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I'm out of a job cause my employer got bought out by a bigger company, and that company is background checking.

I'm sick of this shit. Does anybody have guides on how to make money online? Legitimate, illegitimate, doesn't matter. Would not mind talking to somebody one on one either, so long as proper OPSEC is in place.


Is selling pictures of your feet an option?


drop-shipping I guess idk


Sell human meat on the dark web


No. I could probably make money doing some sort of porn related shit, but I don't want to become a commodity.
I am skeptical of dropshipping. It seems like a meme to trick people into buying drop shipping classes and services.


You don't become a commodity by selling pictures of yourself.


Wtf does becoming a commodity even mean?


Wage slavery. When you work for a wage you are not selling the product of your labour but yourself. During your work hours you belong to your employer.


I know, but who is paying you a wage when you sell feet pics? Doesnt really make sense in that regard since you are not employed or paid by anyone fam.


>I am skeptical of dropshipping
that's fair.

What you could do as well is scan through thrift stores, pick the good shit, clean it up, and sell it.
Do that on eBay and depop (for more fashionable clothing items specifically), and if you can do it with enough scale you can make some alright money.
Need shipping materials of course, Amazon boxes are everywhere and people just fucking bin them, they tend to be good for a reuse though.
Envelopes are always preferable if the item is small and light enough; way cheaper to ship and envelopes are way cheaper to buy.
Bubblewrap is where the real materials expense tends to come, shit can be had at Walmart though.
Phone is always useful for price checking if the option's available, always look up completed listings on eBay to see what you can sell something for before you buy it.

Sometimes you'll find a real diamond in the rough, like an old $20 camera that can sell for like $200 (less 10% for eBay's cut),
but a $5-$10 article of clothing that you can sell for $15-$50 is good enough, especially if you can get a ton of em.
Lot's of thrift stores are operated to make money of course, even if they're "non-profits" through the arcane eyes of capital, so they've wisened up to pricing the actually valuable things quite highly as well, be wary of that.
And I really do advise price checking everything before you buy it, at least until you've a good enough grasp on clothes that you can judge without aid;
and for things that have specific product models (electronics, vidya, books, etc.) you'll always want to price check outright.


A commodity is just something sold for value, specifically, the value gained from exchange of the commodity and not of the use of it. By selling that you are becoming a commodity, see "reification"


Yeah bruh but isnt reification already the false reversal of social relationships into material relationships of commodities and therefore spooked from the beginning?


But you are selling a photo of your feet, not your body.


Thanks for the tjp friend. I'm pretty alright at selling shit as is so, it should be easier for me. Currently taking as much shit from my job to sell as I can get away with before I leave.
Left this thread for a minute. Perhaps I chose the wrong word, but ultimately I just don't really want to camwhore. Setting up a fake only fans using random sets of photos I can find online though, is a valid option.

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