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The world is a cold and lonely place!
Greetings, The Self Help board is kind of cringe so I wanted to make a thread in retalitation to the self help thread.
This will be a general for the Cold, Grim, Miserable, etc etc. The cynics.
I spent my whole weekend getting high to balance out my mood swings and ignoring life.

I don't hate self help just me personally I don't see the point in doing much of anything. Our biology, the universe, everything is out of our control and life is meaningless and there's no point to any of this. I will die and my life will have little signifigance, So I just want to make a thread for anyone out there who feels like I do.


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Cool. Everyone should adopt this guy's mindset and take his advice to heart if they want a similar result.

I'll stick to learning, growing, becoming stronger, banging my loving 110lbs girlfriend, enjoying life, going on adventures, and not caring if miserable worms think it's cringy.


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In the end that shit doesn't matter and I am a bit confounded you would think me, as a person, would care enough for you to actually post it here in this thread. This is exactly what I am talking about. You wouldn't even care about this shit if you didn'thave some one less fortinante to shove it in their faces. You are the exact people that remind me exactly what I am talking about.
I date goth girls, fyi I don't care about the brainless bimbo you project your adolecent emotions onto.

Everything you do is just a temporary escape from death. I do opiaates and smoke weed and drink alchol. You like to fuck dumb blond sluts and work out. We aren't that different you and I. The only difference is I accept what you refuse to. I accept that life is meaningless and no one actually knows what is going on.


The difference is, I enjoy it.


File: 1668284887721.jpg ( 69.56 KB , 640x480 , 1667177681747378.jpg )

I enjoy it too. Just because I embrace the otherside of things doesn't mean I don't "enjoy it" Joy and Happiniess are a state of existence. People who try to constantly chase happiness are deluded.


>This will be a general for the Cold, Grim, Miserable,
>I spent my whole weekend getting high to balance out my mood swings and ignoring life.
Lol, sure


>he's mad because I am disrupting his delusional fantasy where his life actually means something.


Not mad, nor exclaiming my life has some meaning you should worry about.

Just not miserable nor trying to make a virtue out of being lonely or addicted to opiates.

But it sounds like you had a deep seeded need to 'retaliate' against people who aren't like you. Kinda weird, and sounds a bit like the old adage of 'misery loves company.'

Really, feel kinda sorry for you. But your life is yours. Enjoy it, I guess.


>Albert Camus, depending on who you ask, was either a serial homosexual or a rampaging colonial stasi officer of France’s North African outpost. More importantly, he was a bit of a braincel and artfag who pondered the ultimate meaninglessness of everything. Life, he aptly noted, was an unending feat of pointless suffering and struggle, much akin to the fate of the cursed Sisyphus of Greek mythology.

>Sisyphus, if you recall from the music video to the early 2010’s EDM hit, ‘Levels,’ was forced to push a boulder up a mountain. Once he reached the top, the boulder would roll back down, and he would have to repeat this task for eternity. Camus believed this sort of pointless effort and pain is the perfect analogy for existence in general. Any sort of faith in a divine or transcendental purpose, Camus noted, is contrived. In the wake of Nietzsche killing god, neither spirituality nor secular religions like Marxism can sustain the soul of modern man. Even if man tries to assign some ultimate meaning to his suffering, a void of doubt lingers. Such constructed meaning always feels a bit fake and ghey and thus fails to satisfy.

>The solution is simple and elegant. One should merely embrace the pointlessness of suffering. More importantly, find a measure of pleasure in the meaningless of it all. If existence is mere struggle without end or point, then we may enjoy the absurdity of such. We can, in Camus’s words, imagine Sisyphus happy.

>Absurdism has clear benefits. It allows us to not take ourselves nor the clownworld too seriously. We are less inclined to care about retarded shit outside of our control. We are freed to focus on our own struggle, the task at hand, doing it well, and finding enjoyment in it. Our cognitive load is lightened when we don’t have to maintain the pretense of some forced or contrived belief in ultimate meaning. By seeing the beauty in the absurd pointlessness of everything, we can meaninglessly suffer with ease and enjoyment. That is, we can embrace and make the most out of that which is.


>Life is meaningless suffering

>Therefore, the meaning of life, if there is to be one, is simply to enjoy and embrace the meaningless suffering that is life, to enjoy struggle as an end in and of itself.

<inb4: op continues being a fag

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