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What brings you here today?


Crow worship.


i would like to blow a shotgun but cant find one anywhere


loaded or…?


what the fuck do you think, moron?


Calm down bro, no need for such hostility.


i hope you try it but you don't actually die and painfully bleed till your last breath you actual, imbecilic, little shit.


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undead catboys


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I find it very strange though, most of us don't even know each other, do you guys have friends IRL?


basically I still hang with the same 4 people Im friends with since childhood. Its very hard for me to ka enew friends.
Do you have noone though?


ive got ppl irl but there's something comfy about just a place with posties, even if it's basically anonymous and impersonal


I have other online friends, does that count?


boredom. passing the time before I have to attend an online lecture again.


online friends seem pretty non existent to me, as soon as you turn off your devices they're not even there…

a-are you all real frens?


What do you mean? Normal people keep in touch with their friends online too, right? It's the same thing, except I have never met my friends in body.


Yeah but they know them and meet them IRL too.

Online friendships are kind of like online relationships, no connection outside of the medium you use i.e. digital. So it might not be very fulfilling for people who really seek something more. Especially on places like these where you cannot even tell apart the people you are talking to…


I'm aware that my life is joke


Don't people get boring after a while though? I mean, intimacy and close friendships are nice and all, but you need space every now and then. Like here and in other online spaces we can jump in and leave whenever we want, discuss a variety of topics at our own pace, but IRL we might have to put up with each other even though we might get bored of it. I feel like media and other artistic mediums create a very romanticized image of social life and relationships even though we might forget that there has to be a primary reason that we gravitated away from them in our formative years (considering from the replies here), either they weren't up to mark in terms of quality or we had a very low attention span to keep up with it, can't say; but something much more interesting i.e. the internet and its derivatives, much larger in scale and variety kept us hooked and interested for all that time.

Maybe just our perspective as 'nerds' as they call it in popular terms. I wonder how people who are well adjusted in life aka 'normies' would look at this issue. Do they regret their early life years too?


I saw this piece in The Sun, thought it was an interesting read for anons. /dead/ seemed the best place


I'm bat work trying to kill time lol.




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Just putting off starting work on my tax return. I have to do it. It's just starting it. Another 10 minutes, I'll look at /overboard/ then get down to it.


Pure bordem. Why not? I'm at work about to fall asleep.


to test!

>test test test test test

>test test test test test




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To post about dead stuff I guess. This board reminds me of that one 7chan board.

Dead thing:
Wow, didn't know 420chan died. Is there any archive of it? I know there are archive sites for that one popular imageboard that everyone knows about.


>Anon name generated as PrettyPony
I love my little ponies


File: 1663840428063.mp3 (2.24 MB, The Doors - Break On Throu….mp3)

Other dead thing:


>It’ll be interesting to see if archive today concedes. I don’t think most people realise that they rarely remove anything. Only time I can remember was when 8ch was under investigation.
Even though 8chan's .onion site is not a CP site, it was still removed from archive.ph. Thu, 22 Sep 2022 09:28:18 +0000 -> 8chan in Tor:
In response to a request we received from 'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)' the page is not currently available.


Life is tedious and painful.


What this guy said.


File: 1681614121143.png (183.29 KB, 374x411, cry for 420chan.png)

>Wow, didn't know 420chan died.
Now we wander the wastes like ghosts

OC from 2014 for reference

>Is there any archive of it?



>'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)'

Anyone else think this is, at best, dangerously close to just being used as a cudgel for censorship & suppression? Cruise control for consent to erase public record is just to raise the "think of the children" alarm.

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