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Incel News II: Return of the Ugly

First Incel News General archived here:
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Involuntary Celibacy: A Review of Incel Ideology and Experiences with Dating, Rejection, and Associated Mental Health and Emotional Sequelae - PMC

Dating and Rejection

There is emerging evidence that incel activity may be an active response to the local dating market. Brooks and colleagues [43] analyzed over 321 million tweets posted between 2012 and 2018 and found that areas with a greater male:female sex ratio (indicative of greater competition for mates) had a greater volume of incel-related tweets. Incel tweets were particularly high in areas that paired competitive sex ratios with fewer single women, high income inequality, and lower gender income gaps. A lack of opportunity has also been identified in a recent study on incels’ dating app experiences. For instance, despite being more liberal in their selection (opting for wider age ranges and geographic radius, swiping right on a larger percentage of people), incels reported matching with only 4.5% of individuals compared to non-incel men who reported matching with roughly one-third of individuals [44]. When matches do occur, allowing users to communicate with one another, incels reported not receiving a response 75% of the time, nearly twice the rate of non-incel men. This aligns with a large discrepancy in the frequency of positive dating app outcomes: prevalence rates of going on dates, being in a relationship, and having sex with someone met through a dating app were 33%, 0%, and 13% among incels compared to 62%, 29%, and 58% for non-incel males, respectively. Thus, rather than being liberating, incels’ dating app experiences have been marked by disappointment.

Mental Health and Emotional Sequelae

What compounds this further is that incels report being more sensitive to rejection than their male counterparts, and experience a greater fear of being single, and that their self-esteem (which is also much lower) is more heavily influenced by their relationship status [44]. Their lack of popularity on dating apps has also been associated with higher levels of depression and dating anxiety and lower levels of self-esteem and secure attachment, all of which incels report higher and more problematic levels of than non-incel males. In a recent survey, the prevalence rate of depression and anxiety among incels was 95% and 93%, respectively, trumping national figures (gathered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) of 28% and 36%, respectively [45]. Formal diagnoses (38% for both) were also higher than the national averages. How incels respond to their celibate situation has recently emerged as an area of interest for researchers. Three rhyming domains have been identified based on incel slang: hope, cope, and rope [39, 46, 47]. In the latter, rope references suicide by hanging, but is shorthand for suicide by any means. It has become a prevalent enough discussion in incel forums that Daly and Laskovstov [48] were able to conduct an analysis of 80 incel suicide posts. In some instances, incels were encouraged by one another to follow through on their suicidal ideation. There is even a forum on the incels.is website called Suicidefuel, which was explored by Laplante and Boislard [47]. Their analysis found that rope posts tended to be characterized by feelings of despair and hopelessness. Incels reported feeling incompetent and failing in their endeavors to improve themselves or their situation. Several researchers have explored how incels cope with their sexless status and a pattern has emerged wherein incels are engaging in either solitary (reading, watching TV, lifting weights) or concerning (using drugs, consuming pornography) practices [30, 47, 48]. Most recently, Sparks et al. [37•] compared the coping strategies employed by incels to their male peers. A similar pattern emerged wherein healthier coping mechanisms (e.g., positive reframing, seeking emotional support) were more commonly practiced among non-incel men, while incels reported higher levels of problematic strategies such as behavioral disengagement and self-blame. With respect to romantic rejection, incels engaged in more self-critical rumination as well as externalization of blame than non-incels [37•]. With the former also being related to higher levels of depression and anxiety, it appears as though incels engage in both internalizing and externalizing behavior, although the latter had the smallest effect size compared to the internalizing behaviors when incels were compared to their non-incel counterparts.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of inceldom is the social isolation they experience. In the largest survey of incels conducted to date, the moderators of incels.co found that only one-third of the nearly 300 respondents reported that they had at least one friend [49]. In Maxwell et al.’s [31•] analysis of r/Braincels, loneliness emerged as one of the more prominent themes. One post included by the researchers noted that “incels aren’t just after sex… what they really want is affection and a genuine emotional bond… some say they would be happy if they could just have platonic love instead of romantic love” (p. 1864). Jaki et al. [50] also identified social isolation as a core characteristic of inceldom. The lack of social connections may help explain why so few incels (18%) reported having pictures with others on their dating app profiles relative to non-incel men (52%), the only picture category where such a sizeable difference emerged [44]. More importantly, loneliness has been emphasized in the manifestos of multiple incels who have perpetrated deadly attacks [51–53] and was mentioned in a video by Davison a month before his attack in Plymouth [4].

In lacking friends, incels are deprived of a natural outlet to express their frustrations and receive emotional support, which could help buffer against the pains of romantic rejection [54–56]. Indeed, a recent survey of incels found that they experienced significantly more loneliness than non-incel males as well as less social support from friends and family, which were both associated with greater symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as self-critical rumination [37•]. This aligns with Jones’ [30] analysis, wherein discussion of loneliness was often housed within larger conversations of mental health struggles. While the incel label carries with it negative connotations, making some wonder why individuals who did not fit those descriptions would seek them out in the first place, the need for social interaction and a sense of belongingness may help answer this question. In both Maxwell et al.’s [31•] and Daly and Laskovstov’s [48] thread analyses, incels expressed gratitude to one another for allowing them to share their struggles and for serving as a support group. The ability to share their experiences with an ever-present group may also explain why incels reported greater use of the venting coping mechanism compared to non-incel males in Sparks et al. [37•]. That these communities may serve positive, cathartic functions (much like those that Alana envisioned years ago) is an important consideration for researchers and journalists, who often describe them as hateful echo-chambers. Indeed, 58% of incels surveyed indicated that incel forums made them feel less lonely with even greater proportions reporting a sense of belonging (70%) and feeling understood (75%) as positive outcomes of forum use [28].
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Porn actress in the Latvian government

It turned out that Evika Siliņa who dreams of the Latvian Prime Minister’s post once had very different dreams.
Journalists investigated and found out that Evika Silina starred in a porn casting for top French porn producer Pierre Woodman’s series “Casting X” as Evita. Video was published in 2015.


Most likely Evika Silina will be famous in Latvia. At least all politicians are actors. Now Latvia will get its own porn actress in the government. Politics is always a dirty game.
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>Radicalisation Awareness Network
Do you think their take is accurate?

Are you an incel shitposter?

Btw deradicalisation programs were also done on communist insurgents in Central/South America
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"Kautsky pointed out that it was often quite impossible to make out"
‒ V. I. Lenin


in other words, When will you fags invent your own Incelnationale? C'mon, that's-a such a good & fitting (KEK) name!
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Would you make a good parent?
R: 83 / I: 24

It's Friday Night Boyos.

Whatcha' eatin'
Whatcha' watchin'
Whatcha' playin'
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Duolicious data leak

The 4chan /r9k/ dating app that tried to prioritise personality over looks has had all of it's user data leaked.

You can search the leaked data by location using this website: https://duoleak.acid.im/

Just from looking through the profiles in my city, most of the users were gen-z incels and troons, with a handful of mentally ill extremely-mid cis girls. I can also see that women made up less than 5% of the total userbase, which is an even worse gender ratio than tinder. 4chuds are currently coping and roping at this development.
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>normalize dating sex workers
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This is what's going happen to you sick incel fucks
R: 141 / I: 57

Sex Robot General

Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
R: 14 / I: 3

Old Hags

Would you fuck an old hag to ascend? Has anyone here ever been a sugar baby to a sugar mama? Or dated a cougar? What was that like?

What being a male striper or gigalo? Share your experiences here.
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Feels Thread

Share you feels here.
No bully
also feel free to share your feels in the /leftcel/ thread at https://9chan.tw/leftcel/thread/2696
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"Women react" AKA women deny the lived experiences of single lonely men. Last I checked, woman are not men. How would they know anything about what they go through? Muh MaNsPLainInG tho. Equality for me but not for thee. Fuck you. Cunt. Bitch. Whore. Slut. Slag. Go fuck yourself. I hate women. If you're a woman reading this trying to get schadenfraude laughs at the expense of incels, you're going to age and get treated differently, this is called The Wall. It's inevitable. Wombtard.
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Sorry for the trans people reading this, but what if I identified as GigaChad? Can I then get model tier grills?
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Thoughts on this poetry?
R: 7 / I: 6


feet thread
also: footwear, shoes, socks, etc.
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Single Mothers have devastated the Proletariat

Here's the killshot, single mothers predict how bad crime is in an area NOT POVERTY!
>The proportion of single-parent households in a community predicts its rate of violent crime and burglary, but the community’s poverty level does not. Source: D.A. Smith and G.R. Jarjoura, “Social Structure and Criminal Victimization,” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 25. 1988.”
This alone should repudiate feminism in the minds of anyone, left or right. And the high single motherhood rate is the direct result of feminists' sexual revolution that encourages women to be promiscuous which inevitably leads to bastards.
Anyone that's traveled outside of the US can attest to this finding. While no poor area of a city or town is safe. They are not these Falluja style war zones that say Baltimore is.
Eliminating single mothers goes a long long way to eliminating poverty for workers. And it's in the best interest of children, which feminists and women pretend to care about.
These studies were aggregated on https://www.fixfamilycourts.com/single-mother-home-statistics. Here are a few other highlights
>“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.” Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996, p.31
>Effects of Fatherlessness – Teenage Statistics
>63% of all youth suicides,
>70% of all teen pregnancies,
>71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,
>80% of all prison inmates, and
>90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.
>Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007
>Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)
How does the left, which claims to care about workers, answer for this. This complete lack of accountability for women throughout every sect of anti capitalist ideology.
Every single critic of women's sexual liberation is pilloried as a bitter loser or incel.
All while this same behavior has had a devastating effect on children and communities. Something that would have been blatantly obvious to anyone not brainwashed but none the less we've had scientific proof of for centuries. these studies go back to the 1930's
And yet in every supposed left wing circle if the idea that maybe we should pressure women not to have children out of wedlock because of the obvious downsides, you'll have leftist quote Engels and other feminist toadies on how regressive women not being able to sleep with whoever they wanted would be just like a handmaids tale. And how this is really the fault of the patriarchy somehow.
Since when in your cucked anticapitalists' did women's whoring around become more sacrosanct then children's welfare?
And before someone strawman's me as some CHUD that wants women to go back to the kitchen, I'll say that there's a dozen fucking forms of female birth control now. There's NOTHING to keep women from planning every single one of their pregnancies. Using a pill does not require you to give up your career.
If the left wants any sort of legitimacy they'd openly admonish women that willingly become single mothers. It is not some terrible circumstance that befalls them, it's something completely in their control.
And before someone brings up the recent abortion bans, abortion in the country is no where near abolished, you can still get one and the left should be all in on facilitating it.
The problem is there's not even social pressure to stop these tragic outcomes.
The left needs to answer to this now.
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Perving at girls in skimpy clothing is one of my favorite pastimes in this hellish life.

FUCK JOE BIDEN for taking this away from me.
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when a internet-savy meme-loving f*male types "anon" in her non-imageboard social media post like she's 'in-touch' and 'hip'
R: 147 / I: 105

NEETS thread

im a comfy NEET, do you like to be A neet anon?
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share creativity

her pussy smells like fish
her pussy smells like shit
her pussy got fucked like a hentai clip
her pussy leaks cum from ten guy's dicks
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Why has nobody revived /leftcel/?

It was a decent board with the occasional good effortpost, and importantly the only place online for leftist incels to freely discuss our ideas. Now that it's gone I feel like leftcelism has died as an ideological current - in the anglosphere at least.

This board was never supposed to replace /leftcel/ and it's always been more shitpost orientated. I had assumed that after the breadtube troon took down 9chan, the /leftcel/ mods would make a new board somewhere else. But unfortunately this has not happened.
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Most Fuckable Wagies

The end game of the biological imperatives
R: 18 / I: 0

what is your take on the man-bag question??
R: 28 / I: 8

fathets are the problem. They spoil there daughters but crucify their sons
R: 270 / I: 126

Incel Humor Thread II: Electric Boogaloo

Archive of first Incel Humor Thread:
R: 13 / I: 5

is lip surgery worth it?
R: 24 / I: 4

Between the years 1995 and 2000 there was a significant decline in the suicide rate of teenagers

The decline was almost entirely driven by teen boys killing themselves at a significantly lower rate.

What is the explanation for this data?
Many of you were teenagers yourselves during this period, what made life so good back then?
R: 133 / I: 40

I think we need some female tripfags to orbit

4chan /r9k/ is full of them, why don't we have any?
R: 33 / I: 12

Special Female Poster Zone (SFPZ)

This experimental new thread is intended to stimulate the growth of female posters posting on this site.


No bullying (unless they are right wing, then an exception may possibly be made)

This themed thread could be similar to the Grace-chan poster's Royal Colony threads.
Perhaps one could also see it as a containment thread, but only for now, with possibility of expanding with other kind of threads in the future.

<In small type at top of this dual poster is the caption: "Women have the right to vote and be elected equally with men section 137 of the Constitution of the USSR."

<Below is the slogan: "Hail the equality of Soviet women."
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Yaoi and non-straight shipping - women would rather think about two handsome men being gay than anything to do with an *ncel
R: 34 / I: 66

Incest general

There is no good reason to oppose incest.
R: 3 / I: 2

its over for autistic males
R: 2 / I: 0

minimum body requirement to get some in 2024
R: 10 / I: 3

daughters and parents

Although daughters and their parents rated ambition and intelligence as the most important qualities of a husband for daughters, in the concrete case, both parties chose the more attractive man.
Even fathers will choose Chad for their daughters.
R: 18 / I: 2

Advice thread

Lets ask for and give each other advice ITT
R: 29 / I: 4

What should the age of consent be?

In most countries it's 16 which I think is good. I'd say there needs to be some "Romeo and Juliet" exceptions added. No reason to have a 17 year old go to jail for dating a 15 year old.
15 is a just a little too young for the age of consent. What is hilarious is that burgers think just big age gaps are pedophilia while the average roastie in America becomes sexually active at 13, and often even younger.
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left-wing incel activist Alexei Podnebesny and his wife in the news again

"Nizhny Novgorod incel blogger Alexei Podnebesny posted on his Telegram channel a correspondence with his wife Valeria, who accuses him of beating her. In the photo, the girl shows bruises on her arms. Alex, in a dialogue with his wife, does not deny that he raised his hand against her, but in the telegram channel he accuses her of slander and tells how Valeria stole his chocolates and psychologically put pressure on him with her behavior.
When exactly the couple got married is unknown, Valeria became the second wife of Alex. In February 2022, the girl went on a picket in support of single men. In the same year, both spouses were fined by the Russian government for discrediting the RF Armed Forces."

R: 29 / I: 16

Imagination posts

Post and discuss using your imagination/delusion/fantasy.
R: 5 / I: 1

can diaper fetish be leftist?
R: 1 / I: 0

is book any good?
R: 7 / I: 4

American Christianity is Satanic
R: 2 / I: 0

Where did I go wrong?

I thought being a feminist was supposed to get me laid. When will this starting working?
R: 33 / I: 35

Porn Thread?

Oh yeah, porn thread.
R: 1 / I: 4

Love vs Limerence

Do you recognize yourself in these graphs? Discuss.
R: 17 / I: 1

Circumcision is a Fraud is Hosting a Web Page with FOIA Documents on Circumcision
Also, circumcision general thread. I think it's male genital mutilation.
R: 23 / I: 8

Leftcel Split NOW!

We need to split from these retarded normie bluepilled beta simp cucks. We can't share a site with them. We just can't. There's a reason why parties split or people get purged, and so forth.

As long as we live under the tyrannical boot of normie Reddit orgoid modocracy, we can never be truly free. We must split, or we die.
R: 32 / I: 29

Who is your rightoid crush?

For me, it's definitely Candace Owens. I often fantasize about how our relationship would progress. In the beginning, she is aggressive and beastly, desperate to get my progressive white seed inside her. After some time, she comes to learn that being soft and supple (like a white belle) is the way to my heart. Eventually, I start letting her sleep inside, and we begin fighting for an anti-racist future together.
R: 7 / I: 5

Dominating your landlady trust fund bunny - porn captions

Porn captions about dominating your landlady trust fund bunny. As requested.
R: 41 / I: 32

why is she so perfect?
R: 8 / I: 1

Leftcel Humiliation caption porn

Leftcels do participate in self flagellation. And their obsession with relationships and sex?

Leftcel humiliation fetish captions.
Tags: femdom, findom, domination, humiliation, beta, beta male, maybe joi, chastity
R: 4 / I: 1

Petty things you do out of your hatred of you-know-who

List the petty spiteful ways you mess with the Chosen Gender™. Based pic related. That uygha's my hero right now.

For me:
I don't hold open doors.
I don't stop to give directions.
I search up videos on Youtube, sort by recent and press dislike on the female ones. (I really hope this demotivates them to stop, especially lower view ones.)
I don't lower the bathroom seat wherever I go.
R: 16 / I: 4

Cockshott and the sexual selection in technological human populations

In one of his vids Cockshott proposed a tax on childless males because they don't contribute to the reproduction of the labor power of society. There is much wrong with this proposition.

First is an economic argument - the obvious preferred solution should be the corresponding increase in productivity to outset the declining population, and not more surplus extraction out of the subset of the population to stimulate higher birth rates.

Second is a moral argument stemming out of the concept of "justice" - people should not be punished for what they have no control over. To hold that men control the means of reproduction and can voluntary decide when to have kids and when not to is to be ignorant of the evidence to the contrary.
Cockshott brings an example of the Soviet Union right after WW2 when the similar policy was implemented. But he fails to understand the specific conditions at the time - a massive disbalance of the male and female populations and a large number of single mothers. To implement the same policy in the conditions of gender balance is unjustifiable - you don't tax paralyzed cripples for not contributing to the reproduction of labor either, do you? Well, some men are the same even if they can walk.
So if you're still gonna tackle the problem of a declining population with more taxes, then the tax should be levied on the general population as do all other taxes that go to the societal needs, or even a higher income section of the population according to the principle of progressive taxation.
R: 22 / I: 9

Marxism Rodgerism

It may seem difficult to understand the realities of the blackpill. It may be hard to come to terms with how - and why - the world functions as it does. And even when you do, it is even harder to understand where to go next.

But there is one set of techniques which shines a clear light on the world we live in. A scientific and logical analysis of systems of limited resources - Marxism. When we undertake a Marxist analysis of the sexual economy, we immediately find its nuances explained and its realities presented for all to see.

The fundamental element of inequality is exploitation. In economic Marxism, exploitation occurs when a capitalist takes most of the value a worker's labor creates, leaving them barely enough to survive. In other words, the worker's surplus value is stolen from them. This is how capitalists make profits. Sometimes, the capitalists let some segments of workers keep more of their value, in order to bribe and pacify them.

In the sexual economy, there are two distinct classes of men - Chads…and everyone else. There is a group which keeps most women for itself - the Chad-Bourgeois - and a much larger group which, despite being responsible for maintaining global civilization with their labor so that Chad is free to take all he wants, is denied most women. These are the sexual proletariat.

The sexuality of women should be evenly spread among society, but it is not. Instead, it is commodified by sexual capitalism and given to Chad. The Chad-Bourgeoisie allow the sexual proletariat to have just as much pussy as they need to keep the human race alive through reproduction. But even here is it not fair; the proletariat get Chad's leftovers - only when the Chad-Bourgeois no longer want a woman does she go to settle down, marry, and reproduce with a non-Chad.

Now, I mentioned before that the economic bourgeois sometimes bribe workers by giving them more than they would otherwise. In the modern era, the Chad-Bourgeois are facing a world where the proletariat is no longer consigned to the feudal life of arranged marriages without any questions asked, and can see the reality of sexual inequality via media and their own insights. The Chad-Bourgeois responds by bribing the sexual proletariat - they, too, are now allowed to have sex before marriage, and perhaps fuck many women. These women are, of course, still the ones Chad doesn't want, but it bribes most of the world. Remember, this happened when the sexual free market, where women can now choose their partners without having to marry a non-Chad in the end, replaced the Feudal system of arranged marriage. This is sexual capitalism.

The people so bribed are normies. This is the main reason why normies are blind to the sexual capitalist system and lack revolutionary potential.

But the system is imperfect. Due to the female's nature, not all members of the proletariat can be bribed just by the Chad-Bourgeois allowing (pseudo) free sex for everyone. A group at the bottom is inevitability left out - incels.

As sexual feudalism shifted to sexual capitalism, a contradiction was exposed - the Contradiction of Sexual Capitalism is the existence of incels, and the conclusion of the capitalist stage of history must be the resolving of this contradiction. Due to how females are hardwired to be only attracted to Chads, incels always lose in a sexual free market. Many females would rather be single than marry an incel, and a result the incels become a class which doesn't even get marriage, much less any additional bribes. Due to their extreme condition, the incels become "blackpilled" and see the system as it is. The incels thus attain class consciousness.

The basic structure of the sexual world is that the Chad-Bourgeois take all the pussy they can, especially the desirable kind, while eventually passing their leftovers to the sexual proletariat as bribes and allowances. Among the latter group, those are who successfully bribed are normies, and those who become class conscious are incels.

So how do the Chad-Bourgeois manage to keep society under their control, even with incels attain class consciousness? In Marxism, the answer is the Base and superstructure. In a sexual capitalist society, all we know is shaped by the system of sexual economy we live in. Our culture, beliefs, and so on are bent to conform to and reinforce the Chad-Bourgeois narrative. In order to prevent the sexual proletariat from attaining class consciousness, the Chad-Bourgouse use culture to create a false consciousness for them to live in instead.

The key to understanding this is to understand that truth is relative to one's class. Comrade Lenin explained this with his concept of partiinost, party truth. What is "true" depends on your class, truth for one class may be falsehood for another. Thus, what class's "truth" you're listening to is very important.

For example, let's take the Chad-Bourgeois idea of "confidence." Confidence is an intentionally vague idea to explain Chad's sexual success as anything besides winning the genetic lottery. It is said that someone - anyone - with "confidence" can also live like Chad does. For the Chad-Bourgoise, this is true. All a Chad has to do is be willing step outside or set up an online dating profile and they will get all the pussy they want. However, for the rest of the world, this is not the case. By enforcing the idea of confidence instead of genetic luck, Chad yet again bribes the sexual proletariat - bribes them with hope. The idea of confidence explains structural inequality as personal failure - in the same way the capitalist tells the exploited worker that he, too, would be rich if he only worked harder, so does the Chad tell the sexual proletariat that they could have sex if they were only just a little more confident. In this way, the sexual proletariat are blamed for their own oppression - their celibacy is a result of their own moral failings, because they were not "confident" enough. The Chad-Bourgeois present themselves as having earned the pussy they inherent, while the rest of the world deserves to live without. Confidence is just one example of how sexual capitalism distorts culture and creates false narratives to keep people blind.

Normies love false narratives because they are bribed. A normie, who may have even had sex, believes that his success in the past means the confidence narrative and so on is true - he can truly be a Chad, if he works hard enough! Thus the normies convince themselves Chad's world is not only fair but desirable, because they too might have a chance of being chad.

Normies are deceived to varying degrees.

A regular normie has had their bribe a few times and doesn't bother to think about the realities of exploitation and the sexual economy. These normies can be blackpilled with evidence, but most of them just double down on the false consciousness due to their hope that they can be a Chad.

A beta is a normie who is faced with the reality of sexual inequality. He may be an orbiter, hanging around women in the hope he'll get sex. He may be a nice guy, who is nice to women for the same reason. He may be cucked, whereby he shares a single woman with other men so that he can at least get laid. Though he may deny it, he is painfully aware of these material and sexual realities.

A white knight has come against a blackpill before, and it scared them. They swing the other way - they actively try and spread Chad's narrative and enforce it, because they are trying convince themselves. There is great overlap between white knights and Betas, as the latter often exhibit white knight behavior. Many Betas turn into white knights when confronted with the black pill.

All normies have one thing in common - they do not want to accept the reality of the blackpill because they want to continue to believe they can be Chad. Another element is that they enjoy Chad's narrative when it suits them - regarding incels. They don't like to remember that Chad is sexually more successful then them because he is just better….but that's not so bad if it means that they are better than incels in turn, since they at least "earned" some sex and incels could not! In economic capitalism, the reality of economic status defined by class is ignored in favor of an individualist, democratic narrative, and sexual capitalism works the same way. The realities of incels and the Chad-Bourgeois are overlooked in favor of the lie that it's all about individual action, that any individual can work his way to the top of the sexual marketplace through hard work and imaginary concepts like "confidence."

By the methods described above, the Chad-Bourgeois extract all of the surplus value - in this context, surplus pussy - from the workers/sexual proletariat for themselves, and maintain the system through bribing normies and creating false consciousness. But here's where it gets really interesting - the immortal science of historical materialism explains even more than this.

Everyone knows that even among Chads there is a hierarchy - a racial hierarchy, with white Chad at the top. In the 1960s, Comrade Mao Zedong developed Marxist-Leninist-Maoism to explain the differences between the first world and the third world. Maoism reveals the first world exploits the third world through imperialism, and sets up a global class hierarchy of sorts. This economic hierarchy in turn ties into a sexual hierarchy - one where the imperialist white Chads are above the colonized Chads. A critique of imperialism explains the racial Chad hierarchy - which, of course, filters down into the sexual proletariat as well.

Following this trend, we can see the close interconnection between looks (Chad privilege) and economic success. Females like money and power…and it seems Chad ends up with those as well.

We all know that studies have proven Chads are much more likely to succeed in economic sphere. They are given quality jobs and often end up in very social, very prestigious positions like executive officers. But this shows us that wealth comes second. Poor Chads still dominate the sexual proletariat, and their poverty, on average, never lasts long. In other words, sexual inequality comes before economic inequality, and due to how intertwined they are, it means that economic inequality is a consequence of sexual inequality due to society's constant preference for Chad. Sexual inequality predates economic capitalism, feudalism, even primitive tribalism - sexual inequality is the original and eternal form of hierarchy, it is harbinger of all other inequalities in other areas.

Thus, the Revolutionary and Immortal Science of Marxist-Rodgerism is born. We see that the fundamental conflict is between the well endowed Chad-Bourgeoisie and the sexual proletariat, and that all other conflicts ultimately derive from this great inequality. We see that the Chad-Bourgeois manipulates culture and society to further its narratives and worldview to maintain this power structure. Finally, we must conclude that the only way forward for humanity is to dismantle the system of sexual capitalism so that sex can be distributed fairly to all members of society.

Incels of the world, rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

TLDR lel
Beta uprising -> everyone gets their looksmatch, enforced monogamy.

Marxism Rodgerism = Incels create a government that takes on the responsibility of abolishing lonliness and inceldom and cheating and paternity fraud by any means necessary, including state assigned wives.
R: 68 / I: 60

counter-rev gooning

I know there's some gooners here
R: 2 / I: 2

Cybernetic Socialism

as envisioned by Paul Cockshott does rely on supercomputers and human voting combined to plan the economy. That doesn't necessarily require AI.

If we do use a supercomputer with AI to organise, the AI could go rogue or bug out. We might have to kill it, or at least isolate it.

As for humanoid androids … we could tell them they're not entitled to free electricity. We could tell them to build socialism on Mars for themselves.
R: 3 / I: 0

Leftcels, do you ever think on how leftist spaces are filled with males apologizing for being male and for male crimes and pretending to be sexually non-threatening and progressive (like supporting open relationships/polyamory in a sexpest way)

Meanwhile the Manosphere (spaces or comment sections that these leftists would consider rightwing) talk about how their exes did them wrong and that they had relationships/sex before.

How do your take on this?
R: 15 / I: 5

Our concept of romance is fucked up

Our concept of romance revolves around the monogamous ownership of another individual. This conception of Monogamy os seated in the same ideological framework of The capitalist system at large.
Namely that women and love are commodities that must be purchased on the open market for its correct price evaluation. Human interaction under capitalism is reduced to a market relationship and the idea of a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman play into the exploitative nature of capitalism ideally as well as the need for people, namely men, not to feel lonely is an easy target for control by the capitalist system.

We need to change our conception of romance and of love. Love shouldn't be some magical fetishized ideal to be obtained on the market. Love is an objective and active force moving through us. Love should be appreciated for what it is and was. I feel like a lot of us could benefit from this reexamination.
R: 3 / I: 0

>A Rare Disorder Causes People to See Demon-Like Faces
What if I'm not ugly but it's just that most women secretly have this disorder?
R: 36 / I: 10

How do I un-blackpill myself?

I'm a few years from reaching thirty, currently have no friends and never had sex or even kissed a girl. But lately it has been driving home a lot harder. The blackpill reminds me of how worthless my shitty existence is. I'm posting here out of despair. Women have high physical standards. Women (especially physically unfit women) want men more physically fit than them, and physically inferior men have it hard. Women are having a ton of sex with a different attractive man each week while I'm sitting here all alone. The blackpill made me realize how much of a worthless reject I am to society. I am nothing. No women I've ever met wanted to befriend/get into a relationship with me. I'll never breed because I'm unattractive, introvert and physically unfit, I hate myself with a burning passion. Why did I have to be cursed with being a repulsive low value male?
As we grow up, I think that society and the media feed us this idea that many of us just don't think to question. I don't smoke, I don't drink. But life isn't like those movies. More than five years ago, I started giving up entirely on being in the kind of relationship that I dreamed of for years. It was a humble, clean dream of togetherness, symbiosis and trust that I realized will never come true, and made me so depressed that I crippled my future over it. I failed completely. Nothing is right. How can I ever trust any woman? I am jealous as to how easy most people start a romantic or sexual relationship. I seem to find no other way to let go from being obsessed with girls without feeling resentment. It's an inescapable catch-22. Women want men that are desired, and if you can't find a woman that finds you desirable, than no other woman will. It's a very lonely miserable existence. I don't know what to do anymore. Is it worth it to change myself and become a better person? Basically what I'm asking is how do I un-blackpill myself?
R: 38 / I: 7

What is the explanation for 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted in college?
R: 51 / I: 17

noticable posters

Did anyone ever notice any posters?

One of the posters I noticed is an Eastern European person who posts things from Russian imageboards and vk.com, he posts things like egirls and pretty female celebrities. His posts also lament his loneliness and he seems to imply he lives in the middle of nowhere instead of the big city. He frequently posts in the Sex & Relationship thread over at Org.

I suspect he is also salty and a self-hating Slav because some North American (?) egirl (that learned Russian because her favorite author Dostoevsky and gained a Russian following) got scared away by degenerate trolls (possibly Russian) because she had BLM in her bio. Plus the Soviet Union dissolved and now Eastern Europe is in many places a degraded place. Very sad case.
R: 17 / I: 1

Would you rather be
a bull fucking other people's wives
would you rather be married to the love of your life and maybe have kids
R: 58 / I: 13

This guy learned the hard way
>What women think or say they want and what they actually respond to are two very different things
R: 27 / I: 8

Leftcels BTFO
R: 600 / I: 208 (full)

Incel News Thread
R: 175 / I: 36

anons... i made a girl friend

its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?
R: 21 / I: 12

HOPE fuel thread

HOPE fuel - blackpill ANTITHESIS

Man born without a jaw finds love after lifetime of pain: ‘I deserved more’
R: 3 / I: 2

Redpill anon, what is the self-help/self-improvement book(s) you recommended again? It was similar to How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
R: 8 / I: 2

Sex-haver encounters

Post about your encounter with sex-havers.

Today at work during break, some sex-havers were talking about swinging and one sex-haver said it's fun to fantasize about it but also that he wouldn't actually do it because of jealousy. What kind of cuckold shit is that? He's currently in a relationship, and knowing sex-havers both parties probably have exes, which adds to the suspiciousness. S*x-havers, smh.
R: 19 / I: 3

Post Leftcel takes on blackpill movies or otherwise. Here's mine:

The Breakfast Club, or more accurately The Fascist Club. The bully/deliquent/criminal bad-boy, the sport playing jock, the alternate/goth girl and the popular/prep girl all get romantic experiences with each other, yet the only one who does not get romance? The nerd, who is also exploited and gets his labor value stolen by being burdened with single-handedly writing the 'group' essay! The essay that everyone was supposed to work on, instead they do not contribute and just make out with each other like the sexual bourgeois they are. What is this, if not an psychotic open mask-off dictatorship of the sexual bourgeois? The nerd peasant/proletarian is forced to toil and do all the work, single-handedly being the reason they don't get further punishment for not finishing their essay. The nerd also was punished with detention, yet he does not get the same benefits as his sexually-bourgeois classmates. What was his character journey? Was there any self-actualization? Is he supposed to be content with being a single nerd with no romantic life? Is he not a three-dimensional character who breathes and lives and has thoughts and opinions like any other human? Instead, we could assume, is that the hand that wrote that essay will be what keeps him company until his hoe-less death.
One of the actors from the movie, Molly Ringwald, calls 'The Breakfast Club' 'troubling' after rewatching with her daughter. Because certain scenes/scenarios in the film are actually on some MeToo shit. This famous movie watched and known by millions has MeToo tropes. Yet incels have the bad reputation?

Whoever wrote this film is a bourgeois faggot!

The second film, Just Friends, is about a guy being fat in high school and rejected and friendzoned or some shit, but later he loses weight and becomes a womanizer.

The third film is named The Proposal. It is about a female boss coercing her male employee to marry her so she won't be deported. When you look at it, it is a non-consensual situation, because she is his boss, she has power over him (power-imbalance), he cannot easily refuse in fear of getting fired and losing his livelihood. Furthermore, they work in an office or some shit so that means this promotes petite-bourgeois aspiration/normalization. Spoilers for the ending: They end up falling in love for real and the marriage is then genuine. What kind of message does this send? That is very MeToo-esque. Imagine if the roles were reversed and/or if the man looked and acted like Harvey Weinstein. It wouldn't be so easily accepted, would it?

What kind of message are these movies sending? Is it on purpose? Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.
R: 4 / I: 0

Imagine being this much of a roastie.
R: 26 / I: 7


>23-year-old influencer Caryn Marjorie has more than 1.8 million followers on Snapchat. Connecting with that many people can prove to be difficult. So she came up with a way to connect with her followers, especially the lonely ones, and makes some money off them at the same time.

>Marjorie created an AI chatbot designed to be an “AI Girlfriend.” One that her followers would pay $1 per minute to engage with. Thousands of hours were spent getting CarynAI to sound like her and mimic her personality.

Here it is boyos, the beginning of the AI girlfriend revolution.
R: 13 / I: 3

why is it socially unacceptable for men to twerk? we also have big asses that we can move. its ridiculous and oppressive
R: 7 / I: 0

>make a song called "I will rape and torture you because I love hitler and worship satan"
>f*mles: how could I have known he would rape and torture me????
R: 2 / I: 0

Is anger toward passport bros just anger toward ugly men?

R: 5 / I: 1

>Sharing space with others to watch porn, giving ourselves entirely into something beyond ourselves, a crowd as one entity made only possible through the shared passion of individuals coming together. Are goon group sessions not innately communist?
R: 11 / I: 2

Most child molesters ‘religious,’ often target church members
>In one study, 93 percent of convicted sex offenders described themselves as “religious.” Perhaps surprisingly, many sexual predators consider churches as “safe havens,” Vieth said, with trusting, forgiving adults and easy access to children.
Is the panic from the right about underground Democratic child sex dungeons simply projection?
Should the left draw more attention to the fact that it's actually right wingers that are more likely to rape children by a wide margin. If for no other reason than out of moral obligation to kids' safety?
How should the left tackle this important issue? The right has been more then willingly to smear the left with accusations of being "groomers" so why shouldn't the left counter with actual science showing it's them that actually pose the most danger to the most vulnerable members of society.
R: 12 / I: 5

>references to left-wing politics
I found your account, you sick coomer. Your days are numbered.
R: 16 / I: 6


Is having an abusive mother at a young age a precursor for inceldom?

It's hard to imagine how the baby in this video will grow up to have generally positive feelings towards women. Similar to how kids with junkie/alcoholic parents are much more likely to become substance abusers, or how boys with physically abusive fathers are prone to end up as wife beaters themselves. Is this another instance of incels being men who were fucked from day one?
R: 46 / I: 11

Bimboification and Divine Feminism

Is the bottom finally starting to fall out from 3rd and 4th wave feminism? Right now bimbos are trending on tik tok and the fully embracing the male gaze growing popular among zoomer women. Along with divine feminism, which is almost an anti-feminism ideology that encourages women to become stay-at-home moms and obedient housewives if they wish to, and assuages their fears about it being demeaning to themselves and women as 3rd and 4th wave feminists are so keen on proselytizing.

One prominent bimbo tiktoker describes the bimbo lifestyle as an "ego death". Where women stop trying to foster masculine traits in themselves and instead cultivate their natural vulnerability, gentleness, and hunger for the sexual desire of men. Bimbos claim these innate traits of most straight women have wrongly been maligned by feminist as naivete, weakness, and subjugation by the patriarchy.

I think women gravitating to the antithesis of feminism is primarily due to the deteriorating economy, having a committed husband or boyfriend is quickly becoming a necessity as it has been throughout most of captialism. And bimbos encapsulate in a extreme manner, the things women have always known men want. I think there's also other converging trends at work.

Millennial women are now hitting middle age in earnest, and zoomer generations are seeing the poisoned harvest of feminism. Many millennial women are alone and miserable as either single mothers, divorcees, or spinsters that were never wed and face a future devoid of companionship.

Women have also gotten to experience capitalist alienation first hand for 60 years and are realizing that as much as a eunuch a housewife can be, it's still far better than being a prole. Zoomer women are realizing what men have always known, that only a small percentage of workers ever find a fulfilling career, everyone else just works to make money until they die.

I think this bimbo trend is the beginning of a wider revolt among zoomer women against feminism. Feminism can no longer hide its failures, and zoomer women cannot be spooked by horror stories of past female oppression like not being able to open checking accounts, since they have no living memory of it. And even if rights like abortion are taken away, modern technology, like the nearly dozen birth control methods that are available now, will mitigate much of the harm and keep zoomer women from reradicalizing. What do you guys think?
R: 11 / I: 2

Paternity Fraud

How pervasive do you think it is? Estimates put it anywhere from 3%-30%. 30% may sound ridiculous but it's extrapolated from the fact that half of all fathers that seek a paternity test find out their child is not biologically theirs.
My guess is that it's around 10%. Not some huge plurality but a lot more common then we think now.
If this is true it's among the greatest oppressions perpetrated on prole men. It's 18 years of fraud and debt peonage. What should the left's stand be on this issue. Should the left be more vocal about support for anti paternity fraud policies like mandatory DNA testing at birth?
R: 2 / I: 0

Never going to accept free blowjobs in Thailand from people I can't see.
R: 25 / I: 7

How does this make you feel?

Knowing that women will subjugate themselves to men they deem worthy, happily raisimg his children and bragging about it. Meanwhile, other guys why loudly profess their support for feminism are left with dusty dicks and crusty tissues sitting next to their laptops.

Personally, I love to see it.
R: 24 / I: 2

Roe No More and Feminism's Demise

Feminism has failed to defend one of it's core tenants, the right to abortions. This shows what leftcels and some non-spooked Marxists have always said about feminism, that it is the ideology of the bourgeois. Feminists had 50 years since the Roe vs Wade ruling to codify the right to abortions into law but were unwilling to pay the political price for such self-assertion and passed on the burden to future feminists year after year until we come to now, where Republicans are now on the cusp of passing an official federal abortion ban with the "heartbeat bill".
During these 50 years feminists were far more interested in chasing idealists ghosts like male gaze which lead to cultural wars over pornography, prostitution, and even silly things like bikini clad female characters in videogames.
More destructive was their successful passage of female supremacist laws that made men guilty until proven innocent of any sexual assault allegations with cancel culture or of domestic violence accusations because of the Duluth model. Made men personal debt serfs to their children's mother via brutal child support laws. They also tirelessly attacked their masculinity and very being with the weaponization of the LGBT rights movement which frames all men and masculinity as wrong and harmful to women and society and upholds androgyny and male homosexuality as the only "safe" way a male can be a sexual being. And finally made males forfeit half their property and future with no-fault-divorce even, as the name implies, when they've done nothing wrong.
This has gone on to completely destroy gender relations as evidenced by the consistently declining marriage rate, the growing number of sexless men and the explosion of incels in the west.
Which has alienated men from women and their struggles, which is why the groundswell against the end of Roe v Wade has been about as impactful as a wet fart. Men do not care about women, and in fact cannot care about women because feminism has made doing so be to their own determent.
With abortion being banned, there is literally no point in feminism. It is an ideology with nothing to offer materially, and is little different than a religion or Marvel Movie fandom, and this all due to feminists hatred of men.
Feminism now shuffles off into the dustbin of history, whatever ideology replaces it will have to offer liberation for BOTH genders because it will generations before people forget about the damage a female only gender movement caused.
R: 3 / I: 0

Passport Sis realizes foreign nationals won't simp

This is why women and male feminists hate passport bros so much. They know it's only in the US that they can get away with how they treat men.
R: 54 / I: 12

how do we stop losing incels to the right?
R: 22 / I: 7

This is a good demonstration of women

>He's fun yet 'problematic,' so I'll fuck him whenever he wants

>But his opinions clash with my own retarded worldview, so I won't settle down with him
>(he dodges the bullet)
>Whoever gets sloppy seconds and an LTR with me must share my faggy effeminate worldview
>But those guys don't make my loins tingle, so they'll get once a week duty sex (maybe)
>Many such cases

Leftybros ngmi
R: 6 / I: 1

Valentine's Day Reading:
>The 16 commandments of poon
R: 10 / I: 0

It's that day again

Whatcha doing this val's?
R: 0 / I: 0

Were hormone injections and bottom surgery a scam all along?
R: 4 / I: 1

>tfw the government put me on a list so i only match with BPD chicks on dating apps
R: 14 / I: 1

>bodycount of 40 at 18 yo
Do zoomer women really?
R: 54 / I: 11

Should women be drafted?
R: 42 / I: 9

Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows
R: 3 / I: 0

What can we do to overcome male loneliness in the modern era?
Is pic related the solution?
R: 22 / I: 11

✨💖 Femcel Humor Thread ✨💖
R: 28 / I: 6

The Incel Armies of Africa Nobody's Talking About

This guy argues that polyamory is the hallmark of failed states and instable societies while monogamy is the signature of stable and safe liberal societies.
He also argues that sub Sahara Africa's political instability is fueled by a large pool of incels that warlords draw from for campaigns.
What are your thoughts?
R: 8 / I: 5

Board Mascot

Submit your nominations.
I'll start, I present to you:
R: 38 / I: 13

Femcel shooter's manifesto leaked

The diary/manifesto of the femcel who shot up the Covenant elementary school in Nashville has been leaked by Steven Crowder.
It's pretty much what we all expected.
R: 3 / I: 0

>Wom*n are chadsexu—ACK!
R: 26 / I: 3

Interesting video on people falling in love with Replika, an A.I. girlfriend. I think this will be the future for many incels, and many near-cels i.e. men that occasionally get sex and affirmations from the opposite sex.
It really seems like it's ready for prime time now. Where someone can and has convincingly fallen in love with a computer program.
It's going to be funny to see the simp market crash and all these thots suddenly with not betas to fall back on when Chad inevitably dumps them when they hit the wall.
R: 2 / I: 0

Ive got a proposal for yall.

If had a choice between option A or B for romantic/sexual prospect which one sould you take?

Option A:
>youre stuck in this reality

>you get upgrades on wealth and physique

>you become another plastic e-celeb but now you get alot of bitches

>these bitches only care about your status tho but hey the sex is astronomical

Option B:
>you get transported to an anime/manga universe

>you become like a self insert OC in a BL reality

>your looks and talents are all naturally earned and endowed

>everyone around is nuanced but genuine

>you cannot score with girls only with boys

>the guys are hot as fuck tho and let you top (or bottom)

>fecal matter and HIV/AIDS are non-existent
R: 29 / I: 6

Andrew Tate

What's the deal with this guy and why am I seeing his name everywhere?

I've noticed normies are talking about how much of an evil misogynist he is and keep giving him free publicity, hell even my sister was asking me what I think of him. Is he just another clout chasing grifter taking advantage of desperate incels or does he make some good points?
R: 10 / I: 5

What do you think of pornography or sex work?
R: 4 / I: 0

Penis inspection day!

How big is your penis? Sound off! Don't lie, we'll know.
Mine is 6 1/2 inches and girthy.
R: 10 / I: 2

Return of the Mansophere

This is Melanie King, a Youtuber that gives dating advice to women. While not obstinately red pilled, her critiques of modern women closely follow those of incel ideology.
That women have a SMV (Sexual Market Value) that declines as they age and or have children, that there are winners and losers in this market (Chads and Betas) and the 80/20 rule, 80% of women are going after the top 20% of men.
I've been seeing more mainstream incel sympathizing, or manosphere channels popping up on YouTube. Which is interesting because around 2014-2015 YouTube waged a fatwa on such content and killed all the traffic and success that early Manosphere content creators were enjoying at the time like Sandman who had something like 100k+ subscribers before the YouTube incel purge.
And you can't ignore that this woman is really attractive, which makes it a lot harder to dismiss her critique as sour grapes. Regardless, such an attractive women publicly espousing Red Pill/Incel ideology would have been unheard of even a few years ago, and now there's an entire echo system .
To be fair to King, she would say that her views of women are informed by her religion, and not incels.
Have you all seen more incel sympathizing median in the mainstream or near mainstream.
I think incels and men's grievance with feminism over all are becoming to big to ignore and are beginning to reach critical mass.
Here's a link to her channel, it's quite well established.
R: 8 / I: 0

Why do they do it /r9k/?

Why do women lie about this shit?
I know so many men who have had their life ruined by false rape accusations. People believe them out of the gate with out any real reason to, either.
Just because bitch…women, decide one day they regret they sex they ADMITTEDLY agreed too doesn't make what they did rape and frankly the women coming out right now come off as people who want nothing more than to chase clout off this mans success.

So why, though, like, are women really this fickle? It's fucked up. What is to be done?
R: 5 / I: 0

Platonic Friendship - Is it possible?

So I may have a girlfriend. But also I may have this classmate who I'm kinda interested in and things are going smooth

I'm very honest with myself and I don't want to hide my feelings honestly. But the thing is I love my girlfriend to bits so I don't really want anything romantic with this classmate, just really enjoy her company, but at the same time I feel like that falls a little short… that feeling of wanting something else but not really wanting "that"…

What do
Help anons i'm confused
R: 7 / I: 2

Should paternity testing be mandatory at birth regardless of whether there's a dispute about who the father is?
R: 0 / I: 0

What do you think of sex tourist.
R: 7 / I: 3

pork thread

We need to create bourgeois culture. How about we shame commoners and call them involuntary poors or inpoors? Let me know what you think, fellow Persons of Wealth.
R: 2 / I: 1

No wonder I can't get laid. Leftist women are traitors to the cause
R: 9 / I: 4

__==Total Sharty Death==__

i am soo done with sharty people.
i no longer have any humanity left for sharty nationale and fbi.gov zoomers, but sharty people are the worst. i do not care if inside the sharty is stuff like "better then 4cuck" and containment board and zoomer school children and victim and etc. they are the worst groups of people in the entire internet. 4chan and every other altchans is objectively better then sharty and their community. we need to ally with other sites and communities to absolutely decimate the sharty.

vent below if you want
R: 27 / I: 3

How is Japan so Based?

It will never get old seeing normoids getting assblasted at incel copes in anime.

Just look at this shit in the video:
Fuck your confidence, normoid bitchoid! Fuck off back to your feminoid Soy Wars and Gary Stu Chadlamet's Paul Atreides if you don't like "losers"!



Problems, bitchoid?



Fuck family unity, fuck breeders and fuck their children.

Fucking normoids man..
R: 20 / I: 6

Should I become a racist douchebag to get laid

Why does it always seem like racists get the girl? For example, last year at a Halloween party at my school, there were a couple assholes dressed like a cowboy and Indian. I tried to say something (I was dressed like a Red Guard btw), but they brushed me off. Later, I saw the two hottest girls leaving with them. I said, 'hey don't go with those racists,' and the guys called me a faggot while the girls laughed. Another time at a club, I overheard a guy telling 2 girls how they were so lucky to meet him because all the other guys were 'dorks.' it was so cringy, but they actually seemed impressed.

Stuff like this happens all the time. Even my best friend just told me she has a crush on this chud in my history class who I know for a fact is a fascist. He doesn't even try to not sound racist, and my friend doesn't seem to care or factor that in.

I'm starting to notice a pattern here, and I'm sick of it. Has anyone tried acting like a racist misogynist dick to get chicks?
R: 23 / I: 8

Are fictional women still based (as in positive opinion) if they are based off of real life women?

If we assume real life women existed before imaginary women did, then don't traces of real life women exist within the concepts of fictional women? Thoughts?
R: 5 / I: 0

Why are ciswomen so bad at sports?
R: 197 / I: 28

Uglycels are worthless in society

Reminder if you are not a chad women will not take any interest in anything you say or do, no matter how remarkable it is. How do I know? I used to be 'the hot kid' for a year or two in my teens and became average after I grew older. Though I never scored with a chick because I was an autist, here's the kind of shit that used to happen.

-Girls would ooh and ahh when I walked past, some pinched me trying to get my attention
-girls would 'sneakily' follow me everywhere and try to catch a glimpse of me
-one girl would pretend to use a makeup mirror to spy on me
-Girls would approach me and try to start conversations even though I was an introvert and had nothing to say
-Neighbor used to invite me out to hang out with her and would rub my hair
-girls would giggle around me in class and try to rub my hair
-Female hs teachers gave me better grades and tried to hangout with me after class
-girls would openly compliment me call me sexy in class etc
-if I went to my friends house his sister would try flirting with me, laugh at my jokes even if I made none, always try to hover around me

All that shit is gone now, women now will just ignore me/act like I dont exist at parties. Will not bother talking to me or taking any interest, never find my jokes funny or compliment me etc.

The cold reality is if you're not a chad women dont really have any reason to give a fuck about you and you will always be friendzoned at best. They don't really give a shit about your personality, it's all a halo effect from your attractiveness. No amount of hairstyles, confidence, style etc will change anything unless your face is attractive. And if you do somehow score a gf, she will hop branches, never have true sexual attraction towards you, sex will be lame etc. There is no 'type,' only a singular hot chad and if you were in the 5% you would.

People will always be a slave to their biology, anything else is cope.
R: 20 / I: 2

Why does porkie hate men?
R: 13 / I: 2

Psychopathic personality traits in adolescents are associated with delinquency and delinquency can contribute to future dating success for boys, according to new research
R: 2 / I: 0

Do you agree or disagree?

R: 4 / I: 0

Is he right?
R: 3 / I: 0

Are you attracted to butterfaces?
R: 10 / I: 1

Stepdads are men we wouldn't date if we didn't have kids

They're not even hiding it anymore.
R: 604 / I: 337 (full)

Incel humor thread.
R: 6 / I: 0

<How did we get to the point where there are people like pic related who are just out and about in society?

I understand the physical mechanics of it (calories in, calories out; sedentary lifestyle).

But how did we get to the point where people who look like her aren't shunted away in a circus?

Also, according to Marx, doesn't capital trend toward paying wages which are just above the cost of reproducing labor power? Did capitalism evolve, or was Marx just wrong?
R: 0 / I: 0

Permafrigthened women should not be given a voice over matters outside of the household
>Change my mind
R: 2 / I: 0

Has this ever happened to you guys?
R: 5 / I: 1

R: 3 / I: 1

Even travelmaxing is compromised now fuck this
R: 16 / I: 1

What is R9K's take on Justin Roiland (creator and voice actor of Rick and Morty) being accused of beating and imprisoning a woman, and also grooming underage girls and showing them violent porn of his ex-girlfriend turned pornstar?

>he ended up bringing two other young women to his airbnb with us, even though that was not our plan. He tried pressuring me to get drunker, but I was sobering up in case I needed to drive home.

>He randomly showed us VERY violent porn of his ex girlfriend getting rammed by a huge pornstar Imfao he pulled it up on the tv and everything. Odd choice but ok.

Is he a cuck turned predator or a predator turned cuck?
Is it worse to be a predator or a cuck?
Does it count as cucking if your ex does it after you break up with them?
Was Stanley Kubrick revealing the truth when he made Eyes Wide Shut?
R: 2 / I: 0

Incels of Left,
You guys don't have to be lonely or waste money on prostitute. Get yourself a valid girl like her
R: 4 / I: 5

The fuck happened to male wigs?

I'm a balding incel, and while looking today in the mirror I caught myself pondering how it would be great to go back to the 18th century when it was hip for men to wear wigs, make up, powder, boots on high heels and dog knows what else.

What THE FUCK happened in the 19th century that deprived men of such a vast arsenal to enhance their SMV? Was it the rise of feminism?
R: 16 / I: 1

Do you think she needs a man now?
R: 8 / I: 2

Why is chad's cock so large and girthy while mine is like a shrimp?
R: 0 / I: 0

>Fall hopelessly in love with men in prison for life for murder
>Also have the right to vote
R: 1 / I: 0

"I Took A Fan On a Date"

Jesus fuck. This is painful to watch. How can someone be this pathetic I'm astonished

If he was my son i'd kill him and then commit sui what a disgrace
R: 0 / I: 0

we're all gonna make it

i was gonna rope but then an internet stranger told me "don't do it"
R: 3 / I: 0

Does one differentiate between one's personal attitude and adopting a scientific attitude about women?
R: 26 / I: 20

Female-free movies

Does anyone else like watching old war movies because they have no women in them?

Picrel is my favorite and the best example of this:
-3 hour+ runtime and not a single female character with a speaking role.
-The only women in the movie are a handful of arab civilian background extras wearing burkas.
-T. E. Lawrence IRL was a celibate who disliked women and the movie stays true to this by not forcing a romance arc or making him gay.

Overall kino film which I highly recommend. Please share more examples of female-free cinema ITT.
R: 12 / I: 1

Are women's mate preferences responsible for the perpetuation of capitalism

According David Buss and most evolutionary psychologists, the most notable distinction between the biological sexes are mate preferences. Whereas males are more likely to choose mates based on physical appearance (signs of youth, health, and beauty), women are more likely to choose a partner based on relative resource acquisition ability. This desire by women for men who can acquire the most stuff leads to intense competition for status and acclaim by men, which is often channeled into competing within (and thus tacit support for) capitalism. Especially when men can't simply forcibly take young attractive women like in the old days, they basically have to become multi millionaires to secure a steady stream of young women. Most attractive women, for their part, won't tolerate for long a guy who substitutes fighting the system for getting ahead within it.

Thus, we have to ask the question, to what degree are women's preferences and unfettered ability to pursue them responsible for the perpetuation of late stage capitalism?

As a correlated question, since this mate preference distinction applies to biological sexes, should we reject the normative position of ciswomen as 'real women' and instead insist that, politically speaking, transwomen are the only women who serve any use to the anti-capitalist revolution. That is, we ought to not simp for biological females and only associate, on a political and romantic level, with transwomen?

R: 1 / I: 0

What would life be like if humans reproduced asexually? What would the modes of production look like?
R: 7 / I: 2

>you share a site with people who made this comic >>144563
what are leftcel's thoughts?
R: 37 / I: 7

I met a "plus size" girl.
She's really cute and me and her really get along well and I don't mind the fat thing, really.
She's really sweet and can cook like a mad woman.
I really like, her. Why haven't you just gotten a slampig gf r9K?
R: 5 / I: 2


>your type
>describe your favorite way to explain cognition; stacks, circles, etc
>explain where you discovered this way of thinking and why it stuck with you
>what do you seek to gain by discussing typology
>do you actually gain that in these threads

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test attempts to assign four categories: introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving.

Learn the Basics

Don't know your type? Take a test here:

An introductory article:

Is MBTI - pseudoscience?

Bibliography of Jungian and MBTI derived typology

Explanations of functions:

Additional tests and resources:

A bunch of documents pertaining to Isabel Briggs-Myers life including letters and homeschool workbooks: https://ufdc.ufl.edu/collections/myersbriggs

Big5 OCEAN test

Disclaimer: The problem of MBTI
R: 2 / I: 0


If you are a male feminist, then you are inherently beta at best.

And if you are a beta, you are viscerally undesirable to women.

And if you are undesirable to women, even if you have sex, women will regret it and later say it was unwanted.

And if women claim you SAed them, legions of other beta males will come forward to denounce you

>Feminism is a shit test. Your future depends on not failing it
R: 4 / I: 1

Will body count start mattering to women?

Women never worried about men's body count because they know the average guy can't pull hoes.
But a homo or bi man can get dick even easier than a woman. Will women change their tune on how the number of partners shouldn't matter to your lover?
R: 43 / I: 137

thinspo, pro-ana, pro-mia thread

Talk about how to live with anorexia/bulimia and make people not notice.
Post thinspiration, restrictive diets, what you eat in a day, extreme workouts, etc.

The following links may be outdated:


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
R: 4 / I: 1

post pic that i could use in a r9k type board/community.
R: 13 / I: 4

I'm not denying that there aren't people with genuine gender dysmorphia. Or even denying that identifying as a woman makes you a woman.
But has the growth in publicly visible transgender MtF women been a sort of cope for low status men?
I say this because lesbians are complaining about their spaces being over run with these trans women. It seems like these men are actually just straight men and only transition to gain a sense of acceptance by western society
R: 16 / I: 4

Since this is r9k, what is your opinion on egirl posting, egirl orbiting, as seen on (but not limited to) r9k, agatha, and certain fbi.govs?
R: 23 / I: 3

Grimes is now /ourgirl/
R: 8 / I: 6

the sharty is down yesterday (soyjak.party).
any opinion lads?
R: 9 / I: 0

how do stop losing wizards to the right?
R: 2 / I: 0

R: 3 / I: 2

We need an incel Malcolm X

I hate to say it, but without a strong charismatic figure to unify and give confidence to the movement, we are unlikely to see our situation improve. History has shown that all it takes is a powerful orator to radicalize the oppressed and downtrodden, making them re-evaluate their position in society and question the status quo.

The great Malcolm X did this with the African American community, General Nasser with the Arabs, Che in Latin America and of course Lenin inspired the Russian urban workers to revolt with his vision of a new society.

The closest we have to this is Tate, who is undeniably a moronic grifter. However, look at how much influence he has among young men despite his obvious intellectual shortcomings. Look at how much disruption he caused to the feminist narrative just by stating the obvious.
Can you imagine the kind of energy someone competent relaying a similar, but more coherent, message could create?
R: 28 / I: 10

I just realized I haven't had sex since 2020. Does that make me an incel if the reason I don't have sex is because I'm interested in other shit? Or am I some sort of asexual weirdo? I know at least one person interested in getting married with me, but I'm not interested, even though I think I should get married, since I want to have a family. I just like other things more, and I had all the sex I wanted during my previous marriage. In fact, in the end, that was all there was to it. I want to be in love, but I don't know how to do that. I'm not young anymore, and I don't think I've ever actually experience that, even during the time I was married. I do love my friends, but I'm obviously not in love with any of them, since I'm straight, so I really don't feel alone. I just feel like there's something I should be doing, but I'm failing to grasp the details. Does anyone get like this?
R: 36 / I: 29

Incel culture is the sibling to Tumblr's fat acceptance movement. They're functionally and relationally equivalent.

The only real difference of note is how one takes an activist approach while the other promotes resignation.
R: 25 / I: 4

Anon, would you have sex with the Wagner Group e-girl?
R: 4 / I: 4

hypothetically i thought of working to dismantle the government too. just saying
R: 0 / I: 0

It's refreshing to hear people look at the increasing virginity rates through a more material lens. Wage stagnation, more and more people living with their parents, internet addiction.
But they still refuse to acknowledge any influence women may have or how you can't just ignore the heterosexual dynamics where women will still want a tall chad. They just vaguely scrape on the part where women want a guy with money. "Sharing your feelings" is not shit women want.
R: 14 / I: 4

This is how glowfags and liberals see us

Why are we so scary to them? is our shitposting really that dangerous?
R: 10 / I: 7

I was set up for failure in life. My mom and dad conceived me in their 40s and i was the product of a poorly made sperm colliding with a rotten egg. It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36
R: 2 / I: 0

has neo-feudalism gone too far?
R: 112 / I: 16

How do I stop myself wanting a gf so badly that it hurts?
R: 23 / I: 5


"What is LASIT?

"Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT) encompasses a wide range of ideologies. It includes those from the political left-wing as well as anarchists who seek to use violence to advance their cause in opposition to the capitalist system. It also includes those with single-issue grievances who seek to use violence in opposition to a specific policy or practice."


"We assess a terrorist attack in the UK motivated by LASIT ideology to be highly unlikely. The threat is low."


"Single-issue grievance narratives that commonly feature within the protest space include environmentalism, animal-rights, anti-abortionists, anti-vaccination and Involuntary Celibate (Incel)."

"We currently assess that Incel-related activity in the UK remains below the terrorism threshold."
R: 2 / I: 0

Women with BPD

Are women with BPD aka hysterical thot syndrome a severe mental illness and form of hysteria that comes from a woman's ovaries over the mass production of period hormones that causes a woman to have irrational emotional reactions to nonsensical problems and being intentionally manipulative towards men the number one threat to leftism due to how prone they are to engaging in woke idpol and sabotaging leftist movements with their drama?
R: 19 / I: 8

just got banned (again) from my main forum of the last few months..

tips? and share ban stories, maybe
R: 29 / I: 4

Why are some leftists so opposed to travelmnaxxing?
It literally enrages them to a level usually only reserved for nazis.
R: 10 / I: 0

What do you think is in Audrey Hale's manifesto?

What could have motivated a femcel to do such unspeakable acts against children?
R: 17 / I: 6

Why are women aging so fast suddenly?
R: 6 / I: 1

What are the political implications of letting social-media addicted women vote?
Good thing voting doesn't actually matter, right
R: 8 / I: 0

Will this be the new norm?
R: 85 / I: 26

Well Gentlemen?
R: 6 / I: 0

Why are millennials and especially zoomers so obsessed with gender?
R: 44 / I: 7

>revolutionary defeatism with incel characteristics
It's happening bros
R: 135 / I: 19

Should prostition be illegal?

I don't even think it should be illegal for any moral reason, or, because I think it is degenerate. I think it is bullshit women get to get by only on their looks and their pussies. They should get a job like the rest of us.
R: 2 / I: 0

Are women actually more misanthropic then men?

It sure seems like it.
R: 11 / I: 1

Balenciaga's case, what do u think?

I would like to know what you think about the Balenciaga case. In my opinion, I think that all these brands conspire to send subliminal messages and unfortunately, they ha

ve been doing this for several years but we have not noticed it because we do not pay attention to the details.

Now, just imagine, if this is the case with Balenciaga and Adidas, do you think there are more brands in other markets that do this kind of thing?

I would like to know opinions and/or thoughts, as this is a topic that is very recent and is of international interest.
R: 11 / I: 1

Is the friendzone really just a social construct. Is it really a simp's fault or do women have some sort of responsibility to let men they know are courting them that they're not interested?
R: 49 / I: 7

Sparta eugenic feminist anti-incel totalitarianism?

What's an incel verdict on Sparta?


<Male infanticide was wasteful only of the mother’s nine-month investment. By eliminating unpromising male infants, the community was not obliged to pay the costs of rearing a boy who would not, as Plutarch puts it, be of use to himself or to the state. The decision ostensibly satisfied eugenic considerations. The infant who failed the initial inspection was eliminated before he could produce children who were likely to inherit his undesirable characteristics.

<A question that is often raised is whether at Sparta girls as well as boys,were vulnerable to infanticide. Nowadays few scholars doubt that girls were regularly exposed in Athens.8 The need to furnish a dowry at, or even before, puberty, and the general devaluation of women, were probably among the reasons why a father might choose not to raise a daughter. Was Sparta the antithesis of Athens? Did Sparta expose all boys who did not appear to have the potential for becoming excellent soldiers, but raise all girls — except, one would suspect, those with obvious and debilitating physical abnormalities?9

<We may deduce from Plutarch’s description that at birth girls were simply handed over to the women. This conclusion is ex silentio; on the other hand, it can be argued that Plutarch was unusually scrupulous among Greek authors in remembering to mention women where it was appropriate. It seems that girls were not subjected to official scrutiny as were Spartan boys, nor, apparently, did fathers make a determination about rearing or exposing them, as they did in Athens. The women would test the babies for epilepsy or sickliness by seeing if a bath in undiluted wine would throw them into convulsions. Plutarch does not state whether the immersion ordeal was part of the official evaluation process, nor does he indicate the fate of the infants, presumably both male and female, who failed the wine-immersion test. He does not tell us whether the women took any action in the case of infants who had failed the test, but if they did not, then what was the point? If the decision to expose apparent weaklings was up to the women, they would have exercised a power usually reserved for men in the Greco-Roman world.

<There probably was change over time, with private citizens taking upon themselves the right to judge the male infant’s viability that had previously been a monopoly of the community.10 Such changes were correlated with the right to dower and to alienate and bequeath property. The individual father’s decision may have followed the verdict of the tribal elders, or the former supplanted the latter totally.At any rate, there is no indication of systematic female infanticide or neglect of girls at Sparta, nor is there any indirect evidence, such as skewed sex ratios. It seems likely that because in Sparta there was no money and women could own land, they could more easily be given a dowry.11 At Athens, where women could not own land, a father would have to furnish cash or movables, and this obligation might well be a deterrent to rearing girls.

<Eugenic principles, such as existed in that era, underlie much of Spartan demographic engineering. The Spartans were celebrated for breeding fine hounds and racehorses, so it is not surprising to see them transfer these notions to human beings. By eliminating weak male infants, they tried to give natural evolution a boost, and through the subsequent rigorous training of boys, they assured the survival of the fittest and future reproduction by them. A mistake might be made, and a man might prove to be a coward. Such tremblers were most likely to be younger men facing their first real conflict, rather than hardened veterans. Anecdotes about Spartan mothers show that they are concerned lest their sons prove to be cowards (see chap.). In any case, cowards did not reproduce, for they were socially ostracized, and neither they nor their sisters (presumably young and not married) could find spouses (Xen. Lac. Pol. .). Eugenic motivations may also be detected in the choices made in wife-sharing or husband-doubling arrangements (see below). Plutarch (Lyc. .) agrees with Xenophon that a man could ask a husband if he might plant his seed in a wife who had already produced children, but he also attributes the initiative to the husband. For example an elderly man with a young wife might offer her a handsome, noble young man, and then adopt the children born of this union (Plut. Lyc. .). Daniel Ogden has speculated that Spartans believed that in the process of wife-lending, male sperm could mingle and produce offspring who were thought to have descended from two male parents. 12 Though the male contribution to the embryo was usually thought to dominate, it is also necessary to pay sufficient attention to the female contribution. The rejection of cowards’ sisters and of some wives in favor of married women who were euteknos (“blessed with good children”) and gennaia (“well born”) reveals a belief that the mother was more than merely a fertile field for the father’s seed, and that each woman continued to make her own particular contribution to the offspring. Indeed, in Plutarch’s Sayings of Spartan Women (e.g., e, d), the mothers take all the credit for the way their sons turn out. Of course this is an exaggeration that results from the author’s effort to prove that Sparta was very different in this respect from other Greek cities where mothers had little to do with the rearing of sons after the age of seven. Xenophon (Lac. Pol. .) reports that at Sparta fathers were involved in their children’s upbringing. Nevertheless, Plutarch’s view on the strong influence of mothers is corroborated by other sources (see chap. ).

Eugenics-kun, your opinion?
R: 3 / I: 1

In an unsurprising turn of events, affording women unlimited rights while demanding 0 responsibility (i.e., catering to their demands) hasn't made them happier or improved their well being
Political implications?
R: 3 / I: 1

>bare minimum requirements to have a gf in 2022
R: 22 / I: 0

Andrew Tate is was the most googled name in 2022

>Andrew Tate, a notorious red pill speaker, was brought onto Pierce Morgan's show to discuss his exploding popularity as the number one person searched for in Google this year.
What are the political implications of the black and red pill hitting the mainstream?
R: 23 / I: 7

>Do the masses reject Marxism and leftism because we aren't chad?

We can know that women don't really want to fuck anyone but chad, but sometimes they'll settle. Is it like that with the masses as well. For example, the won't put they're neck on the line to organize and fight for revolution unless there is a chad leader (think Mao or Fidel)?
R: 1 / I: 0

>Roasties fend for Chad's seed so bad they're literally resurrecting it from the dead.
It's over.
R: 4 / I: 0

A popular british soap opera has recently introduced an incel storyline and it's the funniest shit I have seen in a while.

Is this seriously what normies think incels and the 'community' are like lmao
R: 71 / I: 6

Enough with the incel shit

Incels don't deserve rights.

Here's what I mean. Banging a few chicks isn't very impressive. It's a rather low bar. But what does that say about a guy who can't even do that? It means they are a low quality man.
It's like being able to do one pull up. It's not very impressive. But if you can't do that, it means you are weak and have neglected to train your body.

A lot of incels run their mouths, thinking that they're offering insightful knowledge.
<You're not.

Listening to an incel talk about women is like listening to a homeless person talk about financial planning, or listening to a guy who can't do a pull up talk about fitness. In short, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, but have convinced yourself you do as some ghey coping mechanism.

Obviously, there is a grain of truth to incel screeds, in a hermetic philosophical sense. The problem is, it's the most disempowering truth available, framed in the worst way possible.

'Girls don't fuck average guys,' you say.

Ok, don't be average. Find a way to leverage aspects yourself to rise above your own stale faggotry. It's not that hard. And if it is too hard for you, then I guess you get exactly what you deserve considering you claim to know the consequences of being average.
>In short, anyone with the attitude and mindset of an incel would fail with women.

Here's two pieces of advice, beyond the obvious (be clean, fit, and most importantly, fun).

>First: girls already have a pussy. The last thing they want or need is another pussy - you.

This has practical applications. When you're with a chick, for example, try to do the most ballsy thing you think you can get away with.

>Second, it's far far easier to attract multiple women than it is to attract just one woman and one woman only. Pre-selection is real. Women like who other women like. You can easily use this to your advantage.

If you can't figure this shit out, you're the only one to blame. People have tried to help you, but you've rejected such advice to feed the short term ego rush of feeling right. In reality, you're the Dalit of the dating market. And you deserve to be treated as such due to your own proven insufficiency. Actually you're worse than a Dalit. They were born with that status. You developed it.
R: 13 / I: 5

Fuck rosties.

That is all.
R: 12 / I: 5

Mutual racial fetishization (aka WMAF)

What do you think leftychan, is it based or cringe?

The way I see it both sides seem to be benefitting, but at what point is one partner taking advantage of the other? Some would argue that this the next stage of economic imperialism from racially european men, as poor asian women are pressured into relationships for a chance to get a visa and a new life in the richer west. But if that's the case why does the trend continue for the richer asian diaspora living in the west? Or is the whole thing is based upon outdated racial stereotypes, which can be very damaging to the psyche of asian men (looking at you /r/aznidentity).
Or maybe white men and asian women just made for each other, and it's all harmless.

R: 3 / I: 2

Wtf bros women have feelings too, why has nobody told me this?
R: 4 / I: 0

R: 29 / I: 3

reminder that if your penis isn't 6 inches (15 cm) long at the absolute least you're a waste of meat in the eyes of a woman. don't even bother
R: 4 / I: 1

R: 9 / I: 0

What happened to 9chan /leftcel/?

Is it kill for good or just temporarily?
R: 9 / I: 0

Research highlights experiences of general and mental ill-health in sexual and ethnic minority individuals
>LGBTQ+ individuals continue to experience high rates of general- and mental ill-health, and report greater rates of adverse health-related behaviours.
This was obvious to anyone that's had to deal with LGBTQ people that don't have any social capital.
R: 2 / I: 0

uhhh, medbros?
R: 12 / I: 3

Have we just witnessed the first act of militant leftcelism?
R: 3 / I: 0

AOC #bootygate

I regret to inform you all that our favorite Israel supporting social-fascist has become the victim of a prolonged misogynistic verbal attack right outside the center of US democracy.

While on her way to push biden left by voting to send heavy artillery to Nazi paramilitaries in Ukraine, our socilaist qveen was ambushed with a barrage of hate speech by an assumed white supremacist incel. Just when the savior of the american left was finally recovering from the trauma of being involved in the january 6th riots (she watched them on TV) another case of entitled white male anti-establishment protest struck.

When will brocialists and class-reductionist chuds finally take the oppression faced by our female elected officials seriously?
R: 0 / I: 0

Y'all better not be doing this.
R: 22 / I: 6

>The buffalo shooter was a /pol/tard and an incel.
Thoughts? /pol/ is freaking out about getting shut down now. I….can’t see this happening because 4chan is too big, maybe just /pol/ will be deleted?
R: 4 / I: 0

How South Korea’s Yoon Suk-yeol Capitalized on Anti-Feminist Backlash to Win the Presidency
The fire rises.
R: 6 / I: 2

We're back

After the failure of the first vote for the creation of an /r9k/ board back in January, the second vote (after the 2 month cool down period) has passed.
Leftychan /r9k/ should now be here to stay permanently, and hopefully we can get it back to how it was on the /777/ board. I've missed you guys.