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I was set up for failure in life. My mom and dad conceived me in their 40s and i was the product of a poorly made sperm colliding with a rotten egg. It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36


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here's some titties to cheer you up. even tho shes probably a dog fucker, tits help heal a man's soul


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If your mom could bear children in her 40s, she must have outstanding longevity genes. 35 is usually the upper limit without getting loaded with fertility treatments. For men age is less of a factor, but having good sperm motility over forty means you dad must have had a healthy amount of testosterone. Having older parents at conception usually correlates with having more technical interests. You probably should not worry about your "biological base", and maybe see if you like engineering, maths and science.

>It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36

Maybe the 25 year old lower limit could make sense. The human brain isn't fully matured until the mid twenties, and it probably would improve the parenting style if parents had fully developed impulse control. But the upper limit seems kind off like an unjustifiable interference in reproductive rights.

pic, since the other anon started the praxis of posting cheerupbewbs


File: 1689623321534.jpg ( 136.7 KB , 1080x1350 , 1234567.jpg )

>The human brain isn't fully matured until the mid twenties
YOURs probably hasnt, stop spouting this boomer meme bullshit. ages 13+ is where playtime is over.
>It should be illegal to reproduce
fixed and in agreement


It's scientifically proven though and really people never stop learning but your pre frontal cortex doesn't stop development till 25.


File: 1689626431979.jpg ( 175.52 KB , 1200x1200 , bv02-jpg-4134774359.jpg )

>trusts westhead quacks and medicine
it is proven by professor Nakayama womens brains never fully develop and therefore remain substantially smaller than their male counterparts


>Don't trust peer review and data driven science instead trust my tiger blood lily pad potion from China

Gonna have to pass.


File: 1689630914495.jpg ( 195.45 KB , 1080x1350 , _user-uploads_Sofia Mina D….jpg )

i bet you still believe in herd immunity, you sheep


So you don't have an actual argument? That's all I am hearing.


File: 1689632807221.jpg ( 122.31 KB , 1080x1161 , Ec8FKDm.jpg )

>That's all I am hearing.
you can hear written werds?
on a unrelated note are you continuing your retarded boomer fuckery just so you can see more tits posted? post some tits or gtfo


File: 1689634136173.png ( 306.13 KB , 551x311 , s4de657fr68gt7.png )



brain develooment theory is actually a myth. What happens at 25 is your brain starts dying.

Also procrrating later in lofe causes offspring with more likely birth defects.


Proof for brain development theory being a myth?


Alot of medical articls even say that brain development isnt "completion" at 25.
What happens is your bain starts dying.

But ok, if brain develooment really affects behvior directly, explain how then that young people were competent members of society up until the nineteenth century.

People worked 14 and were grandparents by early forties.
Alot of our historical figures were teenagers when they started their careers.


OP is a fag but it's worth pointing out that the "age limits" on having healthy offspring are arbitrarily based on populations that have serious nutritional deficiencies.

A man and a woman who eat well, exercise, get sunlight, have healthy hormone balances etc can reproduce and have healthy children much later in life than the average burger.

OP your mom and dad fucked you up because they were living off proleslop, not because they were old.


Ypure forgetting that eggs run out and that the genetic potency of sperm amd eggs run out after the thirties.

But yea you may have a point.


>It should be illegal to reproduce before the age of 25 and after the age of 36

forty should be theupper limit amd 16 shpuld be the lower limit.

Or even betteryet, procreation should be screened

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