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hey /dead/ites, I want you to tell me about the last time you were really truely happy, the last time you had that careless positive feeling within that everything will turn out fine!
I wanna ask this because, self-analysing, I couldn't shake the feeling that me turning post-left and loosing hope in regular marxism/anarchism was at least partly due my personal situation worsening and loosing hope in general, so I wonder if others on here have similar feelings.
To me, it has been like exactly 6 months now. Back then I just radomly had the chance to meet all my old friends from highschool and it was just an all around positive experience. The whole corona bs only really came up afterwards and since then I haven't really had contact with pretty much anyone. Also I lost my former job and had to do hours in a call center. So yeah, things have been pretty shitty since then and atm I don't feel like they are getting better.


I don't remember.


Why do mods ban me everytime I try to debunk the nuclear myth? Are they afraid of something? Goddamn if nukes are so good it's easy to destroy my points.
>inb4 this message also get deleted


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>last time i felt truly happy
its either 2015 when i started hanging out in the meatspace with friends i made in the cyberspace or sometime in 2017 when i graduated high school, at that time i was playing vidya like cs and overwatch a lot and was pretty good at it to the point of looking for some semipro team to play with, but when i started uni i just felt like shit every single day until i dropped out after first semester, but the feeling never really disappeared. i havent felt genuinely happy ever since


i cant say i have, i've ENJOYED things, sure, but not happiness. I can enjoy something, but that feeling is tied to that particular event, that exact moment. I see happiness as a deeper fundamental feeling that isn't reliant on a single thing. You feel happy because you just are. i can't say i've had that


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Friends, please help me, how do I become happy?


I don't think I was ever really "happy" and I don't care about that anyway.
But the last time I had any kind of passion was in 2016, I was still into philosophy and writing, and the Brexit/Trump event gave me some kind of cynical hope, having become fully disillusioned with the left in 2015 (Syriza was the last straw).
Since then I've become completely numb, I can't even get cynical or pissed off anymore, and nothing interests me anymore. I'm turning into a zombie.


dont be a zombie :( become an alcoholic and do violent crime against bougies and industrialists instead


cant control getting happy
getting high tho…


fuck you op
you reminded me


When as a child, I tought that I would become astronomer one day


Before I read Marx. Knowledge is a curse kids don't do it

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