks? This is why socdems, yes, cringe as they are, have so much more success than anarchists whining about how the Black Army was dong wrong or MLs talking about how *AKCHUALLY* Stalin did nothing wrong because \[blah blah fuckin blah, who cares the man's been dead since fifty-three give it a goddamn rest\], and all that have absolutely no fucking relevance. That's all *way* more cringe than socdems or electoral politics are. Sure, sucks Makhno and Ukraine got done raw by the Bolsheviks. What does this information empower me to do today? Instead of talking about theoretical bullshit a hundred years ago or a hundred years from now, socdems are actually talking about thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> 1976 thanks, I started reading it

>> 1977 interesting thoughts! I guess in general the more power you have over yourself, the more work/time it consumes compared to decisions being made for you. Maybe if discussions and votes don't take place in form of a gathering, but asynchronously like in a forum that could allow to only participate in stuff one is interested in.


>Did I get that right?
Yeah pretty much I agree with you so far.

>E.g. knowingly not caring about the suffering of others kind of feels bad, not sure if that is a "spook", too.

If you only cared because it was a moral expectation that made you care in the first place, that would be spooked in the sense that you try to correspond to an idea of good that entails that you are only good, a real person, when you care. This idea would be a fixed one and you would behave according to it.
However, I think most people would feel bad for them out of empathy, out of their own desire that others dont suffer.

>What would Stirner say to solidarity?

This is a part that alot of ppl get wrong about Stirner on first glance because of his strong defence of self-interest - but said interest isn't vulgar as in 'only doing things that enrich you materially'. Because Stirner was a pupil of Hegel and not some libertarian market fanatic he sees humans as social. We use each other according to our desires, but that desires also include the desire for friendship or love. As >>1976 quoted, he feels a fellow feeling towards feeling beings, empathy. In fact, it haven't been the egoists (as Stirner defines them, those centering their action on their unique being and desire) who caused and carried out the greatest atrocities in history, but selfless people, involuntarily acting in the name of something outside themselves (god, the race, the nation).
One of my favourite allegories here is that only an egoist gifts a friend a present out of his own desire, while the involuntary actor, who does it because it's the right thing to do, or it's custom and expected from them, always has other motives behind his action.
Egoism doesnt set rules for any behavior, its rather the consequent critique of such rules. If you find it fulfilling to show solidarity because it's your inner desire, it's an egoist act.

File: 1619437707859.jpg ( 120.53 KB , 681x785 , chud stirner.jpg )


>write book dedicated to your wife
>wife reads it
>wife furious about being called an egoist, doesn't let me explain
>gets divorce
>wife also leaves Die Freien and converts to catholicism


Stirner had a hard life.


Personas can't get married.

File: 1613626176378.jpg ( 16.91 KB , 200x460 , Soudy1911.jpg )


Capitalism has stolen from us the ability to be our best selves. That much is for certain within the framework of bourgeois society. What I've been pondering is the endgame or tactile convictions of individual reclamation. To me action for the sake of it seems to be a conscious suicide mission. Is this a misinterpretation or am i correct in assuming? I say this as somebody who has become disillusioned with the abilities of agitation in the context of neoliberal society. Never before been a namefag on any iteration of /leftypol/ but thought it'd be worth starting to if i'm now /dead/ inside.
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>nything in between seems to be irreverent and irrelevant.
Why is this a bad thing?


>Do you think simply surviving is being your best self?
There is no best self. We exist is individuals with the properties we have, any idea of a 'better self' is just an inmaterial vision of might or ought be. The ideal can never be fully realised because of it's ideal status, ideas can not be transportet into material reality without loosing much of their content simply BECAUSE they are ideal and not material.
There is no better version of ourselves waiting for us to realise it, we simply are what we are.


It's not in itself but to me you are either in it for yourself or for the greater body of like minded. You could directly take revenge against the individuals or systems that wronged you. By doing so you will be made into a caricature. A threat to bourgeois society only in your actions. Rather than the implications of why someone would ever do such things. We have learned all we have and seen all we witnessed just to have no say in the matters of our lives. Will we be vindicated? Maybe so, but we won't be around to find out.

What i meant by "best self" is accessing the tools and resources to find our full potentials. Or in the very least putting mechanisms in place to strive towards our goals. I guess it's hard to come to terms with being lied to my entire childhood. "You can grow up to be whatever you want" what a crock of shit.


It's been awhile, but when looking over this thread i feel like i should clarify what i meant in OP. The things capitalist society directly or indirectly stole from us is our time and energy. Be it the physical exertions of wage labor. The mental distractions of advertising and commodity consumption. The time and energies of everyone are utilized poorly in profit seeking schemes not of our own. Resources wasted instead of used in construction of something truly great. All avenues of our respective daily lives are filled to the brim with these unavoidable obstacles. In attempts to avoid these energy saps to the best of our abilities we no longer participate in society. What does this mean in the grand scheme of post leftism? You tell me because if you're here i am not saying something you do not already know. Obviously, continued existence is a form of resistance. Except only when our beliefs influence or in a way justify actions to ourselves does it create noticeable changes in the mind of a radical.

File: 1609625895628.png ( 102.54 KB , 600x600 , Constirned.png )


…Hello? Is anyone here?
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File: 1610642218543.jpeg ( 13.21 KB , 474x355 , 161056686587.jpeg )

Seeth and cope bitch.


you literally backed up this board when you had the choice you mongs, you're really desperate


shut up fag
if they want to go let them go, although I wouldn't mind if they stayed, it'd be pretty cool too


File: 1617751418062.png ( 677.27 KB , 707x1000 , original.png )



finding posts from numbers, pls ignore
based wvobbly lmao

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