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Ted Kaczynski died in Prision at the age of 81

<According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Kaczynski was discovered unresponsive in his cell around 12:30 a.m. ET. He was to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead..


RIP to a real one


glad he's dead, the dumb faggot


was he analed to death?


They say it was suicide


I used to think he was like a leftist anprim but upon further investigation, man, he really was a massive faggot


File: 1686603167275.mp4 ( 715.9 KB , 360x360 , Kaczynski many men.mp4 )

>Only bombed random university professors, tried to bomb an airline full of civilians
>Never an oil exec, never a pipeline, just "unis bad uni professors are the ones that hold power" boomer shit
>Half of his book is just shitting on leftists with the same boomer con memes, stupid bullshit "ur only leftist bcuz u feel bad about something… or something"
>Collectivism… le BAD! Revolution can only come individually! Ameribrained bullshit.
>A radicalized 14 year old Afghani's IED would put his bombs to shame
>All his fans are just edgy teens and eco-fascists who hate leftists and [i]modernity[/i] more than they care about environmentalism, they shit on everyone else as being soy hippies
This guy was so fucking cringe, you can tell he was MKultra'd.
He was just a luddite. Barely anything more than that.
At the very least, he called eco-fascism stupid and I think he said racism was retarded, puts him slightly above other meme people. But only slightly.

but yeah RIP


>bombed random university professors
Holy Based..


terrorism is the most retarded form of adventurism


He mainly targeted STEMlords, so yeah sure I'll agree with that


File: 1686610584918.png ( 103.22 KB , 198x205 , idunudin4.png )


>terrorism is the most based form of adventurism



damn just like epstein


the fact that he's an anti-leftist schizo is why he was able to become a meme on 4chan. if he were a radical leftist environmentalist who did those bombings, they would have been calling for his head.


>If I kill and mame innocet people surely the general population will come to see things from my perspective.


you can't appeal to edgelord fags like this that's why Trotsky killed them. Rare w


File: 1686624704629.png ( 27.66 KB , 83x92 , n989898h.png )

>If I kill and mame retarded people surely the based will come to see things from my perspective.
fixed again
trotsky trahni detected


lol go join an Amish cult. You're retarded enough to benefit from having the bible as a code of conduct


File: 1686665239702.png ( 24.75 KB , 609x418 , templeos_tan_by_aero098-dc….png )

There's a lot of memes and people that only ever get traction solely because it agrees with some right-wing thought.
Terry Davis was a fascinating individual, but you just know the majority of people who meme mainly care about him being racist and shouting uyghur at people. They love the CIA glowuyghur meme, but every other time you try to tell them about all the awful shit the CIA has done, they call you a pinko commie who hates America.
In fact, the same shit could be said for Waco and Ruby Ridge, which motivated Ted to start bombing again. Of course nobody gave a shit about COINTELPRO and the FBI murdering numerous leftists and civil rights groups, but the midnight some neonazi get's merc'd the government is finally an issue.
And of course the people who praise Ted hate "hippies", roll coal, and would support Bolsonaro allowing loggers to just massacre native people in the Amazon.
Just shows nobody's "objective" or whatever.


Get ready for a legion of mouthbreathers to spam his dumb manifesto for months now.


>the fact that he's an anti-leftist
Ted Kaczynski was criticising liberals a lot, many of those criticisms were true, and mirrored many of the critcisms that socialist also have about liberalism.

I think you can fault him for thinking technology is inherently evil, instead of looking at how capitalism abuses technological tools. I think this is the big ideological difference with marxist thought, that celebrates technological advances as a potential for bettering the human condition.


File: 1686677288889.jpg ( 479.17 KB , 2048x1634 , 1673608625846715.jpg )

i am amish. i agree with the infidels


He explicitly said lefitsts, called out Marx, said the whole "it's against human nature" shit, and his image of leftists were the stereotypical college student. He criticized people arguing for any sort of civil rights as caring about shit that doesn't matter, because him being able to shit in the woods alone is what REALLY matters and what society should care about. He fell for the hyper-individualism meme


>Terry Davis
There are tons and tons of free software and hobbyist OS developers that /g/tards either shit on constantly or know nothing about. Stallman is a fat commie kike sperg who eats toe cheese even though he made an OS used by a million people and most of the world's infrastructure. Terry Davis is a based genius for making a toy OS used by no one because he screamed "uyghur" on livestreams. I get it, TempleOS is cool, but there's hundreds of other cool hobbyist OSes that never even get mentioned because that would require any amount of knowledge and interest in the subject. Terry Davis isn't special, and I find the degree of hagiography of him disgusting and embarrassing.

>And of course the people who praise Ted hate "hippies", roll coal, and would support Bolsonaro allowing loggers to just massacre native people in the Amazon.

damn, i never thought about that before, but it's so true, and depressing.


I don't discriminate. I despise all agents of the educational complex.

Also, considering that Ted himself was an assistant professor, his hate towards ademics shouldn't be dismissed, even if his rationalization of it went on a rightoid tangent.



I mean, there's a question to be asked of just how innocent anyone really is - maybe an idiot is innocent, but a university professor? What excuse do they have? Don't they know what's going on? I'm not saying they're the worst offenders, they obviously aren't, but there's a degree of willful complacency required in order to be a "respectable" intelligent person.



Most politics is just addiction to drama. People dont like peace nor sincerity.
Is it ay wonder why wrestling and aggressive professional ballsports are allowed but kissing and holding hands in public is not allowed?

Everyone thinks of themsleves as some demigod-warrior in some cosmic battle.


Ted Kaczynski couldve built lodges in the woods amd offer teaching there to free the youth from college industrial complex.


>Ted Kaczynski couldve built lodges in the woods amd offer teaching there to free the youth
He was kinda crazy, hence why it probably would have resulted in a deranged forest people cult, doing retarded terrorism adventurism.

But if you subtract the crazy, you could make it into a technology design philosophy that is crude and simple on purpose.


File: 1708910689816.jpeg ( 45.6 KB , 528x412 , kaczinsky-and-students.jpeg )

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